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PAPER !!! DUE TOMORRW FOR 11AM CENTRAL TIME LIST (key terms and indicators) The excel fie shows most of the variables but the dependent variables and population variables are not present. Locate the rest of the data and send the SPSS data input file. (.sav file)

list key terms and indicators. Assemble the data you need to interpret. Gather historical information such as the method of data collection, geographic area (if applicable) and the period of time the data was collected. Collect previous measurements and collections of data (if available) for comparison with the current data. o 2 Develop findings based on the data by making observations about the relationships among elements of the data. Compare and contrast the information contained in the tables, charts and graphs with established standards guidelines for the data that is being analyzed. Ask yourself, “Does the data represent a deviation from established standards for this type of measurement?” o 3 Develop conclusions based on the information presented in the data. Compare the current data with previous data sets and conclusions. Ask yourself, “How does the data compare to previous information?” and “What is the significance of any deviation from the established standards for the data?” Ask questions that can help you understand the significance of the data you are analyzing.