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NRS 429 VN Grand Canyon University Social Determinants of Health Presentation

NRS 429 VN Grand Canyon University Social Determinants of Health Presentation.

I’m working on a nursing question and need support to help me learn.

1.It’s a group assignment and topic selected is social determinants of health(SDOH) and question is how SDOH adversely affects African American community? (Focus SDOH affect on economic stability of African Americans) 2.Explain evidence-based approaches that can optimize health for African American population? How do these approaches minimize health disparity among African Americans? (Focus on optimizing economy of African Americans)3.Outline a proposal for health education that can be used in a family-centered health promotion to address the issue for the target population?(Focus on promotion of African Americans economically) Present a general profile of at least one health-related organization for the selected focus topic. Present two resources national and local for the proposed education plan that can be utilized by the provider or patient? Identify interdisciplinary health professionals important to include in the health promotion. What is their role? Why is their involvement significant?
NRS 429 VN Grand Canyon University Social Determinants of Health Presentation

Essay Editing and revising. I don’t understand this Writing question and need help to study.

I have written this essay already but i need help revising it.
The essay is attached and some helpful writing resources are attached as well.
Writing a Research Paper, Thesis Statements, Introductions & Conclusions, Paragraph Structure, APA,
This is the grading criteria
Purpose: To contribute information to your field of study
Total Points Possible: 200

Effectively answers the research question with focused 1-2 answers or conclusions- 25 pts
Effective academic intro and thesis- 25 pts
Effective academic body paragraph structure- 50 pts
Effective use of evidence from credible sources from the field- 50 pts
Conclusion paragraph and use of academic-style citations- 25 pts
Polished academic writing- 25 pts

This is the lecture for the essay

The following are the feedbacks I got on my essay.
1) Feedback #1 I
s there a clear thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph that identifies the topic being explored and 1-3 conclusions/answers?
– I think there is a clear thesis, however there are not any responses/solutions listed.
What is missing from the thesis, or how might it be improved?
– A specific response on what you think would happen, or what researched do if coke were to be legalized.
Does each body paragraph have a single focus on a single conclusion/answer?
– Yes, each one does.
Or are there body paragraphs that jump from 1 conclusion to another within the paragraph?
– No I think the paragraphs are well written.
Does each body paragraph provide academic evidence to support the conclusion/answer to the question/topic?
– Yes, beside the last one.
What is missing from the body paragraphs, or how might they be improved?
– More background information would be great.
Does the writer provide answers that are from academic research and stay away from providing their own personal experiences and opinions and popular social opinions on the topic?
– Yes, Every reason why coke should be legalized was backed with a statistic, not just by saying “Coke is fun” or something like that.
2) Feedback #2
Is there a clear thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph that identifies the topic being explored and 1-3 conclusions/answers?- Based on the question to be answered, I would say that the thesis is clear but does not contain any conclusions or answers.What is missing from the thesis, or how might it be improved?
– I would say to add the conclusions you speak about in your essay in some shower hand way so that it could be included in your thesis statement.Does each body paragraph have a single focus on a single conclusion/answer? Or are there body paragraphs that jump from 1 conclusion to another within the paragraph?- Each one of your paragraphs has a definite focus and those ideas do not jump from paragraph to paragraph.Does each body paragraph provide academic evidence to support the conclusion/answer to the question/topic?- Your paragraphs do contain academic evidence to support your conclusions.What is missing from the body paragraphs,or how might they be improved?- I would work on connecting your paragraphs with smoother transitions. The information is there, it could move from idea to idea with lead in sentences at the end of the paragraphs.Does the writer provide answers that are from academic research and stay away from providing their own personal experiences and opinions and popular social opinions on the topic?From what I can read, you do stay away from personal and social opinions and stay with your academic research. Definitely less emotion than my essay. You use academic research to make your conclusions.
Essay Editing and revising
Character short story. Paper details In this assignment, you will be writing a short story, featuring a character with a conflict—the protagonist must start out in media res (in the middle of a life-changing conflict). You might want to think about it as if you opened a door and saw the character that you interviewed for your newspaper profile in the middle of a turning point. Some typical themes you might want to consider: * Coming-of-age realization about a person/place/or thing [a person appears at a class reunion or shows up for the first day on a job] * Person-in-jeopardy plot where a person is “dropped” into a dangerous situation [think CSI] * Family gathering plot [always a setting for some type of stress] * Personal challenge plot [a person receives “bad news”] Remember to “frame” the character with a vivid setting and start with a “catchy” opening paragraph. In order to develop a living, breathing, multi-faceted character, it is important to know way more about the character than you will ever use in the story. One of the easiest ways to build characterization and personality in a protagonist is to surround them with people to interact with. When a character is in a short, compressed story with only 1-2 minor characters, developing an interesting character becomes a greater challenge. Here are two things to remember when writing a story with one central character: General Requirements: * Write an original entry that concisely addresses and answers the prompt in 500 – 600 words. * Correct literary style, mechanics, and ample diction applied. * Assignment is free of grammatical and basic mechanical errors. * Assignment is submitted correct MLA Format. Character short story
SDSU The Ghost Map and How It Changed Science Book Analysis Report Essay.

