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Paper 2 Essay

Paper 2 Essay. Paper Details:Answer the following questions as detailed as possible. A link of articles will be attached below to answer the following: 1. Alexis de Tocqueville believed that Americans did not accept that there should be one religion to which everyone must belong. Tocqueville also observed that Americans did not automatically accept the wisdom of the readers. Why did Tocqueville believe that Americans neither shared a single, established religion nor automatically accepted the wisdom of their leaders? 2. What is the “doctrine of the perfectibility of man” Why does Tocqueville believe that all Americans can accept this doctrine? 3. Imagine a line of people waiting fir the box office to open at a theater. Regardless of how rich or famous or politically powerful a person may be, when they arrive they are expected to go to the back of the line. How would Alexis de Tocqueville understand that this is consistent with American ideal values? 4. How does Durkheim define a “social fact”? If an American decides to speak German, why is this not a social fact according to Durkhiem’s definition?Paper 2 Essay

Criminal Justice & Discussion

Criminal Justice & Discussion. I don’t understand this Sociology question and need help to study.

Please attach part A, B, C in separate files.
Part 1A
This discussion has two parts:
Part 1: Should libraries ban books from their collections? If you agree who should decide, should it be parents, librarians, library users, instructors or library administrators? What criteria should be used to determine if libraries should ban books, language, visual art, or content. Review (Links to an external site.) some reasons listed for banning books. Write a paragraph on your thoughts.
Part 2: Should faculty teach art created by artists, writers, producers who have been accused of misconduct? In other words, would you watch a movie directed by Woody Allen? Should English faculty teach books written by Sherman Alexie or Junot Diaz? Should we separate art from artist? These articles may help you as you consider this question:
Junot Díaz, Feminism and Ethnicity (Links to an external site.)
Separating Art From Author (Links to an external site.)
Sherman Alexie Declines Prize (Links to an external site.)
Art Should Not Be Separated From Artist (Links to an external site.)
Part 2A
Read both of these two attached articles and then use this space to post your answer to the question at the top of the article of one of the articles. (Attached Below)
Part 3A
You are the police chief in an affluent predominately Caucasian-American city of 40,000 people. At noon on a Saturday, a group of 100 African-American protesters who advocate for a separate nation for blacks gather at a city park and sidewalks. During the protest a speaker states that the “white oppressors shall be destroyed”, “if the white man brings violence so will we”, “there will never be peace with the whites” and “rise up, do what you must to save our people from the curse of white devils”. The crowd is energized by the speech, but do not leave the park.
A group of counter protesters arrive and the situation is becoming tense, but no violence has taken place. The towns mayor approaches you and indicated the speaker is attempting to arouse anger which will incite immediate violence and is disturbing the peace. The mayor demands that you as the chief of police declare the protest an unlawful assembly and if the protesters refuse to leave arrest them for disturbing the peace.
Based on your readings of case law, discuss the following questions;
1. As the Chief of Police how would you respond to the Mayor’s demand? Would your response be legal?

2. If the protesters moved into the street and blocked traffic would that makes a difference? Explain.
Part 3B
Review the following cases Brendin v. California Link (Links to an external site.), Hiibel v. Nevada Link (Links to an external site.) and Arizona v. Johnson Link. (Links to an external site.)Focus on vehicle passengers detention, reasonable suspicion and identification requirements. Review the following scenario then discuss the questions.
You are an officer on routine patrol and observe a vehicle with an air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror. You determine it is violation of the vehicle code and make a traffic stop. You approach the vehicle and observe the driver and male passenger in the front seat, and two female passengers in the back seat. Additionally, you smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle, however the driver is not under the influence. Both male passengers appear to be in their late 20’s, however in your opinion both female passengers appear to be under 21. You obtain the driver’s identification based on the vehicle code violation (probable cause), and you demand all three passengers provide their identification.
Based on your readings of case law, discuss the following questions;
1. Are the passengers considered seized(not free to leave) during a traffic stop? Explain.

