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PART 1 250 WORDS Review the links and create a response to each program analysis. Jail Programs: What are

Review the links and create a response to each program analysis.
Jail Programs: What are some of the programs available to the inmates while they are awaiting trial or serving their sentence of one year or less? Research: Cook County Sheriff’s Office (2018) Detainee Programs and Services, Enrichment Programs:

Prison Programs: Choose one prison from the following list, explain how the program has benefited the community and the inmates: Illinois Department of Corrections (2018) Correctional Facilities. Retrieved from:
Lastly explain if you believe that it is important to offer inmates programs such as: education, recreation, and health care? Research the variety of programs available for inmates. Are there any community-based programs? Do you think that being able to participate in such programs should somehow be earned or paid for rather than being available to all inmates?
Be specific and thorough in your answers citing evidence from your readings. Citations must be made in APA format. You are required to make an initial post the day you have class. Once you have posted, you will be able to see your classmate’s submissions. Respond to two classmates before next week’s class to receive full credit.


When caught committing an illegal act, should a correctional officer be held to the same or higher standard of responsibility as a standard citizen for committing a similar crime? How might correctional officers become corrupt? What kinds of activities might corrupt officers engage in?
Next, answer the following questions after watching the Stanford Prison Video
If you were the administrator of this prison, how would you handle this situation? What are your options? What are your legal limitations? Do you think the actions of the guards was criminal? Would the same results occur again? Are there any correlations you can draw between the experiment and how correctional officers might become corrupt?

Compare and contrast essay MLA format: American to foreign cars

Compare and contrast essay MLA format: American to foreign cars.

MLA format essay, 1250 words minimum 6 – 10 paragraph essay, at least four main points. The thesis must both make a point and persuade the reader that your point is valid, Thesis will make an assertion about the superiority of or preference for one of the two subjects. To briefly reiterate consider the (similarities) or contrast (differences) between two different subjects. You may not cite Wikipedia or any other website which ends in .com unless it’s a newspaper, instead use .gov, .org or .edu. all in-text citations and works cited entries must be in MLA format. if secondary sources are used then a work a cited page is required which lists all sources quoted or paraphrased within the essay.

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To what does the term “City Beautiful” refer?

PART 1 250 WORDS Review the links and create a response to each program analysis. Jail Programs: What are To what does the term “City Beautiful” refer?.

To what does the term “City Beautiful” refer? Is it a kind of planning? Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Please read all the lecture notes and reading, and follow the instructions. Then answer the question

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Game Reflection (Computer game/ e.g. Red Dead,Deceit,)

Game Reflection (Computer game/ e.g. Red Dead,Deceit,).

Game Reflection (Computer game/ e.g. Red Dead,Deceit,) Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details For this assignment, play a game (not a casual game) for at least 20 hours (one that you haven’t played yet) and write a reflection paper in which you discuss your experience as a game player (how did the game engage you, what emotions did you experience and when, and what you think you learned from the game. Also discuss how the game elements of the game were implemented (narrative, characters, mechanics, etc). Link to the theory discussed in class.

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The Hedonistic Theory of Happiness

The Hedonistic Theory of Happiness.

Read Sections 2.1 and 2.3 of Fred Feldman’s “Sensory Hedonism about Happiness.” Please skip section 2.2 and read The introductory paragraph and sections 1.1 and 1.2 of Daniel Haybron’s entry “Happiness” from the Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. You don’t have to read the whole entry (it is long), just the intro paragraph and section 1.

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Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, 1948-present

Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, 1948-present.

Topic:Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, 1948-present

Instruction Your final paper should offer an interpretation of your topic by drawing on related facts and ideas in a way that is both interesting and understandable to your audience. Your job is to teach your audience something (assume that your audience knows little to nothing about your topic and it is your job to explain it in a clear and logical way). In other words, how does your topic clarify a certain question related to the Middle East? A good way to start is to begin with a question, and then answer that question in your paper.

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The Properties of Gases and Liquids,

The Properties of Gases and Liquids,.

The ideal gas law provides one way to estimate the pressure exerted by a gas in a container. The law is







More accurate estimates can be made with the van der Waals equation





− ��







where the term �� is a correction for the volume of the molecules and the term


2 is a correction


for molecular attractions. The values of  and  depend on the type of gas. The gas constant is , the

absolute temperature is , the gas volume is , and the number of gas molecules is indicated by . If = 1 [mol] of an ideal gas were confined to a volume of   =  22.41 [L] at 0°C (273.2 K), it would



exert a pressure of 1 atm. In these units, = 0.08206 [




3 3

For chlorine (Cl ), = 0.6343 [Pa⋅m ] and = 5.62 × 10−5 [ m ] (Reid et al, 1987). Compare the


2 mol2



pressure estimates given by the ideal gas law and the van der Waals equation for 1 mol of Cl2 in 22.41

L at 273.2 K. What is the main cause of the difference in the two pressure estimates, the molecular volume or the molecular attractions? Use disp function to produce both values, including units, and show the percentage difference.


