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PAD 530-Assignment3

PAD 530-Assignment3. I’m studying for my Economics class and need an explanation.

Assignment 3: Agency’s Law and Ethics of Hiring a Diverse Workforce, Part 3
Due Week 7 and worth 250 points
Refer to the Scenario for Assignments 1, 2, 3, and 4
Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:

Analyze at least two (2) laws or two (2) court decisions that have implications to the agency’s personnel management. (Title this section “Laws Affecting the Agency”)
Evaluate the agency’s approach to LGBTQ issues, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses. (Title this section “Personnel Recruitment and Hiring Practices”)
Evaluate the agency’s approach to ethics and diversity training programs provided for new and existing employees, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses. (Title this section “Ethics and Diversity Training”)
Recommend at least two (2) actions the agency could take to improve in the areas of recruiting and training a diversified workforce. (Title this section “Recommendations for Recruiting and Training a Diversified Workforce”)
Appropriately incorporate at least four (4) quality sources. A quality source can be either popular, such as a news article, or scholarly, such as peer reviewed works. In the case of public administration, government websites are appropriate quality resources. Note: Wikipedia, SparkNotes, and similar websites do not qualify as academic resources. Visit the Strayer University Library at to conduct research.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

Evaluate the major components of the public personnel management system

Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic / organization of the paper, and language and writing skills. Click here to access the rubric for this assignment.
PAD 530-Assignment3

University of South Florida Federal Policy for The Protection of Human Subjects Essay

University of South Florida Federal Policy for The Protection of Human Subjects Essay.

Assignment 1:You are part of a team of researchers who gained access to study bank robbers. There is a lot to learn about bank robbing and you have developed rapport and trust with several important people who are powerful among this group. Robbing banks, you learn, is much more complex and involved than you had imagined. You have been invited by your connections to engage in participant observation (where you will go along on the robbery and observe the events that unfold) as well as conduct interviews. As a researcher, you need to take extensive field notes where you document all events as they actually occurred and all talk verbatim. Field notes are your data like numbers are data for quantitative analysis. Write a discussion post about how you will proceed with your research. Remember that you are bound to uphold the expectations established in the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects.Which aspects of the basic principles of the Belmont Report might be hard to maintain?How will you protect yourself and your respondents?How will you document the data that you gather?Provide your feedback to two other students about their responses to the questions presented above as well as how they plan to proceed with their research on bank robbers?Assignment 2:One of the most important skills to learn is self-reflection. This allows you to not only understand a topic but to also understand how that topic applies to your life. To hone that skill throughout this course, you will be keeping a Reflections Journal.Prompt: Google and explore the UC Berkeley online resource “The Disability Rights and Independent Living Movement.” Find at least one oral history there and write a journal entry that connects that oral history to one or more of the readings this module. Responses should be at least one fully developed paragraph. Troubleshooting: Below you’ll find the link that will take you directly to the page– (Links to an external site.)Once you’re on the above page, select the second bullet point that says,”Enter The Collection: Oral History/Archives.”
University of South Florida Federal Policy for The Protection of Human Subjects Essay

Reading assignment is attached and below are the questions.

term paper help Reading assignment is attached and below are the questions.. I’m working on a Marketing question and need guidance to help me study.

At its core, marketing is meant to facilitate exchanges. As marketing managers, the most prevalent view we may take of exchange is that of our product for our customers’ money. What other exchanges may occur between marketers and customers?
Marketing isn’t limited to goods. Anything can be marketed – ideas, people, places and so on. Are some easier to market than others? Why or why not?
Prospective buyers seek out exchanges that meet their needs in one or more types of utility. Choose two direct competitors and evaluate their respective offers in terms of the five types of utility. Imagine you have been hired as a consultant for one of the companies. How should the company improve the utilities provided by its offer to better meet prospective customer needs?
Companies are encouraged to establish a competitive advantage. But Peter Senge (2006), author of The Fifth Discipline, advised, “The only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization’s ability to learn faster than the competition.” Do you agree? Debate Senge’s position versus other established sources of competitive advantage.
Exhibit 1.4 summarizes the differences between firms that embrace transactional marketing and those that choose relationship marketing. Distinguish the situations in which transactional marketing would be recommended from those that would favor relationship marketing. Construct a set of contingencies for marketing managers to use in deciding whether transactional marketing or relationship marketing will be more effective in different situations.Give an example of a company that uses transactional marketing and an example of a company that uses relationship marketing mapping each company’s situational characteristics to the contingency recommendations you identified.
Reading assignment is attached and below are the questions.

