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As whole has got the following departments Production department Marketing department Quality control department Finance department Aamlnlstratlve department Production Department The actual production of oil takes place only in Karunagappally oil complexes. This production function is controlled by the plant manager and by the shift manager. The core of the production lies in KERAFED which is the single largest procurer of coconut / copra produced in Kerala. A massive daily effort undertaken at the doorsteps of the farmers and involving agricultural co-operative societies spread all ver the state.

Marketing Department has it all an aggressive marketing strategy, energetic sales team with an insight into the future, tremendous confidence gained from the past and reasonable ambitions for an unprecedented innings. Ahead. Kera is concurrently part of the biggest retail network-CSD, Ministry of defense oil seed co-operative like Karnataka Oil federation (kof) Tamil Nadu Co-operative. Human Resource Department Human resource department refers to a set of programs, activities of functions esigned of carried out in order to maximize both employee and organisational effectiveness.

According to Jucius, “human resource refers to a whole consisting of interrelated, inter-department and integrity physiological, psychological, and sociological of ethical components’. Thus human resource represents the quantitative and qualitative measurement of work force required in an organisation. The goal of human resource management is to help an organisation to meet strategic goals by attracting, maintaining employees and also to manage them effectively.

The key word ere pernaps It TIC I e a HRM approacn seeks to ensure a nt Detween tne management of an organisation’s employees, and the overall strategic direction of the company. Human resource management comprises several processes. Together they are supposed to achieve the above mentioned goal. This process can be performed in an HR department, but some tasks can also be outsourced or performed by line managers or other departments Quality Control Department Kerafed adheres to quality specification of a global standard stringently at all stages of production.

The extend that only Grade. I Copra certified by the bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) is set aside for processing. Kerafed quality control laboratory meet A mark parameters confirm the purity of Kera. Kerafed employs strict quality control measure to ensure product superiority and purity. Finance Department Kerafed is planning to do cost analysis in the field of procurement production and marketing. Special drive is made for the maximum procurement of Copra of goof quality in peak season and when the market price is lower, so that the more margins are gained.

This department aims in proper management of finance as a resource to esult in optimum utilization of the financial resources of the company. Functions of Finance Departrment To ensure prompt payment in terms of a) Suppliers of equipments, machinery, materials etc. b) Employees as per wage agreement. c) Statutory payment like sales tax, income tax, excises duty etc. 2. To receive all income due to company in time 3. To record all transactions as per reluctant Acts, statutes or law ensuing the Kara’s availability year round is reality. The product of Kerafed the Kera coconut oil distributes the products to the following area.

Differing Operational Considerations.

Differing Operational Considerations..

: Differing Operational Considerations. Describe differing operational considerations that are made for large UAS (Group 5) compared to small UAS (Group 1).

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