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Overcome Barriers to Applying an Evidence-Based Process for Practice Change DQ

Overcome Barriers to Applying an Evidence-Based Process for Practice Change DQ.

Hi, if you could reply back to the following discussions with 100-150 words each. Thank you1- MargotEBP is an essential component of the BSN-prepared RN. In this BSN- school experience I personally experienced this aspect far more than in my “original” diploma-nursing program of 30+ years ago. To be honest, this was from needing to research EBP articles to complete most of the assignments. So, one way to incorporate EBP would be to for me and any of my fellow nurse colleagues to continue their formal education and to support each other in this area. Another way would be to participate actively in unit-based commitees to stimulate group discussion and knowledge. Resistance to “change” is always a challenge in any professional area and nurses are no exception to this. Time and patience are my answer to this particualar area. Also, additional formal schooling may be cost-prohibitive and/or undesirable for many nurses and that can be a deterrent, myself included. Obtaining and maintaining one’s professional nursing specialty certification gives nurses access to current EBP standards/research and this could be an alternative/addition to further formal education.2- Alicia, Evidence based practice is important in the healthcare field because it allows all healthcare professionals to adhere and work with the current standards when it comes to providing effective, efficient patient care. As a BSN-prepared RN, using evidence based practice allows us to understand the reasoning behind the care we give to our patients and acknowledge the research that has been done to back it up. Nursing is more than passing medications or following out orders; nurses require to make and use clinical nursing judgment and everything invovles evidence based pratice and care. Evidence-based practice can be defined as a problem-solving approach to delivering health care that integrates the best evidence from well-delineated studies and care data, and matches patient preferences with values expertise of the health professional. However, there is a significant delay between the generation of research results and incorporation into clinical practice (Camargo, Hemiko Iwamoto, Galvão, de Araújo Pereira, Benzi Andrade & Crispim Masso, 2018). Despite current research evidence and studies, actual incorporation of evidence based practice in hospital settings are not being initiated and implemented appropriately and one of the reason is the attitude and knowledge of the staff members. Older staff members feel that the way they have been practicing and taking care of patients is correct because thay have been doing so for many years now; they may believe that changes do not need to be made. However, with the increasing acuity and diversity of our patient population along with the advanced healthcare system, what was once thought to be the best and effective way to treat or take care of our patients may be changing due to the new evidence based research that is being studied and researched. For this reason, keeping up with the practice and care by reading articles, journals, and research studies is a cruical aspect of nursing. At my work, I plan to use evidence based care with my patients and understand why certain things are done one way or another. Requiring all staff members to attend classes or conferences related to the unit or work they are involved in would keep them liable and up to date with the work they do. I will continue to attend conferences and read journals related to the topics that are most relevant in my work unit. I will also encourage all my coworkers and peers to stay updated with the evidence based practice and talk about important topics during our morning huddles.Reference:Camargo, F. C., Hemiko Iwamoto, H., Galvão, C. M., de Araújo Pereira, G., Benzi Andrade, R., & Crispim Masso, G. (2018). Competences and Barriers for the Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing: an integrative review. Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem, 71(4), 2030–2038.…3- Chiamaka, According to the Academy for Medical-Surgical Nurses, evidence-based practice is a beneficial way to affect patient care in positive ways. Nurses who have completed online RN to BSN programs have the knowledge and experience necessary to make the best decisions for their patients. As patients’ needs become more complex and healthcare options become more varied, nurses must use problem-solving approaches like evidence-based practice. This means incorporating their experience, their knowledge and the preferences of the patient to provide the best care.The two ways in which I will continue to integrate evidence into my practice and encourage it within my work environment will be, to Provide patient-centered care – identify, respect, and care about patients’ differences, values, preferences, and expressed needs; relieve pain and suffering; coordinate continuous care; listen to, clearly inform, communicate with, and educate patients; share decision making and management; and continuously advocate disease prevention, wellness, and promotion of healthy lifestyles, including a focus on population health. I will also Work in interdisciplinary teams – cooperate, collaborate, communicate, and integrate care in teams to ensure that care is continuous and reliable.Time, knowledge and resistance might be some of the obstacles that will challenge this plan and steps to minimize this obstacle will be to engage the appropriate stakeholders. Doing this builds trust and enables you to learn from their experience and provide input on the project. Stakeholders can also play a role in identifying outcome measures. Administration support will also help in minimize this obstacle because having support from your administration from the beginning is a key factor in success. Administration may be able to inform you about other projects that used similar implementation techniques and how they worked. Also, administration plays a key role in developing an organizational culture that supports EBP.ReferencesPamela, K.G. (May 2018). Overcome Barriers to Applying an Evidence-Based Process for Practice Change. Retrieved from, K., (May 31, 2013) “The Impact of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and the Next Big Ideas” OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing Vol. 18, No. 2, Manuscript 4.University of North Carolina Wilmington (Sept. 2016). Why Evidence-Based Practice Is Critical for Nurses. Retrieved from
Overcome Barriers to Applying an Evidence-Based Process for Practice Change DQ