Moraine Valley College Ethical and Socially Responsible Courses of Action Paper

Moraine Valley College Ethical and Socially Responsible Courses of Action Paper.

Scenario: TechFite, a British company that produces high-technology goods, recently began production of its innovative recreational equipment in its first U.S. factory in Dellberg. TechFite is widely known for its culture of workplace collaboration and leadership development. Additionally, the company culture encourages employee empowerment and engagement in corporate decision making. The company also prides itself on being actively involved in the communities in which they have a presence.As the human resources (HR) director of the new factory in Dellberg, you soon realize there are financial obstacles that must be addressed as it relates to hourly employees. The budgeting process has constrained the amount of funding available to provide full-time employee benefits, and hours have been reduced to keep many employees classified as part-time. The HR department needs to develop policies to address the legal and cultural differences between the United States and the United Kingdom pertaining to hours and benefits. As the HR director, you are grappling with the ethical obligations to your employees and the limited funds available. Upon a review of the budget, excessive bonuses are being paid out to top executives.During one of the company’s presentations to the Dellberg city council, commitments were made to sponsor community events, to support local youth leadership development programs, and to invest in infrastructure to aid in the rebuilding of the city of Dellberg utilizing environmentally responsible techniques. Up to this point, these commitments have not been addressed or funded by TechFite. The leadership team realizes the importance of community involvement, and this commitment is central to their corporate culture. A plan needs to be developed to meet the company’s corporate social responsibility to the city.While residents of the city were excited about the company’s investment and the opportunity for new jobs in a bankrupt city, relationships quickly began to deteriorate when employees began to complain about wages, benefits, and weekly hours that fell far below the 40 hours necessary to receive full-time benefits under company policies. In addition, the company is not fulfilling the commitments it made to city officials about community involvement.As part of its launch into the United States, TechFite realizes that corporate actions must be consistent with company culture to gain acceptance. Two primary focuses will be making this a great place to work and developing a strong presence as a company that is good for the community.A. Create three corporate policies that reflect the organization’s culture and ethical viewpoints.1. Explain the rationale behind the policies, including how they align with the organization’s culture.2. Distinguish between ethical and legal issues.3. Analyze the ethical issues at stake in the scenario (e.g., conflict of interest, misuse of resources, whistleblowing).4. Describe the purpose of the ethics officer.B. Describe corporate social responsibility and how it applies to the scenario.1. Explain the ethical desirability of improving the company’s reputation in the community based on the scenario. The explanation should include three supporting examples of what the company has done or failed to do that has harmed its image in the community.2. Describe an ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible course of action to address each example from part B1 based on the company’s culture and core values.3. Explain how the course of action from part B2 is ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible.C. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.D. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.Rubric:A:CORPORATE POLICIESNOT EVIDENTThe 3 corporate policies are not included or do not demonstrate the organization’s culture and ethical viewpoints.APPROACHING COMPETENCEThe 3 corporate policies are provided, but at least 1 policy is inconsistent, irrelevant, or implausible in terms of the viewpoints of the organization’s culture and ethics.COMPETENTThe 3 corporate policies are consistent, relevant, and plausible in terms of the viewpoints of the organization’s culture and ethics.A1:RATIONALENOT EVIDENTAn explanation is not provided or does not include how the policies align with the organization’s culture.APPROACHING COMPETENCEThe explanation inaccurately aligns the policies with the organization’s culture, or the explanation of the rationale is illogical.COMPETENTThe explanation accurately aligns the policies with the organization’s culture. The explanation of the rationale is logical.A2:ETHICAL VERSUS LEGAL ISSUESNOT EVIDENTA discussion does not cover the distinction between ethical and legal issues.APPROACHING COMPETENCEThe discussion does not accurately distinguish between ethical and legal issues.COMPETENTThe discussion accurately distinguishes between ethical and legal issues.A3:ETHICAL ISSUES IN THE SCENARIONOT EVIDENTAn analysis of the ethical issues at stake is not provided.APPROACHING COMPETENCEThe analysis is illogical or does not include all of the ethical issues at stake in the scenario.COMPETENTThe analysis logically discusses the ethical issues at stake in the scenario.A4:PURPOSE OF THE ETHICS OFFICERNOT EVIDENTA description of the purpose of the ethics officer is not provided.APPROACHING COMPETENCEThe description is inaccurate, or the described purpose would not ensure compliance.COMPETENTThe description is accurate, and the described purpose would ensure compliance.B:CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYNOT EVIDENTA description of corporate social responsibility or how it applies to the scenario is not provided.APPROACHING COMPETENCEThe description lacks details or is conceptually unclear. The application fails to address specific issues in the scenario.COMPETENTThe description of corporate social responsibility is thorough and conceptually clear, and the application addresses the specific issues in the scenario.B1:COMMUNITY REPUTATIONNOT EVIDENTAn explanation is not included, or 3 examples are not included.APPROACHING COMPETENCEThe explanation is provided and includes 3 examples of what the company has done or failed to do that has harmed its image. However, the explanation is inconsistent with the scenario or poorly reasoned, or the examples are generalizations.COMPETENTThe explanation is relevant, well reasoned, and includes 3 specific examples. The examples are based on the scenario and are not generalizations.B2:COURSE OF ACTIONNOT EVIDENTA description is not provided.APPROACHING COMPETENCEThe described course of action would not accurately address each example from part B1, or the course of action does not align with the company’s culture and core values.COMPETENTThe described course of action is well developed and logical. The course of action addresses each example from part B1 and aligns with the company’s culture and core values.B3:COURSE OF ACTION: EXPLANATIONNOT EVIDENTAn explanation is not included.APPROACHING COMPETENCEThe explanation addresses ethics, environmentalism, and social responsibility, but it lacks cohesion or detail, or it is illogical.COMPETENTThe explanation addresses ethics, environmentalism, and social responsibility. The explanation is well reasoned and logical.C:SOURCESNOT EVIDENTThe submission does not provide both in-text citations and a reference list for sources that are quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.APPROACHING COMPETENCEThe submission includes in-text citations for sources that are quoted, paraphrased, or summarized and a reference list; however, the citations and/or reference list is incomplete or inaccurate.COMPETENTThe submission includes in-text citations for sources that are properly quoted, paraphrased, or summarized and a reference list that accurately identifies the author, date, title, and source location as available.D:PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONNOT EVIDENTContent is unstructured, is disjointed, or contains pervasive errors in mechanics, usage, or grammar. Vocabulary or tone is unprofessional or distracts from the topic.APPROACHING COMPETENCEContent is poorly organized, is difficult to follow, or contains errors in mechanics, usage, or grammar that cause confusion. Terminology is misused or ineffective.COMPETENTContent reflects attention to detail, is organized, and focuses on the main ideas as prescribed in the task or chosen by the candidate. Terminology is pertinent, is used correctly, and effectively conveys the intended meaning. Mechanics, usage, and grammar promote accurate interpretation and understanding.
Moraine Valley College Ethical and Socially Responsible Courses of Action Paper