Read The Ghost Map: The Story of London’s Most Terrifying Epidemic – and How it Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World. By Johnson, Steven. ISBN: 978-1594482694. Use your words to answer the questions and when using citations (e.g., definitions, quotes) make sure to add references (where the citations are coming from) and add your comments to explain the answer. Be sure that your report answers the following questions: WHAT BOOK did you read (give a full bibliographic citation, add the full reference after the report as an appendix).WHAT HAPPENED in this book? WHAT was built, WHERE, WHEN? Give a short summary of the structure(s) and its intended functioning.WHAT were the advantages of the structure(s) described? In other words, what benefits to the people who lived by or used the structure(s) occurred? Did the structure(s) live up to its (their) expectations? Did it succeed in unanticipated ways?WHAT were the disadvantages of the structure(s) described? In other words, what negative outcomes occurred for people who lived by or used the structure(s)? Particularly note any unanticipated negative consequences. Could these have been anticipated?HOW innovative was the design of the particular structure(s), in terms of its methods and/or materials of construction, in terms of its environmental social impacts, and in terms of its use? Is it still in use? Is it still in use in the same way in which it was intended? Is it still as important as it was when it was built?HOW did the LOCATION of the structure(s) influence what was built and/or how it was built? HOW did the TIME in which the structure was built influence what was built and/or how it was built?Did YOU like this book? Would you recommend it to others? Produce a review of it as an object of entertainment, perhaps using a review of a book in a magazine or newspaper as an example. FORMAT: Write a 6-8 page written report (not counting any front or back matter, see details below). You should use space-and-a-half, 12-point font, 1-inch margins all around. Number your pages. Spelling, grammar, and presentation will be graded. Also, use the following checklist to make sure your report meets what is expected from this assignment. SUGGESTED OUTLINE: Front matter (cover page, table of contents). Main report (6 full pages to 8 pages to include the items bellow) Introduction, to include a brief summary and a hint as to your key observations. Description, to include item 2 above. Impacts of the Structure(s)/City, to include items 3, 4, and 5 above. Relationship to builders’ place and time, to include 6 above. Conclusions, to include your thoughts on, for example, whether a similar structure/city part/city might be built today, and if so how the design, construction, and use of similar structures might be approached differently today, and any particularly interesting thoughts or observations you have on the structure/city. Back matter Reference list with complete bibliographic records for any sources including the book you read Your review of the book (item 7), and any other relevant information you wish to include. A (90-100) – The report is turned in before the due date/time. Of the seven guiding questions, all are answered clearly and well, in a way that they can be found. The report is written in a professional tone, with only one or two errors in English spelling and grammar. There are no errors in fact or areas left incomplete. The report addresses the questions asked and goes beyond by evidencing interest in the subject additional research into the event and is interesting and engaging to read. Very specific concepts from the class are applied to the reading in new ways, and/or original examples are used to illustrate concepts from the reading. The report is well organized and clear.!
SDSU The Ghost Map and How It Changed Science Book Analysis Report Essay

Ashford University Participant Selection and Sampling Procedures Paper

Ashford University Participant Selection and Sampling Procedures Paper.

Research Proposal: Step ThreeThroughout the next six weeks, you will plan and propose a quantitative research design of your choice, which may (or may not) involve an area of interest for your doctoral dissertation. You will select a research topic, generate testable hypotheses, review relevant literature, describe participant selection procedures, identify data collection methods, describe the proposed quantitative research design, address potential ethical problems, and describe limitations of your research proposal.This assignment is the third step toward completing your final research proposal in Week 6. In a one to two page paper, in addition to the Title Page and References Page, answer the following. Please use the Kallet (2004) article for further guidance on how to prepare the methods section. Participant Selection and Sampling Procedures: Explain how you will select your sample. This part of your proposal should read like a detailed set of instructions that someone else could follow and execute without your help. You should cover the following questions:Who or what is your target population? What is your sample size?Where will you obtain your sample?Is the sample representative of the defined population?How many groups will you have?What sampling method do you plan to use (e.g., randomization, convenience sampling, etc.)? Why do you plan to use this method as opposed to others that are available?How will the sample be collected?Be sure to discuss how informed consent, privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality will be addressed in the study.Be sure to include an APA formatted title page and references page.
Ashford University Participant Selection and Sampling Procedures Paper

Complete Short IT Discussion

essay order Complete Short IT Discussion. I’m studying for my Computer Science class and need an explanation.

