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Nursing Informatics: Scope and Standards of Practice Research Paper

The rapid evolution of science and the development of digital devices resulted in the implementation of new technologies in all spheres of human activity. Moreover, the most important of them could be characterized by the increased level of attention given to them and the usage of various technologies to improve the outcomes and attain a significant increase in the efficiency. In this regard, the sphere of nursing informatics should be considered an important approach that integrates nursing and the main data and knowledge with the management of information and the modern communication technologies (Murphy, 2010). The given complex is focused on the promotion of peoples health and the improvement of the quality of their life. Analyzing the given science, it is possible to state the fact that it corresponds with my expectations related to the usage of new technologies in the healthcare sector. The usage of NI could guarantee the significant improvement of the efficiency of any specialist who belongs to this field. I have no experience in the given field. However, I have a high level of expectations related to this very sphere. The fact is that using this approach specialists will be able to structure the information they have at their disposal and use it most appropriately. Additionally, being an integral part of the modern healthcare delivery, it helps to evaluate and implement healthcare IT to guarantee better results. That is why I think that it is crucial to assure its further evolution and implementation in the healthcare sector. It will help to improve the outcomes and attain peoples support. In these regards, my level of expectations remains stable high. Yet, the increased complexity of the modern society and shifts in peoples mentality resulted in the appearance of the high level of expectations towards the services provided by various important sectors. The healthcare sector is not an exception as it should provide high-quality services for patients. That is why, NI could be characterized by the high standards that are created to guarantee the positive image of the new practice (American Nurses Association, 2015). Unfortunately, I still have no experience in NI. However, I have a certain perspective on this very question. I believe that any specialist should provide support and guarantee the gradual implementation of its main aspects to the functioning of any healthcare unit. However, there might be some obstacles that appear in the course of the reorganization. The fact is that NI implies a certain technical basis needed to assure the adherence to the new practice. That is why I think that some hospitals or medical care units might suffer from the lack of the needed equipment, and the process of adopting new standards might face some significant challenges. Additionally, specialists who do not have the needed competence could also decrease the implementation rates and have a pernicious impact on the whole process. In these regards, I believe that the adoption of the high standards of NI should be preceded by the creation of the appropriate technological structure and training aimed at the increase of the level of knowledge among the staff. Altogether, NI could be considered one of the main tendencies of the modern healthcare sector, and it is focused on the improvement of the main care services delivered to people. Its high standards should be adopted worldwide to guarantee positive outcomes. References Murphy, J. (2010). Nursing informatics: The intersection of nursing, computer, and information sciences. Nursing Economics, 28(3), 204–207. Web. American Nurses Association (2015). Nursing informatics: Scope and standards of practice. Silverspring, MD: American Nurses Association. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More
UNAHVS Deals and Bargaining Discussion.

Throughout this module you learned the basics of contract formation. An additional requirement of contract formation is consideration. The courts separate legally binding obligations from mere agreements by checking for consideration. Under basic principles of contract law, consideration is the answer to the question, “Why are you entering this contract?” or “What are you receiving for being a party to this contract?”
Consideration, quite simply, is the benefit that each party gets or expects to get from the contractual deal. For example, you paid your college tuition money for an education. You benefit by receiving the educational services of the college, and the college benefits by receiving your tuition money.
For this written task, you will further explore the topic of consideration and whether it is present in the following scenarios. Read the facts of the scenario and answer the following questions:

Is there proper consideration? (Further research on consideration is recommended)
Why or why not is there valid consideration?

Your answer to each scenario should be a paragraph in length and must include the source of your information in a properly formatted APA citation.
Scenario 1:
Tasha rents an apartment in an undesirable part of town. While others, such as her Aunt Rita, find it unsuitable, Tasha seems fine with her living situation. She never experiences any problems with the neighbors, and the rent is cheap. One day during a phone call, Aunt Rita tells her that she wants to gift her $10,000 for anything of her choosing. Tasha figures that this is her aunt’s backhanded way of getting her to move, so she decides to search for a home. Upon finding a home, Tasha calls her Aunt Rita and asks for the money. Rita changes her mind and tells Tasha that she no longer wants to give her the money. Angrily, Tasha hangs up the phone and heads to the courthouse to sue her aunt for the $10,000. Is there consideration?
Scenario 2:
Officer Friendly notices a poster announcing that a reward is being offered for the capture of a nefarious criminal, Fred Doesnogood. During his evening patrol, Officer Friendly apprehends and arrests Doesnogood. After he completes his shift he decides to call the number to get the reward seeing as he is the one who captured him. Will he be able to get the reward? Is there consideration?
Scenario 3:

