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Looking Beyond Oil Abstract Oman; Looking beyond Oil, oil which is 80% of Oman economy may be ending as early as 2020, so they need to find other ways to support their country. Sultan Qaboos, who disposed his father in 1970, began a program of Omanlzation. This started with educating the people of Oman, both women and men. 1 OF2 Oman; Looking Deyona 011 1 nls v10eo looks at tne country 0T Oman, wnlcn Is situtatiated in the Arabian Peninsula. It holds a very strategic position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf.

The country almost entirely supported by its Oil, with 80% of the conomy coming from it. In 1970 Sultan Qaboos disposed his father, and he had the vision to see that reliance on one commodity could spell doom for his country. So he began a program he called Omanization, in which he began by educating the youth, both boys and girls. He also began spending money on Health and welfare. The ultimate goal of creating other industries they country could rely on, and also help reduce the amount of Guest Workers in the country.

Many other reforms also occurred in the country, such as political, he allowed women to vote and also hold ublic office, he also eventually opened up the voting to all citizens over the age of 21, but still ultimate power to rule belonged to him and all those voted to office simply act as advisors. The country is mainly Muslim, but they are of the Ibadi school of Islam, which is not hostile towards other non-believers. This is probably why they maintain a friendship with Iran, and will not maintain and trade embargos against them as requested by other countries.

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