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NURS 6050 Walden University Healthcare Program Policy Evaluation Paper

NURS 6050 Walden University Healthcare Program Policy Evaluation Paper.

Assignment: Assessing a Healthcare Program/Policy EvaluationProgram/policy evaluation is a valuable tool that can help strengthen the quality of programs/policies and improve outcomes for the populations they serve. Program/policy evaluation answers basic questions about program/policy effectiveness. It involves collecting and analyzing information about program/policy activities, characteristics, and outcomes. This information can be used to ultimately improve program services or policy initiatives.Nurses can play a very important role assessing program/policy evaluation for the same reasons that they can be so important to program/policy design. Nurses bring expertise and patient advocacy that can add significant insight and impact. In this Assignment, you will practice applying this expertise and insight by selecting an existing healthcare program or policy evaluation and reflecting on the criteria used to measure the effectiveness of the program/policy.To Prepare:Review the Healthcare Program/Policy Evaluation Analysis Template provided in the Resources.Select an existing healthcare program or policy evaluation or choose one of interest to you.Review community, state, or federal policy evaluation and reflect on the criteria used to measure the effectiveness of the program or policy described.The Assignment: (2–3 pages)Based on the program or policy evaluation you selected, complete the Healthcare Program/Policy Evaluation Analysis Template. Be sure to address the following:Describe the healthcare program or policy outcomes.How was the success of the program or policy measured?How many people were reached by the program or policy selected?How much of an impact was realized with the program or policy selected?At what point in program implementation was the program or policy evaluation conducted?What data was used to conduct the program or policy evaluation?What specific information on unintended consequences was identified?What stakeholders were identified in the evaluation of the program or policy? Who would benefit most from the results and reporting of the program or policy evaluation? Be specific and provide examples.Did the program or policy meet the original intent and objectives? Why or why not?Would you recommend implementing this program or policy in your place of work? Why or why not?Identify at least two ways that you, as a nurse advocate, could become involved in evaluating a program or policy after 1 year of implementation.
NURS 6050 Walden University Healthcare Program Policy Evaluation Paper

Theories for Causes of Aggressive Behaviour. Compare and contrast social and biological accounts of the causes of aggressive behaviour. Aggression is defined as: (a) ‘a quality of anger and determination that makes you ready to attack other people’; (b) ‘violent and attacking behaviour’ (Collins, 2003). Whereas love, friendship and affiliation are positive, adaptive and constructive social influences, aggression is associated with violence, antisocial behaviour and destruction. Examples of aggressive behaviour range from arguments, to road rage, terrorism and war. Aggression then is physical or verbal behaviour that is intended to harm another person. This work examines aggressive behaviour in terms of biological and social-learning processes providing theoretical and research evidence. Ethologists like Konrad Lorenz (2002) have identified several human behaviours, including aggression, that allow animals to gather and keep the fundamental resources for survival, mating, reproducing and caring for children. Discovering, taking and holding a territory provides the background on which the life cycle occurs. Many animals engage in territorial signalling to defend their territory mostly for mating and feeding purposes. Territorial signalling is adaptive because it prevents potentially destructive aggressive behaviours. The majority of animal aggression is due to mating, therefore, natural selection predisposes animals towards aggressive behaviour. Male and female animals compete for mates and patterns of sexual behaviour help us understand various form of aggressive behaviour. Nevertheless, psychologists disagree about which of these biological inferences of other animals are relevant to humans. Evolutionary psychologists claim that they do apply to humans and postulate that territorial behaviour exists both in humans and in animals for the same reasons (Barkow, CosmidesTheories for Causes of Aggressive Behaviour
Week 11: The Reformation. I’m studying and need help with a History question to help me learn.

The Reformation which grew out of the Renaissance movement, helped to further develop the Modern World. This week will cover the spark that caused the Protestant schism with the Roman Church and look at the long lasting effects of this break.
Read the Textbook chapter 15 — pp. 436-441 as well as the sources on Martin Luther and create a post either typed or a video that addresses Luther’s Break. Do you agree with what Luther was stating? Did he go too far? Why do you believe this?
Week 11: The Reformation

