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On the lake compare and contrast essay help Geography

On the Lake Summary of “On the Lake” We get introduced to the family consisting of Oskar, Margret and their son Jonas. The family are staying at their summer cabin near a lake. The story begins in the living room, with the two men Bjorn and Whelm who have saved Oskar and Jonas’s life out on the lake earlier in the evening. Then a flashback of the accident begins. We hear how Oskar decides to take Jonas fishing out on the lake after dinner, even though Margret thinks it a bit too late. The two of them have no luck getting the fish to bite and Oskar declares that they better get home.

But humouring Jonas, Oskar agrees to o some turns with the boat, which ends up with the boat capsizing. Luckily the two men Bjorn and Whelm see this and come to their rescue. Characterization of Margret and Oskar: Margret is a typical mother, perhaps a little overprotective. After the accident on the lake she checks up on Jonas every five minutes, even though he’s perfectly fine and fast asleep. She dreams of “the perfect family’, as you can see in the quote “she had spent her childhood summers by the lake with her mother and her siblings, her father coming out as often as he could.

She had hoped it would be the same for her nd Oskar. ” This shows us that she Just wants a harmonic family life, spending their summers in the idyllic little cabin by the lake – Just like in her childhood. Oskar on the other hand is quite an irresponsible father. He doesn’t want to talk about the incident out on the lake because he is embarrassed. He knows that it was his mistake, but does not take responsibility for it. As a father he does not set a good example, as it seems like it’s more important for him to impress his son, than to keep him safe. As a father he should also be able to distinguish between right and wrong.

Vilhelm’s role: Whelm seems like he’s got everything going for him and Oskar definitely feels very threatened by him. This is also the reason for Oskar’s actions out on the lake, when Jonas keeps using Whelm as an example of how he should turn with the boat. What makes a good father? A good father is caring and loving towards his children, and they will always be his number one priority. We see an example of the opposite in the story when Oskar lets go of Jonas, and makes sure to rescue himself first and foremost. Being supportive of his children is another important personality trait in being a good father.

Your parents support is an essential need in a child’s life. A good father might not always do or say what his children want him to. He should set limits for his children and also show them the consequences if they don’t listen to and respect him. A child should look up to their father as if he was the greatest man on the face of the earth, and try to gain his respect. It shouldn’t be the other way around where Oskar tries his best, to gain Jonas’s respect and it safe to say that Oskar lacks a lot of the things that makes you a good father. on the lake By lonerluna

GIS in natural and social science

GIS in natural and social science.

Description ArcMap and ArcGIS should be very familiar for this report since this is a fourth year personal design of application GIS in natural and social sciences. There is no exact word or pages required because annotated maps should be included in the final report as well, as long as all the procedures and concepts are explained clearly, it should be fine. Proposal and database searching for this report are already done,  Just use the geospatial analysis tool in ArcMap to run the map, and explain what and why you did this step for future work.

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