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Online Cuckoo Search Algorithm Parameter Control

Review, Taxonomy and future research direction Previous survey on cuckoo search algorithm Original cuckoo search algorithm Cuckoos are becharming birds’ species not only owing to their melodious sounds, but because of their reproduction strategy. Their reproduction strategy is known to be aggressive. Many species of the cuckoo exist. However, the species ani and Guira are ill-famed for removing eggs of host birds and laying their eggs in communal nests to facilitate their hatching ability. Basically, three types of brood parasitism exist among the cuckoos: intraspecific brood parasitism, cooperative breeding, and nest takeover. Some host birds engross in fight to prevent their nest from being taken over by conquering cuckoos. Through evolution, some cuckoo species have incremented the probability of their reproduction and lessen the abandonment of their eggs by imitating the colour and pattern of some host species. (X.-S. Yang
Evaluation Plan Design for mental telehealth therapy program.

Assessment Instructions
InstructionsNote: The assessments in this course are sequenced in such a way as to help you build specific skills that you will use throughout your program. Complete the assessments in the order in which they are presented.Your evaluation plan design will be the forth section of your final project submission. The goal for this is to finalize the outcomes that your plan is seeking to achieve and to create a plan to evaluate the degree to which those outcomes were achieved after your intervention plan has been implemented. This will allow you and your care setting to determine the degree to which the plan was successful in addressing the identified need of your target population and setting.You will also discuss ways in which your role allows you to lead change and drive quality improvement, and to potentially improve the project in the future. In addition, you will reflect on how the project will leave you better prepared for success in other aspects of your current and future career. Provide enough detail so that the faculty member assessing your implementation plan design and discussion will be able to provide substantive feedback that you will be able to incorporate into the final draft of your project.At minimum, be sure to address the bullet points below, as they correspond to the grading criteria. You may also want to read the scoring guide and the Guiding Questions: Evaluation Plan Design document (linked in the Resources) to better understand how each criterion will be assessed. In addition to the bullet points below, provide a brief introduction that refreshes the reader’s memory about your problem statement, your planned intervention, and how you intended to implement your intervention (this should only be a single paragraph).Reminder: these instructions are an outline. Your heading for this this section should be Evaluation of Plan and not Part 1: Evaluation of Plan.Part 1: Evaluation of Plan
Define the outcomes that are the goal of an intervention plan.
Create an evaluation plan to determine the impact of an intervention for a health promotion, quality improvement, prevention, education, or management need.
Part 2: DiscussionAdvocacy
Analyze the nurse’s role in leading change and driving improvements in the quality and experience of care.
Explain how the intervention plan affects nursing and interprofessional collaboration, and how the health care field gains from the plan.
Future Steps
Explain how the current project could be improved upon to create a bigger impact in the target population as well as to take advantage of emerging technology and care models to improve outcomes and safety.
Reflection on Leading Change and Improvement
Reflect on how the project has impacted your ability to lead change in personal practice and future leadership positions.
Reflect on the ways in which the completed intervention, implementation, and evaluation plans can be transferred into your personal practice to drive quality improvement in other contexts.
Evaluation Plan Design for mental telehealth therapy program

Christian Counseling II – Counselling Recipes. Paper details Your review should include a Title Page. The following information is required on your Title Page: (1) Your Name, (2) Your Student Number, (3) Course Title, and (4) Date. Your review paper should be written in double-space, with 12 font size, in Arial or Times New Roman font style. The minimum page count requirement for your review DOES NOT include the Title Page. Please identify each section as Summary, Interpretation, Conclusion, and Bibliography. Christian Counseling II – Counselling Recipes

Walden University Importance of Team Building in Workplace Discussion

Walden University Importance of Team Building in Workplace Discussion.

