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NRSE 4550 Ohio Wk 4 Positive and Negative Impacts of Cancer Treatment Questions

NRSE 4550 Ohio Wk 4 Positive and Negative Impacts of Cancer Treatment Questions.

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NRSE 4550 – Wk 4 Writing AssignmentPlease create assignment on the template provided.This paper requires you to explore the literature to find 2 research articles that are examples of 2 different levels on the levels of evidence hierarchy. The pyramid that illustrates the levels of hierarchy is on page 13 or 31 in the 9th edition (ch. 1) in your textbook or pg 15 in 8th edition. Please read about the levels of evidence to ensure you understand them before selecting your articles.Do not have to have one qualitative and one quantitative. You can choose any 2 articles as long as they meet the requirement of 2 different levels. The expectation is that you give a thorough explanation of each of the answers and not a simple one-line answer. Must be submitted on the template.Must include 2 journal references dated 2016-2021 (within 5 years). ObjectivesUnderstand the research levels of evidence hierarchy (pyramid)Demonstrate effective data base search strategiesIdentify studies by level of evidenceMust include an introduction and a conclusion paragraph.Each paragraph must include 3-4 complete sentences.**All references will be verified****Please do not use the following example: An example of an area where qualitative methods would be useful in nursing is in the study of the maternal factors associated with the obesity of toddlers. In quantitative methods, an example is the exploration of the mortality rates in regard to sex and heart attacks. From my personal experience, I have used qualitative methods to conduct a study of the psychological implications of dementia among the elderly. I have also used quantitative methods to evaluate the tangible impacts of critical care nursing.Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your assistance.
NRSE 4550 Ohio Wk 4 Positive and Negative Impacts of Cancer Treatment Questions

MOS 5425 Toxicology U7. I’m stuck on a Environmental Science question and need an explanation.

Household cleaning products are some common solvents that you may be in contact with on a regular basis. Based on what you have learned about solvents, discuss a specific solvent that you commonly use. Do you think the cleaning product label properly warns you of the toxic effects of the solvent? Now that you know a little more about solvents, do you think there should be more information on the cleaning products? Why, or why not?
Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.
MOS 5425 Toxicology U7

HLS 460 Colorado Technical University National Communications Benchmark Discussion

HLS 460 Colorado Technical University National Communications Benchmark Discussion.

Create an essay based on community communication capabilities, goals, and problems.Create a real-world scenario of an all-hazards event such as a major fire, earthquake, or terrorist attack.The scenario will be of your own choosing and imaginative process, but it must be written as if it were being presented to a local city council.Include conclusions and recommendations for installation, maintenance, and operation of communications equipment.Address the human factor for communication breakdowns and requisite training for operators.What is the role of a public spokesperson? Explain.What qualifications should be required for a public spokesperson to assure accurate public information, minimize rumors, and provide instruction for evacuation and assistance before a predicted crisis, during an emergency, and after returning to a normal routine? Explain.What strategies must be implemented at the local level to enhance communication and eliminate corresponding equipment problems that may arise during a crisis situation? Explain.Be sure to reference all sources using APA format.
HLS 460 Colorado Technical University National Communications Benchmark Discussion

The Instant Effects of Acute Stress Disorder & PTSD Mechanisms Discussion

essay writing help The Instant Effects of Acute Stress Disorder & PTSD Mechanisms Discussion.

1. Based on the files and chapter 11 in the text book below, answer all the questions (500 words):What can be done to minimize the immediate effects of Acute Stress Disorder?What can be done to ameliorate the long term effects of PTSD?Are the strategies you proposed different, or the same? Why?One thing that sometimes happens after a traumatic death, is that a family, or a community will build a spontaneous memorial. Sometimes the location is specific to the death (roadside), or sometimes it is a location which held a significant meaning to the community or family (school locker, park bench). There has long been debate about the function, practicality, and even safety of these memorials. For example, it is not uncommon here in Virginia for the Department of Transportation to leave some memorials indefinitely (such as a small marker), but elaborate displays are often removed after six months to a year (depending on the county, the location, and the size). What are some factors for or against such displays? Do you feel they should be left indefinitely? If not, what should we use the guide their removal or relocation?2. Response to a classmate post which I will send later (100 words)
The Instant Effects of Acute Stress Disorder & PTSD Mechanisms Discussion

Information Technology Human Community Health and Medical Care Discussion

Information Technology Human Community Health and Medical Care Discussion.

