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on predicting future of the death valley region over millions of years

this assignment you will write an essay of about 1000 words predicting the future of the Death Valley region over millions of years. To answer this you will need to investigate when the Gulf of California opened, the rate and direction of motion that Baja California is moving compared to North America, and what tectonic plate the Baja Peninsula is part of today. On the basis of current plate motions could similar events and processes occur in the Death Valley region? Think about what tectonic plate most of the State of California will be part of in approximately 5 or 10 million years if the plate motion continues in the same way. Could the Los Angeles area wind up adjacent to Reno, Nevada? Be sure to briefly discuss the regional plate tectonic setting of Death Valley including the location of plate boundaries and relative plate motions.
You should use at least three sources that need to be referenced in a standard in-line format that allows them to be verified. A complete list of citations should be included at the end of the essay. Your work must be original and will be checked with Turnitin. The citation list should not be included in the 1000 words limit for the essay.
The references may be in any standard format as long as we are able to locate the material

Psycho-social impact of infertility

Psycho-social impact of infertility.

This scholarly paper requires the student to write about a current health issue related to the childbearing or childrearing family. Students will choose from a specific list of topics, which will be provided by the course professor. Students must choose from the list of topics as posted for their specific section. If a student submits a scholarly paper that is not included in the list of topics for their section, a grade of “0” may be assigned to the assignment. • The paper should analyze the impact of the health issue on the health of the young family. • One determinant of health will be discussed as they relate to the issue. • An analysis of professional nursing literature relevant to the issue will be incorporated. • Related nursing strategies to support the health of the family will then be discussed with the integration of relevant literature. • The student must submit a new and original scholarly assignment. Assignments that have been previously submitted for this, or other courses, will not be accepted. • Students will incorporate a selection of the assigned scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles for each topic.

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Information Processing and how emotions may affect it.

on predicting future of the death valley region over millions of years Information Processing and how emotions may affect it..


Hi there, this assignment is a 2nd year Australian university psychology. The assignment is interested in how people process information and whether or not emotions may influence in the processing speeds of such information. The assignment is a Lab report in which the writer is required to also interpret the SPSS data that has been provided. This site doesn’t allow me to attach a SPSS file so I will email one :).

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Pros and Cons of Globalization

Assume you are an advocate for globalization. Come up with reasons why you think globalization is “great.” In coming up with your reasons, don’t think of this solely from the point of view of companies, but from the world in general. What are the pros of globalization?
Assume you are a globalization critic. For each pro of globalization you see, can you come up with a counterargument? For instance, if someone believes globalization is positive for jobs, can it also be negative for jobs? Respond to the thread and explain why. In addition to the counterarguments, are there any other cons of globalization?
For the cons of globalization you see, is there a counterargument that globalization is actually good? Start your response with the word “pro” or “con” to indicate if you are focusing on a positive or negative aspect.
I need the answers to be as simple as you can

Assessment task 1: Essay

Assessment task 1: Essay.

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Objective(s): a, b, d and e

Weight: 30%

Task: Identify at least one organization or individual that has creatively negotiated the opportunities and

challenges that communication industries face in the 21st century. Write a 2000-word essay based

on the following:

How has this individual or organization demonstrated a creative response to the opportunities and

challenges that characterize the communications landscape in the 21st century?

You may choose any of the following: a website; a news source; filmmakers or actors; musicians;

examples from PR or advertising; journalists; advocacy, political or NGO groups; bloggers or

‘influencers’; or writers. NB: choices that fall outside these parameters are permitted provided they

are discussed and approved by the tutor

Length: 2000 words

Due: Week 5

Due 2 September 5pm. Please submit electronic copy only to the Turnitin link on UTSOnline.



Criteria Weight (%) SLOs CILOs

Quality of argument & analysis 40 a, b, d, e 2.1

Pertinence and depth of research 30 d, e 2.2

Clarity of writing & structure 30 e 6.1

SLOs: subject learning objectives

CILOs: course intended learning outcomes



At least 10 academic sources (beyond the set readings) are required for this assessment.

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How is Technology Altering Our Brains

How is Technology Altering Our Brains.

The next step is to prepare the final version of your paper. Remember, it should eventually contain the following elements: First page: A separate page with the title of your paper, your name, student ID, email address, and other identifying information (course, quarter, instructor, and date) Introduction: Introduce the topic as well as define your analytical question/statement Description: Present the results of your research in detail Discussion: What is the significance of your research to the question or problem? Answer: Answer the question or problem you posed Conclusion: Summarize the main points (and maybe more, e.g. explain the significance) References: All of the sources you use should be documented here The term paper should be approximately 1250 words in length (from Introduction to Conclusion). 1250 words is approximately 5 pages of printed output when double-spaced using a proportional 11-point font.

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Primary prevention / health promotion for STD

Primary prevention / health promotion for STD.

The paper should be 1650 words long Based on the teaching proposal (attached), please write a paper outlining primary prevention / health promotion for STD. Targeted group is outlined in the proposal attached. 1. Outline the summary of the teaching plan (use proposal attached for reference) 2. Epidemiological rationale for topic 3. Evaluation of teaching experience 4. Community (students) response to teaching 5. Areas of strength and areas of improvement. Use APA format Use the rubric attached for expectations.

