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Nursing Question Description ALL PAPERS: USE 12 point font and double space, 1

Description ALL PAPERS INCLUDED: USE APA format, 12 point font, double spaced, 1 inch margins 1st Assignment Determine a creative challenge for your company or another company. To solve your problem, use either appreciative inquiry or the creative brief. Everyone must make a thought map. To complete this assignment, you should collaborate with members of your organization or another group. Because this is a service learning activity, hours should be recorded in your log. The time spent meeting with the team should be included in the log, not the time spent composing the paper. When drafting your paper, use the APA 6th edition book as a guide. With your paper, please include a copy of your log. Make a table of contents for your paper using the following format: • Introduction to the challenge/problem • Literature analysis on the challenge: What is the current best practice? Synthesize. • Explain how you prepared for your creativity by using a creativity tool (i.e., hot potato). Appreciative Inquiry and Creativity Brief are both applicable. • Fill out a creative briefing sheet (write all questions) or explain the four stages of appreciative inquiry and how they apply to your problem. If you’re utilizing Appreciative Inquiry, make a list of each phase. • Everyone is required to develop a mind map utilizing free online resources. • Compare and contrast traditional problem-solving methods with either the creativity brief or the appreciative inquiry approach. What new ideas did you come up with? • Synopsis Please keep in mind that your work must include headers. Maximum length: 10 pages The title page of the mind map, as well as the abstract and reference pages, do not count toward the total of 10 pages. If you’re utilizing the creativity brief, you can single space it and attach it as an appendix to the back.Points Allocation: • Format = 20 points • 40 points for content • Writing quality = 25 points • 15 points for references BRIEF ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE OR CREATIVITY I work in a juvenile detention center, and one of the problems I’m trying to solve with my staff is conflicts between medical and court trips. When this occurs, medical consultations will be canceled or rescheduled, resulting in a delay in service. Medical trips take precedence over court trips. I’m the nursing supervisor. Improved communication and coordination between the medical department and custodial officers was the most effective remedy on this issue. Please attach the whole articles, not just the abstracts, and they must be from the recent 5 years.