125 words each with 1 reference eachOne: Healthcare information technology (HIT) has been defined as “the application of information processing involving both computer hardware and software that deals with the storage, retrieval, sharing, and use of health care information, data, and knowledge for communication and decision making” (Brailer, 2004). The acceptance of Health Information Technology(HIT) in the healthcare field has been a long a continuous process. Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) have been in use since the 1990’s but at that time the value to invest in HIT was unknown and no evidence of value was available to support the implementation. “Commercial systems started to proliferate in the 1990s, but adoption of these systems was mainly limited to large health care delivery organizations, or health systems. Evidence from these major health systems demonstrated the value of HIT for reducing cost and improving care—especially in improving patient safety”. (Knickman, et al., 2019)The implementation and management of HIT is costly and initially slowed the implementation in health care systems and private practice. Since the enactment of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act in 2009 and the Affordable Care Act in 2010, many health systems now have interoperable EHR systems. “In recent years, EHR systems have been widely adopted in U.S. acute care hospitals and physician practice settings, largely due to financial incentives made available through the HITECH Act of 2009. The EHR incentive program has been replaced by MACRA, which has health IT implications and reporting requirements for health care providers” (Burns, et al, 2019). HIT can be managed by ensuring the software is within standards with HITECH and ACA mandates, scheduled updates to the software, training for all users and ensuring that the entire healthcare system including private practice partners utilize the system. These components allows organizations to add value to the use of HIT. One major value of HIT is that it improves healthcare quality and patient safety. “Health information technology improves patient’s safety by reducing medication errors, reducing adverse drug reactions, and improving compliance to practice guidelines” (Brailer, 2004). When accurate information is placed in the HER, it can be traced to provide information about trends in care. Healthcare organizations can then use this information to become innovative in improving the quality of care and reducing the cost of care. References Brailer D.,(2004). The decade of health information technology, Framework for Strategic Action. Retrieved from:… .Burns, L., Bradley, E., Weiner, B. (20190102). Shortell and Kaluzny’s Healthcare Management: Organization Design and Behavior, 7th Edition.Knickman, J. R., Elbel, B., & Jonas, S. (2019). Jonas & Kovners health care delivery in the United States. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.Thompson, D. (2006). Ehr value: Don’t expect what you don’t plan for. Healthcare FinancialManagement: Journal of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, 60(12), 58- 62.Two: Health information technology (health IT) involves the processing, storage, and exchange of health information in an electronic environment. Widespread use of health IT within the health care industry will improve the quality of health care, prevent medical errors, reduce health care costs, increase administrative efficiencies, decrease paperwork, and expand access to affordable health care. It is imperative that the privacy and security of electronic health information be ensured as this information is maintained and transmitted electronically. The integration of health information technology (IT) into primary care includes a variety of electronic methods that are used to manage information about people’s health and health care, for both individual patients and groups of patients. The use of health IT can improve the quality of care, even as it makes health care more cost-effective.References:Health Information Technology Integration | Agency for Healthcare …. (2020). Retrieved on December 5, 2020, from Information Technology | (2020). Retrieved on December 5, 2020, from
Information Technology Human Community Health and Medical Care Discussion

Scenario Introduction

Scenario Introduction.

