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Organization and Project Proposal

Organization and Project Proposal.

Choose an organization as the focus of a project proposal. The organization can be an existing company, nonprofit organization, religious organization, or governmental agency. Avoid an organization that is so large that historical data would be difficult to apply. Firms in the Russell 2000® index may fit well, whereas firms in the Dow 30 Industrial index probably do not.Select a project you would expect to occur within the organization for which you will be writing a proposal. This project proposal will include the project scope, scheduling, budgeting, risk management, quality assurance, and controls. Project proposal examples include, but are not limited to, the following: NOTE: The project being proposed must NOT be a project the Organization has previously done or is planning to do in the future.Implementation of a new hiring processConstruction of a new office buildingDevelopment of a new software systemRoll out of a new product or serviceUpdate The Introduction section of Project Management Template included in materials. NOTE: This should be the only section that references may need to be used. If you cite references you will need to add them to the Reference page at the end of the template. This section should be written in a couple paragraphs NOT bulleted to include the information below:The organization’s nameThe purpose of this organization’s existenceWhy this organization is of interest to youA description of the project and its relationship to the organization’s business objectivesAvailability of organizational data (Avoid selecting an existing organization for which there is no publicly available historical data.)Submit the project plan template to your instructor for approval. You MUST use the template provided.
Organization and Project Proposal

APOL 500 Liberty University Week 1 Apologetics 500 Discussions.

Module 1 Announcement and RemindersPosted on: Monday, June 29, 2020 8:58:03 AM EDTGreetings Class!Welcome to the first day of APOL 500!Apologetics 500 is an exciting course for many reasons. Let me give two reasons:1. Through apologetics we learn to defend our faith. Now, it’s not that God needs defending; however, apologetics may be just one way that the LORD uses us to bring a person to Christ. Sometimes, people have genuine intellectual barriers that they need to work through in order to become a Christ follower. A good example of this is C. S. Lewis. It was through understanding that Naturalism/atheism was morally bankrupt, that he turned to Christianity.2. Through apologetics we learn to bolster our own faith. Many Christians struggle with doubt. It can be one of the most emotionally painful experiences that a Christian can face. I don’t if you’ve struggled with doubt, but I have. It was through learning truth about the nature of God that helped me to overcome the doubts that I faced. So, apologetics isn’t just about unbelievers, but it’s about believers, too! Apologetics helps us to find good reasons for why we believe what we do.As we embark on this journey called apologetics, let’s keep at the forefront of our minds what Peter says: “but in your hearts honor Christ the LORD as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:15, ESV)With each week, one thing that I would like to do is to take a part of this verse and reflect on it. I’ll call this “biblical reflection.” To that we’ll now turn.Biblical ReflectionFor this week, I want to focus on the first part “but in your hearts.” When we think of the biblical understanding of the word “heart” here, obviously we don’t mean our physical organ; rather what we have in mind is the center of who we are, that is, our intellectual, emotional, and moral core. I’m reminded of what Jesus said in Luke 6:45“The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks” (ESV).“In another place he says,“But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person. For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, and slander. These are what defile a person. But to eat with unwashed hands does not defile anyone” (Matthew 15:18, ESV)A couple of things we can take away from this: First, when we do apologetics, our heart matters. What is our motivation for doing apologetics? Why are we doing what we do? Ultimately, we want to bring honor and glory to Jesus, not to ourselves. Second, doing apologetics is never about winning an argument. Doing apologetics is about helping a person move closer to Jesus. We want to see a person move from darkness to light. Third, as we think about our heart response, we need to make sure that our lives are reflective of Jesus. We need to make sure that we’re in tune with Him and walking in step with the Spirit. We are to do the work of the apologist through, in, and by the power of the Holy Spirit.Topic: The Purpose of ApologeticsCarefully consider the following 2 questions in your thread: Why do we engage in apologetics? What is the audience of apologetics? In your thread, give a cohesive response to those 2 questions. Your thread must incorporate the following topics from your assigned reading: A basic definition of apologeticsThe biblical basis for apologeticsInternal and external apologeticsAt the bottom of your thread, be sure to include a total word count.
APOL 500 Liberty University Week 1 Apologetics 500 Discussions

NYITOW Wk 2 Project on Software Piracy System Discussion.

