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Infatuation differentiating from real love, is there a difference? This Is a striking question for someone Involved In both love and lust because often times when an individual is sustaining two romantic/sexual relationships they may find it rather difficult to distinguish the difference between true love and sexual arousal, this can lead to things such as torn relationships, broken hearts and confusion. In the movie The Phantom of the Opera two men, the Phantom and Rural, sings two love songs,

Music of the Night and All I Ask of You, too girl named Christine whom they both love. In both love songs the lyrics, the location, and movements of the people during the songs all illustrate; the messages each man Is trying to communicate, her relationship towards each man, what Christine Is attracted to In each of them and the contrast of light and dark imagery. In the song Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera lyrics play a large role in the determination of the songs true meaning.

When the Phantom sings to Christine In lines 48 to 50 he says only then can you belong to me, In that line It shows the theme of the song very clearly which Is control and power over christen, their relationship isn’t equal he controls her with her sexual arousal near him and her belief that he was sent to her by her dead father. Also in lines 51 to 54 he sings “floating, falling, sweet Intoxication! Touch me, trust me savoir each sensation! The Phantom talks about Intoxication, floating and sensation all these words relate to fantasizing and almost drunk off of each other’s love. The Phantoms actual words show that their relationship is full of passion and lust and that he controls Christine and intoxicates Christine to be more comfortable around the Phantom. The Phantom brings Christine down to the bowels of the opera house to sing to her. This location Is very dark and very secluded.

In his “lair” he also has candles everywhere and he controls when they rise out of the water and when the candles light themselves and when they go out, this further demonstrates the Phantoms power and control over Christine and the opera house. Even the light where they are Is very dark and eerie, the Phantom doesn’t know any kindness or warmth from light all he sees from light is unfeeling garishness, all the comfort he knows is from dark solitude. Another large Indication of the Phantom and Christina’s relationship is their body movements during this song.

The Phantom takes on the role of the puppet master and Christine is his puppet. At one point he spins her around so her back is against his chest and torso, he moves his hands along her stomach and thigh, then he takes her left hand ND moves it up toward his face, and moving her hand in a caressing manner then he spins her around to face him. All of those body actions he controlled, she made none of those movement choices herself, even though she didn’t object to him using his power over her to control her.

Christine is attracted to the Phantoms sense of danger and sexual lust their relationship is based on passion for love and the arts. Roll’s love song to Christine from The Phantom of the Opera is called All I Ask of You, and many of the lyrics in this song show their freedom through their true love. Throughout the entire song Rural and Christine say things like “love me”, “let me”, “share”, and “all I ask”, all of those things show that they are equal, respectful of one talk of darkness, forget these wide eyed fears. I’m here. Rural is in those first lines is trying to tell Christine that darkness is evil, and he wishes to guide her into the light. Christine is drawn to the comforting light in Rural because he is familiar and pure. Again all of Roll’s comfort, purity, and belie that light is good is shown in lines 10 and 11 “let daylight dry your tears”. Christine and Rural are on top of the opera house outside during All I Ask of You, in a very open space. This openness is an excellent symbol to show their relationship in that there are no secrets and that they truly are equal.

Although its nighttime on the rooftop, there is an angelic shinning on the two of them during their song, which illustrates the contrast between light and dark, the light is good and warm in Christine and Roll’s eyes, and the darkness is corrupt and evil. Christine and Roll’s body movements in this song are also very equal, comforting and free. Rural doesn’t force her body in any way to do anything, he takes her hand simply to hold her not to move her as he wants her.

Christine decides to take many body actions during their love song, such as hug Rural back, take his hand, and allow him to walk along the rooftop with her. Everything about their relationship is pure and free. Rural is the archetypical hero/good guy and that is what Christine is attracted to most of all, his goodness. Lust vs.. Love, is difficult to differentiate but it is possible, simply because when you re in that situation and presented with that question, in the end true love will always prosper.

Often before it prospers though those two relationships can become torn and leave individuals broken hearted, but the relationship that is strongest will continue on. The Phantom and Rural fought hard and long for Christine affections, but in those two love songs, Music if the Night and All I Ask of You, their lyrics, location and body language show her relationship towards each man, what he is trying to show her, why she is attracted to them, and the difference of light and darkness.

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The Bear by Anton Chekhov is a play that depicts the liberal discourses particularly concerned with the woman question in Russia during the mid to late nineteenth century. The play consists of three main characters, Elena Ivanovna Popova, a window with distinctive dimples on her cheeks her servant Luka and Grigory Stepanovitch Smirnov, a land owner who credited Popova’s husband with one thousand two hundred troubles on two bills of exchange. The characters display of various emotions and shifts in moods creates an attractive suspense to the story line that keeps the audience expectant of the next move. I choose ideas for the design of this play that would complement the audience imagery of the actual scene of the play with close details to the setup of the stage.