Houston Perfect Foods Restaurant Pricing & Perceived Value Discussion

Houston Perfect Foods Restaurant Pricing & Perceived Value Discussion.

There is a Part A and Part B to this. I’m also attaching the “business_idea_v2” file.PricingIn marketing we do not view price the way an economist views price. We look at price as a variable to motivate the target market to buy. Economists argue that (except for luxury items where raising the price or refusing to discount increases sales) lowering prices will increase sales. Marketers consider much more than whether a product (good or service) is classed as a luxury or commodity in setting prices.Price is what it costs the customer to own our product. Note that this conceptualization of price, rather than “what we charge the customer,” is a more useful representation of the customer-oriented perspective taken by marketers. This conceptualization raises a number of questions, such as:What alternative methods are available to marketers to price their products?What factors do marketing managers take into account when setting prices?The common understanding is that price is a key competitive variable. Price your product below that of competition and you are bound to be successful. That tends to work if price is the key factor in consumer choice. But it also presents two important limitations. First, price is a very perishable variable in marketing, easily and quickly matched or beaten. Second, that approach ignores the prospect that price may be less important than some other attribute of the total offering (e.g., prestige, convenience, selection, service, design, durability, or some other aspect of product quality) that provides recognized value that people are willing to pay extra for. This is not to say that price is unimportant; other things being equal, most of us would prefer to pay less. However, that condition is seldom the case, and, to the extent that price is a signal of total value and the reward for its creation, pricing at or below competition may be less important than providing your target customers with superior values that are aligned with their wants.The other important dimension of the pricing issue, of course, is that it provides the revenue stream that ultimately pays for producing and distributing products, promoting them, and all the other costs borne by a company in the way of general overhead. Thus, attention to volume, gross margins, and the other elements of the profit equation must also be considered.Part A)The focus for this week is pricing strategy: a component of the marketing mix. Consider the Target Market, Competition, Core Strategy, and Communications & Promotions when making a decision on how pricing will be determined.Provide a brief introduction of the company with which you are working (see attached “business_idea_v2” file)Discuss what pricing objectives you would consider for your product/service. Identify the pricing objective and strategy you will ultimately choose and explain why.This should be 3 paragraphs in length (300 words). Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite and reference the source(s) in APA format.Preferred Resources to use:Core Concepts of Marketing- Chapter 9 Pricing the Product (PDF):“5 Marketing KPIs You Cannot Measure but Should Care About” – Nicole Rodrigues B)Perceived ValueNot all benefits or costs can be quantified in dollars. A product’s aesthetic appeal, extra technical support, and reputation are harder to quantify in economic terms, yet they can have a profound impact on customer perceptions of value.Provide a brief introduction of the company with which you are working (see attached “business_idea_v2” file).Discuss ways you can improve perceived customer value.Analyze how psychological motives help shape emotional benefits and customer perceptions of value.Analyze how the personality of an endorser shapes the emotional benefits of the product.This post should be 200-300 words in length. Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite in the body of the post and add a reference list in APA format.Preferred Resources to use:Core Concepts of Marketing- Chapter 9 Pricing the Product (PDF):“5 Marketing KPIs You Cannot Measure but Should Care About” – Nicole Rodrigues
Houston Perfect Foods Restaurant Pricing & Perceived Value Discussion

UC Disagreement on The New Federal Aviation Administration RULE Discussion Response

assignment writing services UC Disagreement on The New Federal Aviation Administration RULE Discussion Response.

Reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Identify what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding.Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proposes a new rule. During the comment period, an individual considered to one of the most experienced aviation experts in the country strongly disagrees with the rule and provides a wide variety of support for her position. Must the FAA not pass the proposes rule based on this comment? Must the FAA consider the comment when deliberating passing the new rule?State and explain each stage of the formal rule making process for administrative agencies. Provide examples as appropriate. Respond to the post of at least two peers, using 100 words minimum each.[Your initial post should be based upon the assigned reading for the week, so the textbook should be a source listed in your reference section and cited within the body of the text. Other sources are not required but feel free to use them if they aid in your discussion]. [Your initial post should be at least 450+ words and in APA format (including Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced). Post the actual body of your paper in the discussion thread then attach a Word version of the paper for APA review]Note that each Reflection and Discussion Forum Assignment typically requires a chapter summary and also answering two questionsPlease do not re-post the questions in your answer as that may trigger a false SafeAssign red flag
UC Disagreement on The New Federal Aviation Administration RULE Discussion Response

Cuyamaca College Matlab Lab Report

Cuyamaca College Matlab Lab Report.

As usual, include a comment at the top explaining the purpose of the script, your name, and the date it was created.
For this lab, you’ll need to download the following file, and place it into your working directory (It should be visible in the File Browser window).
1. In 1999, a space probe ignited and broke into pieces around Mars. The two teams who worked on the probe used different units of measurements, causing this catastrophe. Unfortunately, the TNR (Totally Not Real) Mars Rover has a similar mistake. As it is travelling across Mars it is collecting rock samples and taking measurements in Celsius, Meters, and Kilograms. A research team has written all their programs for data analysis in Imperial units: Fahrenheit, Feet, and Pounds. The rover has sent the data as a 50×3 matrix, where each row corresponds to one of 50 rock samples. The first column is the temperature of the samples in Celsius. The second column is the diameter of the samples in Meters. The third column is the mass of the samples in Kilograms. Below are the first three rows.
[ ? 90.311 0.982 0.795 6.504 0.796 0.535 ? 20.331 0.992 0.777 ? ] 
The first sample was measured to have a temperature of -90.311° C, a diameter of 0.982 Meters, and a mass of 0.795 Kilograms, corresponding to the row -90.311 & 0.982 & 0.795
[ ? 90.311 0.982 0.795 ] 
To load this data into MATLAB, make sure you have lab4Data.mat in your working directory, and run the following line in your Command Window:
marsSamples = load(‘lab4Data-1.mat’, ‘data’).(‘data’)
What this is doing is loading from the file lab4Data.mat the part labeled ‘data’, and telling MATLAB the variable was stored as ‘data’, and we want to store it as ‘marsSamples’.
Convert the data from units of Celsius, Meters, and Kilograms to Fahrenheit, Feet, and Pounds using matrix arithmetic, and store the result in a matrix ‘marsSamplesConverted’.
Hint: To convert from Meters to Feet and Kilograms to Pounds, the value just needs to be multiplied by a constant. We can do this by multiplying by a vector! But when we convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit, we need to multiply by a constant and then add 32. We cannot do this with just one matrix operation. So one straightforward way to tackle the problem is to multiply our matrix by a vector to multiply each column by the necessary constants, then in another line of code worry about adding 32 to the first column only.
Measurements similar to these were actually taken to analyze Mars landings:
Rock size?frequency distributions on Mars and implications for Mars Exploration Rover landing safety and operations (Links to an external site.) 
2. For this next exercise, suppose you are an employee of the Poway Waste Water Plant. It has an open air plan, similar to the picture below. 
Your supervisor, (who has just informed you that you will have to work overtime this weekend), has fallen into pool of poopy water you are observing. We wish to model the surface of the waste water, mostly to see if you will get wet from the ripple effect. You have calculated the distance from where your supervisor will fall to points around the pool, and stored them in a 50×50 matrix.
To load this matrix into MATLAB, make sure you have lab4Data.mat in your working directory, and run the following line in your Command Window:
wasteWaterDistance = load(‘lab4Data-1.mat’, ‘dist’).(‘dist’)
Below are the first few entries of the matrix:
33.234  & 32.535  & 31.851 &
  32.535 &  31.820  & 31.121 & cdots
  31.851 &  31.121 &  30.406&
vdots & & & ddots
[ 33.234 32.535 31.851 32.535 31.820 31.121 ? 31.851 31.121 30.406 ? ? ] 
This means the location corresponding to the entry 1,1 is 33.234 meters from where your supervisor has fallen in.
The ripple your supervisor creates across the surface follows a sinusoidal pattern, with an initial amplitude of 1 meter. To make an approximate model of the surface shortly after your supervisor falls, we take the sine of the distance from where your supervisor fell in, divided by the distance. Calculate this using matrix arithmetic, store the result in a matrix ‘ripple’, then plot the result with surf(ripple). You can play with the plot with the rotate and zoom tools in the toolbar. Finally, you are standing in the location corresponding to the matrix entry 20,18, and are 10 cm from the surface. Do you get wet from the ripple?
Turn-in Instructions
Create a script called lab4.m. Your script should include your name and each problem description in comments
Cuyamaca College Matlab Lab Report

