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NYU Statistics Regression Equations Analysis & Yearly Purchases Worksheet

NYU Statistics Regression Equations Analysis & Yearly Purchases Worksheet.

1.A bank that offers charge cards to customers studies the yearly purchase amount (in thousands of dollars) on the card as related to the age, income (in thousands of dollars), whether the and years of education of the cardholder. The other variables are self-explanatory. The original data set has information on 150 cardholders. Upon further examination of the data, you decide to remove the data for cardholder 129 because this is an older individual who has a high income from having saved early in life and having invested successfully. This cardholder travels extensively and frequently uses her/his charge card. The data file “New Purchases” is posted on NYU classes.a.Fit the model to data and give the least squares equation to predict yearly purchase amount.b.Give practical interpretations of the estimates.c.Is there sufficient evidence ( at α = .05) to say that education is a useful predictor of yearly purchase amount.d.Evaluate the overall utility of the model at α =.01.e.Find the 95% prediction interval for yearly purchase amount for 44 year old person with 20 years education and $70,000 income.2.The editors of a national automotive magazine recently studied 30 different automobiles sold in the United States with the intent of seeing whether they could develop a multiple regression model to explain the variation in highway miles per gallon. A number of different independent variables were collected. The following regression output (with some values missing) was recently presented to the editors by the magazine’s analysts:Regression Analysis: mileage, highway versus Curb Weight, cylinders, …The regression equation ismileage, highway = 49.2 – 0.00518 Curb Weight – 0.913 cylinders + _ _ _ Horse Power – 0.000102 Price as TestedPredictor Coef SE Coef T PConstant 49.173 3.220 15.27 0.000Curb Weight -0.005180 0.001199 -4.32 0.000cylinders -0.9132 0.7510 _ _ _Horse Power _ _ _ _ 0.01676 0.89 0.384Price as Tested -0.00010196 0.00004091 -2.49 0.020S = _ _ _ _ _ R-Sq = _ _ _ R-Sq(adj) = _ _ _Analysis of VarianceSource DF SS MS F Regression _ _ 371.599 _ _ _ _ _ _Residual Error __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Total _ _ 506.167 Curb mileage,Obs Weight highway Fit SE Fit Residual St Resid 17 3560 21.000 25.484 0.728 -4.484 -2.04R 18 3240 24.000 28.863 0.873 -4.863 -2.26RR denotes an observation with a large standardized residual.Correlations: Curb Weight, cylinders, Horse Power, Price as Tested Curb Weight cylinders Horse Powercylinders 0.596 0.001Horse Power 0.293 0.840 0.116 0.000Price as Tested -0.030 0.457 0.766 0.877 0.011 0.000Cell Contents: Pearson correlation P-ValueBased on this output and your understanding of multiple regression analysis:a)State the multiple regression equation and fill in the missing values.b)Interpret the meaning of the regression coefficients for Curb Weight, and Horse Power in this problem.c) Test to determine if this model is useful in predicting the highway miles per gallon (Y), use 0.01 level of significance.d)At 0.01 level of significance, determine whether each explanatory variable make a significant contribution to the model?e) What, if any, multicollinearity do you detect? Explain.3.An auditor for a county government would like to develop a model to predict the county taxes based on the age of single-family houses. A random sample of 17 single-family houses bas been selected, with the following results: Taxes Age 925 1 870 2 809 4 720 4 694 5 630 8 562 10 546 12 523 15 480 20 486 22 462 25 441 25 426 30 368 35 350 40 322 50a) Set up a scatter diagram between age and county taxes.b) State the liner regression equation.c) State the quadratic regression equation. Determine whether there is a significant overall relationship between age and county taxes at the 0.05 level of significance.d) Determine which one of the models is better to be used for predicting the average county taxes for a house. Use significant level 0.025.e) Using the quadratic regression equation Predict the average county taxes for a house that is 20 years old.4. In an effort to predict the price of a used BMW that will be sold to a car dealer at a local auction, a sample of 52 cars that were sold at auction recently was collected. (optional) The data is in the file called BMW2 which is posted on NYU Classes provides the price ($1000), odometer (miles), and series (different models 3, 5 or 7 series).Develop three models:1.Using only price and odometer to predict the price of the used BMW.2.Using price, odometer, and series to predict the price of the used BMW.3. Using price, odometer, series, and interaction terms to predict the price of the used BMW.b.Test to determine if each model is useful in predicting the price of the used BMW.c.Use the appropriate test to determine the best model.Use the best model you have selected in part “C” to estimate the price of a 5 Series with 25,000 Miles
NYU Statistics Regression Equations Analysis & Yearly Purchases Worksheet

The company applies regiocentric kind of management orientation where certain elements of other management orientations are incorporated. From the case to be analyzed, it is evident that most of the head office positions are managed by employees from the parent country, which in this case is the United States. However, Ben
Ashford University Wk 1 Setting Personal Goals Initial Discussion.