Ezra loves watching home improvement shows, but is not that handy when it comes to doing the actual improvements at his house. During one of his favorite shows, an ad appears for a local painting company that is running a fantastic deal. He calls the number and arranges for Izzy to paint his house on Friday. Izzy shows up on Friday and they agree upon a price of $700.00 for the exterior of the house to be painted. Izzy completes the job to the satisfaction of Ezra, but he does not seem to want to pay. Is there consideration?
UNAHVS Deals and Bargaining Discussion

Education homework help

Education homework help. 1. Oedipus tells Teiresias: “No work is more nobly human than helping others,/ Helping with  all the strength and skill we possess” (427-8). Choose two of the following: Oedipus, Medea, Good Deeds (Everyman), and/or Ulysses (The Inferno).,Oedipus tells Teiresias: “No work is more nobly human than helping others,ENGLISH 123:05 SUGGESTED PAPER TOPICS Fall 2020,Papers must be typed, a hard copy, and 3+ to 5 pages in length. It is important to support your ideas with specific, accurate textual references and examples. You are required to use the MLA format which includes providing in-text citations as well as a Works Cited page.,Choose one of the following topics or develop your own. If you develop your own topic, you must have it approved. Submit no later than Oct 14 a brief paragraph stating you’re working thesis and probably course of discussion.,1. Oedipus tells Teiresias: “No work is more nobly human than helping others,/ Helping with  all the strength and skill we possess” (427-8). Choose two of the following: Oedipus, Medea, Good Deeds (Everyman), and/or Ulysses (The Inferno). Discuss the extent to which each would agree or disagree with this statement. As you assess each character’s possible response, consider that character’s decisions and actions as well as the outcome in their respective work or episode.,2. Aristotle says that an epic’s advantage over tragedy is that the epic may enlarge its dimensions by introducing episodes, but these episodes must not violate the unity of the work. Below are listed three episodes in Dante’s Inferno. Choose one, and analyze closely how the episode functions in the work. For example, you might begin by explaining how the episode develops the sinner’s personality and/or reveals the sinner’s reasons for her/his sinful behavior. Then consider whether Dante learns any lesson (is changed by the encounter)? Or does the encounter reveal a new personal quality in Dante’s character?, A. The Francesa da Rimini Episode                     Canto 5.73-142, B. The Farinata Degli Uberti Episode                 Canto 10.22-123, C. The Ulysses Episode                                       Canto 26.64-142,3. Medea, Everyman, and Dante’s Ulysses all rely on eloquent skill with words to achieve certain aims. Choose two of the following:,(1) Medea’s conversation with King Creon,,(2) Everyman’s conversation with Death, or,(3) Ulysses’ words to his sailors in canto 26 of Dante’s Inferno. Explain what goal each hopes to achieve. Then assess closely and compare each character’s skill in using words to achieve the desired end. Ultimately, how successful is each?,4. Be a critic. ,Which film version of Sophocles’ Oedipus The King has more power?, Use the, Link on Blackboard and watch the Tyrone Guthrie production of Oedipus The King., Then choose another version from Youtube’s offerings and watch it. Choose one scene, and compare the power of each to stir the audience’s pity and/or fear. As you weigh the effectiveness of each, you might consider choices such as: costumes? Actors? Setting? Audience’s ability to comprehend the lines as spoken?,5. In class we discussed two Medieval plays, the Biblical pageant Noah’s Flood and the, Morality play, Everyman. Choose one of the plays, and set yourself up as the director., Discuss how you would present either one section or the whole play to a modern audience., Among things you might consider are: how you would direct the acting, choose the scenic backdrop and props, design costumes, make choice of actors, and consider inclusion of musical accompaniment, etc.,6. Jocasta, Medea, Mrs. Noah, and Francesca da Rimini are all married. Choose two or three and compare their marital relationships. In particular assess the nature of the relationship presented in the work. How does each wife maneuver in order to achieve personal happiness? Finally, how much happiness does each wife ultimately attain for herself (not necessarily from the marriage)?,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Education homework help

California State University Long Barack Obama Leadership Qualities Paper

online homework help California State University Long Barack Obama Leadership Qualities Paper.

Please think of your favorite leader (or, if you do not have a favorite leader, any leader or a comic figure, etc.) and answer all of the following questions. Try not to exceed a total of three to four pages for your responses (that is, approximately one page answer per question). Use your own words to answer the question and summarize your answer in a writing assignment (double-spaced; Times New Roman 12).Please familiarize yourself with the submission process prior to the assignment due date. Late submissions will not be accepted. This is an individual assignment and you should not complete this assignment in teams. Grades will be based 70% on correct application of theory and 30% on grammar and writing.Please proofread your responses to ALL questions carefully. If sentences are not clear they will not be evaluated.A. What traits does the leader possess that you think make this leader effective? How would you describe this leaders’ personality?B. Which behavior (leadership styles) does the leader demonstrate?C. Which of the ‘newer’ leadership (e.g., LMX, transformational leadership, etc.) approaches apply?
California State University Long Barack Obama Leadership Qualities Paper

Troy University Participative Leadership Theory Presentation

Troy University Participative Leadership Theory Presentation.

