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We do not have a complete picture due to the limited sample size. 1. I must admit I think this is a difficult question as I think “it depends” on additional information. Being that this is a qualitative persona, the test group was small so I think it would be best to get additional information to support our decision. While I am comfortable choosing the young professional, I also consider the parent a viable segment. The young professional will definitely utilize the service in their business and will see the value to carry over use for personal photos thus increases their usage and dependency of the service (or vice versa).

I think given the age group of this persona they will be quick to adapt to the new technology once they commit to using it. Once they commit to using it I believe it will be something that will be difficult for them to give up so they will be a regular customer. However, I am concerned about the number of potential customer in this persona. I wonder how many 27 year olds are like Steve when he mentions he was “the last of his friends to get up on the latest technology”.

While I believe this persona will utilize the features, I also consider the parent persona to be worthy of more consideration. There will always be parents who photograph their children and want to share them but my concern and why I didn’t choose this option is I don’t know how frequently parents will put it to use especially those that are comfortable with technology. While, I believe they will use it I think it may be infrequent so it may be difficult to sell to them if they know they will only use occasionally especially given the age group.

The parent will think long and hard before making a decision to purchase the service with a regular monthly fee. 2. )I believe young professional are individuals are driven and climbing the corporate ladder to be the one people work for instead of one of the many working for other people. I think identifying the fact that the service works for them hits on their desire to be “the boss”.

Also, I felt it was important to reiterate the fact that as the service our & “the boss” you control where the photos go. I believe for this persona ease of use is important but critical aspects to touch upon are efficiency and control. 3. )As mentioned above, utilizing a qualitative persona presents us will limited information since the sample size tends to be smaller. I believe it is important to combine the qualitative data with additional supporting information to reinforce our target customer choice.

BUS 639 Ashford University Week 3

Video conferencing is one of the emerging technologies that has enabled individuals to coordinate and communicate virtually. Remote conferencing has recently exploded in geographically dispersed organizations for several reasons. First, world events such as wars, budget cutbacks, and health crises have curtailed travel in many companies. Second, while the initial motivation for video conferencing was to minimize travel costs in geographically dispersed corporations, managers are now considering other factors appropriate for virtual collaboration, such as open communication. DargeanGrix implemented video conferencing as a facsimile of face-to-face communication mode. Although the initiative presents promising achievements, its implementation has introduced new communication challenges. DargeanGrix should focus on two main areas: human communication in terms of social psychology and software designs appropriate for the organization.
The proposed idea focuses on visual aspects of social psychology during human interactions. Besides word meaning, people pay attention to speech speed, the context of communication, nonverbal signals, and voice modulation (Tomprou et al., 2021). The basic principles that DargeanGrix should fulfill include making contact, allocating turns during talks, monitoring audience perception and attention, and supporting deixis. Deixis involves using and seeing linguistic artifacts used during meetings, including documents. The main goal is to create a context comparable to typical face-to-face interactions. Evaluating subjective feelings of employees like stress, fatigue, and time difference in international stations through structured questionnaires or interviews can help executives understand individual attitudes.
Secondly, DargeanGrix has experienced troubles with system maintenance, distribution, and a mishmash in video conferencing infrastructure. Every participant is mutually remote with their equipment (microphone, monitor, camera, video, headphones, etc.); therefore, the video and audio components present significant challenges during data transfer between end systems (Karis et al., 2014). DargeanGrix should enhance video framerate, resolution, camera placement, and audio-video interaction to improve videoconference tools. Such aspects will improve videoconference systems, video resolution, audio delays and reduce system maintenance.
Face-to-face interactions can facilitate remote collaboration in DargeanGrix, thus increasing knowledge and trust. Virtual communication creates a common ground for shared work practices, individual roles, and organizational goals (Karis et al., 2014). Regular video conferencing meetings within DargeanGrix can help the organization maintain a shared identity and a cohesive team. Cooperation and coordination competencies within the workforce are enhanced by building trust among workers. Further, when complexity in employee cooperation increases due to geographical dispersion and growth in team size, awareness with the workforce can significantly impact performance. Interpersonal effects of virtual communication can help DargeanGrix organization enhance task performance within the labor force.
I would lead research on human psychosocial factors and organizational issues in DargeanGrix to support technological change. The approach focuses on informal communication to enhance teleconferencing for geographically distributed stations. Further, personal videoconferencing devices can facilitate remote collaboration since each person will have access to communication tools enhancing the transformation process. Video conferencing in DargeanGrix will improve communication channels as it provides several cues through various communication channels, personal contact, and immediate feedback. The additional information can advance communication strategies to better virtual modes such as holograms due to the ever-evolving technology.
Essentially, Large corporations are dispersed across multiple regions globally; from DargeanGrix’s perspective, video conferencing makes it easier to reach employees overseas. Therefore, I would hire the best talents, form appropriate temporary teams, and recruit skilled personnel regardless of their locations. The process can also provide additional information that helps employees have closer relationships with consumers reducing travel costs and allowing face-to-face interactions. Work can progress when passed to colleagues several time zones apart. A distributed virtual network will enhance the company’s ability to handle technological disasters. Geographical dispersion does not matter since remote collaboration can succeed in organization
Karis, D., Wildman, D.,