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Pacifism: A Critical Perspective devry tutorcom essay help essays

An examination of the policy of pacifism and its terms.

This paper examines the political philosophy of pacifism which holds that the use of violence by the state, under any circumstances is unethical and counterproductive. The paper assesses whether pacifism can be effective against Nazi-like dictatorships and includes a brief examination of nonviolence, the philosophy of Gandhi and King.
“If we had neither weapons nor soldiers, what would we do if an enemy tried to conquer us,” asks Liane Ellison Norman in her essay, Nonviolent Civilian Defense. “What would we do if our government suspended civil liberties, imprisoned, tortured and executed people like us?” (McCarthy, ed. 189). Advocating the pacifist principle, Norman goes on to contend that the modern state does not need a conventional army to protect itself. Nonviolent defense strategy, Norman goes on to argue, provides an effective defense mechanism that surpasses that of conventional armies, the cause of so much chaos and destruction throughout history. Relying on the principle that the “conquer is meaningless unless the conqueror is able to govern,” and evoking the beliefs and practices of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Norman and other pacifists argue that the methods of nonviolent civil disobedience “strikes, marches, sit-ins, etc.” can replace modern warfare. It is therefore argued that the use of violence by the state, under any circumstances, is unethical and counterproductive.”

Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions.

Your task is to produce a management report providing Strategic Solutions for an issue or Strategic issue or issues that you have identified in your own organisation or Strategic Business Unit.

The solution(s) should be based on thorough analysis and should involve critical evaluation of a range of potential solutions. The emphasis must be aiming to achieve competitive advantage. The choice of the final strategic decision should be justified. The solutions must not be descriptive of what the organisation is actually doing but analytical and proposing what it could and should do. This may be different to the actual decisions made by your organisation. It may however be a justification of what is actually proposed by the organisation but must justify it in the light of other options and through analysis. Which approach you take depends on the circumstances of your organisation.

Kindly do not include the company and industry profile.

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