2. Would the officer be allowed (4th Amendment) to demand identification from none, all or just some of the passenger?
Part 3C
Answer the questions below from the textbook or/and other sources. Ensure to utilizing the formatting examples provided. Your responses to these questions should be typed,12 point font, with your response for each question no longer than 150 words in length. Double-spacing requirements do apply, and you must cite any sources used in your responses.
1. The term “Hate Speech” has become a popular social phrase, but what does it really mean in regards to pure freedom of speech. Review the United States Supreme Courts Opinions in Snyder v. Phelps (Links to an external site.) and Mantal v. Tam Link (Links to an external site.) . Briefly describe
each case and explain the rights, or restriction of rights the courts ruled on.
2. In the Snyder v. Phelps case Justice Roberts wrote; “Speech is powerful. It can stir people to action, move them to tears of both joy and sorrow, and—as it did here—inflict great pain. On the facts before us, we cannot react to that pain by punishing the speaker. As a Nation we have chosen a different course—to protect even hurtful speech on public issues to ensure that we do not stifle public debate.”
Do you agree with that opinion, or do you support more restrictive laws on speech? Explain your answer in detail.

3. Review the following video of a man arrested in Scotland for a hate crime. Would the video he made constitute a hate crime (speech) under the First Amendment of the American. Constitution? Explain your answer?
Criminal Justice & Discussion

Orwells’ The Road to Wigan Pier: Sentence Analysis Essay (Critical Writing)

essay writing help This work analyzes the abstract from George Orwell’s novel The Road to Wigan Pier. Specifically, it verifies the usage of connective elements in the sentences. According to the results of the examination, the first paragraph contains a range of key terms, which underline the general idea of the abstract. For instance, the author uses words coal and machine throughout the whole introduction, which recapitulates the overall content. Nevertheless, the sentences from the first paragraph do not start with connective expressions. The feature deprives the part of the flowing tone. Moreover, the sentence, which begins with he lacks clarity. Consequently, the usage of defining terms is ineffective. The subsequent parts bear a similar tone. Mainly, George Orwell did not employ any connectives except for the expression, for instance. Furthermore, the defining words, which often give a start to the author’s sentences, are vague. For example, the word may refer to several concepts from the previous sentence. The actual improvement of one’s writing style, which is based on the principle of connectivity, can be represented by a practical example. Thus, in this work, we present the quality editing of the following passage: “Doyle uses the fifth passage to crown his message of life and love through the metaphor of the heart. He compares different types of creatures with their distinct hearts. He examines the fragility of the heart by depicting it as the human beings’ little shelter that they fight to sustain, but later it comes to a halt depending on the choice of lifestyle. He insists that the heart has so much to treasure, be it in a lifetime, in a day, or a moment. He simply wants to show the reader the importance of life and letting people inside their hearts. Doyle passes the message that people should not be afraid or selective in letting others inside their hearts.” One may notice that the abstract from the essay is marked by monotony since every sentence starts with a personal pronoun. The impression of speech flow may be improved by the insertion of connectives and defining words. Therefore, the edited paragraph evolves in the following form: “Doyle uses the fifth passage to crown his message of life and love through the metaphor of the heart. Specifically, he compares different types of creatures with their distinct hearts. For instance, the author examines the fragility of the heart by depicting it as the human beings’ little shelter that they fight to sustain, but later the sustention comes to a halt depending on the choice of lifestyle. The central point of the work emphasizes that the heart has so much to treasure, be it in a lifetime, in a day, or a moment. In other words, the author simply wants to show the reader the importance of life and letting people inside their hearts. Consequently, Doyle passes the message that people should not be afraid or selective in letting others inside their hearts.” According to the assigned reading, metacommentary serves as a distinct example of text improvement. The device targets the aspect of contextual clarity, which implies that metacommentary is usually used by the authors so that to recapitulate their points and to bring the content of the text to the readers. Specifically, one differentiates such metacommentary expressions as what I mean is, in other words, do not take me wrong, etc. The practical application of the language technique may be illustrated by the distinct examples. For instance, efficient metacommentary use prevents contextual misunderstandings. Specifically, the following example serves as an illustration of the potential content delusion: “In the second paragraph, Doyle explains the mighty talents of the hummingbird, such as having the ability to dive at a speed of six miles per hour or fly long distances without stopping to rest. The author switches quickly to explain the dangers underlying this practice.” Since the author does not clarify the ground for changing the contextual situation, the meaning may be blurred. The application of metacommentary evolves in the subsequent passage: “In the second paragraph, Doyle explains the mighty talents of the hummingbird, such as having the ability to dive at a speed of six miles per hour or fly long distances without stopping to rest. The author switches quickly to explain the dangers underlying this practice so that to emphasize that the physical specifications of the bird do not serve as the point of the argument.” Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The authors, who are inattentive to the contextual peculiarities of their texts, tend to omit full explanations of their arguments and suggestions. Despite brevity is a sister of talent, the unexplained point might spoil the passage. The instance is illustrated by two statements: “He compares this kind of life to that of a tortoise. He uses facts to indicate that with about two billion heartbeats, one can live his or her life in various ways.” It is impossible to trace the link between the comparisons. Therefore, the improved sentences evolve in the following formulation: “He compares this kind of life to that of a tortoise. In other words, he specifies that a human being is too lazy so that to realize the potential that is assigned to them by nature.” To sum it up, metacommentary provides an active device of text structuring, which improves its total clarity.

