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“Our Relationships with others help define who we are” Dylan Ammo “No relationship is ever a waste of your time.

If it didn’t bring you what you want, it taught you what you don’t want”. Primarily, the individuals in our life shape and mould our personality to construct who we are known as In the most challenging situations of our existence, These situations symbolism moments of sincerity and in some instances, demonstrate hatred and regret. This essay will highlight why relationships mould who we are, though, on the other hand, this essay will also highlight how individuality outlines social experience.Furthermore, It will also express the similarities between these two stances to Illustrate Who we are’. Social Experience cannot flourish without the people within our lives. The people in our lives hold a significant purpose by defining our existence and personal attributes. Without their input, our lives seem bland and less characteristic.

This, In essence, Indicates the importance of the individuals In our lives. Consider Angela Marker’s circumstance, she states “We feel bound to the Christian image of humanity – that is what defines us”.She believes that by the ideals f her belief in conjunction to her community being entwined with her religion, her identity is defined by what she knows with the people she loves. This connection between Individuals can also be seen In many other circumstances. For example, In the novel ‘Bombshells’, written by Joanna Murray Smith, Winsome flans social belonging and definition by being associated with the Widow’s Group and this becomes a beneficial part of her existence. “There’s something about being widowed.You can really only confide in other widows”.

Through Instinctive Idealism it can be doted that without the Individuals that form social rapport with us, we are not distinctive as individuals ourselves. On the other hand, it can be stated that by apprehending a sense of individuality, we form a great perspective to life. This notion states that by following the Ideals and critiques of others, we ourselves, cannot construct our own opinion and this In turn cannot, “define who we are”.Consider the character of Carl in the film miles Man”. Carl Joins a unique group who are committed in saying the word yes’ to every situation. This, in essence, forms his ewe personality and by this he forms a greater sense of exploration. “The world’s a playground.

You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it”. In addition to this, by gaining a sense of individuality we venture away from the notions of normality and apprehend a further extravagant social experience.This is manifested in the novel ‘Bombshells’, as Zoe indicates a greater sense of Individuality then most characters In the novel, and by her own venturing of various experiences, she has developed a greater exploration of life. “I’m really tress chire; I’m a dame with charisma to spare”. So, in conclusion, we define who we are by our own sense of individuality and exploration. Through the social connections of Individuality and affiliation, we become who we are known as. Primarily, we start life with the Influence of our elders.

By the time we reach puberty, social awareness comes into play, and our own sense of originality takes flight with what we hear, see 1 OFF our affiliation with friends and family form the backdrop of our existence, while our originality as an individual configures our personality. “Relationships flourish, when individuality is respected”. This is evident in the novel ‘Bombshells’, as Mary illustrates a balance between individuality in context to affiliation. Marry free spirit drives her confidence and sense of originality.Though, it is her connection with the School Talent Show that defines who she is in association with her own attributes. “l am the Liz Millennial of SST Bride’s”. Through the ideals of our guardians to the uniqueness of our personality, we as people mould our existence by combining the morals of individuality and affiliation to define who we are.

The people in our lives create the notion of belonging, whilst our sense of individuality forms the framework of our existence formulating who we are as humans.In summary, many individuals could say that social experience cannot flourish without the people within our lives, which essentially forms who we are. In turn, some individuals could argue that originality is the framework that makes us who we are. Though, others could also argue that through the social connections of individuality and affiliation, we mould who we are as people. In conclusion, what we achieve as people is inspired by the workings of others, though through our own motivation and originality we form and define who we are as individuals.

Juno: Jupiter Space Mission

Juno: Jupiter Space Mission.

Juno: Jupiter Space Mission Description Should be gathered from NASA and any other sources. The image should be referenced in the text, not simply dropped in. Images may be embedded in text or simply included at the end. Include a diagram of the major components of the mission, properly labelled and properly cited. (images should be treated as direct quotes for referencing and citing purposes) Work should include the following points (though not necessarily in this order) 1. Mission Objectives 2. Major scientific instruments and what they are able to detect. 3. Diagram of probe/spacecraft (this MUST be labelled) 4. Brief timeline of mission Major goals and/or findings of the mission. 5. Other details that were unique or specific to mission (i.e. the recent Curiosity lander on Mars used a totally new system to land with, was it a first scientifically etc.) Make sure you have included all of the info when citing – author, title, year, publisher, location. For citing websites, along with the previous information, ensure you include the actual url and the date accessed. As long as this info is included, I am not going to be picky about order and citation format.

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