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Dissertation Prospectus

Dissertation Prospectus.

I need to send over a “watered” down prospectus, no more than 8 to 10 pages, including the 20 APA references(please include the doi on these resources). I will be sending over a most recent prospectus I did which includes the professor’s comments. Please follow the format I send over (the title page, the problem statement, the purpose, etc). I will also be sending over what I need added to the prospectus and what I will need to be deleted. I would like the original writer and need this prospectus to be completed in 4 to 5 days, based upon the prospectus I have already written, but need things added or deleted. I am thinking that with corrections, small additions, and some things which need to be deleted, it should only amount to 5 pages (but do go over 8 to 10 pages for the final prospectus paper/papges). Need this in 4 to 5 days!

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Closing the Gap Between Military Service and Civilian Career Science

Closing the Gap Between Military Service and Civilian Career Science.


In Module 1, you were asked to review the assignment instruction for the Module 8 Portfolio Project. The themes for this course include: Closing the Gap Between College and Career

Closing the Gap Between Military Service and Civilian Career Science

Writing and the Public (Secular Science) Enterprising America and the World You will choose a theme path in this module and will develop and build on this theme path throughout your course of study in this class. As an academic writer, it is vital to form a working thesis about your topic early, so that you can shape your research and form an inquiry plan about the research material that you will be using. Keeping this in mind, you will need to select and analyze key concepts of the topic early in the research process. As such, be cognizant of the theses or the claims made by the authors who write in your chosen path as you read the literature tied to your theme. Instructions For this Critical Thinking Assignment, you are to develop a summary response essay. This should build on the work you submitted to the discussion board for this week. Be sure to accurately decipher your assignment. Review the following link for more information on this topic: Decode Your Assignment (Links to an external site.) Instructions for writing a summary response paper are included in the lecture. Be sure to refer to these prior to delving into the content of your paper. Your paper should accomplish the following: Introduction: Thesis statement, information about the article. Be sure to note key information in the article: author, time and place of publication and article title. Be sure to note the main thesis of the article that includes the authors key ideas and intentions. Summary: Your analysis of the article. Be sure to write in the objective third person. Refer to the author and not the article during your examination of key points as articles are inanimate. Response (body paragraphs): Note where you agree, or disagree with ideas, and points the author asserts in the article. Be sure to paraphrase and cite in-text as you develop academic paragraphs that have a topic sentence, evidence, and analysis of the ideas you are exploring. Conclusion: Note the main implications of the article, any gaps you see in the research, or where you think you can look further for information. Expand on your group discussion post in which you summarized an article.  Submit this draft to the Smarthinking tutors. Consider using the live session option as the tutors are available 24/7 and you will receive immediate feedback. Required elements to turn in with submission: Draft Appendix – following references Feedback from Smarthinking tutors Pattern of error log (Template found in the Module folder.) Turnitin report Requirements: Length: 2-3 pages (not counting the title and reference pages, which you must include) Use third person (Links to an external site.). Assert your academic voice. Cite at least one source for this assignment. You will have to cite several peer reviewed credible sources in your final portfolio project, so start exploring sources now and start saving them to a reference management system. Mendeley (free) and RefWorks (feebased) are good resources. In academic writing, it is always best practice to cite credible sources, such as a scholarly journal article. Your work here in this paper can lead to building content for your final paper due at the end of the course, so be cognizant about source quality. The CSU-Global Library is an excellent place to search for credible, scholarly sources. The following at the CSU-Global Writing Center should help you assess what a credible source will resemble: Types of Sources (Links to an external site.). Your paper must be formatted according to CSU-Global APA Style Guide (Links to an external site.). You may use the template paper for this assignment

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An underlying principal of the United States Constitution is the protection of people’s natural rights. Explain the concept of natural rights

An underlying principal of the United States Constitution is the protection of people’s natural rights. Explain the concept of natural rights.

Essay: Two full pages, Double spaced Font & Point: Time New Roman, 12 Point font Style: APA ( An abstract is not required.) Create a reference page using APA formatting to list all sources used. Note: Only electronic Sources are acceptable, A minimums of two websites and Wikipedia cannot be listed as one of the sources. Please use Microsoft Words Topic: An underlying principal of the United States Constitution is the protection of people’s natural rights. Explain the concept of natural rights. Choose two Amendments and explain how they help protect people’s natural rights.

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Religious studies: Plato’s “Euthyphro”

Religious studies: Plato’s “Euthyphro”.

You are not obliged to use any outside literature. Simply write what the reading material is about. 1-What’s going on there? 2-Who is (if anyone) involved? 3-What do you think the author is trying to say? 4-Do you agree with him/her if yes/no why? What did/didn’t you like about it and why?

5-What is the book about? Who are the main characters? 6-What are the main ethical dilemmas discussed? What is Socrates trying to say? What did you personally learn, if anything, from the book? Why do you think this book can be relevant today? ***You should make references to pages of the given book only. No need to mention the author or the title. Simply p. # in the text.

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