References: Reid, R. C, Prausnitz, J. M., and Poling, B. E., The Properties of Gases and Liquids, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1987

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This is an economics assignment HOMEWORK; WHAT IS REQUIRED AND NEEDED FOR THIS COVER WHICH IS ALL ABOUT THE ELASTICITY FOR THE SUBJECT TOPIC. SUBJECT TOPIC ” POWER BANK CHARGER” “Covers” 1. Price elasticity of demand 2.Income elasticity of demand 3.Cross

This is an economics assignment HOMEWORK; WHAT IS REQUIRED AND NEEDED FOR THIS COVER WHICH IS ALL ABOUT THE ELASTICITY FOR THE SUBJECT TOPIC. SUBJECT TOPIC ” POWER BANK CHARGER” “Covers” 1. Price elasticity of demand 2.Income elasticity of demand 3.Cross.


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Rough draft paper on Access to health care

Rough draft paper on Access to health care.

Description Rough draft includes an introduction, a minimum of four body paragraphs, and a conclusion. A minimum of three references are incorporated as support. Use the outline you posted as a guide, but if you find that changing some pieces makes more sense as you draft, that is fin

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nervous system discussion

The following activity will be to facilitate a discussion on nervous system structures, their functions and disease. You will only be graded on your individual post, not on any responses. I do however want everyone to see the diversity of diseases that can be traced back to the nervous system so please feel free to reply to your classmates posts.
Please create a post that answers the following questions:
List the name of a disease associated with a specific structure discussed in the neural tissue, CNS, and PNS lectures. (Example: Specific brain region, cranial nerve, etc..)
List the specific structure affected by this disease (This answer should be something specific covered in class, not just “brain” or “spinal cord”)
In a short paragraph or less describe the normal function of the structure affected by this disease.
In a short paragraph or less describe some of the major symptoms of this disease
Cite your sources (website, textbook, etc.) at the bottom of the response. Please make sure your sources are reliable. Examples of reliable sources are textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles or reviews, non-profit foundation publications/websites, etc.. If you are unsure if your source is reliable, please ask before using it.
Please note that this topic can get very complex, very quickly so keeping it simple is better.

Colonial America

Colonial America.

Colonial America 

FIRST: Please read or skim chapter 3 of our textbook, Foner’s Give Me Liberty: An American History, volume I. Consider watching the Crash Course US history video below: Skim through and/or explore this website featuring a timeline of the growth of slavery in Virginia ( The colony of Virginia is often used to represent the Chesapeake colonies as a whole. We will return to this timeline again in following weeks, so don’t despair if you must prioritize the other sources for this week. It is a good reference, regardless, in looking at the shift from the use of indentured servitude on Chesapeake plantations towards the reliance on African slavery. You may optionally take a look at this secondary article by historian Mary Beth Norton on the 1692 Salem witchcraft allegations against George Burroughs (will attach). In looking at the Salem Witchcraft Trials, most historians have focused on studying the accused witches to find patterns in the hopes of explaining what happened, but Norton chooses to study the girls who accused one particular “witch”, George Burroughs. THEN: Read the following primary sources closely. Read this 1683 advertisement for English emigration to the newly-organized colony of Pennsylvania ( The author, William Penn, inherited all of the land of today’s Pennsylvania from his family, who had gained it from the English Crown in a payment for services. Penn had a financial incentive to attract land-buyers, so published advertisements like this one to lure settlers. Other colonies’ governments also advertised, but Pennsylvania differs most other colonies in founding religion and mission/attitude. Read Nathaniel Bacon’s “Declaration of the People”, written in 1676. ( Nathaniel Bacon was a newly-immigrated wealthy planter who owned a few small plantations, including one on the frontier, further west than the safety of the European-occupied coastline. Bacon’s frontier plantation was attacked by local Indians, which prompted him to lead this rebellion against a Virginia government that he felt was ignoring the plights of those Englishmen living on the frontier. In this piece, Bacon explains the grievances that led to his rebellion of small farmers, slaves, and indentured servants. Read the grievances expressed by King Philip, a.k.a. Metacom, a Wampanoag leader and son of the Massasoit chief who originally formed an alliance with the first English settlers to New England ( In this source, an Englishman records those grievances that King Philip says directly led to the Indian uprising against the English in Massachusetts called ‘King Philip’s War’. This is just one of many wars between the French, English, and Indians in the American northeast; the grievances expressed were not unique to Massachusetts Bay colony. FINALLY: Complete the writing assignment below. Referencing as many of this week’s readings as you can, answer this prompt: Relying primarily on this week’s primary sources, analyze how the actions taken by BOTH American Indians and English colonists shaped relations in 17th century New England and the Chesapeake. Your response should be at least 600 words, double-spaced and cited in Chicago format. A cover page not necessary for this assignment.

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