Theatre space

I envision establishing a proscenium theatre stage design for the play. The stage will resemble the stage in figure 1. This kind of stage best suits this play since the play is short. The stage will be slightly modified to protrude slightly into the first row of the audience in a thrust stage manner. This kind of stage structure will ensure that the audience has a closer interaction with the actor of the play. The stage will be slightly raised to ensure that the audience has a clear sight of the stage. The audience will be accommodated in a theatre with a small sitting capacity of fifty people. The play is performed in one scene. This will be easy to set up in a proscenium stage. The audience comfort will be taken care of by the provision of cushioned seats to keep them comfortable and provide a theatre-like feel. Speakers will be strategically stationed at the corners of the room to ensure that the audience gets a clear sound of the proceedings on the stage.

Figure 1

The platform for the audience will be elevated to provide enough lines of sight to audience as shown in figure 2 (Magañ & Enrique, 2016). The elevated seats will enable the audience to follow the pay without interruptions that may result from blockage by other members of the audience as they move about in their seats. It is important to ensure that the very person in the audience is seated to prevent disturbance from noise that is likely to occur when the audience stand in front of the stage. The short play can be performed repeatedly over a period of one day. There will therefore be no need to have many people sitting in the audience at a go. The moderate number of the audience will ensure that everybody visibly sees the stage and the actors can be clearly heard. This will also ensure that there is enough space for the construction of the stage.The wings of the stage will provide room for hosting actors as they wait for their part to enter the scene of play. This is the part of the stage where Smirnov will emerge from. Luka and Smirnov will have a confrontation at this part of the stage. Although the audience will not be able to see they will hear their confrontations through the sound systems. Smirnov will emerge from this place through an entrance into the room where Popova will be seated. When the play is ending the workmen, the gardener and the couch man will appear from this part of the stage. This design of the stage is suitable for this play since it only occurs in one location.

Figure 2

I envision having only necessary props on the stage. The props will complement the scene of the play. Moderate use of props will enable the audience keep their focus on the actors of the play while reducing distractions arising from the audience concentrating with the props. The play majorly involves conversation between the characters. There will be minimal movements. This will enable the audience to keep attentive to the characters conversing with minimal activities happening on the stage. The area which the characters will be holding their conversation will be at the centre of the stage. Therefore, a small stage will be erected. This will be able to provide enough space for the characters to perform while still saving space which will be used in placing chairs for the audience. This arrangement will ensue that the audience have enough leg room to prevent distractions that can result from fatigue due to sitting in a squeezed space without room for stretching their legs. There will be sufficient space let between the chairs to allow enough room for movement. This will save time when the audience are getting out of the theatre and when a new group of audience come in to view the play.


I visualize using lighting to achieve various functions. Different lighting equipment will be placed above below, in front and at the back of the play. Some of the lighting equipment that will be used is shown in figure 3. Front lights, specials, backlights, breakups and beam lights will be installed as shown in figure 4. Using appropriate software the lights will be controlled to achieve various functions on stage. Selective focus lighting will be used to direct the audience to focus on a particular place and person in the play (Hsiao, Shih-Wen, Shih-Kai, & Chu-Hsuan, 2017).

The stage lighting will be dimmed and the intended spot will be illuminated using bright light. Moods in the play will be enhanced using different lighting colours. However, the use of colours will be moderately used to prevent this functionality f lights from being a cliché and boring the audience. The actors will be allowed to contribute in creating the overall mood of the play. During the play the lighting in the audience area will be dimmed to provide better visibility to the activities happening on the stage. Figure 5 shows some of the lighting positioning that will be incorporated in the set (Pinterest, 2018).

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

I envision combining different lighting and sounds to enhance the mood during the performance of the play. When the play starts, a dim light will light up the stage. This will be accompanied by slow violin instrumentals that will enhance the sorrow that Popov is experiencing while she mourns her father. The sound will slowly fade away but the lighting will remain as Luka continues haranguing Popo.

The lights will change to bright white lights when Smirnov enters the room forcefully and starts demanding for his money. This lighting will continue as Smirnov and Popova argue with each other.

The lighting will dim again when Popova and Smirnov embrace each other and kiss. The lighting at this scene will have lower intensity compared to the previous lighting when Popova and Smirnov were arguing. However white light will still be maintained.