UCB The Impact of Collateral Damage Caused by Superheroes Essay

UCB The Impact of Collateral Damage Caused by Superheroes Essay.

Please upload your final draft as either a PDF or Word document. Before uploading, please read through the following reminders and suggestions: Check the Minimum Requirements: *Failure to meet the minimum requirements listed below will result in an F on the assignment.Check the word count. The essay must be at least 1700 words. If you haven’t met this requirement, think about adding another quote sandwich, or look for areas where you could be more detailed with your analysis.Ensure that you have at least 1 outside source. I should clearly see where the source is being used within the essay. (You cannot use Wikipedia or dictionary definitions as your required outside source). Check your Works Cited. You must have a Works Cited page attached to your essay. Everyone will have the graphic novel listed as a source. You must also use one additional source. If you have the hard copy of the graphic novel, you can use this link to help create the basic book citation: Owl Purdue MLA BooksIf you have the e-book version of the graphic novel, you can use this link to help create the e-book citation: Owl Purdue MLA Electronic Sources You can also see how to properly cite a webpage or article from a website using the above link. Check your quotes. You need to use at least 4 quotes from the graphic novel throughout your essay. Make sure your quotes are properly sandwiched. You can review the material on quote sandwiching in the Week 5 Module on Canvas. You are also welcome to use images of specific panels from the graphic novel. These would count towards the required 4 quotes.Additional Suggestions Before Submitting:Look at the feedback from your peers – Be sure to read through all of the feedback that your peers gave in the Peer Reviewed Rough Draft.Review your feedback from your graded essay 1 – Read through all of the feedback that I left on essay 1 to ensure that you are not making the same mistakes in this essay. Read your essay out loud – This will help you to catch grammar errors and awkward phrasing.Check your thesis statement – Remember that we are working with Simple Thesis. Look at the Intro Paragraph PowerPoint to ensure that your thesis is structured correctly. We should be able to clearly see each body paragraph represented in the thesis statement. Answer the Prompt – Make sure your essay is doing more than just summarizing the graphic novel. This should be an analytical essay. It should be very clear which prompt you chose as your focus. Your thesis should directly answer the prompt. Check your citations – Make sure you are giving proper credit whenever you use someone else’s words or ideas. This goes for the hook as well. If you use any specific information, be sure to show where that information is coming from. Check your topic sentences – Remember that the topic sentences should link back to the thesis statement. Look at the Topic Sentences PowerPoint to ensure that your topic sentences are structured correctly. Check your language and tone – Work on sounding professional by removing slang, contractions, vague words like “thing(s)” or “stuff,” and limiting your use of personal pronouns (both first person: I, and second person: you). You do not need to use overly complicated or fancy words to try to sound more professional. Clarity should always be top priority. Look for areas that need more detailed analysis – Remember that analysis should make up the bulk of your essay. It is your job, as the writer, to fully explain everything to the reader and make the connections between your support and your argument. Look for any areas that may need more detailed analysis.Check your format – Make sure your essay is properly formatted, following the current MLA guidelines. Use one inch margins and 12-point font, Times New Roman. Include your last name and page number in the header. Make sure you do not have any extra space between your paragraphs. You can use this link to read about and see examples of proper MLA format: Owl Purdue MLA General FormatRead through the whole essay prompt again – Check to make sure that you clearly understood the prompt. Also read through the additional advice section of the prompt. Look at the grading rubric – The grading rubric can be found in the Handy Material for the Whole Semester Module on Canvas. Read your essay out loud again!
UCB The Impact of Collateral Damage Caused by Superheroes Essay

