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Nursing Question

Case Scenario: Healthcare rationing: Aryan is a 17-year-old male with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) who lives with his mother, father, and 14-year-old sister. Aryan’s DMD is progressing and he was recently hospitalized for pneumonia. At discharge, home hospice services were initiated due to Aryan’s advanced DMD with cardiomyopathy and pneumonia complications. Aryan’s family has had to reduce the recommended services out of financial constraints and they are struggling with the terminal nature of his disease.

Perform a Critical review and appraisal of the case scenario. Apply standards for APN performance and quality of care.

Explain how the behavior of healthcare rationing will impact quality of care and outcome for Aryan.
What potential role does APN reimbursement play in healthcare rationing and quality?
Propose and evaluate actions for improving practice performance quality benchmarks (selected) related healthcare rationing for this family. Include considerations for standards of care and practice that would potentially impact the APN approach in this case.
Explain the role of EBP in quality performance and quality improvement in APN and implications for care at the end of life.