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Object-Oriented Data Modelling, Research Paper help

Object-Oriented Data Modelling, Research Paper help.

Object-Oriented Data ModellingIn this type of data modelling data is treated as object.In the paper I will give an introduction to object-oriented data modeling, Association, generalization,and aggregation relationships; cardinalities and other types of constraints; polymorphism; andinheritance.Object oriented data modelling is different from relational database. It has many advantages overDBMS.It is efficient in supporting more complex data architecture• It facilitates efficient communication and data representation among the different levels oforganizational structure.• Increased consistency and robustness.• Reusable data objectsSubmit 5-7 page research paper regarding an aspect of data management for the above.Requirements:APA format should be followed in regard to the completion of this paper. It should be APA 6.0 format.A minimum of three references should be used and identified in body of paper.
Object-Oriented Data Modelling, Research Paper help

Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Description of Skill Mix Discussion Evaluation Conclusion Reference List Abstract This paper describes the concept of skill mix and evaluates its adoption in the health economy. A theoretical approach has been applied to explain skill mix in the healthcare sector. Various examples have been provided to show how skills mix has been applied in the economy. A discussion about the topic has been provided to show the link between theory and practical application of skill mix in the economy today. Introduction Several concepts and theories formulated address the need to improve service delivery and overall effectiveness and efficacy of health institutions (Jones et al, 2005). Skill mix acts as a solution to solving staffing problems and increasing overall patient care as practiced in a number of health institutions around the world. When looking at the benefits of skill mix, managers are concerned with the impact of the intervention on overall profitability of the healthcare institutions and any notable change in the physician or nurse-to-patient relationship (Buchan, n.d.). Skill Mix is the concept of complementing or substituting a given skilled professional with a similar skilled professional. In the health economy, skill mix happens between and within nurses and doctors (Kernick

Is Global Warming Good or Bad? Essay (Critical Writing)

Is Global Warming Good or Bad? Essay (Critical Writing). Most scientists believe that increased use of fossil fuels(coal, oil and so on) is leading to increases in global warming that will have adverse effects such as raised sea levels and the inundation of low lying coastal areas. But some scientists deny this is true, and a very few argue that the good effects of global warming will outweigh the bad ones. Take side in this debate. Global warming Global warming can be defined as elevation of earth’s global temperature due to the rise in the atmospheric greenhouse gases (Maslin 9). These greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere as a result of human activities, which include industrialization and deforestation that causes an imbalance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Significantly, human combusts fossils fuels such as gasoline and coal that releases heavy amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When this happens, a phenomenon called the greenhouse effect arises. This leads to a blanketing effect that causes the earth’s average temperature to rise. In my opinion, global warming causes adverse effects that outweighs the positives and therefore, efforts should be invested to manage it through mitigation in order to lessen greenhouse gases emissions, adapting to its effects and through geo-engineering to eliminate the greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Such international efforts to achieve this are outlined by the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols. Effects of Global Warming Some scientist opposes to the occurrence of global warming claiming that indeed, the planet is cooling. Besides, they maintain that its occurrence is still unclear and maintains that global warming is a hoax and even if it was there, it could not necessarily imply a global disaster and if anything, man would adapt to its effects. However, in my opinion, this argument is incorrect since its effects are apparent. This is marked by retreating of glacier that causes rise in sea level and even inundation of coastal lowlands. Massive ices sheets have melted in the polar and mountain icecaps (BraaschIs Global Warming Good or Bad? Essay (Critical Writing)

Stuck with trying to solve the following questions

best essay writers Stuck with trying to solve the following questions.

1.) Find the payment that should be used for the annuity due whose future value is given. Assume that the compounding period is the same as the payment period. $20,000; quarterly payments for 16 years; interest rate 7.4% The payment should be? (Round to the nearest cent as needed)2.) What lump sum deposited today at 8% compounded quarterly for 5 years will yield the same final amount as deposits of $3000 at the end of each 6-month period for 5 years at 4% compounded semiannually? The value of the lump sum is? (Round to the nearest cent as needed.)3.)Find the cash value of the lottery jackpots given below. Yearly jackpot payments begin immediately. Assume the lottery can invest at the given interest rates. JackpotAmountInterestRateEqual AnnualPaymentsPresent Value(in dollars)$20,000,0008%20$$20,000,00012%20$$20,000,0008%25$$20,000,00012%25$(Round to the nearest dollar as needed.)
Stuck with trying to solve the following questions

Information Systems in Management, business and finance homework help

Information Systems in Management, business and finance homework help.

Information Systems in Management – Assignment 4 Chapters 7and 8 BOOK: MIS 4LTR Press Management Information Systems Author: Bidgoli Your response should address all elements of each of the following questions. After reading the information presented in Chapter 7 and other sources summarize the experiences of 2 companies that have used extranets to improve their operational efficiency. For a Plumbing company. Describe, as specifically as you can, how that company could use social media for each of the value chain activities listed below. Sales and marketing Customer service Inbound logistics Outbound logistics Manufacturing and operations Human Resources After reading the information presented in Chapter 8 and other sources,
write a 300 word response that explains how AdWords works and how it can
be useful to advertisers.
Information Systems in Management, business and finance homework help

PNU Udacity Nike Company multinational corporation Marketing Analytics Discussion

PNU Udacity Nike Company multinational corporation Marketing Analytics Discussion.

For the purpose of this project you are a new employee to the marketing team as an analyst. You’ve been tasked with crafting an Analytics Brief for the company. This is all hypothetical and there is no one right answer. The purpose of the project practice thinking strategically about how to approach your data exploration. To meet specification for this project your project must include the following:A short description of the company you’ve selected to use for your project. It might be helpful to narrow the scope of the company you’ve selected and focus on one product or service for that business. Here are are few examples and optionsTesla Branch New York, New York Model 3Dropbox BusinessNike Hyperadapt (Self Lacing Shoes)Lime Scooters (In your city)Udacity School of BusinessWe’ve provided a template that you may use to present your work. If you choose not to use the template please craft your brief in a Doc or Deck.Identify what data needs to be capturedProvide suggestions for potential gaps in dataIdentify two/three avenues of the funnelAnalytics briefProject samplePlease use this template to do the project…and please avoid plagiarism.
PNU Udacity Nike Company multinational corporation Marketing Analytics Discussion

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