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of the memory of John Brown (and John Brown Memorial) to the Niagara movement and civil rights movement

extensive scholarly paper based on primary sources on a historical topic. The introduction and conclusion of the research paper should focus on introducing and summarizing a clear argument that links the researcher’s findings with the findings of other historians and researchers. In the introduction, the researcher should go beyond what the paper will cover to introduce its major points and its overarching thesis. You can argue that your findings confirm, support, or call into question other scholars’ work. You can apply other scholars’ forms of analysis or ideas to a new set of primary sources. You can explain how your research adds a new wrinkle, expands upon, or extends the work of another scholar. You can explain how your paper relates to that of other scholars concisely in the beginning and then in a little more depth at the end. A one-page explanation of the significance of your findings in relation to the work of other scholars is sufficient in the body of the paper. The researcher should discuss the strengths and interpretative issues and problems of the primary sources utilized. Researchers should demonstrate in the body of the paper or in the footnotes that they are cognizant of the strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of their interpretations and approaches.
The title of the research or historiographical paper should interest the reader and offer a clear idea of the major themes/arguments of the paper.
The body of the paper should develop a clear argument based on primary sources and secondary sources.
Each paragraph should contribute to the researcher’s argument or offer important explanatory material. Each paragraph should begin with a clear topic sentence and have footnotes/endnotes.
Students should include proper footnotes/endnotes and place the superscriipt footnote references at the end of sentences and paragraphs. The researcher should scrupulously cite the origin of the material that she or he uses according to Turabian (The Chicago Manual of Style Guide). For the final paper, a bibliography and footnotes (or endnotes) are required.
The writing should be fluid, concise, clear, and logically organized. The researcher should use correct grammar and spelling throughout. Make sure that you develop your points clearly and fully and that you provide evidence to support your ideas.