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PAD4104 – Administrative Theory Exam

PAD4104 – Administrative Theory Exam. I’m working on a Political Science exercise and need support.

This is my mid term exam, There is no time limit on it, but I only have one chance to take it. Whoever is assigned to it, I need you to stay in contact with me and I will paste the questions on here. This is due tomorrow Sunday 11:59 pm eastern time. Thank you.

One of the primary ways of testing your knowledge of the content is via written examinations – specifically, this exam and your final exam.
Before you begin, you should be sure to have read all the assigned materials (chapters 1-6) and have completed all the online modules. If you have mastered this material, you should do well on the exam.
You will be tested on your knowledge of the general concepts and ideas presented thus far in this course. The questions on this exam are a mix of essay questions, followed by several multiple choice and matchingquestions. You have unlimited time to complete the exam, though only ONE opportunity to submit. Good luck!
PAD4104 – Administrative Theory Exam

Stevens Institute of Technology Film and Medicine Analysis of Medical Issues Essay.

Your fully documented essay should reflect your analysis of the medical issues dealt with in the two films, as well as your related research. Discuss how accurately each of the two films illuminates the following: (1) the way in which pharmaceutical companies operate in other nations, especially vulnerable ones, and in the U.S., and (2) the way in which activists can influence the policies of such companies, as well as national policies. the movies are Lorenzo’s oil, and the constant gardener. You are to find three sources for each film, a total of six sources for this essay, the sources should be related, reliable, and retrievable. That does not mean that the sources must relate to any scene in the film. Rather, it means it must be relevant to the theme of the film.
Stevens Institute of Technology Film and Medicine Analysis of Medical Issues Essay

University of Phoenix Wk 5 Healthcare Risk Management Presentation.

Assignment ContentImagine you work as a risk management supervisor at a local health care facility. You have been asked by leadership to prepare a presentation for the stakeholders on the importance of risk management.Use the concepts you have learned in this course to create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation (not counting the title or reference slides) with detailed speaker notes of at least 100 words per slide.Your presentation should:Explain the concepts of risk management in the health care industry.Explain factors that influence risk management in the health care industry.Explain the relationship between risk management and quality management.Analyze the information and information technology methods needed to make risk-management decisions in the health care industry.Analyze key risk management tools in the health care industry.Analyze challenges in making risk management decisions.Cite at least 4 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.Format your presentation according to APA guidelines.Submit your assignment.
University of Phoenix Wk 5 Healthcare Risk Management Presentation

Human-Computer Interaction

Human-Computer Interaction. I’m studying and need help with a Writing question to help me learn.

Based on the readings this week, why do you feel it is important that we study human-computer interaction and design when it comes to learning and education?

Interaction Design Foundation. (2018). What is Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)? Retrieved October 4, 2018, from
Textbook: Dirksen, J. (2016). Design for how people learn (2nd Ed.). San Francisco: New Riders PTG.Read Chapters 1-3.
Cagiltay, K. (2006). Scaffolding strategies in electronic performance support systems: Types and challenges. Innovations in education and Teaching International, 43(1), 93-103.Attached Files:

Cagiltay – Scaffolding strategies in electronic performance support systems- types and challenges. .pdf Cagiltay – Scaffolding strategies in electronic performance support systems- types and challenges. .pdf – Alternative Formats (63.373 KB)

Human-Computer Interaction

Many business activities generate data that can be thought of as random. An example described in the textbook is the servicing of cars at an oil change shop. Each car entering the shop can be consider

i need help writing an essay An example described in the textbook is the servicing of cars at an oil change shop. Each car entering the shop can be considered an experiment with random outcomes. A variable of interest in this experiment could be the amount of time necessary to service the car. Service time will vary randomly with each car. We can often capture the most relevant characteristics of a stochastic process with a simple probability distribution model. We can then analyze the model to make predictions and drive decisions. For instance, we could estimate the number of technicians the oil change shop needs to service demand on a Saturday afternoon. Discuss the following: What is a random variable? How would you differentiate a discrete from a continuous random variable? A laptop manufacturing company has implemented a 2-step process to test the quality of each production batch. In the first step, a technician randomly selects 15 laptops from the batch and determines whether they meet specifications. The batch is considered acceptable provided no more than 1 laptop fails to meet specifications. Otherwise, the entire batch must be tested in the second step. Historical data shows that 95% of the laptops produced adhere to specifications. Discuss the following: What are the 4 characteristics of a binomial experiment? Can we use a binomial distribution to model this process? What is the probability that the entire batch unnecessarily has to be tested if in fact 95% of its laptops conform to specifications? (Hint: Use Excel’s =BINOMDIST() function to find the probability.) What is the probability that the batch is incorrectly accepted if only 75% of its laptops conform to specifications? Due Day 7 Reply and or respond to at least 2 of your classmates or your faculty member, and/or address the following subjects: Explain what we mean when we identify “cause and effect”. How are percentages an important part of determining probability? Why do we use “degrees of freedom?”

