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of inaction regarding AI Risk Assessment reform in the criminal justice system.

The use of predictive algorithms during criminal sentencing causes harm to people of color within the United States, predictive algorithms or risk assessments have been shown to yield biased results, resulting in harsher sentences (i.e. COMPAS). Utilizing unregulated, inherently biased predictive algorithms will result in continued harm to people of color and contribute to wider social and economic costs.

An important step in supporting client-oriented research is to consider the best practices utilized by other jurisdictions for the issue at hand. In this assignment, each individual student who is not an original member of a finalist team will produce a five-to-seven-page (single-spaced) memo that situates the proposed alternatives of their newly reassigned supporting role to a finalist team including three unique data visualizations that are suitable for the finalist team to include in their handout to the judges.

Format of Type B Submittals:

A five-to-seven-page individual research memorandum excluding cover page, references and data visualizations as appendices.
A minimum of 15 references and a preference for 20 or more citations utilized within the memorandum as supporting documentation.
A minimum of three individually created unique data visualizations are to be included in the submission as separate appendices. All labeling, references, and citations should be clearly in evidence such that the chart, graph, table, or other complex visualization can be utilized by a final team as part of their presentation. All references and citations related to a visual should be clearly attached to the visualization in addition to any potential inclusion in the memorandum.
Single-spaced, one-inch margins, APA style guide formatted citations and references.
Please identify and properly attribute all information used for your analysis.
Include an executive summary and format the argument with section headings.