When the play ends the lights will slowly fade off with all the characters facing the audience and bowing. The curtains will slowly be drawn and the music playing in the background will fade off. The music will end when the curtains meet at the center and the play will end.


I envision using multichannel techniques to enrich the sound quality of the play. Public address systems will be installed. Speakers will be strategically positioned to ensure that the audience receive high quality sound. In order to create an ultimate theatre experience surround speakers will be installed at the right, left and centre of the audience sitting area as shown in figure 6. Speakers located in front of the audience will provide a uniform sound distribution across the audience sitting area. In order to ensure better clarity of sound, each actor will use wireless lapel microphones that will be clipped in their clothes just below their chin. This will ensure that everything the actors say is captured and the audience clearly hear the words. In addition, general stage sounds will be captured using overhead microphones.

Figure 6

When the ply begins, a soft slow instrumental violin song will be playing. This will show the sorrowful state that Popova is in as she mourns for her husband. This music will play for ten seconds before Luka’s voice is heard as he harangues her. The instrumentals will slowly fade away. At the end of the play, smooth melodic instrumentals will play when Popova and Smirnov embrace and kiss each other. This music will continue to play even when Luka enters the room with the gardener and workmen ready to attack Smirnov.


On the stage, I envision a minimal set design in order to maintain the focus of the audience on the abstract personas of every character. The set will occur in Popova’s house. This first scene will take place in a drawing room. A picture of a man will be hanging on the wall representing Popova’s husband. The image is shown in figure 7. There will be other two oil canvas painting on the wall as shown in figure 8. A table will be placed at the centre of the room with two chairs and some painting brushes on the table. In addition, there will be a table and a chair in this scene with some pencils and brushes placed in a holder at the edge of the table. The paintings and the brushes are meant to depict that the scene is happening in the drawing room. Te characters will hold conversations in this room.

Figure 7

Figure 8

On the stage, the exit on the left side of the stage will be used as the door in and out of the drawing room. This is the door that Smirnov will use to forcefully enter into the drawing room to meet with Popova. It is the same door that Luka will use to rush to get water when ordered by Popova and Smirnov. The stage will have a second door that will be used by Popova when she rushes to get guns when she challenges Smirnov to a gun fight.

The walls of the stage will be covered in golden brown vintage wallpaper shown in figure 17 below. The wallpaper will be used to enhance the artistic feel of the drawing room. The golden colour of the image will also enable the light to reflect off the wall and produce a glowing effect to the stage.

Figure 17

On the floor, a brown woven carpet shown in figure 18 will be placed under a table. This carpet will match with the golden colour of the wallpaper on the walls.

Figure 18

A wooden table shown in figure 19 will be placed at the centre of the stage. Two cushioned seats shown in figure 20 and figure 21 will be paced behind the table facing the audience. The play will begin with Popova seated on the chair in figure 21. The design of the chair is made to suit the preferences of a classy lady depicted by Popova. The chair has some floral patterns that make it look beautiful. The beautiful prints on the chair will enhance the beauty of Popova as she sits on the chair. The chair in figure 20 does not have a lot of decorations. Smirnov will seat on this chair at the scene where he refuses to leave the house demanding to be paid his money. The chair has a simple design yet it is comfortable and fits the social status of a wealthy man like Smirnov.

Figure 19

Figure 20 figure 21

Someother three chairswill be laced at the scene. These are the chairs that Smrnov will break during his arguemt with popova. The chairs will be siple in design, made from wood. The chairs will not be literally broen during the performance of te play. Smirnov will just push them over to fall, and it wil be assumed to be broken. This is because it is hard to break a wooden chair during a performance.

The play will start with Popova seated on the floral chair looking at the audience. I envision her to be staring at a picture of her husband that is placed on the wall. Popova will wipe off tears from her eyes to show that she is in deep state of mourning. Luka will approach her and start talking to her. Popova will not look in his direction. She will continue starring at the picture as Luka continues advising her.

Costume design

There are three main characters that are involved in this play, Popova Smirnov and Luka. These characters in the play portray different characters. I envision using different costumes to bring out every aspect of their character as seen in the play. Popova will be dressed in a manner that portrays a woman living a middle class lifestyle. Smirnov will be dressed in costumes that portray a wealthy man that is full of ego and pride.