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Role: Director of Product InnovationYou studied environmental science in college and are active in many
environmental causes. You believe deeply in the potential for the
sustainability initiative to foster innovative R&D and a broader
product portfolio at Spectrum, and you are willing to stake your career
on its success. You aggressively lobby your friend and mentor, Deborah
Edge, about the benefits of this initiative.You are Director of Product Innovation within the Research &
Development unit of Spectrum Sunglass Company. Spectrum’s immediate
future looks bright as the company enters its second decade of
operations. Externally, the consumer sunglass market is growing again,
and competitive-pricing pressures have subsided. The company recently
rehired some of the workers laid off during the last recession, and many
departmental budgets have been restored to well-funded, pre-recession
levels. You are especially proud that one potential new product design
has received positive focus group feedback after the first phase of
development, and some exciting branding deals with Hollywood celebrities
are under negotiation. Everyone at Spectrum Sunglass is looking forward
to growth and enhanced earnings.While you generally feel very positive regarding the situation at
Spectrum, you have noticed that the topic of sustainable economic
development and the link between sustainability and innovation is
featured in many of the professional articles you read, such as “Why
Sustainability Is Now the Key Driver of Innovation.” You are frustrated
that you don’t have any new sunglass products to offer to the vocal
customers who increasingly express concerns about Spectrum’s
environmental impact. Not only does sustainable development make sense
to you personally, from both a moral and an economic standpoint, but you
also see this as an opportunity to differentiate Spectrum’s products
from your competitors, which focus exclusively on design and price.During Spectrum Sunglass Company’s annual strategy retreat, you
decide to pitch the idea of forming a task force to make the company and
its products more environmentally sustainable. Your vision for Spectrum
consists of three specific goals: (1) Eliminate 25% of waste by
redesigning the manufacturing process; (2) reduce the current level of
greenhouse gas emissions by 15%; and (3) create a new product line based
entirely on environmentally benign materials. You argue that these
goals, while aggressive, are achievable within the next two years. You
also add that based on your current understanding, the task force will
need to pursue the following activities: (1) Conduct energy audits and
set aggressive milestones for improvement on the three goals; (2)
redesign processes and products to be more environmentally sustainable
(and scale up successful experiments quickly); (3) analyze environmental
life cycles throughout the entire value chain inside the firm and with
its suppliers; (4) seek to replace fossil-fuel energy sources with
renewable energy sources; and (5) seek to replace petroleum-based
materials with biodegradable materials.After politely listening to your proposal, Andrew Chen, the General
Counsel, interjects that in his professional opinion, the sustainability
project opens up the company to unnecessary legal risks. If the company
does go ahead, he advises that only one of the three goals be pursued
and that it not be publicly announced or promised until after a careful
internal due diligence process. Then the CFO, Paul D’Arcy, speaks up,
adding that instead of focusing on a pie-in-the-sky sustainability
project, the task force’s time and money would be better spent on
finding innovative ways for Spectrum to reduce raw material costs and
counteract the seasonality of its business. Just when you are about to
inject a counterargument to this increasingly negative reception, Luke
Filer, the VP of Operations, states that he is concerned about a product
and process change that is likely to increase raw material costs and
disrupt existing production flows.Breaking the impasse, Leslie Harris, Spectrum’s VP of Sales and
Marketing, argues that this idea has considerable promise and that it
would be foolish to reject it prematurely. After an hour-long
discussion, during which some members of the top management team voice
support for the initiative while others express skepticism, Henry Adams,
the CEO and the rest of the management team agree to support your
proposal, with the condition that the measure of success be your team’s
ability to achieve the proposed three goals within the next two years.
The CEO agrees to allow you and your task force members to spend 75% of
your time on this change initiative over the next two years. You agree
to this arrangement, and you recommend that the task force report
directly to the CEO in order to signal its importance to the rest of the
organization and to facilitate direct communication on key issues as
they come up. As the retreat ends and everyone heads to dinner, you
start pondering the numerous issues and obstacles you’ll need to
overcome in order to implement your sustainability vision.Your central challenge is to convince your colleagues that a dramatic
change in the organization’s strategy and products is necessary and
that environmental sustainability is one of the keys to the firm’s
future. This challenge is somewhat complicated by the fact that you must
influence the rest of the organization without the formal authority to
command employees’ attention, and there is no generally perceived need
to change at this moment because of the firm’s return to normal
profitability. However, you do have a reputation for being competent and
trustworthy, and this reputational capital will be invaluable to you as
you take on this new challenge.© 2013 Harvard Business School Publishing.
Scenario Introduction

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