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of a english 101 reflective letter 1.5 pages below is the uploaded file of expectation

This letter is all about you and what you accomplished.throughout english 101 2. It has to be in MLA format and have a proper intro, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.. listed below are the STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. interpret and evaluate complex texts 2. demonstrate a process of critical inquiry 3. write essays that articulate convincing arguments supported by authoritative evidence 4. clearly express ideas in writing through the effective use of standard English and documentation GENERAL EDUCATION: (Numbering reflects General Education Outcomes as they appear in the college catalog) 11. Written Communication – Students will be prepared to develop written texts of varying lengths and styles that communicate effectively and appropriately across a variety of settings. Demonstrates: Writes articulate texts using appropriate evidence and appeals as determined by the rhetorical situation