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PADM 530 APUS The Stigmatization & Negative Judgments of Mental Disorders Essay

PADM 530 APUS The Stigmatization & Negative Judgments of Mental Disorders Essay.

Issue Brief (W5)
Through this assignment, we will combine your learning from the Current Event Analysis and Policy Case Study. I want you to identify a different problem or issue (local or state) that needs political attention through policy action. Once you’ve identified the issue, you will be constructing an issue brief on the proposed policy action. Your 3-5 page issue brief should be constructed using the attached template and should cover the following sections:

Brief history of the issue
General accounting of the current problem (stated in a couple of sentences)
The options available for addressing the problem
Whether there are current applicable policies that need to be expanded, adjusted or eliminated
What actors are currently involved with the issue and where support currently exists
What your recommendations are and how you would propose moving the policy forward (i.e., what support needs to be built, what channels does it need to go through, what of the options listed above are most feasible, etc)

Do not complete the template attached below with bullets or broad lists. This should be a detailed analysis of each element discussed above. Write this issue brief as if you were handing it to the state governor, the head of an agency, etc. They should understand your policy, recommendations and the policymaking process of this issue through review of your issue brief. It shouldn’t need elaboration from you.
Be sure to draw from our course readings and to utilize at least 3 scholarly sources. A list of good online journals is available in our online library.
Identify another, different policy issue that impacts or interests you. This policy issue can be at the local or state level, but that you have not already submitted. Research the policy context, implementation, effectiveness, and evaluate it using the criteria laid out in your content(and practiced in the writing assignments). Analyze the policy, and then draw conclusions and make recommendations about the policy’s future and effectiveness. Present your findings to the class by uploading an entertaining PowerPoint briefing, video, Knovio, YouTube, podcast or Prezi presentation (minimum 10 slides with images on each slide) to the Week 8 discussion. Please also upload it to this assignment section by the end of Week 7. If it is accessible via a link, please make sure it is publicly accessible and include it in the text box so I can access. The classroom will only allow 10MB in an attachment and PPT briefings may exceed that. Please plan accordingly.
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Quiz4: Write about military retirement and tweak it to meat this week requirements.

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PADM 530 APUS The Stigmatization & Negative Judgments of Mental Disorders Essay

International business 3.

Part One: 03 Discussion – Foreign Investments – Due Mon 11/27/17(Needs to be 150 words)Two types of foreign investment exist: Foreign Portfolio Investments (FPI) and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). The difference between these two is determined by the level control sought and gained by the investor. FPI is passive while FDI is more aggressive in its methods of acquisitions. Because of its aggressiveness, most investment theories are based on the assumptions of FDI. Therefore, strategies to acquire goods, services, and capital have an active sense of investment.With the above in mind, identify and discuss an investment strategy. Express the advantages of your strategy based on an international investment theory._____________Part Two: 03 Discussion – The Dominance of the iPod – Due Mon 11/2717(150 words)Apple’s iPod has claimed a large share of the MP3 player market. Which firm-based trade theory would best fit the dominance that Apple has in this market? Why?_______________Part Three: 03 Written Assignment – Comparison of Two SystemsThe foreign exchange system contains the prices of currencies of other countries. These prices fluctuate based on demand and supply. Individuals buy and sell currency as they would any other commodity. Instead of a product like in other markets of world, the product here is currency, thus the feel of an exchange when it is actually a purchase.With this in mind, create a 2-3 page response to the following:Compare and contrast the Foreign Exchange Market and an international market of your choice.Determine an advantage and disadvantage for each.Your final assignment should be proofread for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.https://www. .com/discuss/5113218/internat…
International business 3

