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NUR 1211 Southeastern Community College Diabetes in Hispanic Community Article Review

NUR 1211 Southeastern Community College Diabetes in Hispanic Community Article Review.

For the review, include the following: A summary or overview of the article (what was it about).Was it a report of a study (research) or was it some other kind of academic paper?Who was the target audience for the article?Was the information easy to understand? Why or why not?List at least 3 interesting facts you learned from the article.Could you use any information in your clinical practice? If so how?Would you recommend this article to other students? Why or why not?Was it evidence-based?Did the article make you want to find out more about the subject?Conclusion.
NUR 1211 Southeastern Community College Diabetes in Hispanic Community Article Review

One thing that I would like to explore more is how can we get our long-term memory to work for us. That’s something I am concerned about. The brain is such a complex organ I wonder if we could ever understand it completely. I have heard and also googled a lot of ways that we can make it work, but I still love to explore and get more information. This is something that will help me throughout my journey including school and job as well.. Paper details This is what I mentioned (My Topic); also I have picked 4 of the Theories or perspective from the list my professor has provided My Topic (Work on this please and support it from the Theories below: One thing that I would like to explore more is how can we get our long-term memory to work for us. That’s something I am concerned about. The brain is such a complex organ I wonder if we could ever understand it completely. I have heard and also googled a lot of ways that we can make it work, but I still love to explore and get more information. This is something that will help me throughout my journey including school and job as well. Theories Or Perspective (Use textbook for notes that I will provide and online if you need to) 1. Life Span Perspective 2. Plasticity 3. Cognitive theory 4. Evolutionary Theory One thing that I would like to explore more is how can we get our long-term memory to work for us. That’s something I am concerned about. The brain is such a complex organ I wonder if we could ever understand it completely. I have heard and also googled a lot of ways that we can make it work, but I still love to explore and get more information. This is something that will help me throughout my journey including school and job as well.
What are the top 3 most common, possible, injuries to your final project client?. I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Advanced Biomechanics
APA Formatting
Graduate level writing
Must be a minimum of 400 words
3 or more reference

My athlete is named Trevor, his sport is the worlds toughest mudder
What are the top 3 most common, possible, injuries to your final project client?
1. List and describe the situation(s) – how and where – the injuries commonly take place.
2. Would…
A. Improvements in the athlete’s physical capacity, or B. Teaching Innovative techniques to perform the skill, or C. More efficient interactions with the environment
…prevent these most common injuries? Why/Why Not?

Li (2012). How can sport biomechanics contribute to the advance of world record and best athletic performance?.
What are the top 3 most common, possible, injuries to your final project client?