Four Seasons Hotel’s Management Principles Report

Byars (1991) emphasized Management entails harnessing the various management principles to generate revenues and profits. The research focuses on the importance of implementing the management principles in increasing the company’s revenues and profits. The research centers on the awareness, adaptation, and management changes aspect of achieving the company’s goals and objectives. The implementation of the different management principles catapults the company in generating higher revenues and profits. I. Cultural awareness, adaptation and management changes been reflected in this case study. The company focuses the philosophy of offering “consistently exceptional service”. Hallowell, Bowen, and Knoop (1) were right in stating the Four Seasons hotel focuses on delivering high quality, truly personalised service to enable guests to maximise the value of their time”. The firm’s top managers were at home in any diverse international setting. Antoine Corinthios, president of Europe, Middle East, and Africa, explained the cultural awareness, adaptation and management changes with the state “French in France, French in France”. Baumueller (2007) theorized Corinthios’ leadership success is based on his “chameleon” leadership style. A chameleon is an animal that changes its color to blend with the color of the environment; it turns green in a green environment and turns brown in a brown environment to protect itself against predators and capture its elusive insect meals. Likewise, Churchill (1995) insisted the company policy of “no bragging, no excuses” works wonders on the increase in hotel client loyalty. The hotel line and staff focus their services on being “very professional and not pretentious; detail oriented’ and interested in people”. Excuses for failing to meet the hotel’s standards in terms of customer service and other job performance standards were never options. In addition, the line and staff had strong allegiance to the firm. Many of the company’s management team continues to work for the company for more than 25 long years. The line and staff classified the hotel employees and management as their “family”. The hotel family is coated with lots of rules, traditions, and love. The changes are important in today’s management. Chapman (2007) proposed the cultural awareness, adaptation and management changes are important to the accomplishment of the Four Season’s approach to international growth. The growth is clearly stated in the Four Seasons founder and chief executive officer Isadore Sharp’s statement “Today, we have opened enough properties overseas that we can go in any city or town and pull people together to fulfill our mission”. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To accomplish the Isadore Sharp statement, Corinthios leads the entire hotel organisation to use its strengths to increase hotel occupancy and other hotel business –generating activities with the statement “ Our strength is our diversity and our singularity”. Accordingly, change management should be prioritized (Griffin, 2008). II. There are worldwide company core values instilled in the Four Seasons team. According to Czinkota (2006), the company’s core values are grounded on diversity and singularity. The company implements globally uniform standards in all its hotel chains spread outside and inside the Canadian hotel industry landscape. The company’s core values include adapting to the local diverse culture of the foreign country where Four Seasons opens its doors to the discriminating hotel clients. The core values focus on providing an international home way from home hotel atmosphere for the leisure and business travelers looking for comfort and service. Kreitner (2009) opines the core values include pampering the clients with the best quality service any time of the day or night from the time of registration at the front desk to checking out of the hotel’ premises. The company’s singular core value is to offer a singular universal service known as the “Four Seasons” international service standard. The company’s international service standard includes getting the clients’ messages on time, cleaning the room on scheduled hours, offering a good breakfast, being pampered by an engaging, anticipating, and eagerly responsive hotel staff, and being able to partake of an exciting and innovative meal. Further, the singular international hotel standard is fused with the local cultures to make the visitors have a “home away from home” cozy feeling. Specifically, the each hotel staff incorporates the clients’ culture such as including a Mexican touch for Mexican clients, a French touch for French clients, an Egyptian touch to an Egyptian client, a German touch for German clients, and a Japanese touch for Japanese clients. The leading figures have been standing out in this process. How. The leading