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of Civil Construction Design subject: RIICWD534E – Prepare detailed design of civil steel structures

Project brief You are working in an engineering design consultancy and have been asked by the senior engineer to design a steel structure to support a mezzanine storage space in a steel fabrication shop. The structure involves a reinforced concrete platform supported on two steel beams which are supported on two girders spanning between two steel columns. See approximate plan and sections below. Your task is to design and detail all beams • Beams marked BeamA support the reinforced concrete slab and are supported on Beams marked BeamB • Beams marked BeamB support Beams marked BeamA and are supported on columns • There are four columns that carry the load down to the ground level. • The slab thickness is 250mm. • The size of the column may be taken as 250UC72.9 • A plan layout and sectional elevations of the frame is shown in Figures 1,2 and 3.

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