Education homework help

Education homework help. As a manager ofÿ Health Information Services, you must be able to organize your time in a fashion that reflects priorities, deadlines, and reasonable expectations. To-do lists, calendars, and delegation can help you organize time appropriately and effectively.ObjectivesUpon completion of this activity,ÿyou should demonstrate skill inManaging time effectively in a given situation.Prioritizing tasks in a logical manner.Delegating tasks as appropriate.InstructionsRead ?Director Jones? Monday Morning,? the case study below.ÿ (Source:ÿ AOE Case Study Manual, 1998)Determine the priorityof each of the 10 items listed at the end. Decide on priorityÿ#1, #2, or #3. Write your answers in Microsoft Word and submit to the drop box as explained below.#1 – the task should be handled immediately#2 – the task should be delegated#3 – the task can be resolved/scheduled for a later datFor each item, list the action you will take and the rationale for the action.Director Jones? Monday MorningTime Management Case StudyIntroductionFor purposes of this case study, assume that you are J. R. Jones, the Director of the Health Information Department at University Hospital. The items that you faceÿMonday morning must be prioritized (#1 – the task should be handled immediately; #2 – the task should be delegated or #3 – the task can be resolved/scheduled for a later date).ÿ After prioritizing, you should decide how each task should be handled.In a Word document, indicate the following:the priority of each of the 10 items (#1, #2, or #3)the action you will take for each itemthe rationale for the actionYour responsibilitiesYou are the Director of the Health Information Department at University Hospital.ÿ You have been in this position for approximately six months. This is your first director position. You report to Carol Johnson, chief financial officer.You have 42 employees in your department:One department administrative assistant?Susan SweeneyTwo assistant directors?Carolyn Brown, RHIA and John Smith, RHITFour supervisors?Mary Green, RHIT; Joan Wilson, RHIA, CCS; William Bass, RHIT; and Fern Bailey, RHITFour codersTen transcriptionistsFive file clerksSix senior health information techniciansThree abstractorsThree release of information specialistsOne special project coordinator?Fran Dixon, RHIAOne quality management coordinator?Jim Black, RHIATwo quality management assistantsAs Director, you serve on the Health Information Committee and record minutes of their meetings. You coordinate committee meetings by sending out meeting notices, arranging refreshments, providing the records for review, and developing the agenda in conjunction with the committee chairman.As Director, you also serve on the Quality Improvement Committee for the hospital, as does the quality management coordinator, Jim Black.ÿ It is Mr. Black?s responsibility to record minutes at this meeting, prepare records for review and make meeting arrangements.ÿFinally, you are a member of the hospital?s Computerization Task Force.ÿYour other professional commitments are as follows:ÿVice-President of the advisory committee of the local HIA program,Member of the board of directors of your state health information management associationNewsletter chairman for the regional professional association.On this particular Monday, the Quality Improvement Committee meets at noon.ÿ Lunch will be served during the meeting.ÿ You also have an HIA Program Advisory Committee Meeting scheduled at 5:00 p.m. at the University.ÿ You have not yet prepared a presentation that you will make to the Advisory Committee on a report from the subcommittee on curriculum, of which you are Chair.ÿ This is also the first day of management affiliation for a student from out of state who will be spending six weeks in your department.You will be out of the office for the next two days at a JCAHO seminar in another city.ÿ Your flight leaves this evening at 8:30 p.m.What happens Monday morningOn the way to work this Monday morning, you stop at the local printer?s office to pick up the draft of the regional association?s newsletter, which must go out tomorrow. It must be proofread and returned to the printer for any corrections and copying some time today.ÿUpon leaving the printer?s office, you discover that your car is no longer where you parked it.ÿ You had apparently parked in an illegal parking spot, and your car has been towed away.ÿ When you call the local Police Department to find out where your car is, you are told that you can retrieve it from the auto storage facility for $50.00.ÿ You call your administrative assistant, and then you call a taxi to retrieve your car.ÿ You arrive at work at 9:45 am, rather than your usual starting time of 8:00 am.