In the play Popova is seen to be a beautiful widow who constantly changes her moods. This change in her moods becomes more frequent towards the end of the play. In order to show these quick changes in moods, Popova will be dressed in a black and red dress. The image of the dress is shown in figure 9(, 2018). The dress will be made of a black silk taffeta material that will comprise the bigger portion of the dress. There will also be a red watered silk taffeta bow that will be covering a portion of her left part of her body. The black taffeta silk material symbolizes the deep sorrow that Popova has in her heart for the loss of her husband. It symbolizes the mourning and self-pity that she undergoes. The black colour will also symbolize the denial Popova has about moving on from the loss of her husband. The red silk material signifies the beauty of Popova. Her servant tells her at the beginning of the play to move on and look for another man because she is still beautiful. The black fabric making the dress will be more than the red fabric. This signifies that Popova has more sorrow in her life. It will show that she is focussing more on her sad situation that she forgets that she is beautiful and another man can love her.

Popova will wear black Chelsea boots, similar to those in figure 10. These boots are a significance of the rich status that Popova lived I before the death of her husband. The black colour of the Chelsea boots signifies the dark past that she had with her husband. This includes the acts of infidelity that her husband engaged in with other women. In addition, wearing boots signify courage and determination that Popova had to face the world without marrying another man. Popova can also wear classic theatre boots in place of the Chelsea boots. The boots will also symbolise the courage that Popova demonstrates by confronting Smirnov even when he is talks in a hostile manner to her. Popova demonstrates her courage by confronting Smirnov and challenging him to a gun fight even though she has no skills in handling a gun. In addition she stands her ground that she will not pay Smirnov her money until two days are over even hen Smirnov threatens her. The black boots add bold look to her beautiful dress that portrays her as a soft lady.

I envision Popova to be a slender lady with short blonde hair. Popova will be portrayed as a lady that knows how to dress herself. She is dressed in an expensive black and red dress. Her shoes are fashionable and complement her dress in a unique fashionable manner. Popova is of average height. This character can best suit a lady actor that is slender and tall.

Figure 9

Figure 10


Smirnov is depicted in the play as an aggressive landowner who is always angry at people. I envision using a costume that portrays a man who is disillusioned by his high social class having little respect for women. I want to portray a character that has little patience to other people especially those who are of a lower social class. He will put on a brown double-breasted coat as shown in figure 11. The coat is suitable for both casual wear and official wear. Since Smirnov is a business man this coat suits his work since it can be worn hostile he is on official meetings with his creditors and also when he is at firms going to collect his money from farmers. The brown color will emphasize his rough character in handling women. In addition, the dull brown color of the coat will also emphasize his dull life resulting from anger caused by people failing to pay him.

The character acting the role for Smirnov will also put on a brown cowboy hat shown in figure 12. This hat will represent the culture of horse riding in the play. The hat will add a little edge to his mean character. Hats are also a sign of respect for men in the society. This will symbolize the strong belief that Smirnov has that woman should fear and respect men in the society. He will wear black pair of pants.

The character paying Smirnov will wear a brown leather cowboy boots with a western round s shown in figure 13. The cowboy boots are also an emphasis of his wild nature. Cowboys have a reputation of being skillful with guns. The incorporation of cowboy attire in the costume Smirnov wears will demonstrate his high skills in handling guns portrayed at the end of the play when he is teaching Popova how to handle a gun (Clothing et al., 2018). The cow boy boots will also have some decorative patterns. These patterns symbolize the soft spot that Smirnov has for women. This character is seen when he changes his hostile attitude towards Popova and starts having romantic feelings for her. Although he tries to hide his feelings by insisting that he will leave he finally gives in and confesses that he admires and has fallen in love with Popova.

Figure 11

Figure 12

Figure 13


I envision dressing Luka, the servant working for Popova, in a manner that will portray an old servant man who has seen much bitterness and hardship in life. The old man will put on a grey t-shirt as shown in figure 14. The grey shirt will slightly be seen under a light brown bomber jacket shown in figure 15(, 2018). This jacket is simple in design with a plain colour, portraying the simple life that servants live under in the house of their masters (Clothing et al., 2018).The character will put on brown men beard shown in figure 16 that will be used to emphasize old age.

Figure 14

Figure 15

Figure 15

Luka will dress in dark brown trousers and black shoes. The general costume for Luka is aimed at portraying a man from a humble background who works under low wage. In the play Luka is also presented as a humble and obedient servant. Luka is seen to be obeying the orders he is given by Popova to go and open the door. The general costume of this character aims at presenting this character in Luka.

