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Are you a college student, recent graduate, veteran, or professional interested in career opportunities in Washington, DC and various Field Offices throughout the country? The Federal Bureau of Investigation, recruitment representatives are in search of diverse, highly motivated, and talented candidates who are interested in joining the FBI.The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a law enforcement and domestic intelligence agency, made up of more than 32,000 employees, charged with protecting and defending the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence wreaths; upholding and enforcing the criminal laws of the United States; and providing leadership and criminal Justice services to federal, state, municipal, and international agencies and partners.If you are a student, a recent college graduate, veteran, or professional who meets the minimum qualifications and is interested in working for the nation’s premier law enforcement intelligence agency, don’t delay, visit the link below. No paper or email resumes will be accepted. Www. Fobs.

Ova Page 1 of 3 Career Opportunities Typical entry level positions include, but are not limited to: Accountant As an accountant with the FBI, you will enter data and perform basic system queries to retrieve information needed in preparing reports ; prepare accounting worksheets analyzes and reconciles the General Ledger (GAL.) ; conducts liaison regarding accounting, financial and system matters ; utilize proper account structure, rules and accounting theory to maintain GAL. trial balances and related procedures.Auditor Perform a variety of audit assignments to include complete audits of less complex Bureau programs or functions or segments of more complex audits.Duties include, but are not limited to: Examine accounts and functions which make up the Financial Management System (FM) ; undercover funding; evidence control; inventory unction; payroll functions ; review operating practices of a program or function to determine compliance with applicable statutes, laws, regulations, and policies ; validate year-end account balances ; prepare audit reports and financial statements which present findings, cite applicable regulations, identify causative situations, and recommend corrective action. Majors: Accounting, Finance, Business) Budget Analyst An FBI Budget Analyst’s duties vary from one day to the next depending on the budget cycle. This position assumes accountabilities related to the Bureau’s finances, budgets, expenditures, and more.

You may be involved with developing, analyzing, or executing budgets (impacting resources allocations, future financial estimates, etc. ) ; preparing data in support of the budgetary cycle ; analyzing and comparing budget estimates for variations ; and making recommendations to upper management regarding a number of issues including transfers and reallocation of funding.Communication and leadership skills are essential in properly mediating international conflict over resources. Computer Scientist Acts as the technical expert on all investigations, works in a high-speed, dynamic, and biophysicist environment, and utilizes cutting edge technology. (Major: Computer Science or any degree with 30 semester hours in a combination of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. Fifteen of those hours must include differential and integral calculus. Electrical Engineer A person working in the PEP must have an excellent grasp of Electrical or Computer Engineering (ACE) concepts.

A strong candidate will demonstrate some of the following skills: circuit board population, repair, test, debug ;embedded systems hardware or software design ; semiconductor design or fault analysis ; programming military for C, C++, C#, SAM (MIPS, ARM, ex.), Overlong, Python ; familiarity with embedded operating systems (Android, ISO, Windows Phone, ROOTS, Linux, CNN) ; REF and signal processing and analysis.Electronics Technician This position performs installation and maintenance on specified portions of critical units or subunits or disparate components of the Bi’s communications and intrusions systems. As an ET, you will perform installation, preventative and corrective maintenance on land mobile radio (ELM) systems, data network systems, facilities and electronic security systems within all 56 FBI field offices. In addition, the It’s support the ELM for all Department of Justice law enforcement agencies, DEAD, SUMS and TAFT. It’s also handle interoperability requirements with state and local law enforcement. Majors: Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electronics Technology, or equivalent) I.

T. Specialist Maximizing the most advanced technologies is a key priority of the FBI. Your accountabilities may encompass overseeing/implementing computer systems and network operations (daily administration, maintenance, ongoing support) ; serving as a technical and informational resource to users ; installing, configuring, and repositioning LILLIAN components ; diagnosing and resolving network issues ; ensuring that information security policies are applied ; and more. Majors: Engineering, Computer Science, Information Science, Information Systems Management, Mathematics, Statistics, Operational Research) Page 2 of 3 Management and Program Analyst Contributing to our efficiency and our culture of achievement is certainly an important role.You may collect, review, and analyze information in order to make recommendations to management ; conduct research to identify and evaluate areas f improvement that have a direct impact on FBI operations ; utilize surveys, interviews, and quantitative data to prepare statistical analysis reports ; and participate in briefings related to study findings and recommendations. Operational Support Technician This position provides administrative and clerical support to various staff members of the field office.Typical duties include, but are not limited to: assembling, correlating and determining the classification of information received ; uploading, downloading, serializing and indexing documents ; opening and closing cases ; covering leads ; reading, maintaining and disposing of records and files ; maintaining personnel folders ; handling telephonic complaints and inquiries.

Writer-Editor As a writer-editor with the FBI, your duties include, but are not limited to: editing material for the Director’s daily briefings to the President of the United States ; ensure that written material does not conflict with existing policies, procedures or information previously submitted ; checks accuracy of information ; maintains accurate, organized records and files on all aspects of the production and editorial recesses ; initiates and maintains liaison with authors and other interested parties.How to Submit Your Resume To submit your resume, please click the link provided below. Submitting your resume does not guarantee you will be contacted for a position, however, your resume will be placed on a sharable database that allows FBI hiring managers to see all qualified candidates. If you possess the skills necessary for a certain position, you may be contacted. Disqualifications Conviction of a felony Use of illegal drugs in violation of the FBI drug policy: o Have you used marijuana at all within the last three years?




Each group will select a local government (not simply/only a municipal government, but any local government) in the United States. The group will conduct professional, graduate level research on the local government to provide a substantial profile on the government. Think in terms of something that your group could use to brief an incoming/interim director for one of the local government’s departments/sections. The profile should, at a minimum, include:



The source of authority (primary structure authority) for the local government.


An explanation of the purpose of the local government (this does not mean simply recite/copy the mission statement. Some local governments do not have mission statements yet but have purposes).


An explanation of the form of government utilized [the “legal statutory platform” as Frederickson, et al (2001) indicated and briefed upon in the lecturette titled, “A Brief on Ideas in Authority of Local Government”].


An identification of the administrative departments, agencies, etc. and their functions.


A brief on the history of the local government (this could be in the form of a timeline that has/is given context in the presentation).


A brief on appropriate demographic information (population, geographic-jurisdiction/area served, age of constituents, anything that a decision-maker would need to know).


A brief on the local government’s motto, mission, vision, and/or values set (if present).


A brief on at least two, but no more than four current (within ten years) community issues/struggles/milestones.

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