ÿYou begin to go through the notes and phone messages on your desk. In addition, while you are trying to do your work, people come in an interrupt you. Following is the list of 10 action items?both from messages and from people coming into your office. You need to find the time to take care of all 10 items. According to the instructions above, identify the priority, the action, and the rationale for each item.Time for Ten?A telephone message from Ms. Johnson regarding the proposed plan for the new file space that you have requested.ÿ Ms. Johnson wants to know what the impact on the department will be if the Health Information Department gets only 1800 square feet of additional file room space instead of the 2000 square feet requested.ÿ She needs an answer by tomorrow.Carolyn Brown, your Assistant Director, has stopped by and left a note to tell you that the management affiliation student arrived at 8:30 as scheduled and is waiting in her office.ÿ She has not been able to find the schedule that was prepared for the student?s first week.A second telephone message tells you that Jim Black, the Quality Management Coordinator, will not be in today because he has strep throat.ÿ The records are ready for review by the committee today, but he will not be able to present the final report on the study from last month.ÿ The report is on Mr. Black?s desk.ÿ Mr. Black cannot be reached since he has a doctor?s appointment this morning.A third telephone message is from Mary Green.ÿ She will be late today because she has an emergency dental appointment.ÿ Her tooth abscessed last night.ÿ She hopes to be here by noon.Susan Sweeney, your assistant, has left a message which she has marked ?URGENT.?ÿ Ms. Rosemary Mays, the Director of Nursing, called at 8:20 am and left a message regarding a possible breach of confidentiality on one of her employees, a nursing supervisor, who was recently a patient.ÿ It seems that one of the Health Information Department employees left part of the nurse?s record in the copy machine overnight and one of the other nurses, who entered the Health Information Department to retrieve a record, found it.ÿ She discussed the record with some of the other nurses.ÿ Ms. Mays was extremely upset and wants to talk to you as soon as possible.The fourth phone call message is from Ann Shoemaker, a friend of yours whose husband is a patient in the hospital.ÿ Ann knows that you are the director of the Health Information Department and that you have access to the medical records in the facility.ÿ Her husband has an alcohol problem and she wants to know if he can find out if the attending physician has mentioned it in the record.ÿ She is afraid the hospitalization will not be covered by insurance if it is documented that her husband is an alcoholic.ÿ She has explained this to Susan Sweeney. She would like you to call her as soon as you get in.At 10:15 am, Joan Wilson, the Coding Supervisor, stops by and asks if you have a minute to talk to her.ÿ You stop what you are doing and ask her what the problem is.ÿ She says that she cannot stand the pressure put on her regarding accounts receivable.ÿ She knows that there is $2 million presently outstanding for the hospital, but it is not all the fault of coders.ÿ She says they absolutely must have more help in order to get the coding backlog caught up.ÿ She indicates that she has been thinking about looking for a job where there is less stress.You find a memo from the assistant director, Carolyn Brown, indicating that there is a problem with supplies in the department.ÿ They have been disappearing, and she suspects that some of the people on second shift are taking them home. How should this be handled?It is now 11:30 am.ÿ Fern Bailey, supervisor of the incomplete area, mentions to you as you walk through the department that one of her techs has come back late from break AGAIN and Ms. Bailey is nearly ready to terminate her. The employee has already received a verbal and written warning concerning this chronic problem.ÿ The tech is the niece of the hospital CEO.It is 11:45 am. You have closed the door to your office so that you can work on your presentation for the 5:00 pm Advisory Committee meeting. Soon there is a knock on the door.ÿ It is Susan Sweeney, who tells you that one of the cardiac doctors is demanding to see you.ÿ He is saying that after dictating a discharge summary, which he says took an hour, he discovered that he had already dictated it last week. He claims that the list of delinquent records indicated that he still needed to dictate the particular discharge summary, when it turned out to have been dictated before. He is angry and wants to discuss this problem immediately.Education homework help

