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OSU Animals & Humans Isolation as A Species & Extraordinary Beings Discussion

OSU Animals & Humans Isolation as A Species & Extraordinary Beings Discussion.

Citations: If you reference specific passages from an article please provide footnotes.Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Please strive to write as clearly and cogently as possibleJohn Berger writes that the first subject matter for painting was animal—he makes the point that what distinguishes humans from animals is the capacity for symbolic thought, and yet this capacity for metaphor (to symbolize) is born from a relationship to animals. We have looked at various representations of animals in the course thus far. How does Berger characterize humankind’s changing relationship to animals, and how might this changing relationship be expressed in images? Provide at least two examples.
OSU Animals & Humans Isolation as A Species & Extraordinary Beings Discussion

Introduction The purpose of this report is to assess men’s salon experience for the new product range of L’Oréal Professionnel Homme to prepare a marketing strategy. However, the proposed products, “Hair regeneration cream” and “Aftershave lotion,” have various unique properties. This product range will be introduced to the Dubai market. The report will focus on the beauty conscious male attributes of Dubai, including their increasing spending for grooming. This paper will argue that the new product range of L’Oréal has a prospective market in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates and the neighboring GCC counties. Pre-Case Study The Market Dubai city is a very prosperous market to the investors from all over the world; the global market economy has been suffering from long-term recessionary impact following the global financial crisis, but the UAE economy has dramatically gained momentum recovery and indicated significant growth in the non-oil sector, especially in the service sectors. The Bank Audit (2014, p.18) reported that the economy has successfully gained consumer confidence with real GDP growth of 4% in the last fiscal year, although it was 4.4% in the presiding year; such growth followed the acceleration of non-oil sector and reduction in the oil exports in the global market. According to the IMF analysis, the trade surplus of UAE evidenced large deficits, while the service level income, along with the current transfer balances, failed to reach the equilibrium point. As a result, it generated a remarkable reduction of expenditure in the current account surplus and has accounted for 17% and 15% of the GDP respectively in the past two years. The healthy economic activity and performance in the market of UAE have managed to attain a comfortable surplus that assists the market players to reduce the negative impact of the downturn, the fiscal and monetary policy faced to revenue earning at a moderate expenditure level with suitable fiscal surpluses and sufficient level of foreign exchange reserve. The gross governmental debt of UAE illustrated more than sufficient and adequate level; satisfactory money supply, moderate fiscal policy, a vigorous stream of capital, strong foreign reserve, and lower inflation rates, as well as rising housing costs, have generated the market dynamics of the country towards an emerging economy. The general Price Index of the consumers in UAE has jumped at 118.89 in 2013, which is 1.4% above compared with the previous year. At the same time, the banking sector has witnessed tremendous growth with huge capital generation and reached US$ 519.5 billion for the first two quarters of 2013 as a successful outcome of the economic diversification. Furthermore, with the prospect of tremendous growth, Dubai is going to host the World Expo 2020 and aims to turn into the world’s number one business hub for trail and wholesale for commodity and service trading, including the transportation and tourism products. Dubai Market Hamid (2013) reported that the male Salon, Barber Shop, and Spa industry of Dubai had been rapidly expanding, were men of Dubai have been spending Dh740 million for their beauty and grooming purpose. However, this information illustrates that investors all over the world would be interested in penetrating this emerging market. The people of Dubai are increasingly willing to get well-groomed and look younger, and they are progressively spending more in male Salons, Barber Shops, and Spas to attain a charming facials impression in order to attract the opposite sex. As a result, male beauty, grooming, hairstyling salon products, such as famous gels, pastes, shaving creams and devices, shampoos, waxes, hair, and skincare products, have been explored significantly in the current years, the market had been Dh 208 million in last year and raised up to Dh 740m in the current fiscal year. Multinational companies like Unilever have earnestly penetrated in the Dubai market and established male beauty salons in the region with its men’s product lines, such as Dove and Vaseline brands; it conducts many marketing promotions and adverting campaigns by endorsing celebrities, such as Bollywood actors and sports stars. At the same time, there are many other multinational companies in Dubai, such as Procter

