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Overview If you’re anything like the average user, you might describe your relationship with social media as complicated. On

If you’re anything like the average user, you might describe your relationship with social media as complicated. On one hand, your engagement in educational, awareness-raising, social-media groups and communities can have an empowering impact on your life and the world around you. On the other hand, you have witnessed people using social media as a platform for expressing divisive and hateful attitudes that leave you wondering: How can something that is supposed to connect us leave us feeling so disconnected?

The attitudes, beliefs, and values that we convey with our online presence can have a dramatic positive or negative impact on the well-being of ourselves and others. However, when we choose to use social media as a mechanism for improving the human condition, it can transform lives for the better—one post at a time.

For this journal activity, you will respond in 3 to 5 sentences to each of the following rubric criteria:

Describe the implications of using the experiences and outcomes that a person chooses to post about on social media as a measure of your sense of adequacy.
Describe the implications of using the attitudes and abilities that a person chooses to post about on social media as a confirmation of your own attitudes and abilities.
Describe the implications of comparing your abilities and outcomes to the abilities and outcomes that others choose to publish about on social media.
Describe the implications of using reciprocity as a measure of the quality of your relationships with others on social media.
Describe what type of impression you believe a profile image makes across various platforms (e.g., personal, such as Facebook and Instagram; professional, such as LinkedIn) and why the social media identity you choose to convey matters.
Describe the ways in which the attitudes, beliefs, and values that are broadcasted on social media can influence others to take constructive action and effect positive change in their lives.
Guidelines for Submission
Submit your completed Module Four journal activity as a Word document. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

Comparing Leadership Models

Comparing Leadership Models.

Assessment: Comparing Leadership Models

Apply theories about leadership, structure, and culture to real-world scenarios that have occurred in various organizations. You will be measured on how you narrate various leadership styles to foster innovation and lead change in a dynamic environment. Use the chart you created in Week 3 as a quick reference as you work. Review the following cases from Organizational Behavior: Ch. 12: Case Incident 1: Sharing is Performing Review questions: 12-13, 12-14, and 12-15. Ch. 15: Case Incident 2: Turbulence on United Airlines Review questions: 15-13, 15-14, and 15-15. Ch. 16: Case Incident 2: Active Cultures Review questions: 16-16, 16-17, and 16-18. In 780- to 1050-words, do the following: For each of the above cases: Describe, through a story, the leader’s use of the leadership style in response to the situation. Use various action verbs in your story. Explain what makes the selected leadership style effective for the particular situation. Compare and contrast the leadership styles leaders chose for each case. Explain why the leadership styles should differ for each case.

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Socializing emotion

Overview If you’re anything like the average user, you might describe your relationship with social media as complicated. On Socializing emotion.

 Define “socializing emotion” based on the article by Rottger-Rossler. Then, discuss how this concept can apply to at least 2 other social contexts that you learned about in readings. (You must incorporate Rottger-Rossler and at least 2 other readings). The two other readings being Chapin-2010 and Xu The Good Child .

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Deviant Behavior

Deviant Behavior.

Use APA formatting guidelines. Please include a separate cover page, double-space, indent paragraphs, cite sources, use 12 point, include a separate reference page. and finally, staple the pages together. Late assignments subject to 10% penalty. Essay# 3 OpenStax,(2016), Chapter 7, introduces different theories as to why people engage in deviant behavior. Define deviance from a sociological perspective. Which theory do you believe best explains deviance? Write an essay: 1) summarizing the theory you have selected and 2) applying it to an example (do not use examples from the text). Your essay should be 500-600 words.

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Enthographic research paper

Enthographic research paper.