I envision accentuating Lukas’ old age by clothing him in a grey winter elderly man hat that has a flat beret. The hat portrays his humble attitude towards his master. However, Luka is also a courageous servant. When the play starts, Luka confronts Popova and challenges Popova to stop destroying her life by closing herself in the house. He bravely tells her that he also mourned for his wife for one month and moved on with his life. Although Luka knows that Popova will not be happy by his statements, he continues to insist that she has to progress with her life and find another man to marry her. This advice shows that Popova has experience in life. The grey cap shown n figure 16 will emphasize his experience in life (The Best Hat, 2018). He can also demonstrate that Luka has enough authority based on his experience in life to tell Popova what is right and wrong in life. This is because this kind of cap is worn by old men in the society who have experienced a lot in their lives.

Figure 16



The play will consist of a group of crew members who will be handling various technical roles. There will be two lighting directors who will take care of all the installations of the lighting. They will specify the correct type of lights that will be needed. During the play the lighting directors will control the lights intensity and colour according to the mood of the play.

Two sound directors will take care of all he sounds. Their roles include installation of the sound systems in the hall prior to the running of the play. The y are responsible for ensuring all the sound equipment are availed at the social hall two days before the play is run. In addition the sound crew will direct the sounds that will be played during the play. They are also responsible for disconnecting and securing the sound system at the end of the show.

A group of ten crewmembers will be responsible for setting up the stage. Their roles will include building the stage and the backdrops. They will place the wallpaper in all the three walls of the stage. The crew will also arrange the chairs that the audience will sit on. Since public social halls have their own chairs the management of the social hall will be paid to allow us to use their chairs.

A hospitality crew consisting of three ladies will show audience where to sit when they walk into the theatre hall. They will also be responsible for cleaning up the hall at the end of the play. The ushers will also be responsible in arranging the seats before the next group of audience walks into the theatre hall.


Eight actors will perform the play. An audition will be held three months before the due date for holding the play the actors will be selected by a panel of directors. In the audition, three actors will be selected for the role of Luka Smirnov and Popova. Five members from the crew will be selected to play the roles of the gardener, the coachman and workmen who enter the scene during the end of the play. The crew members will be able to act effectively since the workmen, the gardener and the coachman have minimal roles to play. This will also save costs instead of hiring actors to play these roles. The roles played by Popova, Smirnov and Luka are main and professional actors need to play these roles (Jake Humbles, 2018).

Two costume designers will take care of the costumes for all the actors taking part in the play.


The play will be performed in a medium sized theatre hall comprising of a sitting capacity of around fifty people. I envision choosing a theatre hall with a smaller sitting capacity order to enable easy crowd control for the ushers in the theatre hall. In addition I wanted the play to be run many time because it is short. The aim of placing fewer seats in the theatre hall will enable the audience feel comfortable watching the play since there will be enough leg room to stretch out their legs when they feel tired. This will enable the play to have fewer interruptions from people in the audience moving in and out when the play is being performed. I envision using a social amphitheatre to perform the play. This choice of location will enable access to many members of the public unlike private theatres located in schools and clubs which have restricted access. Social halls are well known and it will be easier for people to identify the location of the hall when an advertisement is run promoting the pay.


The budget of the play is outlined below;


Amount in $













Hiring location


Stage construction and decoration






The audience will be charged $20 to watch the play (For, To Kill A Mockingbird Fall 2011 and Difference, 2018). The play will be run for three times in a day for a period of thirty days. The estimated earnings from the play will be $90000. This amount will be able to cover all the expenses and a profit of $55550 will remain.


The planning for the play will begin three months before the actual day which the play will be held. A panel of directors will hold an audition to choose three actors to perform the roles of Popov, Smirnov and Luka. These actors will engage in training immediately for three months. In the second month prior to the first day of acting the play I will seek for permission from a social hall to hold the play from there. I will particularly look for a social that has a raised place where the audience can seat.

During the second month prior to the show sound and lighting equipment will be sourced from companies that hire them out. This equipment will be booked early and tested by the technical crew members. The costume directors will start making costumes for the actors at this period.

During this period there will be an intensive publicity campaign for the play. The publicity program will be run of the play primarily using the social media. Advertisement posters will be posted in various social media platforms. The publicity program will take advantage of the ability to connect with many people through the social media in a cheap and fast way.

Two weeks before the play, the crew members will begin preparing the theatre hall. The stage will be erected together with the backdrops. The wallpapers will be put on the wall and the carpets lay on the floor. The table and the chair will be brought and paced in at the center of the stage. The sound system and the lighting will then be installed and tested. One week before the pay the actors will practice on the stage to ensure that everything works correctly according to the script of the play. The play will run for duration of one hour and thirty minutes.

The Bear by Arnold Chekhov is one of the short plays that Arnold wrote that is full of humor. The play portrays a lot of human nature that ends in a triumph. Chekhov shows how humans can have a very close relation between anger and passion. It shows the strange decisions that humans make.

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