In this assignment I need you to do a PowerPoint on Participative Leadership. At the bottom I will leave a passage that will help you with the PowerPointAssignment: Students will be working independently to complete an in-depth research analysis of a well-known leadership theory. Students will be responsible for presenting their research to the class. You have previously selected your theory of choice; please do not change from your original submission.Assignment Instructions: Students will select a well-known leadership theory. Individually you will be expected to research your chosen theory thoroughly so you can present your research to your classmates. Some specific areas for each theory that should be touched on is the origination of the theory, characteristics of the theory, best practices for the theory, and any other pertinent information that that group finds of interest related to the theory. Each presentation is expected to beat least 5-7minutes. Your presentation will be uploaded to Canvas as a YouTube link. I primarily want to see you presenting on your topic but feel free to use a PowerPoint or similar in the background to help keep you on task with your presentation if needed. One of my personal pet-peeves is being read to. You are to have thoroughly researched your topic and be fluent enough on the material to not feel the need to read it word for word from notes or a PowerPoint. Make sure you speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard on your video.For full assignment details and grading rubric, please review the PDF for this assignment located within the weekly module.
Troy University Participative Leadership Theory Presentation

National Interprofessional

National Interprofessional.

National Interprofessional Health Care InitiativesAs we come to the end of our course, you have acquired a better understanding of interprofessional team based health care. You will also better understand the need of such implementation in our current health care system and will feel better prepared to work on an IP team. Below are links to information on national health care initiatives . Please be sure to open each one and hone in on the areas highlighted.American Interprofessional Health Collaborative American Interprofessional Health Collaboration”Health, health care, and the health professions workforce in the United States are undergoing dramatic change, and barriers to health are substantial. Issues of access, safety, timeliness, efficiency, and effectiveness require centeredness on patients and communities. These urgent issues demand thinking beyond health care and health care delivery system to define health in new ways. Health requires a community focus, an all-policies focus, a focus on prevention and wellness, and an interprofessional focus, and must be facilitated through teamwork in learning and practice.In many respects, health professions education remains isolated from practice realities, and profession-specific learning does not prepare future and current health professionals for working together. We must transcend boundaries to connect traditional health professions, educators, new and emerging health and care providers, care coordinators, administrators of health care delivery and payment systems, and policy-makers in partnership with patients, communities, and populations.The American Interprofessional Health Collaborative transcends boundaries to transform learning, policies, practices, and scholarship toward an improved system of health and wellness for individual patients, communities, and populations.” Please open timeline to see how this organization has evolved through the years.Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC)IPEC-Core-Competencies.pdfIPEC designed Core Competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice. Please read through this material, identifying the IPEC professional sponsors and the specific core competencies they wrote. Also look at the learning activity examples as well as key challenges to the uptake and implementation of core interprofessional competencies.Institute of Medicine: Interprofessional Education for Collaboration: Learning How toImprove Health from Interprofessional Models Across theContinuum of Education to Practice: Workshop SummarynterprofessionalEducationCollaboration.pdfThis report is a workshop summary of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. Please take some time to read through it, identifying the specific partners of the National Academy.National Center for Interprofessional Practice and EducationNational Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (Nexus)”The National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education leads, coordinates and studies the advancement of collaborative, team-based health professions education and patient care as an efficient model for improving quality, outcomes and cost. It is the only such organization in the United States, designated by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as the sole center to provide leadership, scholarship, evidence, coordination and national visibility to advance interprofessional education and practice as a viable and efficient health care delivery model. By aligning the needs and interests of education with health care practice, we aim to create a new shared responsibility—what we call the Nexus —for better care, added value and healthier communities.”Go to the “Nexus” website and spend a few minutes learning about this interprofessional organization. Click Community and Resource (left side bar) and select Resource Exchange. Browse Exchange and hone in on the Assessment Tools provided.Core Principles & Values of Effective Team -Based Health Care Core principles VSRT-Team-Based-Care-Principles-Values.pdf”Participants drawn from the Best Practices Innovation Collaborative of the IOM Roundtable on Value & Science-Driven Health Care”Assignment:After reviewing the National Initiatives in this module, think about your future health care profession and find out if they have their own initiative on interprofessional team based health care. Most health care professions have their own national organization that will list their current initiatives. Research the health care profession of your interest for a current initiative. For instance, I placed “nursing initiatives for interprofessional health care” in a search engine and it provided many examples. After you find an example, post on the discussion forum. Be sure to give a brief description of the initiative and also a working URL. In the subject line, name your health care profession and initiative to avoid repeats. I chose Anesthesiology.
National Interprofessional