The Rookie Chief Information Security Officer

research paper help The Rookie Chief Information Security Officer.

The Rookie Chief Information Security OfficerThis assignment consists of five (5) parts:Part 1: Organization ChartPart 2: Request for Proposal (RFP) PlanPart 3: Physical Security PlanPart 4: Enterprise Information Security Compliance ProgramPart 5: Risk Management PlanImagine that you have been recently promoted to serve as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for a Fortune 500 organization. This organization has known brand products across the world and expects top-secret methods for safeguarding proprietary information on its recipes and product lines. The Board of Directors request that their information security strategy be upgraded to allow greater opportunities of secure cloud collaboration between suppliers and resellers of their products. Another concern they have is the recent number of hacktivist attacks that have caused the network to fail across the enterprise. Their concern extends to making sure that they have controlled methods for accessing secured physical areas within their various regional facilities.For your new position, you will be responsible for developing standards, methods, roles, and recommendations that will set the new IT security path for the organization. The existing organization has limited experience in supporting an enhanced level of IT security; therefore, you may need to outsource certain security services.Additionally, you may create and / or assume all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.Write an eight to twelve (8-12) page paper in which you provide the following deliverables:Part 1: Organization Chart1. Use Visio or an Open Source alternative, such as Dia, to:a. Create an organization chart in which you:i. Illustrate the roles that will be required to ensure design, evaluation, implementation, and management of security programsfor the organization.ii. Within your organizational chart, clearly identify the reporting structure for roles such as IT Security Compliance Officer,Security Manager, CIO, CISO, IT Security Engineer, Privacy Security Professional, and IT Procurement Specialist.iii. List the types of resources required to fulfill the each forensic duty of the organization below each of the roles you identified.iv. Align your organization chart to reflect the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Essential Body of Knowledge’s three (3)areas of information security: physical security professional, privacy professional, and procurement professional. Providecomments and comparisons on how your organizational chart fosters these three (3) values.Part 2: Request for Proposal (RFP) Plan2. Develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) plan to solicit qualified vendors that could partner with your internal team to deliver optimumIT service delivery. The RFP Plan should contain qualifying criteria of potential vendors and the responsibilities of the vendor oncethe contract is awarded. As part of the plan, you must:a. Describe at least two (2) perspectives that need to be closely monitored within the contract.b. Give your perspective on at least two (2) methods that could be used to evaluate and develop a qualified trusted supplier list.Part 3: Physical Security Plan3. Recommend a physical security plan that could be used to protect sensitive areas such as telecom rooms, employee only areas,and manufacturing facilities in which you:a. Include at least three (3) specific methods.Part 4: Enterprise Information Security Compliance Program4. Establish an enterprise information security compliance program that addresses the concerns of the board of directors of theorganization in which you:a. Describe specific plans and control objectives that could be adopted to address the known issues.b. Suggest at least three (3) information security policies that could be developed and practiced within the organization for datasecurity assurance.c. Outline the steps you would take to define the security needs of the organization in terms of duties, staffing, training, andprocesses.Part 5: Risk Management Plan5. Develop a risk management plan in which you:a. Describe at least three (3) possible risk management efforts that could be used to assess threats and unknown issues.b. Determine why defining priorities is an important part of the process when enumerating and having efficient risk controlmeasures.c. Suggest specific technical and management controls that could be enacted in order to monitor risks accurately.6. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as qualityresources.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.Include charts or diagrams created in Visio or one of its equivalents such as Dia. The completed diagrams / charts must be imported into the Word document before the paper is submitted.The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:Describe and apply the 14 areas of common practice in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Essential Body of Knowledge.Describe best practices in cybersecurity.Describe physical security plans and processes.Evaluate the ethical concerns inherent in cybersecurity and how these concerns affect organizational policies.Explain legal and regulatory compliance practices.Explain risk management plans and policies.Describe physical security plans and processes.Develop a cybersecurity plan that incorporates the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Essential Body of Knowledge.Identify the strategic management issues in cybersecurity planning and response.Explain data security competencies to include turning policy into practice.Compare and contrast the functional roles of an organization in the context of cybersecurity.Identify and analyze the role of the Chief Information Officer, Information Security Officer, and IT Security Compliance Officer in the context of cybersecurity.Use technology and information resources to research issues in cybersecurity.Write clearly and concisely about topics associated with cybersecurity using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.
The Rookie Chief Information Security Officer

future value of this

future value of this.

Assume you need to make future value calculation for an investment that pays 24% annual interest, compounded quarterly. What column would you use In Table B-2, Future Value of 1? 
A. 6% 
C. 8% 
B. 24% 
D. 2% 
future value of this

How: For the PowerPoint presentation, each slide must contain at least one image. For the research report, your group may

How: For the PowerPoint presentation, each slide must contain at least one image. For the research report, your group may use any format — single-spacing or double-spacing; footnotes or end notes; etc. — as long as the format is used consistently, but the report must contain separate headings for each section (see below) and should be organized as follows:    7. Litigation Risk (500 words min. one or two slides) What is the most important lawsuit (past, present, or future) that could affect the future of the firm? What type of legal liability does this case represent? Is the firm the plaintiff or the defendant in this case? Is this case more likely to settle out of court or go to trial? 8. Existing or Pending Legislation (500 words min. one or two slides) What is the single-most important law (State, federal, or international) that applies to your business firm? (Put another way, what is the one law that your company has to worry about the most?) What lobbying efforts at the local, State, or federal level is your business firm currently engaged in? (Put differently, what law would the CEO or owner of your business firm like to see enacted in the short or long term?)

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