Write: In your initial discussion forum post,Post a link to your Week 2 Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement paper that you uploaded to Folio.Identify a specific element of your Week 2 paper you would like targeted feedback from your classmates. Describe what you plan to do differently based on what you found challenging as you planned and completed the Week 2 paper.Explain how reflecting on your planning and performance of the Week 2 paper might help you in the development and achievement of your Personal Development Plan final project.Your initial post should be a minimum of 150 words and is due by Day 3 (Thursday).
Ashford University Wk 1 Setting Personal Goals Initial Discussion

Research Methodology Into The Problem On Absenteeism. After thorough analysis and research on the different forms of methodologies which are available, a chosen methodology will be elaborated and its effectiveness in gathering data will be discussed. This chapter will be determinant in obtaining information and feedback from a private college around Mauritius which has given the permission to reveal its name. Therefore, it would act as a crucial part in the analysis of the different aspects of the project as a whole. The basis of this research is to bring light and clarity to the problem of absenteeism and its assessment. This research will also be of help to identify variables apart from results to evaluate the level of the problem. But the first milestone will be to assess the awareness of the problem of absenteeism among HSC final year students in the institution. In this chapter the methodology and research procedures used are presented. The following sections are included; a description of the context in which this study took place and an explanation of the approach used. The data collection methods employed will be examined and validity, reliability and ethical issues will be discussed. In short, the following matters will be discussed: The study context Research paradigm Data gathering methods and instrumentation Questionnaires Pilot Test Interviews Group selection and size Reliability Validity Ethical issues 3.1 THE STUDY CONTEXT The study has been carried out in a Private Secondary School for girls. The participants were HSC final year students with their respective form teachers, subject teachers as well as the rector. This was so in order to get a good diagnosis of the problem and be able to make proper recommendations for the future. 3.2 RESEARCH PARADIGM Before undertaking the research, it is important to know which type of data to collect, how to collect and how to use them (Hitchcock and Hughes, 1995). Research can be classified as qualitative and quantitative. Research in education has been successful from both approaches. In quantitative research, there are clearly defined questions or hypotheses from the very onset (Fraenkel and Wallen. 1993). These methods imply collecting data that can be numerically measured and analysed statistically to generalized quantifiable conclusions. As for qualitative research, it refers to studies that analyze the quality of relationships, activities, situations or materials. The attention is on the quality of a particular activity rather than on how it occurs or alternative ways of evaluation (Fraenkel and Wallen. 1993). The research hypotheses emerge as the study develops. This paradigm answers the questions ‘how’ rather than ‘what, when and where’. According to Hitchcock and Hughes (1995: 25), in education ‘the most productive approach is a qualitative one’. The advantages of this approach are that the findings often have greater validity and less artificially as the process of observing phenomena in natural, real-life settings often allow researchers to develop a more accurate understanding of those phenomena. Qualitative research tends to be associated with small-scale studies (Denscombe, 1998), and as such is particularly suited to the research situation. 3.2.1 CASE STUDY APPROACH In carrying out this study, a case study research has been opted. Case study is an ideal methodology when a holistic, in-depth investigation is needed (Feagin,Orum,Research Methodology Into The Problem On Absenteeism

3 Questions Total (Chart attached for probelm 3.11)

3 Questions Total (Chart attached for probelm 3.11).

Question 13.1 Nausea from air sickness affects some travelers. A drug company, wanting to establish the effectiveness of its motion sickness pill, randomly gives either its pill or a look-alike sugar pill (placebo) to 200 passengers. Degree of Nausea None Slight Moderate Severe TotalPill 43 36 18 3 100Placebo 19 33 36 12 100Total(a) Complete the marginal totals.(b) Calculate the relative frequencies separately for each row.Question 23.2 Breakfast cereals from three leading manufacturer can be classified either above average or below average in sugar content. Data for ten cereals from each manufacturer are give below.Below Average Above Average TotalGeneral Mills 2 8 10Kellogg’s 3 7 10Quaker 4 6 10(a) Complete the marginal tools,(b) Calculate the relative frequencies separately for each row.Question 33.11 Refer to Exercise 3.10. Not all surgery cases, even of the same type, are equally serious. Large research hospitals tend to get the most serious surgery cases, whereas community hospitals tend to get more of the routine cases. Suppose that patients can be classified as being in either “Good” or “Poor” condition and the outcomes of surgery are as shown in the table on the next page.Calculate the proportions that survive for each hospital and each condition.From these data, which hospital would you choose if you were in good condition? If you were in bad condition? Survival Rates by Condition Good Condition Poor Condition Died Survived Total Died Survived TotalResearch Hosiptal 15 685 700 Research hospital 75 1425 1500Community hospital 16 584 600 Community hospital 7 93 Total 31 1269 1300 Total 82 1518 1600
3 Questions Total (Chart attached for probelm 3.11)

