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Organic Forms in Frederick Kiesler’s Architecture Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Kiesler’s Oeuvre Lynn’s Art Endless House of Kiesler and Bloom House of Lynn Conclusion Reference List Introduction Frederick J. Kiesler is considered to be a prominent architect, designer, and theoretician whose works grab one’s attention by their organic continuum. Combining mythological and miraculous forms, he created various buildings that inspire both architects and viewers. Kiesler’s oeuvre can be compared to those of Greg Lynn, who is a pioneer in designing ergonomic forms. This paper aims at the exploration of the two mentioned architects’ works, thus understanding their motivations towards organic forms. It seems appropriate to begin with a brief overview of each of the architects to compare their approaches and reasons. Kiesler’s Oeuvre The buildings of Kiesler are characterised by an indefatigable pursuit of balance between form light, and colour. For Kiesler, a building is like a human body: “a living organism with the reactivity of a full-blooded creature” (Sarnitz
Mississippi State University Laws of Agency Case Analysis.

Dave is a driver for Empire Courier Service. Around the company, Dave is known as sort of a hothead. During his previous employment at another company, Dave had been involved in a workplace fistfight with a fellow employee, resulting in criminal charges.One day, between deliveries and in a company vehicle, Dave decides to get lunch. While leaving the parking lot at Big Burrito Bistro, the favorite lunch spot for most Empire Courier employees, Dave negligently causes a car accident with another vehicle, resulting in injuries to Victor, the driver of the other car. As Dave and Victor are waiting on the side of the road for the police to arrive, Victor comments to Dave, “Oh, you drive for Empire Courier Service. It doesn’t surprise me that Empire hires bad drivers because their service stinks, and their prices are too high!” Dave is so offended that Victor would insult his employer’s professional reputation that he punches Victor in the face, causing Victor to suffer even more injuries. Empire Courier Service does not, as a matter of policy, do criminal background checks on its employees.Within your paper, define agency and how an agency relationship is created. Identify the various types of agency relationships, and explain tort liability and how it relates to the agency relationship.Then, considering the legal principles discussed in Chapter 20, explain who is liable for Dave’s negligence for causing the car accident, and explain who is liable for Dave’s intentional tort for punching Victor.Provide your answers in a case analysis of at least two pages in length.One source is required. Include an introduction in your paper. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.
Mississippi State University Laws of Agency Case Analysis

HCM 620 SNHU Mod 1 Office of National Coordinator Role for Patients Discussion.

Research The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and the office’s role in promoting patient safety and quality. Access the 2015 Edition Test Method – Certification Companion GuidesChoose one of the following and discuss the proposed test procedures for 2015: medications CPOE (computerized provider order entry) laboratory CPOE; or diagnostic imaging CPOE. How do these procedures help ensure patient safety and quality?For additional details, please refer to the Module One Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric document.
HCM 620 SNHU Mod 1 Office of National Coordinator Role for Patients Discussion

Rasmussen Investment Policy Statement for ABC Capital Management Portfolio.

InstructionsABC Capital Management is one of the most prestigious asset management companies in the country. It has been managing the wealth of America for over 100 years. It utilizes various forms of fundamental, technical, and quantitative analyses in the design and implementation of its several investment strategies and portfolios. Today, ABC Capital is a global investment management firm that continues to focus on rigorous research and the development of innovative, practical investment strategies. Because of this, ABC Capital is able to achieve the goals of its clients: individuals, pension funds, endowment funds, banks, insurance companies, foundations, and sovereign wealth funds.You work as a junior portfolio manager with ABC Capital. ABC Capital has taken on a new foundation as a client. This foundation is concerned with the protection of natural resources around the world. The staff feels passionate that their investments should mirror their mission and provide a positive impact on the world. You are charged with composing the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for the foundation. The IPS should consist of:Account (fund) information (use a hypothetical portfolio of your making).Investment objectives and policies.Time horizon and risk tolerance.Permissible asset classes, constraints, and restrictions.Asset allocation.Section for signatures.Assume broad market returns are 8% annually and use the current 1-year treasury yield.
Rasmussen Investment Policy Statement for ABC Capital Management Portfolio

Current Trends in Our Information Technology Industry Memorandum

Current Trends in Our Information Technology Industry Memorandum.