Assignment Content Assignment has two required parts: (1) to make a context diagram, and (2) to create and complete the System Design Specification document for your project.Part 1:
Use a tool to make a context diagram, there are tools such as Lucidchart and others in the market for making a diagram.Develop a Context Diagram for the case system using Lucidchart or another to create the context diagram.Criteria: Full credit for use of the appropriate shapes, with appropriate labeling on the shapes and the lines.Take a screenshot of your diagram, and paste it into a Word document.Part 2:
Create your project’s System Design Specification document. You may conduct research to find a template, or use a blank Word document.Criteria: Complete the System Design Specification document for your project.Include:title page,project name,table of contents,references, anddetail information about each component listed in your table of contents.Also include the Context Diagram form Part 1 at the end of your System Design Specification document.Create an alternative decision matrix for the case system. Using Excel or Word, develop a decision matrix to be used to evaluate three proposed design alternatives (alternatives A, B, and C). The idea is to create a worksheet that can be applied to any set of alternatives. Criteria: Decision matrix has columns for criteria weights and points available, and columns that represent three proposals. Within each proposal include columns for points assigned and the product of points assigned times criteria weight. The bottom row of the matrix contains column totals.Use Wufoo to develop an input form using some of the key fields from your project. Copy (or take a screenshot of) the design and paste it into Word document with a title page. Provide the resulting URL as well. Criteria: Design incorporates good choice of colors, text, font, arrangement, and evidence of possible navigation (as in a “submit” button).Record a presentation of your projectCreate a narrated presentation of your project that is 8-10 minutes in length. Cover the details of your project, how your project improves the current business system, and how to transition to your project. Select a presentation software of your choice to create your narrated presentation. You must have audio and a visual aid in your presentation. Please create atleast 10-15 slides for the presentation including notes to narrate.I have attached the documents of previous work for continuity.
NYITOW Wk 2 Project on Software Piracy System Discussion

The Importance Of The Conceptual Framework For Accounting Accounting Essay

The Importance Of The Conceptual Framework For Accounting Accounting Essay. A not for profit organization is an organization that does not earn profits for its owners or investors. In relation to accounting, it uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than distributing them as profit or dividends. Non for profit organization is formed for the purpose of serving a public or mutual benefit. The organizations do not have commercial owners and must rely on funds from contributions, membership dues, public and private grants, investment income, program revenues, and fund raising events. The concept that not for profit organization should not generate profits is not realistic. Profits must be generated in order to meet the expenses and keep the organization operating. Most of the organizations are charities but even charities need to pay bills and donations have been dropping nowadays. The maintenance and operation of these organizations has proved to be more costly than the amount of donations collected. Every non-profit organization that owns an office space or a building would need profits in order to pay for the rental. Furthermore, private companies have the flexibility in cashing, but non-profit organization does not have it. And they shouldn’t do so because this is not the reason they set up the organization. However, they are still charged with meeting the needs of their constituents based on the mission statements. Non-profit organizations do not have shareholders like private companies do whose investor can buy shares in exchange of earning money. They earn money by their own creativity and innovation. The amount of money is used directly to fund their organization programs and activities. Moreover, almost all of the non-profits organization does not have large amount of volunteer worker, so they are require to hire employees to run the organization. Therefore, an organization has to generate profits in order to have the ability to pay the employees according to their level of expertise. Generally, 50% of the money raised by the non-profit organization goes towards to support the employee’s salary. Lastly, non-profit organization has to generate profits in order to benefit the public. Donations and contributions are revenue generated. They have to use some creative funding methods such as creating major events like concerts, marathons, and community festivals. The organization uses the fund to run the activities to meet the objectives of the organizations that brings advantages to the public. In conclusion, a non-profit are businesses too, they need to generate profits in order to continue their missions of making a better society. The profits that the organization earned are used to provide goods or services to the groups that non-profit organization was formed to help. The importance of the conceptual framework for accounting. An accounting framework is a coherent system of inter-related objectives and fundamentals that should lead to consistent standards that prescribe the nature, function and limits of financial accounting and financial statements. The main reason for developing a conceptual framework are that gives a framework for setting accounting standards, a basis for resolving accounting disputes and fundamental principles which then do not have to be repeated in accounting standards. Furthermore, Conceptual Framework can be categorized in terms of the distinctive function of management accounting within the management process in organizations. Moreover, the way in which the utility of the outcomes of the management accounting process can be tested. Conceptual Framework is a criteria which can be used to assess the value of the processes and work technologies used in management accounting and capabilities necessarily associated with the effectiveness of the management accounting function overall. Conceptual Framework plays an important role in accounting. It is because, Conceptual Framework helps a better understanding of accounting information, for example general purpose financial reports and, in turn, their confidence in IFIs. Furthermore, Conceptual Framework promotes harmonization by giving a basis for selecting the most appropriate accounting treatment permitted by financial accounting standards. It is also assists in dealing with events, transactions, conditions or circumstances does not deal with any financial accounting standard developed by AAOIFI. This framework helps users of financial reports in understanding the information enclosed in financial statements prepared in conformity with financial accounting standards. Conceptual Framework also direct to development of future financial accounting standards and regulator of subjective judgment made by management while preparing financial statements and another financial reports. Moreover, it’s helps national standard set a bodies in increasing national accounting standards. In additional, it’s gives who is interested in work of AAOIFI with information about its approach to formulating the financial accounting standard. “In my view, the conceptual framework is absolutely an important document for the Board as well as constituents. I believe the primary use of the framework is to make sure that the FASB does not issue standards in a random fashion. The framework provides a necessary common conceptual underpinning that helps the Board resolve issues,” by Jeannot Blanchet. Conceptual Framework is an essential for investors. This is because it provides the risk capital to the investor and the adviser is concerned with the risk inherent from their investment. The information is needed to help them to determine whether they should sell, buy or hold the shares. Information which enables assess to the ability of the enterprise to pay dividend is interested by the shareholders. Employees and their representative groups are also interested in the stability and profitability of their employees and the information that enables them to assess the ability of the company to give retirement benefits, employment opportunities and remuneration. In addition, it enables lenders to make sure that their loans and interest will be paid when due. Next, the information of the amount of money borrowed out by the suppliers and other trade creditors is important for them because it may determine whether the money will be paid when due. Trade creditors have an interest towards an enterprise over a short-term than lenders unless they are needy on the continuation of the enterprise as a major customer. Moreover, customers are also interested in the information about the continuance of an enterprise, especially during the long term involvement of the enterprise. Finally, allocation of resources and the activities of the enterprise is important to government and their agencies. Information enables them to determine taxation policies, as the basis for national income, determine taxation policies and similar statistics. Ways of modern day bookkeeping and the double entry system evolved and the importance of it. The recording of financial transactions undertaken by an individual or an organization defined Bookkeeping. The organization could be an enterprise, a charitable organization or even a local sports club. The necessary support for such accounting function is provided by bookkeeping as the preparation of cost reports, financial statements, and tax returns. Making entries to specific accounts with debit and credit system and keeping track of a business’s financial transactions is involved. Bookkeeping has evolved through the years from clay tablets, to paper ledgers, and now computerized systems. Even for now, bookkeeping fundamentals have not been changed through the ages. And chances are the future societies will not be able to exist without a formal system of financial recording keeping. In short, some of the same problems that plagued ancient bookkeepers still exist even with modern advancement. The process of bookkeeping is always considered to be as vital importance to categorize and record financial data. Each transaction or activity must be posted to the proper general ledger account. The general ledger is used to prepare ProfitThe Importance Of The Conceptual Framework For Accounting Accounting Essay

