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Database is a crucial to an organization’s operation, therefore it is suggested that a Relational Database be designed which will take care of every functional aspect. It is suggested that Microsoft Access 2007 be used for creating the database application as it is powerful and reliable. The email communication needs would be adequately taken care of by Outlook Express email client which comes bundled with Microsoft Windows operating system. With domain name registration some number of email address’s with company name are available for an annual fee such email addresses should be obtained for employees who occupy key positions.Voice communications can be taken care of by utilizing services of Skype which is one of the most reliable voice over internet service provider. A skype subscription costing around $15 a month facilitates free unlimited landline calls to 38 countries. Skype’s skypein service will also be beneficial to Dirt Bike, USA as this service enables acquisition of phone numbers of different location, calls made to these numbers are routed via internet to the users desktop. This service is beneficial as it allows dealers and customers ease of communication. A local number can be obtained for around $90 for a year (Skype)References ProPortal. From http://www. itproportal. com/articles/2008/04/29/dell-quad-core-pc-2gb-250gb-xp-pro-322-delivered/ Accessed on December 14, 2008 HP shop. From http://www. shopping. hp. com/product/printer/laserjet/1/storefronts/CE461A23ABA accessed on December 14, 2008 Tally T2280 From http://www. dotmatrix. info/DotMatrixPrinters/printers_specs. php? printerID=1665 Accessed on December 12, 2008 Your Personal Online Skype Number. Skype. c. ouk. From http://www. skype. com/intl/en-gb/business/allfeatures/onlinenumber/ Accessed December 14, 2008 .

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This Discussion will focus your attention on these issues through review and application of the ethical standards from the NCDA, which are dedicated to career counseling.
To Prepare:
Review the NCDA Ethical Standards found in this week’s Learning Resources.
Access the “Career Ethics in Practice: Four Case Studies” located in the Week 4 Learning Resources. Select the case study most closely aligned with your area of specialization. As you review the case study, consider how you as a counselor would ethically work with this client/student, including any multicultural or social change considerations.
Select at least two NCDA standards you think are most relevant to the case, considering how these standards are relevant.