The Meth Epidemic Essay

Table of Contents Summary of the Meth Epidemic video Trends of meth use Effects of meth epidemic on addict Ingredients of meth Ways of curbing meth Conclusion Works Cited Meth mysteriously made it is way into United States of America through the rural areas and not so many people including the media reflected on it. Meth is a cheap white crystal like drug compared to cocaine and other hard drugs (Pastorino and Doyle-Portillo 45). Meth is consumed by ways of injection when in liquid form; smoking or inhaling it is residues which seduce those who consume it, thus making them feel confident and sexy for several hours. After several days of drug abuse, an individual’s life is destroyed since the drug interferes with the body’s nervous system. Meth is an addictive drug used by individuals from various socioeconomic status thus including doctors in Illinois, computer engineers in Chicago and works of different industries in Georgia. Summary of the Meth Epidemic video “RWA #1: PBS Frontline: The Meth Epidemic” is a narrated video that focuses on uses and making of meth drugs in the United States of American. The pictures portrayed in the video show the effects of meth as a drug when used continuously by addicts. First, the video gives an image of how a woman’s beautiful face was before she started using meth and later how it wrinkled making her look old. Apart from it folding several times, the woman’s face contains blood patches that make her look reddish. It also shows how the police are trying to curb it is rate of consumption by storming in illegally made laboratories and making several arrests on those individuals found in the act of making, consuming and selling the drug to the public. This includes an individual with a yellow vest who tries to deny having the drug after having been found with a small polythene paper containing meth. When arresting the man, the policeman says, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can ands will be used against you in a court of law (RWA #1: PBS Frontline: The Meth Epidemic). It also gives its focus on the various ways in which an individual can get access of the drug through the purchase of cold drugs from authorized dealers. Trends of meth use Basing on a report by the National Survey on drug Use and Health of 2009, the document portrays an increment in the number of individuals using the drug from 2008. In 2008, the approximated number of individuals who abused the drug was registered as 312000 but in 2009, the surveyors registered a total of more than 500000 individuals. This increase constituted a number of more than 90000 individuals who were new to the game. It also shows that the number of meth drugs and their laboratories were on the rise, thus an indication that a lot of people are engage in the act of drug abuse. The most affected areas are the rural areas where those involved in the act are unemployed. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Looking at the rate of meth supply, the number of indivituals involved in drug manufacturing process is increasing, thus making the product readily available in the market. Basing on Drug Enforcement Administration institute, the year 2007 experienced an increase of meth seizures by 180 percent which is almost 1800 kilograms. This number increased to more than 5000kilograms in 2009, thus doubling that of the previous year. The main suppliers of meth in the United States of America are the Mexicans. The reason why meth is cheap is probably because it is prices have been escalating throughout the years (Pastorino and Doyle-Portillo 98). Since 2005, the price per gram for this commodity has been reducing until in 2009 when the amount clocked at $110.00, thus containing a purity level of 72 percent. Last, the increase in number of meth laboratories that were found in the United States of America after the government conducted a search in several towns also raised an alarm. While this increase continues to take place, majority of innocent citizens suffer silently because nothing can be done to stop whatever crimes that come with meth consumption. Many divorces came as a result of meth consumption because they are based on domestic violence. Children have been abandoned by their parents because they can no longer take care of them. Effects of meth epidemic on addict The worst thing about meth consumption is that it damages the brain the moment one becomes an addict and when treated, it requires an individual to undergo several processes to recover. If frequently used, it interferes with dopamine receptors thus making it an able to respond to any form of pleasure. Several researches have been done concerning pleasure thus indicating that it can be treated as time goes by but no healing will be realized on a victim’s cognitive ability since it is permanent. The level of anxiety and hallucination in an addict’s body comes as a result of an individual persistently consuming meth. According to doctor Rawson Richard, the rush feeling of pleasure takes several minutes before it elapses and thereafter followed by a high euphoric that consumes more than ten hours. During this time, the brain discharge dopamine chemicals which are normally in excess thus the neurotransmitter used to control the rate of an individuals level of pleasure (Pastorino and Doyle-Portillo 121). Despite other drugs such as alcohol releasing this kind of chemical in one’s brain, meth is considered the mother of their release because it discharges all dopamine. After feeling this way, an individual goes through a deep depression. This contributes to the urge of one’s drug consumption because he or she would want to feel normal which at this point is destruction of the brain. The brain of a meth addict usually undergoes a series of changes in the sense that the brain wiring networks are destroyed, thus making it unable to experience any form of pleasure. Other effects of meth include; We will write a custom Essay on The Meth Epidemic specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Increasing the rate of an individual’s heart beat It lowers the process of illness resistance in human being thus, killing the body tissues responsible for that process It increases the body temperature which to the brain is risky Last, it disorganises an individuals lifestyle just the way it did with Kimberly Fields. Ingredients of meth Ingredients required in making meth into a complete product include ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. The two products are found in cold medicine as seen in the video and because of their effect on human beings, laws have been enacted to oversee it is process of consumption. Combat Methamphetamine Act is among the laws enacted in 2005 in order to curb the rate of meth consumption. The law restricts an individual from consuming too much of pseudoephedrine. Therefore it is required that vendors in need of the drug to make purchase behind the counter and always have records of those who make purchase from them. In places like Mississippi and Oregon, more measures have been considered in that for one to get the drug, he or she has to have a doctor’s prescription. Ways of curbing meth Despite all these efforts, producers and users of meth still have other means of accessing the drugs. This is achieved by the producers hiring individuals who in turn purchase the product legally from one of the government distributers designated in various locations. Institutions where monitoring electronic devices are not available provide these individuals with better chances of getting the drugs. This is because; no tracking device such as cameras will be available to show how the products were taken. A process called shake and bake is normally used by small scale laboratories when making meth. To achieve this process, one is only required to have cold pills containing pseudoephedrine or ephedrine together with toxic or noxious household chemicals which are readily available in the market. One should also have a two liter bottle of soda which is used to mix the two ingredients thereby giving a complete meth drug for human consumption. Conclusion From the above, one is able to observe that meth is an epidemic that need to be addressed by governments around the globe to reduce the rate of it is consumption within the society. Places like Mississippi indicated a decrease in the consumption of pseudoephedrine since the introduction of the laws that prohibits the excessive purchase and consumption of the drugs. Oregon began protecting it is state children, women and men in 2004 before the enactment of the laws in 2009. Other states are following soot to an extend that laws have been enacted classifying the cold pills as illegal drugs that require authorized prescription from qualified physicians such as doctors. Works Cited Pastorino, Ellen, and Susann Doyle-Portillo. What Is Psychology? London: Cengage Learning, 2011. Print “RWA #1: PBS Frontline: The Meth Epidemic”. The Oregonian. Carl Byker and David Davis, 2006. Film Not sure if you can write a paper on The Meth Epidemic by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More

