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Packaging Of Fast Moving Consumer Goods In India Marketing Essay

Abstract In the ever increasing competition of today’s global market the need for effective product promotion is crucial. In the prevailing marketing environment product packaging is playing an important role as a brand communication vehicle. Little research has been conducted within this area and hence the purpose of this research work is to provide a better understanding of how packaging plays a critical role in effecting customer’s perceptions. This research work provides answer to the question like how different positioning strategies effect consumer perception about the packaging attributes and relationship between various packaging attribute for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) in Indian market. Due to the fact that the area of package design is quite extensive and vast the present study is focused on examining the package design in the Indian FMCG market. Keywords: Product Promotion, Product Packaging, Consumer Perceptions, Positioning Strategies, Indian FMCG Market INTRODUCTION In the current marketing scenario, companies are competing heavily to gain market share (Brassington and Pettit, 2000). In order to accomplish this objective marketing communication plays a key role. Brand names are often recognized through there component parts, packaging and advertising. Therefore packaging is an important part of the product that not only serves a functional purpose but also plays a crucial role in communicating product information and brand character. Product brands use a range of packaging attributes consists of colors, designs, shapes, symbols, and messages (Nancarrow et al., 1998). In a study conducted by the Paperboard in the year 2005 Packaging Alliance showed that in the customers mind, package and product are one and the same. Whatever the package says to a customer through size, material, words and graphics – is exactly what its contents become, be that a perfume bottle or the bottle of the milk. These attributes not only help in attracting and sustaining attention but also help the consumers in identifying the brands with the images as presented through different advertisements. The importance of packaging design and the use of packaging as a vehicle for communication and branding is getting momentum (Rettie and Brewer, 2000), as packaging takes on a role similar to other marketing communication elements. One reason for this is simply the fact that consumers may not think very deeply about brands before they go into the store to buy. As identified by Silayoi and Speece (2007) that when the consumer is undecided, the package plays a key role in the purchase choice because it acts as a communication vehicle to consumers at the point of decision making. This time it is called as “the first moment of truth” when the package plays a role of silent salesman (Lofgren, 2008). As identified by Connolly and Davidson (1995), 73% of the purchase decisions are made at the point of sales. Consumer intention to purchase depends on the degree to which consumers expect that the product can satisfy their expectations (Kupiec and Revell, 2001). How consumers perceive the subjective entity of products as presented through the elements in the package influences choice and is the key to success for many food products marketing strategies (Silayoi and Speece, 2007). However, a unique appearance consistently helps in attracting the customers and drives purchase (Young, 2008). To achieve the communication goals effectively and to optimize the potential of packaging, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers must understand consumer response to their packages, and integrate the perceptual processes of the consumer into design (Silayoi and Speece, 2007). In the design process, marketers and package designers must take care of the customers past experiences, needs and wants, understand how packaging design elements noticed by the customers, messages on the package and broadly evaluate packaging design and labeling for their effectiveness in the better communications. Many industry observers e.g. AC Nielsen, a leading international consumer research company believe that consumer’s worldwide are likely to have roughly similar response to many FMCG, despite the cultural differences. Not all observers however believe that consumer behaviors will converge rising incomes and extensive competition give consumers more ability not less desire to consume according to their own particular cultural preferences (deMooij, 2000). Some believe that while special details such as response to particular colors or themes may be interpreted differently in different cultures but many basic issues are likely to be similar across cultures. Certainly for FMCG which consumers do not really think about much, basic trends (such as for food products desire for convenience or health/nutrition information on packages) may be similar. But consumers are unlikely to change their culturally conditioned response to details of the product or for food products the package which represents the product during the purchase process. The overall features of the package can underline the uniqueness and originality of the product. Quality judgments are largely influenced by product characteristics reflected by packaging and these play a role in the formation of brand preferences. If the package communicates high quality, consumers frequently assume that the product is of high quality and vice-versa (Silayoi and Speece, 2004; Underwood et al., 2001). The package becomes the symbol that communicates favorable or unfavorable implied meaning about the product. This is because of the fact that the pictures are extremely vivid stimuli compared to words (Underwood et al., 2001) and also are quicker and easier for consumers to process in a low involvement situation. Underwood et al., (2001) suggest that consumers are more likely to spontaneously imagine aspects of how a product looks, tastes, feels, smells or sounds while viewing product pictures on the package. The effect of color is the most obvious and well Studied (Imram, 1999), consumer perceptions of an acceptable color are associated with perceptions of other quality attributes such as flavor and nutrition and also with satisfaction levels. Positive effect can be achieved by manipulating one or more packaging variables including packaging color, clear packs that allow viewing food color, incident light, and nomenclature and brand name appearance. In food service, the food products chosen for display and sale by caterers are selected generally on the basis of their color and appearance attributes (Imram, 1999). Underwood (2003) states that the proliferation of brands in the market and the varied range that a purchaser finds at the point of sale, force efforts to achieve effective differentiation to be increased. That’s why traditional mass media communication is being redirected to point of sale. Rapid Growth of Retail Sector: According to the 8th annual Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) of AT Kearney, Indian retail industry is the most promising emerging market for investment. In 2007, the retail trade in India had a share of 8-10% in the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the country and it rose to 12% in 2009. It is also expected to reach 25% by 2011. Such a rapid growth in the retail sector has occur due to two factors i.e. demand factor
Religion Analysis (REL/134). I need support with this Social Science question so I can learn better.

Assignment Content

This week, you learned about alternate religions and the role of women in religion. For this assignment you have the opportunity to compare and contrast alternative religions with the traditional Western religions you learned about throughout the course.