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Team BuildingTeamwork is ubiquitous in the work world today. Teams work together both face-to-face and around the world as technology provides more and more opportunities for distance collaboration. The intricacies of forming effective working teams can be daunting because the stakes are often very high. Much time, effort, and other resources can be wasted if a team is not cohesive, communicative, motivated, accountable, and goal-oriented. When the project to be tackled is important and costly, as is often the case in health care, failure can be devastating to an organization, both in terms of outcomes and morale.Health care administrators work in an environment that is particularly impacted by interprofessional efforts. Building an effective work team requires a great deal of insight, attention, and skill. For this Assignment, examine the following scenario and focus on effectively selecting team members, concepts of team management, and principles of team dynamics.Scenario: You are the newly appointed chief operating officer for Thomason Health System (THS), a large health care delivery system that will be acquiring and implementing a new information technology system: “Electronic Medical Records” (EMRs). The organization has many and differing opinions about EMRs, but the CEO and the board of directors want you to establish an onboarding team that will help facilitate the organization-wide adoption of this new technology. Your main responsibility is to identify five team members from a short list of candidates and facilitate the launch of an effective team through conflict resolution and team building. This team will present a unified message and facilitate cultural change within the greater organization.Learning ResourcesNote: To access this week’s required library resources, please click on the link to the Course Readings List, found in the Course Materials section of your Syllabus.Required ReadingsBorkowski, N. (2016). Organizational behavior, theory, and design in health care (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett.
Chapter 15, “Overview of Group Dynamics”Chapter 16, “Groups”Chapter 17, “Work Teams and Team Building”Institute for Healthcare Improvement. (n.d.). Columbus Regional Hospital: Where a focus on safety promotes interdisciplinary teamwork. Retrieved from… Interprofessional Education Collaborative Expert Panel. (2011). Core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice: Report of an expert panel. Washington, DC: Interprofessional Education Collaborative. Retrieved from… Interprofessional Education Collaborative Expert Panel. (2011). Core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice: Report of an expert panel. Washington, D.C.: Interprofessional Education Collaborative. Photo Credit: Libby Frost/University of Minnesota Family Medicine and Community HealthOstermeier, L. (n.d.). Building an integrated workforce: Keys to developing a strong team culture. Retrieved from…Ostermeier, L. (n.d.). Building an Integrated Workforce: Keys to Developing a Strong Team Culture. Retrieved from Used with permission of B. E. Smith. Taplin, S. H., Foster, M. K., & Shortell, S. M. (2013). Organizational leadership for building effective health care teams. Annals of Family Medicine, 11(3), 279-281.U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. (n.d.). TeamSTEPPS: National implementation. Retrieved from You will use the following documents to complete this week’s Assignment.Document: Thomason Health System Background (PDF)Document: Thomason Health System Bios (PDF)To prepare for this Assignment:Review the provided scenario, as well as the “Thomason Health System Background” and “Thomason Health System Bios” documents in this week’s Learning Resources.As a team, begin preparing a strategic proposal to present to Thomason Health System’s board of directors.The AssignmentIn a 2 page strategic proposal, address the following:Part II: Team BuildingOutline a team building plan using team building principles (i.e., Team STEPPS).Analyze potential challenges in the process of creating an effective onboarding team.Select techniques that will be used by the COO and within the team to identify, negotiate, and resolve conflicts.Describe an engagement plan to keep the onboarding team motivated and cohesive.Note: The proposal to the board should be 2 pages, not including the title and reference pages. Include tables and charts as appropriate. Your Assignment must be written in standard edited English in a voice and style consistent with the audience. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and at least three additional scholarly sources. See the rubric for additional requirements related to research and scholarly writing.
Walden University Importance of Team Building in Workplace Discussion

performance evaluation report

nursing essay writing service performance evaluation report.

Follow the instructions closely and make sure you 100% follow them!!!!! i dont care if you do a power point or paper! All materials that we did and you need should be included! The main part of this class was the team project on capsim and the whole class is about business essentials. For this assignment, students will submit a 7-10 page paper (or 20-slide PPT), which will include the following sections: – Myers-Brigg’s Type Inventory results with brief summary – Myers-Brigg’s Type as a Team Performer – Lessons learned from Capsim, Team contribution and role, and personality type- Professional career objective steps
performance evaluation report