Bridal extravagenga, ROI Paper and Presentation help

assignment helper Bridal extravagenga, ROI Paper and Presentation help.

Bridal extravagenga Use your Event RFP and the pricing guidelines for services at Baderman Island.Prepare a 2,100- to 2,450-word cost-benefit analysis of your team’s selected event.Develop and discuss the criteria you would use to measure your event’s success and its cost feasibility.Determine the ROI for the event. Would you recommend moving forward with the event? If not, what factors could be modified to make it more feasible?Prepare a 15- to 20-minute presentation with talking points accompanied by 12 to 15 Microsoft® PowerPoint®slides.Support your analysis with at least three references and appropriate examples.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.…
Bridal extravagenga, ROI Paper and Presentation help

Temple University Korean Baseball League Research Paper

Temple University Korean Baseball League Research Paper.

For this WRITTEN post (no videos this week), please do the following:1. Identify one of the issues plaguing a professional sports league – one that you (your group) did not present about on Wednesday. Identify just one of these issues that is meaningful to you.2. Identify more about the specifics of the issue through credible sources online.3. Prepare an argument taking a side on the issue with 3 points. After each point you make, identify facts that support this point (include links to the sources as necessary).4. Then take the counterpoint. Yes, this is where it gets hard. Create 3 points to argue for “the other side.” Do the same in terms of proving support for each point made.5. Then summarize by sharing your thoughts on this exercise. Please respond to the above prompts making sure your post is organized, professional, appealing to review (embed graphics relevant to the organizations), and is well supported.
Temple University Korean Baseball League Research Paper

Acaydia Spa and School of Aesthetics Education & Semester Goals Essay

Acaydia Spa and School of Aesthetics Education & Semester Goals Essay.

For this assignment answer the questions and write a goal.We all start out the semester ready to get our A, to make sure we do all the reading and turn work in on time. Many of you may be choosing a major where grades matter, because GPA is a factor of getting to your next step and grades follow you. AssignmentSo here are somethings to think about and answer.What gets in your way of school? What things go on in life that get you behind in your studies? Be honest, is it something you can change and if so how? Emergencies happen, but those are usually rare moments that don’t repeat from semester to semester. However, things like family or work do, and there is a solution, but sometimes you may have to sacrifice something in your life for moment while you are at school.Then write down a goal, something you want to achieve this semester, because if you write it here, you increase the chance of succeeding. You should have at least 2 paragraphs in your initial post.
Acaydia Spa and School of Aesthetics Education & Semester Goals Essay