Animal Abuse And Cruelty Is Wrong Sociology Essay

Animal Abuse And Cruelty Is Wrong Sociology Essay. Animal abuse and cruelty is wrong. Animals arent given their rights that they are supposed to have in the first place. Using animals as “lab rats” is cruel and unfair. Most animal abuse or cruelty goes on with nothing be reported or said about. The punishment for abusing an animal isn’t as harsh as it should be. There are not enough laws preventing animal abuse. There are not enough laws preventing animal abuse. Animals being caged up is unfair to the animals themselves. The cruelness of caging an animal up for days, weeks, months, or even years at a time with no food, water or care is the cruelest thing any human being could possibly ever do. Cruelty and neglect are also two subjects that have to deal with animal abuse. Most animal abuse goes unreported and nothing has been done to fix the problem of owners locking their pet up and leaving them for long periods of time without food, water, or care. The most common form of animal abuse has to do with an owner locking their dog or pet up for times on end, just completely neglecting them and not giving them any care or attention. More than half the cases involving animal cruelty had to do with pets. There are little laws about animal abuse or animal cruelty. In some states its actually taken seriously like in Colorado abusing or putting an animal through any kind of cruelty is a $500,000 fine, up to 6 years in jail, and a ban on owning or being around any form of living animal. Colorado is the only state to have a fine over $150,000. (“U.S. Cruelty Laws Felony vs. Misdemeanor”, 2011) The state with the smallest fine is Tennessee which has no fine for abusing or putting any kind of animal through cruelty.(“U.S. Cruelty Laws Felony vs. Misdemeanor”, 2011) The two states that have the most time that you can get up to in jail are Alabama and Louisiana at, up to ten years in jail.(“U.S. Cruelty Laws Felony vs. Misdemeanor”, 2011) The laws that we have now aren’t enforced enough as they should be. There isn’t enough attention being given to this subject as there should be. There are laws about animal cruelty and abuse but aren’t used as much as they should be. We don’t recognize animal abuse as much as we should either. There are animals being abused, tortured, or neglected every day that no one reports, notices, or does anything about. The rights that animals have now aren’t given to the animals like they should be or where created to be. Animal abuse isn’t a case that most people look as a highly serious problem. The rights that we have given to animals or pets or have created for them aren’t highly used as much or given to an animal as much as they should be. Using animals as “lab rats” is looked down upon and felt that it shouldn’t be done but yet people still test on animals all the time and nothing is done about it. Scientists do research and study on rats because they are said to be unneeded, but yet they are living therefore they are needed. If that was how everyone thought of animals we would have none left on our planet. Animals are a big role in our lives today we use them for almost everything we do and thinking that some one would neglect, torture, or abuse an animal is just wrong. Most animals that are in animal abuse or cruelty cases are pets because of a domestic dispute.(“Facts About Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence”, 2011) Some parents even abuse their pet in front of their child to coerce them to do what they say and what the child is told to do.(“Facts About Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence”, 2011) More households have pets than they do children so why spend money on an animal that is going to be a pet if your just going to abuse it?(“Facts About Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence”, 2011) Most families have a pet of which they consider a companion or a part of the family. Out of the 50 states there are only three that do not have animal abuse or cruelty laws.(“U.S. Cruelty Laws Felony vs. Misdemeanor”, 2011) If they do not fix animal abuse or animal cruelty soon we will have no more animals in the future. Hopefully in the future they will create better and more laws against abuse or cruelty, or they will pay more attention to animals being abused or not being given their rights. The rights that we have now for animals are perfectly fine its just that the animals aren’t given the rights they deserve to be given or have. If the government would follow through on paying attention to the case of animals being abused or treated unfair itself, there would be harsher punishment for an act as of doing so. Giving animals the rights they deserve is how it should be instead of using animals as lab rats, test subjects, or a teenagers thought of just a prank, when really in realization pushing a cow over on its back as “just a prank” can be very deadly for the cow actually. Animals aren’t given that much of their rights as they have to begin with. If they were to investigate and go deeper into the topic and subject of animals being abused there would be a lot of things that they would find out that they didn’t know. Harsher punishment is another thing to talk about. If they had harsher punishment just for neglecting an animal and not taking care of it there would be a lot more animals safe. If there was harsher punishment for abusing an animal there wouldn’t be as many animals getting abused, beaten, or neglected. Animal abuse, cruelty, and neglect are bad and animals aren’t given the rights they deserve. There are not enough laws preventing animal abuse. Animal Abuse And Cruelty Is Wrong Sociology Essay

Florida Gulf Coast University Week 3 Environmental Science Question

write my term paper Florida Gulf Coast University Week 3 Environmental Science Question.

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The Amazon rainforest is being destroyed at an alarming rate. I thought you might want to learn more about how the value of the rainforest, and how conservationists attempt to convey that value to others. For this assignment, first read this 8 page Case study on Understanding ecosystems and their value: Week 3 Reading.pdfThen answer the following questions (also found as a .doc file here: Week 3 Homework Assignment B.docxundefinedWeek 3 Homework Assignment: Amazon DeforestationPlease read the 8 page pdf above before answering these questions.At the frontier of primary Amazonian rainforest, a five–hectare plot is under consideration for deforestation by a local peasant farmer who wants to practice slash–and–burn agriculture and by a logger who wants to remove valuable timber species.Based on the reading, the 5 hectare plot has intrinsic value because of the ecosystem services it provides. A conservation organization wants to protect the land from being farmed or logged. Based on the chart of ecosystem services in the reading, write a paragraph arguing why preserving the land might be more valuable than using it for other purposes.Given that the population along the Amazon is growing, do you think there room for peaceful coexistence of farming, logging and conservation? Why/why not?Do you feel that species have intrinsic rights to exist? Can such existence values be incorporated into environmental policy?Do you believe that citizens of tropical countries have the right to deforest the most biologically diverse communities on Earth? (Keeping in mind that the European settlers deforested a large chunk of North America for agriculture)John Terborgh, tropical ecologist at Duke University, asserts that in order to save tropical forests, citizens of industrial nations are going to have to pay developing countries. Do you agree? What are some ways that this might be done?Right now, rapid rainforest deforestation is happening in Brazil due to political factors. What is being lost in this deforesation?
Florida Gulf Coast University Week 3 Environmental Science Question

Prince George Community Combating the Covid19 Pandemic Around the World Discussion

Prince George Community Combating the Covid19 Pandemic Around the World Discussion.

Hi Everyone,Having turned-in the Annotated Bibliography for the topic of your choice, it’s now time for you to write the research paper USING THE SAME TOPIC.Once more, use the personal and subjective approach, using help from effective sources of your choice.Length: 6 pages, which includes a Works Cited page with 5 legitimate sources.Due: 12/8/2020 (By 11pm)Worth: 25 points.MLA Format +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++As in the past, please remember to use an appropriate Title, a clear compact Thesis (to be underlined) as part of the Introduction (check Chapter 5, page 118); followed by a Body section that supports your thesis (page 125); and finally an appropriate Conclusion. All this should add upto 5 pages of your research paper. What’s left will be a short Works Cited page using 5 sources.Use various patterns of writing; the more, the better! Good Luck!
Prince George Community Combating the Covid19 Pandemic Around the World Discussion


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