Common Agricultural Policy in the EU Essay

Table of Contents Introduction History of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Working of the CAP Conclusion Works Cited Introduction The Common agricultural policy (CAP) was established many years ago. However, since its establishment, it has undergone modifications to suit changing priorities concerning agricultural production. The policy aimed at increasing agricultural production in the EU, especially during the cold war. However, the current priorities of the CAP have changed since the policy currently aims at protecting agriculture in the entire of Europe through control of prices and levels of production. Moreover, the policy enhances the distribution of produced agricultural output to safeguard the countryside. On the negative side, CAP has been the source of controversy because of its huge cost as a proportion of the budget of the EU and because it is perceived as an unfair means through which European nations protect the EU agriculture from international competition. History of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was established in 1957 under the Rome treaty, and its full operation was realized in 1962 when the EU member began implanting it. Attempts to reform the CAP began in 1992 with the MacSharry reforms, with further reforms being realized in 2000. Despite the changes, there were minimal alterations to the subsidies that are paid to farmers in Europe. The policy postulates that farmers be paid for being guardians in the countryside. It may begin by offering a quantity discount to any customer purchasing goods equal to or above a given value. The review of the CAP was done in 2008 and the aim was to increase its efficiency through propositions that included reduction of single farm payments that were made to large farms in the EU. The number of funds that were being used for the payments was proposed to be used in developing the countryside through the establishment of a budget for rural development. Besides, the changes proposed subsidy to farmers producing crops that are used for biofuels, which are considered to more environmentally friendly than normal crops. The policy reforms further propose a set aside scheme in which farmers are compensated for setting aside part of their farming land to remain idle so that overproduction of farm output can be avoided. There were criticisms on the funds that were set aside for the development of rural countryside as the opponents who included environmental groups argued that wildlife would be endangered through allowing wildlife to operate on unfarmed lands. Despite the pending renewal, speculations are many and they include speculation that there may a shift in CAP spending with more funds being spent on increased innovation in the agricultural sector, climate, and clean energy (European Commission 4). There have been many proposals that proposed changes to be made in the CAP so that there is the inclusion of a section that promotes the establishment of a scheme to ensure farmers using payment set aside from the CAP. Working of the CAP According to McCormick (56), the policy executed its mandate through subsidies given to agricultural produce. However, the policy is now implemented through the implementation of import tariffs that deter the importation of agricultural products from outside the EU. Moreover, subsidies are provided to farmers through the single farm payment scheme so that the EU farmers can produce farm output that meets the existing market demand. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The surplus is stored by the governments so that they are sold later to recover the cost of production. The market for surplus goods is mainly in developing countries. The other form of control for agricultural production by the CAP is through the establishment of Quotas on the level of output that the farmers can produce. The farmers are paid not to produce more than what has been stipulated (McCormick 65). The budget of CAP for the 2010 financial period was €43.8bn while the budget for the 2011 period was 3% less than that of 2010. The implementation of the policy on agriculture in the EU has increased costs since the UK incurs about £10bn every year; the funds that are spent on food prices, regulations, and indirect costs. European Commission (5) notes that the majority of farmers in the EU earn less than 5,000 every year. These incomes in the agricultural sector represent only 50% of the incomes that employees in other sectors earn. Despite the efforts of the CAP, farming output declined by 25% between 2000 and 2010. The CAP is strongly supported by all EU members because it helps the EU to protect its countryside. It is argued that the free market is characterized by instability with the price of commodities fluctuating thereby, leaving farmers selling products at a low price and incurring losses. Despite the benefits of the CAP, many people who do not support the policy argue that resources are best allocated through the free market. Therefore, the restriction of the market could result in increased food, which leaves consumers paying higher prices for food than expected. The CAP increases poverty in the EU member countries since it causes unfair competition. Also, the budget is too high and it supports only a small minority of UE farm producers. Monopolies are corporations that have established themselves as the only producer or supplier of given goods and services in a given economic sector. They differ from perfect competition because under perfect competition, many firms exist in the industry, and no firm can set its price. A monopoly could be inefficient since it sets its price, at which it supplies the products in the market. The firm sets a high price while limiting the total output that it supplies in the industry, thereby, reducing the consumer surplus. Monopolies are not only known for inefficiencies. They are known for earning abnormal profits that could be used in technological development. Besides, monopoly power is beneficial in innovation since such firms are dominant in their sectors in the industry and they focus on innovation. Examples include dominant firms in various industries, such as GlaxoSmithKline, Toyota, and Microsoft. Conclusion The CAP has undergone modifications to suit changing priorities concerning agricultural production. The policy aimed at increasing agricultural production in the EU, especially during the cold war. The policy reforms further propose a set aside scheme in which farmers are compensated for setting aside part of their farming land to remain idle so that overproduction of farm output can be avoided. The CAP provides protection of the EU farmers against the increased competition and exploitation from external farm produce. On the negative side, CAP has been the source of controversy because of its huge cost as a proportion of the budget of the EU, and because it is perceived as an unfair means through which European nations protect the EU agriculture from international competition. Works Cited European Commission. The Common Agricultural Policy: A partnership between Europe and Farmers. 2012 Web. We will write a custom Essay on Common Agricultural Policy in the EU specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More McCormick, John. European Union Politics. London: Palgrave Macmillan. 2011. Print.