HMSE 81110 Capella University Ruby Lake Riverbend City Implications Discussion

HMSE 81110 Capella University Ruby Lake Riverbend City Implications Discussion.

I’m working on a writing exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Study EvaluationThis is the fourth assignment in your Action Research Project. Begin by reviewing the project description and the Unit 9 instructions for the final project assignment, focusing on the Discussion of Implications section, in which you will present a revised version of your work in this assignment. Also, be sure to examine the Study Evaluation Scoring Guide before you begin, in order to familiarize yourself with the requirements of this assignment. In addition, review the Riverbend City: Action Research Topic Implications and Plan Evaluation multimedia presentation from Unit 6 to prepare for completing this assignment. Remember that in each course project assignment, you will update and include the content of your previous assignments, then add new content as assigned. So far, you have already created the Introduction, Background for the Study, Description of the Research Context for the Study, and Results of Data Collection and Analysis sections for your final project assignment. During this unit, you will also create the Action Plan section of the report, in the Project Action Plan discussion. In this assignment, you will add the Discussion of Implications section. When you complete this assignment, you will have only the Conclusions section of the report to write in the next and final project assignment, in Unit 9.Assignment InstructionsFor this assignment, copy the content from your Unit 2, Unit 3, and Unit 5 assignments into a new document. Make any updates to this content that may be called for, based on instructor feedback or other project developments. Then, create a new section, titled Discussion of Implications. Address each of the points that follow in this assignment, basing your statements on research from the field.Discussion of ImplicationsEvaluate the implications of your findings and the potential significance for your organization and for society from your chosen research study.Evaluate possible implications of your findings for the organization.Analyze possible improvements to service at your chosen human services organization.Analyze possible improvements to service for your chosen human services issue in society.Analyze who might care about this study, and why.Critique the potential limitations of the research, such as questions that may be left unanswered.Explain whether the research addresses what the organization wanted to know or whether you may have uncovered a new issue.Distinguish who benefits from this research on your human services issue.Analyze what was learned from your chosen study.Explain what is important to you and to others concerning this research.Describe whose interests are served by this research.Define who benefits from this research.Propose future research steps regarding your human services issue, using systems thinking.Explain what new questions emerged in your analysis of your chosen study.Explain how you will continue this inquiry.Consider how the groups and/or individuals that you have identified as beneficiaries of this research might be called upon to contribute to furthering the research.Briefly outline the action plan you developed in this unit’s discussion.Formulate a timeline plan that includes when to reassess this issue.Submission RequirementsYour assignment must meet the following requirements:Written communication: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and respectful of the diversity, dignity, and integrity of others, consistent with the expectations for members of the human services field. Write comprehensibly to support fundamental ideas, in APA format, using correct grammar and mechanics.APA guidelines: Follow current APA guidelines for style and formatting, using a title page and references page, and citing your sources properly in the body of your paper with corresponding references on the references page.Length: Write a minimum of 4 new pages for this assignment, for a running total of 16 pages (including the content from your previous assignments). This page total is not including the title page and references page. The content should be typed and double-spaced.References: At least 12 references in total, including the 9 references from your previous assignments. Include peer-reviewed journals or other scholarly resources, assigned unit readings, and the like. In the total number of references, be sure to include your references for the 2 similar organizational reports you cited in the Unit 5 assignment.Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.Submit your assignment to your instructor as an attachment in the assignment area no later than 11:59 p.m. CST, Sunday
HMSE 81110 Capella University Ruby Lake Riverbend City Implications Discussion

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact. I’m stuck on a Environmental Science question and need an explanation.

Choose one event in history and discuss the environmental impact. How did it change how we moved forward with environmental concerns? For example, in the book “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair the deplorable conditions in the meatpacking industry were brought to light. This book is directly linked to the passing of the first Food and Drug Act in the US in 1906. You may use this example or one of your choosing. Please limit your paper to one page double spaced. Be sure to use two cited sources.
Environmental Impact