Explain the project closeout process for your team’s project in an 10-12 slide presentation (THE PROJECT IS ATTACHED). Be sure to include visual aids to help convey your information as well as discuss

best essay writers Be sure to include visual aids to help convey your information as well as discussion in the speaker notes that helps describe how each topic applies to your team’s project. Address the following with specific information for your team’s project: (THE PROJECT IS ATTACHED ) How customer final approval will be received Specific criteria to be met for the customer to agree that the project has been successfully completed The lessons learned as the project is completed – What was done well? What could have been done better? Project team transition off the project: What happens to the project team members? How soon can they roll off the project? In which form will communication during the Closing phase be delivered to stakeholders? Be sure to include visual aids to support the content of your presentation. You can use the SmartArt feature within PowerPoint for this purpose. Include an introduction or agenda slide, a conclusion slide and a slide with at least two APA formatted references. APA Guidelines Resources Center for Writing Excellence Reference and Citation Generator Grammar and Writing Guides

Grossmont College Facts of Case and Fitness Hearing for Juvenile Report

Grossmont College Facts of Case and Fitness Hearing for Juvenile Report.

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TASKS:I. Review the information on 707 Fitness Hearings for Juveniles from the links below:… II. Review the case information on the four juvenile cases from the link below. Select one case and conduct a critical analysis of the case.…III. Summarize the facts of the case in your own words. Assume that the reader has no knowledge of the case and that you are tasked with explaining the concepts. IV. Respond to the following:Based on the criteria for a ‘Fitness Hearings for Juveniles’ address whether these cases are suitable for transfer to the adult court system. Why or why not?Include the criteria that the court has to use to stipulate the reasons to retain the case in juvenile court and/or transfer to the adult system.
Grossmont College Facts of Case and Fitness Hearing for Juvenile Report