few questions to answer

few questions to answer. Need help with my Nursing question – I’m studying for my class.


No single word responses
At least 50+ words in each response to questions
Give questions some thought and answer honestly and sincerely
Give examples to explain what you mean

Scenario: Abuse

Mr. CO
75 year old male
Admitted with pulmonary fibrosis
As you are going towards the room to administer medications you hear his son say to him in a nasty tone of voice: “Stop being so stubborn. I need you to give me access to your bank accounts. You’re going to die alone unless you start cooperating.”
As you enter he room, the son leaves quickly
You notice the patient has tears in his eyes
You ask “Is everything okay?”
Patient shakes his head yes. Remains nonverbal
You give the medications and leave the room


Did you notice any signs of elder abuse? If so, what types of elder abuse were noted?
What signs, (in the scenario) if any suggest that the nurse should ask some follow up questions?
As a nurse in this scenario what is your next action?
What actions would you NOT take?
What if the patient said “NO” when you asked if everything was okay?
What questions would you ask to complete a nursing assessment?
What is your emotional response to the thought of caring for an older adult who has been mistreated?
What would you do to conduct a clinical assessment for screening and detection of elder mistreatment
What are general warnings signs of elder abuse?
How can older adults protect themselves from ever becoming victims of abuse or mistreatment?


At least 100+ words in your response
Give questions some thought and answer honestly and sincerely
Give examples to explain what you mean

You are viewing social media at home when you notice one of your coworker’s posts. The post is complaining about an elderly patient on your unit. The post reveals that the patient has Alzheimer’s disease and is “crazy” and states “I can’t wait until she is transferred out of here and back to Comfort Care Homes. After this shift, you will find me at the bar, line them up, I will need it.” Additionally, the coworker’s full name, occupation and employer are listed on their “about me” page.
What would you do regarding this posting? Explain clearly.
few questions to answer