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Organizational Conflict

Next, respond to the Discussion questions underneath. Your post should answer those questions. Reference text and/or other sources. What is organizational conflict? Why does is occur? What are some methods of conflict resolution? Give an example.

Assessing Musculoskeletal Pain (Advance Health Assessment

Assessing Musculoskeletal Pain (Advance Health Assessment.

Assessing Musculoskeletal Pain (Advance Health Assessment) -Response to classmates post 

Assessing Musculoskeletal Pain (Advance Health Assessment) file for paper instructions. This assignment is responding to 2 classmate’s main discussion. The 1st responds to the post should be 2 paragraphs with 2 sources(Separate from the second). The 2nd responds to the discussion is also 2 paragraphs with 2 sources. Each 2 paragraph responds should be separate. Check out the instructions and formatting file for instructions. Writer should use basic vocabulary.

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Millennial generation

Organizational Conflict Millennial generation.

The assignment is a Discussion board for “adulthood through aging” course. Please, read the Stein (2013) magazine article on the Millennial generation. Describe 2 characteristics identified in the article as being characteristic of millennials. Using the concept of emerging adulthood described in the article by Arnett (2011), explain 2 reasons why the Millennials may demonstrate some of the behaviors and attitudes described by Stein (2013). NOTE: You may NOT use any direct quotations in this post. You must describe concepts in your own words and then cite the source of your information in APA format.

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Agenda setting in Health Legislation

Agenda setting in Health Legislation.

Using “The Rational Model of Decision Making” (shown in Exhibit 5.3), address the following in a 2-3 page response: Define the problem that necessitated your selected health policy. Identify and discuss the interest groups involved in setting the agenda for your selected health policy.

Discuss and evaluate the alternative solutions that were proposed to address the problem. Why was your selected health policy chosen as a solution? References Longest, B. B. (2016). Health policymaking in the United States (6th ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

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Prepare a PowerPoint presentation offline that addresses the following content: Your interests, cooking, music, animals, Gardening etc. Your current RN position (shift supervisor) Length of time as an RN (4 years) Area of the country you reside (Baltimore, Maryland) Your state’s scope of practice for NPs including the level of independence of practice, prescribing authority, any limitations of practice, the process for obtaining licensure in your state, certification and education requirements for licensure. (Maryland)

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