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Over the last two weeks, you sketched out some demographics for your fictitious client. Using these characteristics, you will

Over the last two weeks, you sketched out some demographics for your fictitious client. Using these
characteristics, you will now begin the incremental process of creating a physical activity plan – also known
as an exercise prescriiption – for your client.
For your Module 3 assignment, you will complete the AHA/ACSM Health/Fitness Facility Preparticipation
Screening Questionnaire for your chosen client. This should align with the demographic and health status
profile you completed in Modules 1 and 2.
Then, select one screening questionnaire/calculation from for each of the three health-related
components you identified for your fictional client.
After completing the forms and reviewing the rubric for this assignment, it is time to look at the evidence
base to guide your work. Go the literature at the Excelsior Library and to one of the professional
associations/organizations provided at the end of this document. In an APA formatted, 2 to 4-page, double-
spaced paper, please address the following:
1. In 1-2 paragraphs, briefly describe your fictitious client so that the reader has some context for the
2. In 1-2 paragraphs, state which fitness tests you completed on behalf of your client on and
what the results were.
3. Considering the client’s health status (from Module 1), barriers and motivators to exercise (from
Module 2), risk stratification results, and results from the fitness tests performed, describe 2
potential exercise restrictions you might recommend.
4. Based on the literature you have read, your course readings, and evidence-based recommendations
from professional sources, what would be your suggestions for starting an exercise program?
5. What modifications do you envision for aerobic and strength-based training? Do you foresee any
potential modifications for flexibility training? Please explain, supporting your rationale with course
and external literature.
You will need to apply information from at least four sources. Your sources must include the following:
● One of your course readings or videos and
● At least one current and credible article from the Excelsior Library directly related to the fictitious
client’s health status or risk profile and
● Information from the ACSM on risk stratification or results from the tests and
● At least one professional association/organization (ACSM or other credible organization). See the
organizations list below.
Your sources must reflect current standards in physical activity and fitness training.
Your paper must also include the following:
● Use of essay style, including complete sentences and paragraphs
● Thorough spell and grammar checking
● Use of in-text citations (with corresponding references) for all information that is from another
● An APA formatted title page
● An APA formatted reference page.
The following are some of the top exercise organizations. You will find helpful information to assist you in
completing your assignment.
● American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
● American Council on Exercise (ACE)
● International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
● National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
●ignment is due at the end of Module 3. All of your draft submissions cumulatively will be worth 25%
of your final course grade

Read the following article, paying close attention to the study design

Read the following article, paying close attention to the study design.
Benkouiten, S., Al-Tawfiq, J., Memish, Z. A., Albarrak, A.,

Implement NJAJDA, which is a cloud based Learning Management System (LMS)

Over the last two weeks, you sketched out some demographics for your fictitious client. Using these characteristics, you will Implement NJAJDA, which is a cloud based Learning Management System (LMS).

Provide a proposed outline for the project plan (The Topic of the essay) The purpose of this Project Plan is to implement NJAJDA, which is a cloud based Learning Management System (LMS), to be able to continue to fully support the school’s mission of providing an exceptional learning and teaching environment. It will also support in the migration of data from the legacy system into the new system.

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HRIS E- Recruiting.

HRIS E- Recruiting..

The breakdown of your paper should be as follows: Introduction: Tell me why it is important to understand HRIS if you worked as a HR Director of a large corporation (Base your introduction on our reading material from week 2 – Also, construct your introduction from the requirements that you select below) • What did you learn about e-recruiting in our class? Why would it be important to Understand as an HR director? What are the positives and negatives of e-recruiting? Cite examples that you find from research in our library about the positives and negatives of e-recruiting. What are some of the resources that you could use for e-recruiting in an organization? Use our library and research different e-recruiting tools. Discuss three of these e-recruiting tools in this section of your paper and discuss specific providers that you might find during your research. What are some of the considerations that would be important when making decisions about e-recruiting? Paper Format: A. Abstract B. Title Page – Include a title page with your name, student number, title of your review, course number, course name, session, section, semester and date. C. Introductory Paragraph – Include an introductory paragraph. D. Font and Spacing – Use Arial or Times New Roman 12 pitch font with double spaced lines. E. Length – Write a 2 page review not including the title page and citation page. F. Reference Page – Include all sources on a Reference page 2. Utilize the APA Style for the review and to documenting sources. 3. Punctuation, essay format (thesis, supporting paragraphs with transition and topic sentences, and summary)

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The House Behind the Cedars

The House Behind the Cedars. Part 1: Step 1: Read the introduction and the first three chapters of the novel. Then, google the author and the title of the novel. Read three websites that you find from this search. Write down five important ideas that you find through your search, and cite these ideas. Step 2: In a paragraph, answer this question: “What does the author want to teach the reader in this novel? How do you know this is what he wants to do? Use cited quotes from the book to support your thesis. Step 3: In addition, learn as much as you can about the period of United States history called “Reconstruction.” In a one-page report, tell the reader everything they should know about Reconstruction in order to better understand the story in this novel. Your submission contains: A list of the five most important ideas (from step 1) The paragraph (from step 2) The one-page report (from step 3) Part 2: 1. Take notes on the sections talking about “The Southern Tradition”, and think about what this term means. Find examples in the book in which the characters are talking about “The Southern Tradition”. 2. in a three-page essay, double-spaced, with a thesis statement in which you define the term “The Southern Tradition”, explain how this idea is important to the events in the book and the characters in the book. How does “The Southern Tradition” explain how and why the characters act in the story, and how the story turns out in the end. Cite your quotes from the book. You may google search the term “The Southern Tradition” to help you understand this concept. Be sure to cite what you learn about the term through your google search.

