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Throughout my life doors of opportunity have opened then slammed shut, but I have found the keys to open them again.

Door one: A world of different culture.

Since I grew up as an Americanized Chinese girl, I haven’t been exposed to Chinese culture as much; however, taking Chinese and starting a Chinese club at my high school brought me closer to understanding it. But I seek more than this. I want to go back to the Republic of China with my mom and speak to our family in their native language. I want to talk to them without a translator, understand them when they talk to me, and connect with the family I barely know. I don’t want to lose this and be locked out. I want to major in east Asian studies so I can be closer to this world. I will pry this door open.

Door two: A world of adventure.

I want to explore and discover new passions as well as reignite old ones. I scuba dove in the Florida Keys, drove through most of the United States, and skied through most of Wisconsin – I want to be a Hoofer to further indulge myself in this world. I won’t let this door slam shut and cease my adventuring.

I will become a nurse because every day would be a life of adventure. I refuse to sit in a cubicle and stare at a computer screen because I need to feel that adrenaline rush when I make a difference in someone’s life. UW Madison has one of the best nursing schools in the state. If I were to go here, it would benefit me greatly. I must kick this door down.

Door Three: A world of music.

In fifth grade, I learned how to play the Euphonium. When we moved to Florida I continued playing and enrolled in my first music competition. Even though my grandmother suffered from pancreatic cancer, she traveled from Wisconsin to be my accompanist. We received a high ranking and created something unforgettable. This was the last time she played piano before she lost her battle. The door began to close because I no longer had her, but I wouldn’t allow it.
When we moved to Texas, I continued playing and made the top band and did the same when we moved back to Wisconsin. I had the privilege to spread music with my band in Washington, DC, Disney World and the Madison community as a UW Madison summer music clinic attendee. It is my dream to join the UW band program and open a door to more challenging music and memorable experiences.

Even though the music door is open, I fear it will close if I don’t choose the right college. I can’t allow myself to be locked out. I will hold this door open until I cannot bare it anymore.
Madison holds the keys to my doors as well new ones, and I will unlock them all.

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3. The type of research: cohort, descriptive. randomized, control
4. Theoretical framework
5. Sample: size, how did they select sample
6. Tool: questionnaire or a tool
7. Results
8. Recommendations

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