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Orthodontic Residency

The first time around I was unsuccessful not scoring a single interview. But I remained determined in my pursuit of the specialty. Really need to stress that fact.Orthodontics has been my dream job since I was 16. Dentistry has been my dream job since I was 7. I am heavily moved and motivated by these dreams and have lived my life in order to accomplish these things.I have practiced general dentistry and I know I need to specialize and orthodontics is more my speed.

Analysis of “Wu Song Fights Tiger”

Analysis of “Wu Song Fights Tiger”.

Wu Song Fights Tiger

Paper details Short essay: You are required to write a short close-reading essay (double-spaced, 4pp). It should be a close reading of a single text. It should not be a plot summary or an introduction on the author. Nor should it merely be your general opinion of the text. Rather than providing an impressionistic account of whether you like the text or its characters, you should narrow your focus and be selective and interrogative. You may focus on a repeated scene, a recurring image, a problematic character, or an unreliable narrator. Pay close attention to the relationship between what is said and how it is said. Your essay should have a clear topic and a coherent argument. It should be well organized and grammatically correct. The sources of citations should come from the text I provide.

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Impact of Parent Death on Young Child

Orthodontic Residency Impact of Parent Death on Young Child.

The references have to be 2012 and on – journal articles Must include the following sections: Topic, (prevalence, stats, etiology, history) Relate to trauma Developmental stages up to age 18 Cultural differences Most effective and any interesting or controversial types of treatment Three psychological measures that are used to assess THIS CONCEPT. Why you chose. You do not have to include a copy of each measure but the name, description and how it is administered. Make sure you cite in the reference section also.

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International arbitration as a method to resolve intellectual property disputes

International arbitration as a method to resolve intellectual property disputes.

1) Please use OSCOLA as paper format, not MLA or other

2) The paper must include original analysis.

3) The paper will be a comparative study showing analysis of four jurisdictions: the UK, the USA, Hong Kong, and Russian Federation. Arbitration in all four jurisdictions must be analysed.

4) The central part of the analysis – is the case study (examples). Cases must be from the four jurisdictions named above. 5) How is international arbitration suitable for protection of intellectual property rights – is the core issue. 

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Transition to Professional Practice

Transition to Professional Practice.


Transition to Professional Practice

This assignment is an individual poster (1500words). And our topic is Indigenous health (either Rheumatic Heart Disease or Rheumatic fever you could choose). Other details and rubric, please have a look at the upload files. 

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Compare and contrast TWO theories of state power from a Marxian, Weberian, OR Foucaultian tradition. In doing so, examine some of the limits and possibilities of these approaches to state power.

Compare and contrast TWO theories of state power from a Marxian, Weberian, OR Foucaultian tradition. In doing so, examine some of the limits and possibilities of these approaches to state power..

Referencing technique will be, ex (Douglas 1997: 60) after a direct quote. In what ways is the State present in everyday life? What role does gender play in State-making? articles: 1. Weber, Max. 2007. “The types of legitimate domination [1914].” In Calhoun, C., J., Gerteis, J., Moody, S. Pfaff, and I. Virk (eds.) Classical Sociological Theory. Oxford: Blackwell, s. 256-263. file:///C:/Users/dm_19/Pictures/TheTypesofLegitimateDomination-Weber-1914(1).pdf 2. Wolf, Eric R. 2001. “Facing Power – Old and New Insights” In Wolf, Eric R., Pathways of Power. Building an Anthropology of the Modern World. Berkeley: University of California Press, s 371-397. file:///C:/Users/dm_19/Pictures/Wolf-1990.pdf 3. file:///C:/Users/dm_19/Pictures/Trouillot,Michel-Rolph-2001-TheAnthropologyoftheStateintheAgeofGlobalization.pdf

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Corporate Fundamentalist Culture and Sustainability.

Corporate Fundamentalist Culture and Sustainability..

 You are the senior organizational development strategist for ABC, Inc. ABC is known for its strong corporate culture and recently has experienced difficulty attracting diverse talent to fill major operational roles. Yesterday, you had a conversation with the career center director of a major university who explained that ABC was gaining a reputation of “behaving more and more like a cult.” The university director explained that some soon-to-be graduates were expressing skepticism about whether they would “fit” in ABC. You are a member of the CEO’s leadership team, and serve as the team’s knowledge expert on corporate culture. You determined that the leadership team needs to have a dialogue about the culture, perceptions of potential recruits, and potential risks. In advance of any team dialogue, you have decided to develop a white paper* that will be disseminated to the leadership team in advance of a discussion. Western (2013) [required reading] raises questions about the sustainability of fundamentalist cultures. From your own research and this week’s required readings, develop a white paper* to present the position that fundamentalist tendencies may eventually lead to corporate cultures that can put a company’s longevity at risk. Requirements: Develop a white paper* three to five pages in length not counting the required title and references pages. Include a minimum of six scholarly sources in addition to any required reading. Your paper must be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Review the grading rubric below to understand how you will be graded on this assignment. Reach out to your instructor if you have questions about the assignment. *Resources for explanations of white papers may be found in the ORG561 Toolkit 1.0.

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Audting Thesis

Audting Thesis.

Write a auditing thesis showing how chapters in the auditing textbook relates to company (Samsung) using the financial audit of the company.

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Solution for overcoming barriers of green road construction in developing countries

Solution for overcoming barriers of green road construction in developing countries.

Solution for overcoming barriers of green road construction in developing contries : Case Study : In Indonesia Paper details: Make it Jurnal : 1. Abstract 2. Introduction 3. Literature Review 4.Methodology 5.Discussion 6. Conclution 7. References

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case study calculations and analysis. urgently

Read the case, Global Partnership at GFAC Consulting, stated at the end of Chapter 25, then answer the following questions.
A. What are the different sources of conflict between the two groups?
B. What role do national culture and organizational culture play in this conflict?
C. What intervention approach might you take in this case?