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Health and Safety in Manufacturing Industry

Health and Safety in Manufacturing Industry.

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Health and Safety in Manufacturing Industry


  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review

III.  Emergence of Health and Safety at workplace

  1. Examples of Health and Safety Measurements Implemented in different companies
  2. company A
  3. company B
  4. Comparison and Analysis of Two Examples
  5. Suggestions of improvement
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusion

Annotated bibliography:

  1. Hyung Yi, Kwan, Hm Hak Cho, and Jiyun Kim. “An Empirical Analysis on Labor Unions and Occupational Safety and Health Committees’ Activity, and Their Relation to the Changes in Occupational Injury and Illness Rate.” Safety and Health at Work 2.4 (2011): 321-27. Science Direct. Elsevier Korea LLC, Dec. 2011. Web. Sept. 2016. <>.

This is a peer-reviewed empirical study on how successfully Labor Unions affect health and safety policies. The participants of the study have been the government, the author, health and safety experts, the business owner. The result of the study shows that the workplace with labor unions in general show lower injury and illness rates than those without labor unions.

  1. Asha Daisy, Bagchi, R. Karthi, P. Sornalatha, and B. Imayavan. “An Empirical Study on Employees Health and Safety at H&R Johnson Ltd, Karaikal.” IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM) (n.d.): 53-56. IOSR. E.G.S. Pillay Engineering College. Web. Sept. 2016. <>.

Another empirical study in the organization called Johnson. The study involves 120 respondents to find their opinion on safety and come up with recommendations.

  1. Smallman, Clive. “The Reality of ‘‘Revitalizing Health and Safety’’.” Journal of Safety Research (2001): 391-439. Web. Sept. 2016. <>.

Another empirical study made in 2001. It suggests that organizations should refrain from ineffective simplistic models of health and safety processes and retransform it into complex fulfilling safety requirements models. The research comes with a large body of data that can be found useful.

  1. Frempong, Evelyn Owusu,. Ahenkora, Kwaku,. Asamoah, Abigail,. Perception on Managerial Behavior and Positive Workplace Experience. Christian Service University College. Vol 4 (1), 2013, pages 688-691.

A small article covering Coca Cola company in Ghana. It describes what methods have been implemented to decrease injury levels and increase overall working conditions.

  1. Minter, Steve. Workplace Safety: Small Failures and Occasional Catastrophe. The Global Manufacturer. Industryweek. April 2014. 2016.

The article describes negative consequences in long-term perspective in regards to organizational health and safety when companies do not invest into this area of their organizational development. This might be useful when underlining the importance of continuous investment strategy into health and safety.

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PowerPoint presentation that Evaluates requirements for Health Information system performance metrics and standards. Your presentation should contain the following concepts.

Your presentation should meet the following structural requirements: Be 10-12 slides in length, not including the title or reference slides. Be formatted according to Saudi Electronic University and APA writing guidelines. Provide support for your statements with citations from a minimum of 6 scholarly articles. These citations should be listed in the Notes section of the slide in which they appear. Each slide must provide detailed speaker’s notes to support the slide content. These should be a minimum of 100 words long (per slide) and must be a part of the presentation. The presentation cannot be submitted in PDF format, which does not make notes visible to the instructor. Notes must draw from and cite relevant reference materials.

Brain-Mapping Memory in the Brain

Brain-Mapping Memory in the Brain.

 Go to HHMI web site watch the following 4 lectures: 1. Mapping Memory in the Brain 2. Building Brains: The Molecular Logic of Neural Circuits 3. Making Your Mind: Molecules, Movement, and Memory 4. Memories are Made of This Answer the following questions: 1. Mapping Memory in the Brain a. What are Gall’s insights into the brain and how Broca challenges Gall’s theory? b. How Wernicke’s language model predicts a conduction aphasia? c. How Lashley’s experiments, Penfield finding, patient H.M. and patient Clive Wearing tell you about memory? 2. Building Brains: The Molecular Logic of Neural Circuits a. How do neurons differentiate during development how the ultimate identity is determined? b. How Sonic hedgehog can affect you? c. How neuron growth pathways are determined? 3. Making Your Mind: Molecules, Movement, and Memory a. What is proprioceptive sensory system? why it is important? b. How antagonist neural activity determine motion patterns? c. How long a short term spatial memory can last? 4. Memories are Made of This a. What are implicit and explicit memory? b. How short term and long term memory are formed? c. what is Long-Term Potentiation and how it affects memory and behavior? please answer all questions in simple language.

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