Mathematics homework help

Mathematics homework help. The purpose of this assignment is to investigate a debatable issue in child development that is of interest to you and report its impact on the development of children.,Investigate a debatable issue in child development that is of interest to you,In the field of Early Childhood, there are many topics that have more than one side to an issue.  The purpose of this assignment is to investigate a debatable issue in child development that is of interest to you and report its impact on the development of children.  The issue chosen must have two different perspectives; for instance, all of the reasons to (pros) breastfeed an infant and all the reasons not to (cons) breastfeed an infant.  A minimum of 3 references are require for this assignment, more is encourage d.,It is important to choose an issue that has been researched sufficiently in order to support both perspectives of the issue.  After reviewing the research on your topic, you will use this research to complete a 5 to 7 full page written report in APA format.  In the body of the paper, objectively describe the benefits (pros) of the issue and the disadvantages (cons) of the issue.  Taking the research into account, the conclusion of your paper provides an opportunity for you to discuss your thoughts on the issue chosen and why you feel this way.,Below is a list of acceptable topics.,Issues such as child abuse, discipline, obesity, SIDS and abortion are not acceptable and do not provide two different points of view regarding the development of children.  If you would like to investigate a topic not listed please see me prior to writing,your issue paper.  Follow the rubric to successfully complete this assignment., ,Ideas for Controversial Issues (Pros & Cons),Trying minors as adults                       Immunizations for children                 Co-sleeping, TV or other tech for children               Pacifiers                                              Homeschooling, Bilingual Education                             Effects of divorce for children                        Spanking, Raising children as vegans                 Male circumcision                               Home Births, Competitive sports                              Pageants                                             IPads in Schools, Common Core                                                Preschool for Children                        Charter Schools, Allowing Children to be Transgender                          Breastfeeding Past One Year,Keep in mind when writing the issue paper that plagiarism is a form of cheating.  Make sure that your work is original.  Any time you use someone else’s work and do not give that person credit (properly citing), it is plagiarism. Plagiarism is also using your own work that you completed in another class and submitting it again in this class.   This is important because I must be able to gauge what you have learned.  Copying the work of another person, or putting the information in your own words and not properly citing is considered plagiarism.  Some cultures considering this sharing work.,If you are uncertain about sharing vs. plagiarism be sure to ask for clarification.  Anyone who plagiarizes/cheats will receive an “F” on the assignment.   If you are “suspected” of plagiarism, you will bear the burden of proof.  You must be able to present rough drafts or related materials and discuss the topic intelligently.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Mathematics homework help

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice.

Test ContentQuestion 12 PointsCase-Based Critical Thinking Questions Case 3-1 Sarah has put together the same information in two different charts, shown in the figure above, to show to her boss. She is thinking through the pros and cons of each chart type. Which chart does a better job of emphasizing the contribution that each category made to a particular year’s performance?the column chartthe area chartboth a and b equallyneither a nor b do a good jobQuestion 22 PointsCase-Based Critical Thinking Questions Case 3-2 Ross always looks at data in more than one way. He discovered a feature in Excel where he can show the chart By Column and By Rows, shown in the above figure. Ross discovers a second way to change the rows and columns without opening a dialog box: he simply clicks the Switch Row/Column button in the Data group on the ____ tab.Chart EditChart InsertChart FormatChart Tools DesignQuestion 32 Points____ charts allow three-dimensional data to be plotted in 2-D on two axes.RadarBubbleDoughnutScatterQuestion 42 PointsCase-Based Critical Thinking Questions Case 3-2 Ross always looks at data in more than one way. He discovered a feature in Excel where he can show the chart By Column and By Rows, shown in the above figure. When the chart is plotted by rows, what information does it emphasize?Comparing the amount of each year’s sales for each of the three categoriesThe contribution that each category made to each year’s performance.The percentage of total sales that each of the three categories make upNone of the aboveQuestion 52 PointsTo change the Source Data, click Select Data in the Data group on the Chart Tools ____ tab to open the Select Data Source dialog box.LayoutFormatEditDesignQuestion 62 Points____ are the points in a data series at which the x-axis and y-axis values intersect.Data seriesData pointsLegendsChart titlesQuestion 72 PointsEach segment in a radar chart is _____.always the same size as the other segmentsalways a different size than the other segmentsalways dependent on the other segmentsalways stated as a percentageQuestion 82 PointsThe ____ button in the Select Data Source dialog box provides settings for displaying the data series by rows or by columns.Switch Row/ColumnEditHelpTransformQuestion 92 PointsIn a ____ chart values are indicated by the distance from a center point.columnlinepieradarQuestion 102 PointsThe ____ is the descriptive text that identifies the chart’s contents.chart titlechart legendX-axis labelY-axis label
Multiple Choice

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