Cultural And Structural Theories

write my term paper Cultural And Structural Theories. Defining health has always been relative; sometimes it is defined in terms of good health (feeling fit), bad health (free from pain and discomfort), and in terms of rang of task an individual is able to perform (functional). However, WHO (1948) “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. A resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities.” The medical dictionary define illness as “disease of body or mind; poor health; sickness. Culture is the way of life of a group of people, society or community, it consist of beliefs, behavior, values, norms, customs, language, institutions etc common to the members of the group, society or community. Culture can influence the definition of health and illness. Cultural approach explains that health differences can best be understood in terms of our way of life as society and as an individual and on the social class in which we find ourselves, the lower the social class the worse the health issues. Cultural approach is of the opinion that poor health is due to our diet, habitsCultural And Structural Theories

Herzing University Online The Case of The Belated Herzing Paper

Herzing University Online The Case of The Belated Herzing Paper.

An important first step in performance improvement is to conduct an internal data comparison with data collected over a period of time. Once you have a collection of data, you need to aggregate and analyze it to determine opportunities for improvement. This exercise will introduce you to the concepts of data aggregation and analysis, using the case study that we started in Unit 2, “The Case of the Belated Lab Tests”.InstructionsThis unit’s exercise continues the “Belated Lab Tests” case study that we started in Unit 2. Your assignment is to prepare a report that justifies the need to start a performance improvement project on lab test turnaround. Your report will be based on an internal data collection (see information provided below and in the attachment).Using this information, you will create a graphic demonstration of the data, summarize any conclusions that can be made, and propose a list of additional data needed to find improvement opportunities. Be sure to address all three tasks that are listed below.The following information was extracted from the floor secretary logs from the past week:A total of 3622 tests were done and 589 were over the standards for turnaround timeThe breakdown by urgency is as follows:Of 459 STATs, 77 were over standardOf 1042 Urgents, 334 were over standardOf 2121 Routines, 178 were over standardNOTE: You might create an Excel table that looks something like this in order to make a chart that will be valuable:Performance DataURGENTROUTINESTATTOTALNumber > Standard33417877589% of Total > Standard57%30%13%100%Cumulative % of Total57%87%100%Tasks: You will turn in a graph for task #1, and written answers for #’s 2 and 3.Arrange this performance data on turnaround times in a graphic format (create a graph).Summarize what conclusions can be drawn from the data. Is there enough information to establish a baseline? Do you have enough data to determine any causes and effects?Formulate a list of additional data that you would need to collect to analyze this situation. Create a plan using the “Check Sheet 5 W” questions from Chapter 5 to generate a list of data that would help your team to analyze this situation.Your submission should be a minimum of 2-3 pages, and can include the graph within the body of the report, or you can attach it as an exhibit.If you use outside references, please include them in APA style.Assignment File(s)
Herzing University Online The Case of The Belated Herzing Paper

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In one page, please explain the five elements of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s framework core. Briefly describe their functions, categories, subcategories, and informative references.
Also, explain how the framework can be used to ensure that cybersecurity activities comply with laws, regulations, and requirements.
Ensure that you write an engaging introductory paragraph. Include at least one citation in your paper. Include a reference page that does not count towards the final page total requirement. Follow APA style.
Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.
help wit essay