Imagine you have been hired as a consultant for the United Nations. You have been asked to write an analysis of how global population growth has caused the following problem and how it affects climate change or population growth in a developing country of

essay help online free Imagine you have been hired as a consultant for the United Nations. You have been asked to write an analysis of how global population growth has caused the following problem and how it affects climate change or population growth in a developing country of. I’m working on a Writing question and need guidance to help me study.

Assignment 1: Analysis of the Effects of Population Growth
Due Week 4 and worth 110 points
Imagine you have been hired as a consultant for the United Nations. You have been asked to write an analysis of how global population growth has caused the following problem and how it affects climate change or population growth in a developing country of your choosing:
A growing global population that consumes natural resources is partially to blame for the release of greenhouse gases since human consumption patterns lead to deforestation, soil erosion, and farming (overturned dirt releases CO2). However, the critical issue is the burning of fossil fuels (hydrocarbons) such as coal, oil, and natural gas to produce energy that is used for things such as electricity production, and vehicle, heating, and cooking fuels.
The UN has asked that you choose a developing country from this list:
The UN has also given you the following guidelines.
The UN has asked that your paper contain three sections. It has asked that each section be one page (or approximately 300 words) in length and answer specific questions, identified in the outline below. The UN also asks that you use examples from your developing country when answering the questions.
Provide an introduction (a half-page minimum) that addresses points a-e below.

Explains the problem the UN has asked you to address in your own words;
Identifies the three sections your paper will cover;
Identifies the developing country you will consider;
Tells the UN which causes of greenhouse gases you will explore; and
Provides a one-sentence statement of your solutions at the end of your introduction paragraph.

Section I. Background

What are greenhouse gases?
How do greenhouse gases contribute to global warming?

Section II. How Emissions Cause Problems for the Developing World

Which countries produce the most greenhouse gases?
What are the economic challenges of these emissions (include examples from your chosen country)?
What are the security challenges of these emissions (include examples from your chosen country)?
What are the political challenges of these emissions (include examples from your chosen country)?

Section III. Causes of Greenhouse Gases and Solutions to the Problems Greenhouse Gases Cause

Name two causes of greenhouse gases.
What are the potential solutions that address each of the causes you identified?
What is the relationship between population control and greenhouse gas emissions?


Provide a conclusion (a half-page minimum) that includes a summary of your findings that the United Nations can use to inform future policy decisions.

Success Tips

In answering each question, use examples from your developing country to illustrate your points.
The UN needs facts and objective analysis on which to base future policy decisions; avoid personal opinion and make sure your answers are based on the information you find through research.

Formatting Requirements

Make sure your paper consists of four to six pages (re: 1,200 words minimum,not including the cover page, reference page, and quoted material [if any]).
Create headings for each section of your paper as follows:

Section I. Background
Section II. How Emissions Cause Problems for the Developing World
Section III. Causes of Greenhouse Gases and Solutions to the Problems Greenhouse Gases Cause

Use and cite at least five credible sources in your research. A list of potential resources is available below.
Make sure your paper contains both in-text citations and a source list, per SWS guidelines: Refer to the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) document for reference.
Include a cover page with your name, the country you selected, the date you submitted the paper, and your instructor’s name.