Select 1 alternative religion (e.g., Church of Scientology, Transcendental Meditation, Wicca, Druidry or any other religion such as Jehovah Witnesses, or Latter Day Saints, or Eastern view or an atheistic view ) and 1 traditional Western religion (e.g., Judaism, Christianity, Islam) to research and compare in this assignment. The assignment is broken up into two parts.
Part 1: Similarities and Differences
List at least 1 similarities and 1 key difference between the religions you selected. Some categories to consider include holy days, salvation, core beliefs, and the role of women. Try to pick salvation, view of the after life, and one holy day, or one core belief or role of women. This way you can specify and develop your view.
Part 2: Analysis
Write a 350- to 525-word analysis of the similarities and differences between the 2 religions you selected. Discuss how the faiths are practiced and how they are perceived by those outside of the faiths, giving ‘your opinion on which is the most true view and why. Please ‘double space’, and please do not just copy and paste information.
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Include APA-formatted citations and a references page.

Religion Analysis (REL/134)

University of Maryland Civil War and Its Outcomes Essay

University of Maryland Civil War and Its Outcomes Essay.

Individual: Emergent Global Security Identify an emergent global theme, excluding terrorism, which poses as a global security issue. Research at least five peer-reviewed articles from academic journals, government sources, or research institutions (e.g. Rand) to detail the global issue. Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper illustrating a global emergent theme and its impact to national security. Include the following: Describe the issue and its importance Explain the effects on geopolitics, social unrest, humanitarian response, proliferation, economics, and environmentalism Compare the global issue effects on global security and domestic security Explain international and domestic implications of the issue Provide recommendations for handling the issue Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
University of Maryland Civil War and Its Outcomes Essay

Essay on Chernobyl and Thyroid Cancer

online dissertation writing Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Introduction Papillary thyroid carcinoma is often observed in patients who were exposed to Chernobyl nuclear power accident. This paper will illustrate the connection between exposure and development of carcinoma as documented in peer-reviewed research articles. Research will focus on patients who under the age of 18 years old during exposure. First, an informative background providing observations concluding that thyroid cancer has been linked to children is provided. Second, a general conclusions section outlines results collected through cohort and case-control studies. Next, synthesized findings of three studies conclude, exposure from radiation contributed to gene rearrangements or mutations to DNA, resulting in formation of papillary cancer. This is followed by findings predicting the prognosis for patients post thyroid cancer treatments and anticipated impacts for future generations. Finally, a gap is identified, thereby proposing a need for continued research in order to ensure proper researching includes appropriate participants for future cohort studies. Background on Research on Topic The Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident of 1986 has incurred health problems for those living nearby in Ukraine (Schneider

College Essay, writing homework help

College Essay, writing homework help.

I am applying to FIT in New York I need help re wording and completing my essay. I did horrible in high school graduating by the skin of my teeth because I had so much going in at home. I’ve attached my essay I attempted to write and that additional information that needs to be included. Please help re word my essay and add on. I’m interested in makeup im. Wry gifted in that and FIT offers that major. I visited the school this summer and it was amazing. Please help me to express why I am a perfect fit for the school as well as who I screwed up in high school based off my essay
College Essay, writing homework help

Saint Thomas University Week 7 Rhesus Negative Mother Discussion

Saint Thomas University Week 7 Rhesus Negative Mother Discussion.

I’m working on a nursing Discussion and need an explanation to help me understand better.

G.P is a 32 primigravida patient who blood type is B Rh negative. She is on her first trimester and have a vaginal bleeding episode. Following ACOG what would be the appropriate management for this patient?An effective health assessment incorporates not only physiological parameters; please suggest other parameters that should be considered and included on health assessments to reach maximal health potential on individuals.Name the different family developmental stages and give examples of each one.Describe family structure and function and the relationship with health care. Submission Instructions:Your instructor will assign you your case number and you will post on the case number you have been assigned.You will reply to the other two case studies (One of each).Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources. Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric.Discussion RubricCriteriaRatingsPointsIdentification of Main Issues, Problems, and Concepts5 pointsDistinguishedIdentify and demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the issues, problems, and concepts.4 pointsExcellentIdentifies and demonstrates an accomplished understanding of most of the issues, problems, and concepts.2 pointsFairIdentifies and demonstrates an acceptable understanding of most of the issues, problems, and concepts.1 pointPoorIdentifies and demonstrates an unacceptable understanding of most issues, problems, and concepts.5 pointsUse of Citations, Writing Mechanics and APA Formatting Guidelines3 pointsDistinguishedEffectively uses the literature and other resources to inform their work. Exceptional use of citations and extended referencing. High level of APA precision and free of grammar and spelling errors.2 pointsExcellentEffectively uses the literature and other resources to inform their work. Moderate use of citations and extended referencing. Moderate level of APA precision and free of grammar and spelling errors.1 pointFairIneffectively uses the literature and other resources to inform their work. Moderate use of citations and extended referencing. APA style and writing mechanics need more precision and attention to detail.0 pointPoorIneffectively uses the literature and other resources to inform their work. Unacceptable use of citations and extended referencing. APA style and writing mechanics need serious attention.3 pointsResponse to Posts of Peers2 pointsDistinguishedThe student constructively responded to two other posts and either extended, expanded, or provided a rebuttal to each.1 pointFairThe student constructively responded to one other post and either extended, expanded, or provided a rebuttal.0 pointPoorThe student provided no response to a peer’s post. 2 points
Saint Thomas University Week 7 Rhesus Negative Mother Discussion