A Comparative Book Review

A Comparative Book Review. Ethics are agreed codes of behavior adopted by a group or association. Ethical behavior is being honest, responsible of your acts and how you treat others in all aspects of your life. It respects the dignity, diversity and rights of people. Ethical behavior is applying standards to ones behavior. This essay discusses how ethical behavior will pay off in the long run. Ethical conduct means that there are standards of morality that individuals should observe and is important for everyone. One obvious reason is that it sets the standards for management, employees and creates a tone for the organization as a whole. Ethical standards depict behaviors morally accepted as good and right as opposed to bad or wrong in a particular setting it is particularly crucial for the business for a number of reasons. For example, murder and robbery are not only illegal but are universally regarded as wrong, while dishonesty , while not necessarily illegal, is usually thought to be immoral. They are created and adopted by people who are interested primarily in ensuring there are guidelines for behavior for the group members. For example, doctors and lawyers have ethical codes of practice which they sear to uphold as part of their professional practice. An ethical decision is one which typically involves choosing between what you have agreed not to do and what you find yourself wanting to do. For example, is it ethical to pay a bribe to obtain a business contract? Is it ethical to allow a company to withhold information that might discourage a job candidate from joining the organization? Is it ethical to ask someone to take a job that is not good for their career progress? Is it right to do personal business on company time? It might not be considered ethical for an organization to put the health of its employees at risk, or defraud its shareholders, even if there was no chance that the organization would be found out. These examples highlight why there is a need for maintaining high standards of ethical behavior and moral standards at work place. It is the expected conduct that organizations want their employees to hold while at work and important because every individual’s conduct affects the relationships within an organization thus unconstructive on the overall performance of an organization. Most business experts suggest that establishing a code of conduct can help the company to behave ethically. A codes of conduct is a formal document stating the principles and the ethical rules it expects the employees to follow in the organization. Ethical standards protect the business from scandals and prevent them in the future. Ethical statements imply the employees, business associates, and the larger community a framework of the company’s operating principles (rules and regulations) which needs to be followed, why the company exists, what the company believes, and how it acts to be in compliance with its professed beliefs. Caring out active reviews of these strategic plans and objectives will ascertain that they are not not practicising unethical acts. In addition, reviewing the standard operating procedures and performance measurements will ensure the business owners and managers that it is well structured and does not encourage unethical behavior. Studies has shown Joel and Jennifer Supeck2010-11-29T10:20:00 Which studies are you referring to?that organizations are now increasingly take account of ethical considerations, there has been a shift from traditional profit and free market business approach to ethical approach, in favor of consumer interests. A business that behaves ethically focus their involvement on activities in meeting all responsibilities to employees, customers and suppliers is awarded with a high degree of loyalty, honesty, quality and productivity in the long run. Ethical investments is one way of responding to issues of social responsibility in business decisions and activities and avoiding to be self serving. Ethical investors are essentially concerned with how profit is made and looks to maximise profit at the same time trying to minimise and avoid negative social effects . On the positive side, the public will begin to recognize and to honor individual companies for their contributions to solving most obdurate problems. It also aligns the interests of shareholders, when the interests of both parties are focused on the long term health of the company. The proponents of shareholder value take this long term focus for granted, they assume that for its own future well being, a company will want to be responsive to its employees, consumers, and the public, and that this is the best way to realize true shareholder value. Socially responsible factors in areas of public concern include the environment, sustainability, globalization effects for example exploitation, child-labour, social and environmental damage anywhere in the world, corruption, armed conflict and political issues, staff and customers relations, for instance education and training, health and safety, duty of care, etc. It also includes the locals and other impacts on people such as their health and well-being. For example, Dell