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Operating Systems Question

Watch the two videos and write a two page paper on it. Rubric is attached below and few things covered in class is attached below as well so it. can be expanded on it.

Simply repeating back what the videos were about are is not accpetable. Please use critical thinking. We discussed many possible items you can choose to expand on. Feel free to research further on Google. Only the last paragraph must be YOUR OPINION, concerning the topic. The last paragraph is the closing paragraph. Please reflect after viewing the videos, how this has changed your viewpoint learning something new about this topic. — This is a minimum 2 page essay assignment.
The written, essay assignment should not be numbered. Please utilize paragraphs, 1 spacing, 12 Font maximum and font type of your choice. No run on sentences, no single block of text. Please use punctuation, commas, capitalization, etc. Spellcheck. We are in college so this is expected.
Use your own words. Please DO NOT COPY or PLAGIARIZE!
DOCX file extension document from Microsoft Word.