figures are successfully and profitably implementing a client-based service standard. The standard of the company focuses on harnessing all its scarce resources and personnel to implement a uniquely innovative service. The hotel clients can easily distinguish the Turkish culture in the company’s Istanbul branch. The hotel clients can easily savor the Canadian atmosphere in the hotel chain’s Canadian branch. Unlike the Walt Disney name which speaks of a United States atmosphere, the Hotel’s Chameleon philosophy caters to “mimicking” the local culture in all its international branches. The hotel has been very fruitful in adapting to each hotel location’s environment. We will write a custom Report on Four Seasons Hotel’s Management Principles specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Specifically, a Bali hotel client can feel the Bali culture while inside the hotel’s premises. This is the very essence of the hotel’s Chameleon core value. Crowl emphasised “Four Seasons learned from each country and property because we are an international hotel company, we take our learning across borders”. Specifically, the hotel’s Egypt branch incorporates the local Egyptian indigenous culture to its spa amenities. The Egyptian element complements the hotel’s international quality service being implemented in its Bali hotel branch. For example, the universal core values include leaving the coffee pot on the restaurant table; the hotel guests are free to refill their coffee cup without need to call any restaurant employee. On the other hand, leaving the coffee pot on the hotel table is not culturally conducive in a hotel located in France. III. The current internal and external environment affects managers to become more entrepreneurial in comparison to Four Seasons’ years of management in Paris. As proof, Hengst recalls one of the satisfied hotel clients’ comments “We have been obsessed by the service standard. Each hotel line and staff personnel prioritise zealous compliance with preset local culture- influenced international hotel service standards. The internal environment focuses on compliance with standards. The external environment focuses on incorporating the local culture into the hospitality service equation. In addition, Griffin (2009) reiterated the company’s management employs the five management principles in the Four Seasons Case Study to increase client patronage. First, the management employs the planning principle to the fullest. The company strongly emphasises the importance of fulfilling the organisation’s vision and mission. Four Seasons hires the Pierre-Yves Rochon, an expert interior designer, to retain the Medieval palace atmosphere of King George V’s time to comply with the company’s policy of incorporating the local culture with the company’s international service standard. The metamorphosis of the original palace into a hotel takes into consideration the local French and French cultures. The company does not infuse Canadian architectural culture on the French hotel to instill in the local residents that the company respects and incorporates the local culture in the construction and management of the hotel. The company enjoins each member of the hotel organisation to give their best shot in achieving the organisation’s goals and objectives. In addition, the company complies with the local laws. The laws include the employment laws, tax laws, environmental laws, and other related statutes. Second, Mullins (2004) reiterated the management employs the organising functional principle seriously. Management fits each delicate job function with persons qualified for the job. For example management appoints some personnel as waiters. Another set of personnel are assigned a bell boys. Not sure if you can write a paper on Four Seasons Hotel’s Management Principles by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Another set of personnel are assigned to perform housekeeping responsibilities. Another set of personnel are assigned as kitchen crew. Management coordinates the functions of the kitchen, housekeeping, room service, front desk, backdoor (accounting services), and other services. Third, the management employs the controlling functional principle effectively. The company sets standards based on the company’s objectives of pampering the clients with a localised version of its international hotel service standard. Specifically, management requires each employee to have several sets of uniforms; each employ is trained to comply with basic job responsibilities (proper uniform decorum, avoiding absences, reduce costs and wastages to allowable levels). Controlling includes taking corrective action to resolve any client complaints. Controlling includes resolving any variance that occurs between actual services done and preset service standards (suspension, seminar, termination, retraining, etc of lackluster