Description In order to help you prepare for your Ethnographic Research Paper, you will be expected to complete a research proposal. The proposal is meant to get you thinking about where you would like to do you ethnography as well as beginning to understand the group of people that you will be studying. To that end, you will complete the form here Preview the document as well as complete four (4) annotated bibliographies. They will be from peer reviewed journal articles that you feel will be the most relevant to your sub-culture. It is important to note that you should also be using terminology from chapters in your text or ones that you have learned in class. Annotated bibliographies can be very useful in your college career. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to help you remember what a specific article (or group of articles) is about. It will also help you pull out key terms and quotations that you can use in your paper. This assignment will also help you learn the proper way to cite a peer reviewed journal article in Chicago Style which you will use in the Ethnographic Research Paper. The articles you choose must be peer reviewed journal articles. In some cases it may be difficult to find a peer reviewed journal article about your specific sub-culture. This is when you may need to go a little broader and think of other groups that your sub-culture may fit into. For example, if you are researching World of Warcraft (a video game) you may need to search for video gaming in general. If you are struggling to find a peer reviewed journal article, please send me a Canvas message. Please be sure to review this document prior to contacting me: How to search for journal articles HCC-1.docxPreview the document Specifics: Each annotated bibliography should be a maximum of 2 pages. This means that the annotated bibliography section alone will be around 4-8 pages. Please upload them as one file (in other words put them all in one document). I do not want separate files uploaded! Be sure to follow the instructions below carefully! Articles: While you are reading the articles complete the following information on EACH: Full citation (Chicago style) (Links to an external site.) Brief Summary of the Reading (prose style) Brief summary describing how you think each key article will relate to and support your ethnography research Key Points with Quotations (minimum of 5, supported by parenthetical reference in Chicago style (Links to an external site.) AKA in-text citation) You will submit the assignment via Canvas. Sample Papers: Annotated Bibliography Example for ANTH 105.docxPreview the document

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Propose a Family Literacy Program

Propose a Family Literacy Program.

Propose a Family Literacy Program


Paper details:

Instructions: Your school has decided to include a theme night once a month to encourage parental involvement. You are in charge of preparing the first night. Visualize a theme and activities for different centers in a classroom for family members and children to participate in. How will you advertise this evening to your parents so you can be sure that many family members will attend? We often communicate with parents using technology to enhance their children’s literacy ability. How could you use e-mail or a classroom or a school web site to enhance literacy development? For this assignment, design a creative program to involve families in literacy activities over the entire school year. Write a magazine article explaining the program and justifying it with research. Include the following in your magazine article: • Discuss the importance of family involvement in literacy development. Be sure to include families who are English language learners or who have limited literacy ability. • Include strategies that promote literacy development in the home. • Incorporate methods teachers can use to encourage parental involvement in literacy program at school. • Include intergenerational initiatives that are designed to improve the literacy development of both adults and children. Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages. References: Minimum of 5 scholarly resources. Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards where appropriate.

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Business // Operations Management

Business // Operations Management.

Description Library Assignment Many staff in the airline service end feel they are overtaxed while others seem to have little to do. Divide up key airline staffing roles among your small group, choosing one role per person from among the following: cleaning crew, ramp agents, provisioning agents, reservation sales agents, customer service agents, pilots, and mechanics. Individual Portion The individual portion of this project is for each staff representative to write a 2-4 page proposal that would meet the need for service productivity and greater operational success for their specific role. Consider changes or strategies specific to the job in job requirements, training, staffing, and job design. Use the Library for ideas in the airline industry and beyond to consider job significance, job identity, autonomy, staffing, feedback, job rotation, enrichment, employee empowerment, job enlargement. Explain what cautions, methods, or requirements are needed for any proposed changes to meet ethical and legal standards for managing employees. Click here to review Going’s service division. Please submit your assignment to your individual box. Group Portion Communicate within the Small Group Discussion Board threads about your individual proposals. Then, review each other’s response and come to a consensus on the Small Group Discussion Board threads about three key proposals or strategies for each chosen role which would make the biggest coordinated difference in Going’s operational success. From your discussion, submit your final consensus as a group in a word document.

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