started recycling of computers at no cost and Shell started to work together with environmental groups. They set a company record by giving back to the society. Behaving ethically also improves the quality of work life and enhances the role of every employer in creating an environment where employee pride blossoms and theft losses disappear. When employees are valued as individuals and treated with fairness, equality, respect and dignity there is reduced corruption as they take pride in their organisation. Positive results are achieved when employees are given a basis for trust and respect to live by. If employees believe all are held to similar high standards, they likely will feel better about themselves, their colleagues, their organization and behave ethically when dealing with customers and business associates. Employees are more likely fiercely loyal, hard working and productive. Ethical companies have improved customer service and relationship building, an advantage over their competitors. Research proves that consumers are used to buying products from companies that have public recognition, a company record or being promoted. Enhancing customer loyalty to the brand is probably the single most powerful incentive for convincing companies to adopt ethics as a way of life. Another advantage of behaving ethically is that it promotes better staff retention and attraction, good organisations cannot function without good people. Ethical organizations have increased commitment by employees as good employees want to work with responsible and ethical employers. When a company fails to be a good employer they lose good staff because and it reduces the possibility of attracting good new-comers. This increases costs of recruiting new candidates and damage efficiency and performance. Ethical standards also help in protection of company assets, employees that have respect for their organization , tend to respect and protect the assets of that organization. Many business want employees to behave ethically because such a reputation is good for business which in turn can mean larger profits. For example, the workplace dictates the dressing protocol (the uniform) for employees, which indicate the employees opinion for their organization. Employees are required to conduct themselves with dignity at the workplace. How one behaves in the workplace helps them in building a good reputation and praises over the years to come. Similarly, encouraging employees to act ethically can save money by reducing employee theft, down time and lawsuits. Because many unethical acts are also illegal, a firm that allows workers to engage in unfair practices might be prosecuted. it is noticed that employees not having respect for their organization and co-workers encourage many forms of theft such as personal long distance phone calls on company accounts, padding of labor charges and expense accounts, taking office supplies home. Conversely, employees who are steadfastly ethical avoid practices such as breaking areas and rest rooms, untidy work areas, excessive breaks or sick days from work and improper use of machines and equipment e.g. the photocopier, computer and personal use of company vehicle. In addition, an employee with little self or organizational pride not only causes lost supplies and equipment but can bring the organization to losses in production, time, professionalism, overhead charges, initiative, reputation, attitude, enthusiasm and customer respect. It is important that employees have a clear understanding of their organization’s ethical standards and a feeling of management support for acting within those standards. Teaching ethics to an employee is not always effective. Management must set examples by their personal alignment with ethical standards and principles. It is my firm belief that behaving ethically is good for both the individual and the enterprise in the long run apart from setting a border between right and wrong. Ethical behavior means being morally responsible and adhered to accepted behavior in the place we work. Maximum productivity and creativity is achieved when individuals operate regarding the ethical considerations of their position. On the other hand, practicing unethical behavior results in reduced success and diminished effectiveness. Question 2 Every community needs a leader to show the way, for motivation and for things to happen in a controlled manner. An ethical leader stands up for what is right and knows what is worth doing, they benefit the individual, the team, the organization, and society as a whole. This essay will discuss the impact on society that leaders can make. Ethical leaders are those who behave ethically and are concerned of how their decisions have an impact on others. They respect each other, are honest, trustworthy, avoid corruption and violence, have a fair play and practice all acts of decency, a basis for human civilization. Ethical leaders work with social and emotional intelligence and are a source of human well-being and happiness. Such leaders base their behavior on moral grounds, respecting the rights of people and treating everyone in the society equally. They are honest, trustworthy, fair and