Imagine that you work for a company directly related to your major. Your company is preparing for expansion and your boss, Ms. Smith, has been asked to design an orientation program for new employees. As part of this process, Ms. Smith has asked you to do some research into the trends in your organization’s industry that new employees will need to know about and understand.? 
She has asked you to write a detailed email that identifies the three top emerging IT trends in your industry to incorporate into the new training. If she likes your work on this initial research, she will ask you to take the lead on this portion of the training, allowing you to get leadership experience and name recognition within the organization.? 
While you have been with the company for some time, you haven’t had much opportunity to focus on training others. You think you have a sense of the industry but know you need to do more research to be accurate in your analysis. The ability to spot emerging trends in your industry is an important skill, and your boss wants to ensure that new employees are up to speed as quickly as possible.

Current Trends in Our Information Technology Industry Memorandum

ENG 121 Ashford University Multimodal Presentation on Homosexuality Reflection

online homework help ENG 121 Ashford University Multimodal Presentation on Homosexuality Reflection.

ENG-121/122: College Composition I/II – Fall 2020Presentation TOPIC: HomosexualityFinal Project Assignment: The Multimodal RemixIn this final assignment, you will be reexamining one of your research-based essays, and recreating it as a multimedia piece. Take the argument you have already written and rethink the medium. This process is remediation, adapting a message from its current page-based medium to the format of digital technology. Just as you do when you write an essay, you will still be responsible for considering your techniques, rhetorical strategies, audience, and use of language; however, using a variety of modes (sound, video, audio, alphabetic text, font, and color) you may find new creative opportunities to share your project’s message.What are Modes?Here are the modes you can incorporate within your presentation:Linguistic: written words and phrases, bursts of text, scripted voiceover narration, interview clips, etc.Visual: digital photos, video clips, GIFs, memes, font, color, original photography, original artwork.Aural: musical underscoring, atmospheric sound effects, audio interviews, podcasting, etc.Spatial: the layout of words and image, juxtaposition, size, scale, distance, etc. Potential examples:Imagine that you’ve been asked to present your paper to an audience outside this classroom at a public venue. Would you stand at the front of the room and merely read your essay out loud? You could, but you would be neglecting a true creative opportunity.Instead of boring your audience to tears, you might attempt to engage them in other ways. Perhaps you could:Construct a visual presentation—using PowerPoint or Prezi, perhaps—and use font, color, still images, short bursts of text, etc. to amplify the project’s claims.Re-interpret your project as an audio essay or podcast.Think like a YouTuber and create a video tutorial on your project.Create a brief animation.Write and illustrate (digitally or by hand) a graphic novel or sequence of comic panels.Design a game or quiz that teaches your audience about your project (and have your fellow classmates play it in class).Make a set of posters or PSAs (Public Service Announcements) that informs people about your project.Design an original infographic or collection of charts to outline your project visually.Construct a website that houses information about your project.Production & Assessment:The Multimodal Remix consists of two components: a multimedia/modal piece and a written, reflective component. Together, they constitute 25% of your total course grade.You must use at least two modes of expression, in addition to the text. Evidence used throughout should be clearly cited and end with a Works Cited page.Thesis/Argument: Convey the argument of your Research-Based Argument project in a new way, using other modes of creation besides strictly alphabetic text. Your audience should not have to guess what your argument is: your argument in your creative project should be clear as a standalone piece to an audience outside our class who knows nothing about your work.Remember: you are still making an argument—not merely informing the audience. Creativity/originality in making your argument: Be creative. Your goal is to create a piece that engages the audience you’re envisioning (most immediately our class but also beyond) in your argument and research. You can do this in a number of ways: by appeals to logic (logos) using alphabetic text/numbers/research. You can use images and video clips to appeals to emotion (pathos). How well do you select interesting images or video clips? How well do you arrange them to tell a story?Sources: Use list of Works Cited to credit any sources you may use.Proofreading/Grammar: If you use alphabetic text, your