performing line and staff employees). Fourth, the management employs the staffing functional principle efficiently. Management recruits both local employees and Canadian employees to harness the company’s scarce resources to fill each discriminating client’s hotel wants, needs, and caprices. The company selects the cream of the crop or best of the entire organisation’s line and staff to take on delicate responsibilities in different departments and jobs of the hotel. The company hires the recruitment applicant who hurdles all pre-job and on the job training persons who show promises in terms of achieving personal and organisational goals and objectives. Crowl emphasised “A service culture is about putting what we all believe in into practice” (Hallowell, R., Bowen, D., Knoop, C. (2002;1). We learn it, we nurture it, and most important, we do it” (4). Management continually trains its line and staff each time they are transferred, promoted, or retained in different jobs within the Four Seasons hotel. The company retrains the employees who fail to muster enough strength, intellectual prowess, and interpersonal skills to surpass benchmarks. Fifth, the management employs the directing functional principle successfully. Management offers perks and other benefits to effectively motivate its line and staff to go that extra mile in offering superb hotel service to the discriminating hotel clients. Management communicates its policies, benchmarks, and standards to its line and staff personnel in a vivid manner. Management appraises the subordinates’ performance to determine if they have complied with company’s preset standards with flying colors. Management instills discipline among its subordinates by penalising lackluster performing employees. John Naylor (2004) emphasized lackluster performance includes poor client service. Management steps in the way resolving conflicts among employees and between employees and the few disgruntled clients. Brigham and Houston (2002) theorized the financial statement analysis indicate the directing function contributes its own huge share to the company generating net earnings of $86,486 for the year 2001 and net earnings of $103,074 for the year 2000 alone. Further, the different identified management strategies covered in class apply in today’s reality. The company generated an increase in revenues between 1996 to 2000 at 22.6% from 1996 to 2000. The Four Seasons operating profit grew by more than 65 percent (higher than the estimated prior 59 %) during the same accounting period. House, R. (2007) emphasised culture plays a vital role in increasing new and prospective hotel client loyalty. The French hotel restaurant client would not like to hear the Mexican Waiter employee speaking in Mexican language or broken English. Likewise, a German hotel client would prefer talking a Canadian employee speaking in French. Another French hotel client would prefer to order the local French breakfast food choices instead of Canadian food choices. Clients would prefer to return to clients where they are pampered and where all their requests, wants, needs, and caprices are being filled to the brim with exquisitely unique Four Seasons hotel hospitality. Further, management’s hiring of below standard employees will result to lackluster service; lackluster service precipitates to a decline in revenues and profits because the disgruntled clients will surely not return. The absence of the planning, organising, controlling, staffing, and directing management principles covered in class will cause the hotel to decline to the brink of bankruptcy and economic gloom; disgruntled customer will surely abhor poor hotel services (food service and hotel client staff services). Based on the above discussion, the setting into motion of the different management principles skyrockets the company into generating higher revenues and profits. Management maximises the benefits of the various management principles to enhance current revenues and profits. The management principles are important in improving the company’s current revenues and profits. Indeed, the awareness, adaptation, and management changes are effectively in hastening the achievement of the company’s goals and objectives. References Baumueller, M. (2007). Managing Cultural Diversity. London, Lang Press. Bernstein, J. (1993). Financial Statement Analysis. London: Irwin Press. Brigham, E. and Houston, J. (2002). Fundamentals of Financial Management, New York: Thomson South-Western. Byars, L. (1991). Strategic Management. Formulation and Implementation – Concepts and Cases. New York: HarperCollins. Chapman, C. (2007) Handbook of Management Accounting Research. London, Elsevier Press. Churchill, P. (1995). Marketing, Creating Value for Customers. Sydney: IRWIN Czinkota, S. (2006). International Marketing. London, Wiley

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