just and show the way by practicing what they preach. Ethical leader therefore play an important role due to their quality of being people oriented. They focus on the needs of the people and do no not fulfill their self interest at the expense of others. This characteristic creates a relationship between the followers and leaders and inspires the people to be committed and work towards accomplishing a common goal. This is why the distribution of ethical leaders is important throughout the society for good, happy and healthy relationships between humankind and productivity measures improve in every way. Good ethics means good business. “Non-corporation with the evil is as much a duty as is co-operation with good” – Mahatma Gandhi. Ethical leaders influence citizens to act with compassion, sympathy and noblest spirit towards others. If these values are honored by the society, it will benefit them in many ways. However, if these values are broken it will bring negative impact that will not only affect the violator but also the innocent people. The negative impact leads to lack of cooperation, faith and rise in corruption, crime, pollution and social unrest amongst the society members. Factories have long been found to pour untreated waste into rivers, poisoning fish and causing offensive smells. The same goes for smoking factory chimneys, and everyone accepts the desirability of that sort of control. Ethical commitment is important to get rid of these behaviours to defend the right to spoil other people’s enjoyment of life. This is accomplished by having ethical leaders in the business and society as a whole to set limits and minimise the amount of negative behaviours and controls the damage to life and environment. For example, in 2000 Christine Loh the chief executive of Civic Exchange, (non-profit public policy) was the prime mover of the issues of pollution, climate change and corporate social responsibility in Hong Kong. Other examples of ethical leaders include Chris Harrop and Bill Clinton. Chris Harrop the marketing director of Marshalls, the UK stone company reduced child labour in India for the quarrying sandstone. Bill Clinton the former US president played a key role in 2007 in pushing companies and governments to come up with innovative solutions for tackling the problem climate change and other areas such as HIV/Aids. Today businesses are expected to have good ethical values and act socially responsible as an example of ethical behavior. A social responsibility also develops a good image to the company. In enhancing social responsibility it is important for organizations to employ good and best workers with individual sets of ethics. When individuals act ethically they work with energy and pride bringing maximum productivity and creativity. On the other hand, behaving unethically individuals engage in deception, thus there is diminished effectiveness and reduced success. Research also shows that destructive effects occur when the leaders or employees of a company behave unethically. This is because sometimes employees are unethical as they feel that they can gain from it, or that they think they can they can justify what they are doing. If employees see other colleagues not being penalized for unethical behavior, then they can feel that they can escape it to. Some employees can make a poor choice and feel the need to make more choices to cover it up. However, once bad decisions are made, they start to get worse until the employee gets caught. Ethical behavior should be modeled at the top level management, so that employees also ensure ethical standards are maintained. Organizations can aslo facilitate good ethical behaviors by not punishing employees when they come forward with problems but should be allowed to communicate problems. Companies show social responsibility when they go beyond what is optional, and intend to create a benefit for others besides themselves. They focus on giving back to the society. Some examples of socially responsible behavior are raising money for research on diseases, raising money for needy people, sending workers to do voluntary work within the community and promoting recycling. Every society therefore needs leaders who take personal responsibility for their decisions. People want to know if they can trust their leaders and many long for the times when it was easy to see for the difference between good and bad. Ethical leaders ensure to avoid serious consequences on the well being of others by exercising the necessary discipline required as members of society. They promote right actions and act to inspire that establishes the performance of individuals and the culture as a whole. If the people in the society practice integrity, fairness, decency and enthusiasm, they will be empowered to work with their best performance and creativity. They contribute to the success of the society and influence the choices made by individuals and businesses in carrying out day-to-day activities. Secondly, organization’s prosper when leaders take responsibility and ensure that works are performed ethically. Without ethical leaders the world would not have been a peaceful place to live in. A Comparative Book Review