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Nutrition and pregnancy

Nutrition of the fetus begins at conception. For this reason, the nutrition of the mother is important from before conception as well as throughout pregnancy and breast feeding.The AssignmentAssignment: You will research the questions below and develop a presentation answering each question. Present your reserached information by videotaping your presetntation. 1: What birth defect have been linked to nutrient deficiencies?2: What food sources supply these critical nutrients? 3: How can these food sources be incorporated into a mother’s dietary plan? 4: How might poverty affect a woman’s access to these foods/nutrients?5: What governmental programs are available to improve pregnant women’s dietary intake?Submit the notes (notes can be typed in bullet form) to the answer of each question and submit your video presentation that addresses the questions above. Video should be at least 3 minutes but no more than 5 minutes.Grading CriteriaMaximum points are given when:-  Detailed answers to each question (10 points for each question) –  Presentation notes submitted (15 points for each)-  Video submitted (15 points)-  Video submission 3-5 minutes in length (15 points)-  Points are deducted for errors in spelling and grammar.  Also noted is clarity of the submission and students comprehension of the content (5 points)ResourcesTextbook chapter 3.  Google research.

COMP 2100- Semester Project

COMP 2100- Semester Project.

COMP 2100- Semester Project 


Part 1 Research a local Facebook or Twitter (or other relevant media platform) campaign that has both a website and a social media account. The company can be local or national. In order to profile the company correctly, students must answer the following questions and prepare a summary report. This information should be in a report, maximum two pages of typed content (single spaced), minimum one page- excluding bibliography and title page. 1. What identifies it as a campaign, what are the characteristics?

2. F.R.Y. – estimate these elements based on the campaign you chose and the platforms you review.

3. Explain the intended purpose of the campaign- what, in your opinion is the objective? 4. Summarize the business goals versus the social media goals- are these aligned in your opinion. 5. Prepare a conclusion of success. Is the campaign successful? Why or why not. Part 2 Using the text as a resource, create a framework for a social media campaign. The framework for this campaign will be designed as a start- up company. This means as the administrator for the company, you must consider who to include when creating social media presence proposal. As a start-up company, the pretense will be no social media is present within the company, only an initial website has been established. In creating this framework, questions such as: what considerations will you make, how will it be implemented, and who should be involved in the process will be included in your introduction. This information will be included as your second (and following pages) page of the report you began in Part 1.The following inclusions should be present: 1. Introduce the elements of a social media presence that you have considered. 2. For each element provide rationale as it relates to the process. 3. Create an operational flow chart of what steps, departments, and/or other entities that should be included. 4. Create a summary of your work- identify what you would consider to be the most important steps and why. Include how they relate to the success of the program.  Be sure to review the rubric provided on the next page to guide the expectation of this project. 

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