Potential Sources

George Gitlitz. June 19, 2018. Opinion: The Pernicious Climate Dictum-Don’t Mention Population
Gemma Tarlach. July 19, 2018. Mass Extinctions.
Larry LeDoux. 2018. Does Population Growth Impact Climate Change?
Bill McKibben. November 22, 2018. A Very Grim Forecast.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is as follows:

Evaluate the impacts of population growth and its negative impacts on global societies while considering multiple perspectives.

Imagine you have been hired as a consultant for the United Nations. You have been asked to write an analysis of how global population growth has caused the following problem and how it affects climate change or population growth in a developing country of

Florida Atlantic University Genesis Beginning Anthropology Informative Presentation

Florida Atlantic University Genesis Beginning Anthropology Informative Presentation.

Assignment Description Informative presentation (3-4 minutes): Students prepare a 3-4 minute presentation that informs the audience about how to interpret some aspect of origins from the Genesis 1-3, Qur’an 35, C. S. Lewis, or Bertrand Russell readings. This can be a concept, symbol, argument, or viewpoint concerning origins that you examine.The presentation will educate the student audience on a philosophical and/or religious way of thinking and an origin account from Judaism, Christianity, Islam, or atheism.Assignment Requirement The presentation must include a properly formatted and grammatically correct formal outline. Cite your sources in writing on your outlines and slideshow and orally in your recorded videos using APA format and following the instructions in the Skills post on Citing Sources in a Presentation. The outline includes the properly structured introduction, main points, and conclusion, which are then translated to a speaking outline and delivered as the speech.This is the second speech of the course; therefore, students should continue to develop the introduction, conclusion, and adaption of the material for their intended audience that were of focus in the instructional presentation. In this presentation, student preparation expands to include well-detailed and supported main points which are necessary for an informative presentation.In addition, students will continue to expand their extemporaneous speaking skills to establish eye contact with the audience throughout the presentation. Students expand their understanding of “audience appropriate” by accounting for the knowledge and academic environment of the audience. Students will continue to develop vocal variety (rate, volume, tone, and use of pauses) to enhance audience engagement and speaker credibility.More details about grading criteria are included on the rubric that accompanies this assignment.
Florida Atlantic University Genesis Beginning Anthropology Informative Presentation

Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help. This paper is on If you argue that foreign aid should be increased, then explain why, or for what purposes? Should all or only certain countries receive more foreign aid?,If you argue that foreign aid should be increased, then explain why, or for what purposes?,If you argue that foreign aid should be increased, then explain why, or for what purposes? Should all or only certain countries receive more foreign aid? Is there any evidence that foreign aid can be effective in achieving these purposes, or goals? Be sure to address the counter-arguments that foreign aid has not been effective in promoting economic development.,If you argue that foreign aid should be decreased, then explain the basis for this recommendation. Should it be decreased for all countries or only for a certain set? ,What evidence is there that foreign aid has been ineffective at promoting economic development?, Be sure to respond to the argument that foreign aid has been effective at promoting economic growth in the countries that have received it.,Your paper should be structured in three parts, and you will be graded based on this structure.,The first part is a one-paragraph introduction where you clearly state your basic argument. The second part of the paper (~2+ pages) then develops your argument in more detail, citing the evidence from the assigned papers. The third part (~1+ pages) should address the contrary arguments from the assigned papers.,Your paper should include a title page with your name and a title (this is page zero and does not count towards your page limit). The text of your paper is limited to 4 double-spaced pages (please use pagination; if we have to count your pages, then you will lose points), using a 12-point font with 1-inch margins. Your TA will stop reading after 4 pages, so any information on additional pages will not count towards your grade.,You must find a way to cite all five assigned papers, using the last name, date, and a page number if possible. [If you use the author’s words, then you must include quotation marks or this is plagiarism.] On a fifth page, please provide a bibliography with a full cite for each paper. This citation must be complete enough that someone outside of our class could find and locate each paper. You are allowed to cite other papers that were not assigned, but they cannot substitute for the five that were assigned.,Finally, you must upload to Canvas an electronic version of your paper by the start of the recitation section when it is due (and the readings will be discussed). Late papers will be penalized. Using the Turnitin feature, Canvas will check your paper’s originality (i.e., has it been written before and how much does it use the words of other writers?). Unoriginal papers will receive a 0 grade as a violation of the honor code,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Sociology homework help

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