writing style should be concise, yet compelling, and you mustproofread and edit your final draft, so that your writing contains no errors in spelling, or any of the grammatical concepts you have learned with me (unless you’re do so intentionally to make a point).Length: The final version should be long enough to convey an argument, but no longer than 3 minutes.Reflective Writing and Rationale (500 words, double spaced)Keep in mind this is a writing class. I will not grade you on your use of technology as much as your resourcefulness: how did you find images, choose the tech, get help, and write about your rhetorical choices, successes, and failures in your reflective essay? Technical difficulties are perfect to discuss in your reflections.Excellent Reflective Essays will reflect the following learning outcomes. In this “extended writer’s letter” you should:Demonstrate that you understand the importance of rhetorical considerations for any communicative act: the audience, purpose, genre, medium, and explain your thinking about your rhetorical situation and choices for this project.You might want to answer some of the following questions:Why did you choose to construct the piece in this way? How did you settle upon this mode or medium?What are the luxuries and difficulties of the various technologies and media that you’ve chosen? (Time involved, glitches, privacy issues, access, etc.) What changes did you make to the content in order to meet the demands of this new form? Who is the audience you’re targeting? What considerations have you made to reach them?What effect(s) do you hope your choices will have on the audience? Is there any choice you’ve made (in the process of assembling this piece) that you’re particularly proud of?Are there any elements of the piece that you feel could do with improvement?Which elements of the piece do you feel are the most successful?Explain your production and revision process. What revisions would you want to make before publishing this or sharing it with a wider audience? Process and Due Dates:Various dates in December 2020Potential Resources for Crafting the Project:Canva (Links to an external site.)– This is an app for creating drag-and-drop images and infographicsWix – This is a platform on which students can develop their own websitesLucidchart (Links to an external site.)– This is an app that is handy for creating charts and flowchartsPrezi (Links to an external site.)– This is an app that is used for creating dynamic visual presentationsWordClouds (Links to an external site.)– This is a webtool for making word cloud visualisationsCreatoon (Links to an external site.)– This is a fairly basic cut out animation toolMoovly (Links to an external site.)– Another animation toolBlender (Links to an external site.)– This is open source 3D software. It is fairly versatile and easy to useGiphy (Links to an external site.) – This is a tool on which students can find and create their own animated GIFsAnimoto (Links to an external site.) – A tool for creating video slideshowsCreative Commons (Links to an external site.) – For open source images, check this outPodBean (Links to an external site.) – A free tool for podcastingFotor (Links to an external site.) – A photo montage toolThere are plenty of video editing apps out there that are used for making things like fan-made trailers. If you wanted to edit together existing clips to make a presentation clip you might look at:Openshot (Links to an external site.)– an app for WindowsiMovie (Links to an external site.)– A free app for Apple usersFilmoraGo (Links to an external site.)– A free Android appCyberlink’sPowerDirector- this is what I use, and I highly recommend it, but you do have to pay for itExamples of Multimodal Compositions can be found at:VCU Libraries Research Guides – Multimodal Project Examples (Links to an external site.)…
ENG 121 Ashford University Multimodal Presentation on Homosexuality Reflection

MGT 402 SEU Potential of Entrepreneur in Todays Competitive World Questions

MGT 402 SEU Potential of Entrepreneur in Todays Competitive World Questions.

The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder.Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.Read carefully Grading Rubric below for specific criteria: 0-5 MarksLate submissionwill NOT be accepted.Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions. All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).Submissions without this cover pagewill NOT be accepted.
MGT 402 SEU Potential of Entrepreneur in Todays Competitive World Questions

Please, read the attached file carefully and turn in the submission tasks. : Currently, there is some issue with

Please, read the attached file carefully and turn in the submission tasks. : Currently, there is some issue with the HU cloud. Please, work only with MapR sandbox. You don’t need to hand in any submission tasks related to the HU cloud. : However, If you like to work with some cloud Hadoop platforms such as AWS EMR, Google Data proc, etc. please, use it instead of HU cloud.

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