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Paper. College Level. “The effects of owning a pet on the mental health of pet owners.” Hypothesis, Pet owners have higher levels of mental health, physical activity, and social skills. Must be completed by April 22nd, at 12 lunch time eastern standard time, NY, FL.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you apply what you have learned about methods of studying families and children to a research proposal for academic audiences. You need to complete this paper from a primary researcher’s perspective. Think about how you as a primary researcher would conduct a study and write up details of your study. You must cite references to bolster your sentences or claims in the paper. • Follow this outline and use the headings (see examples on p. 2). • Make sure that each section meets the length requirements (points will be deducted for shorter sections). • The minimum number of pages is 4 and the maximum number of pages is 8 (these do not include the bibliography pages; points will be deducted for shorter and longer papers). • Double-space your paper and use 1” margins (i.e., the “normal” margins in Word). • Use 12-point Times New Roman font. • Use complete sentences. • Put in-text citations directly after the content that is not your own work (even though you have rephrased it). Do not place a citation after every paragraph; citations must immediately follow the content that you cite (see examples on p. 3). • Submit your paper as a Word document via Canvas. The grade on papers that are not submitted as a Word document will be reduced by 10 points immediately. Additional 5 points per day will be deducted from your paper score from when you are notified of your inaccurate submission to when you correctly submit your Word document. • Use in-text citations, write in your own words, and include references (see an example on p. 3) at the end of your paper using APA format or other writing format from your own disciplines. • Any academic misconduct will be referred to university officials and will result in an overall grade of 0 for this assignment. Refer to the syllabus to see what constitutes plagiarism. You must include the following headings to ensure that you complete all of the sections required in this paper: Introduction [0.5 page minimum; 30 points] 1. Clearly identify the research problem that you investigate 2. Contextualize your research problem (i.e., linking this problem to broader societal concerns) 3. Broadly acknowledge existing work (i.e., hold the in-depth discussion for the literature review) 4. Define the scope (i.e., your research question and why you want to investigate this issue) Literature Review [1 page minimum; 50 points] 1. Show that you have read and understood the key relevant literature in your field (cite at least three academic journal articles or books) 2. Demonstrate where your research fits in a broader field of study, why it is important, and how you make an original contribution 3. Explain, evaluate, and contextualize research and theory Methods [1.5 pages minimum; 50 points] 1. The theoretical assumptions that affect your methodological choices 2. How you do your research 3. Which data collection strategies that you adopt and why 4. What research design that you use and why 5. How and why you choose your research location 6. Important information about your research locations in terms of potential biases 7. Factors that may have affected your data in a way that is relevant to your research question 8. Why your research strategy and methods are appropriate for this research context 9. Which data analysis approaches you select and why Expected Findings [0.5 page minimum; 30 points] 1. Based on your literature review as well as the research question, design, and methods that you propose, describe what you expect to find in your study 2. Reference back to the theory and empirical research presented in the literature review section 3. Show how your investigation relates to the wider global picture, and whether or not you have adequately addressed your research question(s). Possible Implications [0.5 page minimum; 40 points] Describe possible implications of this study. These implications can be related to research, theory, policy, methods, or practice.