Library Research Assignment
Using the online library, the Internet, and all course materials, research cyber criminals, their motives, and the forensic tools used to track an offender.

Summarize who you believe cyber criminals are, and why?
What do you believe are the motives of a cyber criminal? Why?
What are 3 ways to track an offender? Give an example of each.
What types of tools are used in the process of a digital or network investigation?
What information can be learned through these tools about the intrusion or other cyber crime?
What are the main investigative tools that all cyber crime investigators should have? What are some of the specialty tools that investigators would require for specific type of investigation such as network intrusion or mobile investigation?

Complete Short IT Discussion

The TJX Company’s Industry and Competitive Analysis Research Paper

Industry Analysis There is no use denying the fact that along with societys development, the level of peoples demands for comfort and various goods, which help to create the atmosphere, has increased significantly. Nowadays, people want to live, not just in a safe and solid house. They want to make it comfortable and beautiful. That is why they buy goods that could help to create the needed atmosphere and make any dwelling look unique. It is no wonder that the appearance of the demand for some goods resulted in the creation of the industry, which could satisfy this very demand (Nguyen, n.d.). With this in mind, it is possible to say that the TJX companies Inc. is one organization of this sort. Moreover, it is the brightest representative of the given industry. That is why its functioning could be analyzed to determine the most important peculiarities of the given sphere and make certain conclusions. Thus, speaking about the given industry, it is possible to say that it develops along with society and tries to satisfy peoples requirements. Being American apparel and home goods company, TJX has to organize its function in the way which satisfies its clients (Our Company, n.d.). That is why the first and the most important peculiarity of the given industry is the adherence to the trends which are popular within society. The whole sector is oriented on creating goods, which could be used by people who want to decorate their house or use them for a certain purpose. That is why many companies that work in the given sphere influence the industry, changing it and adding some unique features. Thus, it should also be said that one can predict the further development of the given sphere. The fact is that the level of well-being increases, and people become able to spend more money on various goods. That is why many good perspectives are awaiting this industry. Competitive analysis Nevertheless, resting on the great importance and popularity of the given sector, it is possible to state the severe rivalry between various companies that work in the industry. Trying to survive and become beneficial, they look for new markets and customers, creating various strategies to attract them. TJX is the leading company in the USA, which provides a wide range of services. However, there are still many rivals that try to win the market and exceed TJXs showings. It is possible to outline three main competitors, which also work in the given sphere. They are Target Corporation, Kohls Corporation, and Ross stores Inc (The TJX Companies Inc Competition, n.d.). Being great companies with a high level of income, these companies make TJX use various competitive strategies to survive and remain in the top positions. However, it is possible to say that customers take TJX as the leading brand, which suggests outstanding services and provides goods characterized by high quality. It is one of the main features which differs TJX from its competitors. The fact is that it managed to create a positive image and organize its functioning in the way which could promote its further improvement. Another important fact is that TJX works not only with apparel or home goods, but there are some other services provided by the company (Our Company, n.d.). With this in mind, the combination of these peculiarities makes TJX one of the most popular companies. References Nguyen, V. (n.d.). Analysis of the Luxury Goods

PSY 260 GCU Background of Disaster & Traits of Demographics Affected Discussion

PSY 260 GCU Background of Disaster & Traits of Demographics Affected Discussion.

I’m working on a psychology project and need support to help me understand better.

In 500-750-words, students will select one “research disaster” from the list provided or a preapproved topic. Topics Include: The Tuskegee Syphilis StudyThalidomide ExperimentsDeath of Jesse GelsingerThe Stanford ExperimentThe Milgram ExperimentsThe Monster StudyThe Aversion Project Address the following: Background on the disaster, including what occurred, when, and the demographic characteristics of those affected.What the consequences were, including how the demographics of those involved placed them at risk.Due to these experiments or circumstances, explain the ethical/legal issues faced by both those in power and those subjected to the experiment.What modern-day research ethics practices and/or procedures were informed by this event(s) (i.e., Informed Consent, The Belmont Report, and any specific core ethical principles or standards discussed in chapter four of the course textbook). How do these modern-day ethical practices align with the standards of the American Psychological Association? Use a minimum of three scholarly resources to conduct research. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance. Benchmark Information This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competency: BS Psychology 3.7 Explain how social, political, economic, and cultural information is used ethically and legally in the discipline of psychology.
PSY 260 GCU Background of Disaster & Traits of Demographics Affected Discussion

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