The Protagonist In Death Of A Salesman English Literature Essay

Subtitle: For us the best day is always yesterday. Nostalgia beckons, every time we try to move into the future or face the realties of the present. We always end up with the same eerie feeling that yesterday had more opportunity, more happiness and love than today. The future is in the backdrop; the past is in the foreground, and nearly everything we do for ourselves in trying to live the American Dream fades in the face of yesterday. The main protagonist in the play Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman is depicted in many scenes of the play as having been an ambitious man in his younger days. We are inclined to believe in the viability of his plans for the future when he is a young man and the future is an open field. This is varied by the realization that what we are seeing are merely flashbacks and still, he is stuck in the past. He has refused to let go of what he though was the embodiment of the American Dream. Even in the present, he still has somewhat of a superficial notion of what the American dream is and his endless idolization of David Singleman, a salesman with his fair share of problems. Biff Loman is the superficially the ideal son, he plays football and has good looks. Willy passes the notion of what the American Dream is to his son. He too joins the nostalgic bandwagon because he flanks math and he can’t make it to college. He becomes a hoodlum and he sinks into then sinks into the sea of regret. His brother, Happy, is the classic sadist. He watches as his brother and father sink deeper and deeper into nostalgia and depression. He even encourages his brother’s false ego by telling him to borrow because he is famous. The play tries to depict the downfall of an ordinary man, as opposed to the classic and conventional stories of downfall of great men. The time shifts are pregnant with nostalgia to the point where Willy is hallucinating conversations with his brother Ben. This dementia is unexplained to the other characters. It goes to show that nostalgia is infectious. The fact that it is subjective as opposed to being objective is a clear demonstration of this. It depicts a one-sided view of the past, the fantasies of a man who still thinks he can achieve the goals he set when he was young. This lack of objectivity construes the actual meaning of a flashback. The subjectivity in memory is a result of nostalgic fantasies. Willy eventually deteriorates mentally, and the nostalgic memories cease to be a part of his imagination as he starts living in two parallel worlds. One, the real world where the play is set and two, the parallel world that exists only in his mind. This retrogressive hold on reality is a warning sign of course the mind takes when subjected to regret and nostalgia. Miller uses the story to imply that while Willy’s hold on the past is voluntary, the thoughts and notions are implanted by the capitalist mentality. The very basis of the American Dream is the idea that it is possible to achieve anything. Where this does not happen like in Willy’s case, the results are chronic nostalgia and a sense of regret. Uncontrolled, this can lead to mental deterioration and a loss of sense of time and reality. The setting of the play is also meant to convey this theme of nostalgia. When the theme is set in the present, the cast must use only the imaginary stage door to the left. When the characters slip into nostalgia, they openly move through walls. This is meant to imply the door to the present is reality and it cannot be ignored. Where the scenes focus on flashbacks, the moving through walls is a symbol of the limitlessness of nostalgia and imagination. It symbolizes life in an ideal world where one can move through walls which symbolises an imaginary ability to move through the hurdles presented by reality. We see Willy Loman as the embodiment of this message; he prefers to dwell on the past he cannot control because he feels it keeps him alive. This, eventually, becomes his parallel life and he fails to separate reality from fantasy. The 1879 play A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen is another story that embodies this concept. The main character Nora is disadvantaged due to her gender. The play paints a scenario of women emancipating themselves. The main depiction of a lack of reality is Trovald; he lives in his own ideal world where everyone plays by his rules. To him, such things as social class and image are more important than happiness. He is obsessed about guarding the name of the family as he views it as his obligation. His repeated deficiency of a sense of reality makes his life and his family a living hell. It causes excess emotional problems for his family. Krogstard can not even call him by his first name again because he viewed it as disrespect. Ibsen’s use of middle class characters is similar to Miller’s approach, they both use middle-class characters to show how the past can have an effect on the present. The main protagonists are used to show how nostalgia can harm relationships and mental health. The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien are an epitome of how reality can be blended with the past.The author is the main protagonist and he prefers to use fiction to tell the story. His firsthand experiences in the Vietnam War are the cause of nostalgia. In The Things They Carried, lieutenant jimmy Cross refuses to accept that he was turned down by Martha because she does not like him. He refuses to accept this reality and it leads to obsession. This metamorphoses into dementia when he believes that his infatuation led to the demise of Ted Lavender. The whole collection is full of stories of nostalgia and loss of reality. Norman Bower, for example, refuses to believe that it is not his fault that Kiowa died. In real life, he killed himself because he never accepted the realities of Kiowa’s death. Bob Kiley enjoys comics but he reaches his breaking point and dementia sets in and he succumbs. His hold on time and reality is incapacitated and he ends up shooting himself in the foot. Henry Dobbins wears his girlfriend’s pantyhose as and a charm for good luck. He refuses to get rid of it even after she dumps him. His hold onto her is nostalgia mixed with superstition. Lee Strunk and Dave Jensen are the main characters of ‘Enemies and Friends’. They are bound by a pact where they promised to murder each other if either is incapacitated. Strunk steps on a live mine, loses is right leg and he has to beg Jensen not to kill him. This are the regrets of war; pacts made without much thought or consideration. The 1983 play Fences by August Wilson also has a plot with a blend of nostalgia and regret. The main characters son Cory returns from war and he has not forgiven his father. It is many years after their fight and the fact that both of them still hold to the past is the epitome of the detached reality and nostalgia. Troy loves his son, but he views apologizing as a sign of weakness that a father should not in any way show a son. In the novel The Company of Women (1981) by Mary Catherine Gordon, another feature of nostalgia is depicted. It is the regret of things done by Felicitas in the Columbia University. She becomes involved with a professor who impregnates her and bolts. She then marries for convenience and not for love. In her confessions when she returns to the company of women are interesting; she seems to regret most of what she has done but unlike other characters such as Willy’s she accepts her fate and adjusts to it. The Mule Bone by Hughes and Hurston shows the contrast, a lack of regret based on religious misconceptions. Jim admits to hitting Dave but refuses to acknowledge that he broke the law. He results to citing scripture as defense. This lack of regret is buoyed by the euphoric nature of his church’s supporters who even segregate themselves from Dave’s supporters. The lack of remorse or regret in this case shows a concrete detachment from reality. The nostalgia that Jim experiences when he is banished even makes him doubt whether Daisy still loves him. This play is different in that it has a happy ending. The two men are reconciled and they both lose interest in Daisy, their main bone of contention. Denis Ivanovich Fonvizin’s Brigadir (1769) centered on ridiculing the assimilation into French mannerisms. The author tried to create a scenario where the Russian audience would view the story for its comic worth, but would also realize the risks of adapting foreign culture. M.F.K Fisher’s 1971 classic Among Friends is an attempt by the writer to put her own nostalgia in words. She focuses on her early life when she was unsuccessful and had raw talent. She uses the realties of her life to create a positive nostalgia in the mind of the reader, but it also bears a sense of regret. The latter is caused by the realization that she dent know who her friends are anymore. No play embodies the realities of nostalgia like the play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. The main character in the play, Willie Loman, is a man in his sixties whose life is filled with flashbacks of days gone. The bulk of the play is in flashbacks and everything, including the setting and the imaginary walls, speak of the mentality we all have for the past. The Loman clan is a sad tale of people who live in the past and some, like Biff, who are stuck in what they presume reality to be.