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Paliza Party Shop carried out their reservation transaction manually, using various documents to record and proces customer information and transaction. The business is running good, but problem such as human errors are still unavoidable. It is nor enough to get information. If they want to become successful and maintain a presence in the market, the company must be able to properly process and analyze the informatio they receive. A business must have no rooms for inaccurary and miscalculations during its operations.

Paliza Party Shop is in the party host business for 21 years; still the company uses documents in getting booking information from the customers, which is somewhat prone to human errors. Records are just kept in ledgers, in which there is possibility that these documents are just kept in cabinets and may be accessed by other employees and the outside party. The security and integrity of this information is at risk. Paliza Party Shop has an existing facebook page that is solely for the advertisement of the business’ seervices only.

The customers can only view the service packages the company offers, no reservation transaction can be done in their facebook page. Moreover, the wevsite doesn’t have enough infornmation aboout their services and the procedures to be done in booking events. The customers are stil need to visit or call any of the company’sbrances just to book events. II. Anticipated Business Benefits This system can drastically help the party host companies to carry out good Services to offer to their clients. This is because the computer offers faster and more precise processing.

Outline booking and computerized billing are created by some programmers and system developers to assist the establishment provide good services, thus, establish good customer relationship. This kind of system enables the part host companies to use, create, access, retrieve and transmit information. It can increase reservation salesand the company can offer 24/7 party reservation to their customers from the website. Since this proposed system is an online system, it is also includes a web page or web advertising. Advertising helps build brand awareness.

It allows you to let customers know what you sell and what the advantages of buying from your business are. It helps your business stand apart from any other. Good advertising is simply a way of informing your customers about your business in a memorable way. III. System Capabilities The Web-based Ordering and Reervation System can store customer booking information in its databank as well as well as to secure the integrity of these information. In order to access the system, a valid username and password is needed. So it is not that easy for unauthorized persons to gain access with this information.

Every data entered in the system is validatded in order to maintain the integrity of the information. The online system allows quick search and easy retrieval of information when it is needed in the booking transaction. In this way, the time in carrying out booking transaction will be reduced. It can now aid that functionality for the company. The system aims to create an online event booking system where customers can set a schedule for a particular events or services via internet. The website will provide an online booking for the company’s clients and will also supply information about the services.

An organized and easy-to-understand event reservation is designed to a system for the customer’s convenience. Furthermore, it can provide information about the company’s products and services enough for the customers to understand. The online system will have products and service promotion through multimedia presentations. Advertising helps build brand awareness. It allows the customers to know what products and services the company offers and what is the company’s advantage from the other party shops in terms of business operations and the quiality of its service

Identify all of your governmental representatives at each level (local, state, and federal)

Identify all of your governmental representatives at each level (local, state, and federal).

This assignment has two sections. The first section you will identify all of your governmental representatives at each level (local, state, and federal). You will then select one of the federal representatives and create a profile which details their voting record, ratings, and stance on key social justice issues.

Find your representative

Source all local, state, and federally elected officials within the student’s constituency, determine the political affiliation of each legislator, and review the main issues each official has chosen to focus on. Legislator Profile For this section of the assignment, select one of your federal representatives in congress (house or senate) and research key information that will help you decide if this person will support your cause, oppose your cause, or be indifferent. You will research information about this legislator’s voting record, and stance on major issues.

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