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Ottawa Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Duty to Report Reflection Essay

Ottawa Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Duty to Report Reflection Essay.

Duty to ReportDuty to Report child abuse is a separate exception to confidentiality. Teachers, counselors, social welfare and health professions are “mandated reporters” under the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act. Please note that there are variations among states. New York, for example, appears stricter than Kansas. Recently, a woman came to the Emergency Department following an unusual altercation with her husband where she sustained head trauma. Although no children were harmed, there was no history of violence prior to this, and no criminal charges brought, the staff immediately involved the child welfare authorities due to the fact that a child was present during the incident. They made multiple visits to the household and mandated the husband to a “batterers” group.we can see that the hospital authorities in New York State were highly vigilant about possible dangers to a child in a household where the husband had an incidence of violent behavior towards his wife. Now, in Kansas, this would be much less likely to happen, and it is not mandated to report danger to a child where a child was not hurt.Write a thorough APA 1-2 page reflection essay addressing the following points:What would you think would be proper course of action if you were a neighbor whom the child confided in? Support your answer through reference(s).What do the confidentiality regulations of your state have to say about such a situation? Remember to reference your source(s) for this section.You must provide no less than 2 scholarly references in your essay.
Ottawa Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Duty to Report Reflection Essay

Consider the overall use of information systems, including BI applications in support of decision-making and marketing. Create a 2- to 3-page report in Microsoft Word to explain to Karen about this technology, specifying how business intelligence can use data collected from business applications to improve Great Day Fitness Tracking’s competitiveness.
Controlling Organized Crime Paper.

Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper, using definitions, principles, and theories from previous assignments, in which you establish a thesis regarding the control of organized crime.Identify the problems presented and the various relationships established by organized crime.Describe the legal limitations associated with combating organized crime, including a critique of major federal laws and strategies that support this effort.Suggest a realistic solution to control organized crime by discussing and evaluating the effectiveness of organized crime prosecutions.Format your paper consistent with APA plagiarisminclude a reference page, in text citations, headings, title page
Controlling Organized Crime Paper

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Epithelial tissue covers body surfaces.Question 4 options:TrueFalse
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EDPU Conceptos De Salud Pública Y Nutricion Preguntas

custom writing service EDPU Conceptos De Salud Pública Y Nutricion Preguntas.

Luego de haber leído el capítulo 9 de su libro de texto, las lecturas suplementarias y haber realizado una búsqueda sobre los temas del módulo. Conteste las siguientes preguntas y reaccione a dos de sus compañeros. Esta reacción no debe ser, estoy de acuerdo, muy bien, entre otros, debe ser un intercambio de información de 2 (dos) de sus compañeros. La participación principal del estudiante debe de tener una longitud de 250 palabras. En la reacción a los temas de sus compañeros debe tener una longitud de 50 palabras. Además, debe de incluir en su trabajo las referencias utilizadas. 
¿Cuáles son las fuentes de plomo en la dieta?
¿Cuáles contaminantes ambientales son propensos a encontrarse en el pescado?
¿Cuál es la tolerancia de los pesticidas y que métodos puedes usar para reducir la cantidad de pesticidas en la ingesta?
¿Cuáles son los fast food que usan carnes de animales que no han sido tratadas con antibióticos?

EDPU Conceptos De Salud Pública Y Nutricion Preguntas

Executive Summary, Action Plan, Conclusions

Executive Summary, Action Plan, Conclusions. Paper details Complete Capstone Project Assignment #7 Instructions (see attachment). Assignments 1, 2, 3,4,5 and 6 have been previously completed (see attachments). Use the completed assignments to assist you with completing Assignment #7. The name of the company is Muscle Movers Moving Company based out of Oakland please be as CREATIVE as you need to be to complete this assignment.Executive Summary, Action Plan, Conclusions

Rasmussen College Hygiene Protocol Compliance Plan Paper

Rasmussen College Hygiene Protocol Compliance Plan Paper.

The first step of in completing your course project is to choose two compliance plans from the list of compliance violation areas below.Clinical staff members are not washing their hands between patients.Employee attacks patients while under the influences of narcotics.Nurse charges for Diabetes Management Education as a Physician Visit.Medical staff members are not aware that the application of an initial cast for a broken limb should be included in the cost of the visit. Instead, they are charging extra for the application of this initial cast.Employees are not knowledgeable in the use of fire extinguishers.Many employees are not able to fulfill the requirement to discuss the facilities Mission Statement and Vision Statement.After you choose two areas (only two!), write a paragraph about each one to present to your faculty member. In each paragraph, explain why you believe the chosen area represents key issues in compliance and why you want to develop a compliance plan for this area.Remember, your faculty member must confirm your two compliance violation areas before you begin your research and writing. Most of you should be able to write about your preferred plan areas, but in some cases, to ensure that all areas are covered by class members, you may receive a different plan to write about. As soon as your selections are approved, begin your research on the Internet and at your college’s online library, which you can access through the Resources tab.
Rasmussen College Hygiene Protocol Compliance Plan Paper