NR305 Week 3 iHuman Nurse Notes Template Directions: 1. Read all directions on the NR305 Week 3 assignment directions

NR305 Week 3 iHuman Nurse Notes Template

1. Read all directions on the NR305 Week 3 assignment directions page.
2. Complete the Week 3 Cardiovascular Assessment: Michael Granger case in iHuman before completing this template.
3. Submit the iHuman case for grading by iHuman. (You may submit 2 attempts before the deadline.)
1. Do not delete any of the content/questions currently on this template.
2. Answer each item below. Read the directions carefully in each question and answer them fully. Reminder: You can refer back to the iHuman case as needed to help you complete this template.
3. Submit the completed template on the Week 3 assignment page. (Your instructor will grade the Nurse Notes and provide feedback in the grading comments.)
4. Please check for proper grammar and spelling prior to submission as this is part of the rubric.

Complete each item below:

1. Write an SBAR note (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendations) to summarize Mr. Granger’s current health state for the next nursing shift. Hint: Since Mr. Granger is a new admission your summary should include a comprehensive, but brief, review of all of your findings, not only abnormal results. To develop your note, type the appropriate information after each letter below.

S –

B –

A –

R –

2. Mr. Granger will be discharged to his home soon. Describe two priority teaching topics for Mr. Granger’s discharge plan.



3. In a one paragraph response, what findings in your iHuman assessment led you select these discharge teaching topics?

4. In a one paragraph response, discuss in detail how you would teach this information to Mr. Granger. Describe any teaching tools or resources you would provide. Utilize the course textbook, weekly course lesson, or an outside scholarly source to support your thoughts and ideas. Cite your resources in your paragraphs and list your reference(s) after your response.


International trade, comparative advantage, and protectionism

International trade, comparative advantage, and protectionism.

 International trade, comparative advantage, and protectionism


In detailed 3 paragraph:


ð  discuss the main economic concepts covered,

ð  why you enjoyed the topic,

ð  how applicable you find the topic either in day to day economic decisions, your life, or intended career.


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Is Spending in the City of Long Beach Excessive?

NR305 Week 3 iHuman Nurse Notes Template Directions: 1. Read all directions on the NR305 Week 3 assignment directions Is Spending in the City of Long Beach Excessive?.


The Case: Is Spending in the City of Long Beach Excessive? As reported in the local Long Beach media, the City Council at the request of Mayor Garcia voted to place on the March 2020 ballot a measure that would make permanent Measure A (2016). Measure A increases the retail sale tax rate by 1% for 10 years. The total sales tax rate in Long Beach is now 10.25% of which 2% is allocated to Long Beach. The measure has generated about $60 million annually. The Mayor’s justification was to maintain levels of spending for public safety and infrastructure, to help cover the $25 million obligation made by the City to help support the Long Beach Community Hospital Seismic Retrofit project, and to pre-empt Los Angeles County from filling in the 1% tax rate upon expiration in 2027. Note that State law caps the sales tax rate at 10.25%, and that other taxing jurisdictions, through voter referendum, may only increase the sales tax rate if it is less than 10.25%. If Measure A expires without extension, other taxing jurisdictions like LA County, may levy a rate of up to 1% and use the funds for those jurisdiction’s functions. Some critics have stated that the tax rates are too high already as evidenced by the fact that the City has the highest sales tax rate permitted in the State. This would most likely be permanent if the proposed measure was passed by voters (this assumes that the State and other taxing jurisdictions do not lower their sales tax rates). Further many of the critics state that the problem is not one of too little revenue but of too much spending. 10/23/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 5/7 Given the scenario noted above it is important to address the criticism that has been levied that the City has a spending problem. As such it is important to examine spending by the City to determine if the critic’s comments have any validity. ***Check additional materials for Excel template and detailed instructions. The assignment is two parts (excel spreadsheet and writing a memo)

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Report on Java API project

Report on Java API project.

The document will have the following sections: Requirement Description Marks 1. An Introduction The introduction will expand the problem statement to describe how the API fits together. For instance: a. Textual description of the problem and the proposed solution. (4 Marks) b. An Entity-Relationship diagram would be a useful addition. (8 Marks) c. Describe how you tackle the Security concern across the whole API. (8 Marks) Introduction is to be approximately 2 pages. 20 Marks 2. The RESTful API The API describes all the entry points for the above problem domain. Each entry point (at least 15 entry points – 2 Marks for each) should be documented under the following headings: a. API Name: e.g. Users Resource b. Description: e.g. This allows the retrieval of all user resources. c. URI: e.g. /users d. HTTP verb: e.g. GET e. Parameters: e.g. user_id (Integer, Required), name (String, Optional), for a POST this would be a JSON object. f. Resource contents: e.g. an example of the returned resource. g. Pre-Conditions: e.g. no record for the user with the specified user_id must exist. h. Post-Conditions: e.g. a new record for the user with the specified user_id exists. 30 Marks 3. Prototype: The API prototype, must be implemented according to the following requirements: a. Front end client: An HTML+JavaScript or Mobile or Desktop client calling ALL portions of the API. E.g., the client should check the account balance allowing a transfer or withdrawal. (10 Marks) b. Back end service: REST API developed in Java which implements ALL portions of the API using in-memory objects. Constraints should be implemented, balances should be updated and transactions should be remembered as the API is called. This should be achieved with a mock 50 Marks database layer In-memory (i.e.ArrayList can be used). (25 Marks) You should provide screenshots to demonstrate the operation of the Web Service. (15 Marks) The prototype source code should also be included with the submission in a ZIP file. Project the document will be based: Problem Domain Online Banking is a mainstream service offered by most banks today. A typical consumer online banking application requires the following: ● A Customer: Customers are individuals with a name, correspondence address, email and security credentials. A customer can hold one or more accounts. ● An Account: An account has a sort code (identifying the branch), an account number and a current balance, The account has a list of transactions. ● A Transaction: Each transaction is either a debit or credit on a particular date, with a description and post-transaction balance. Customers will be able to do the following: Create – Customers should be able to create an account with the bank, and a customer who has an account should be able to add additional accounts. For example a typical customer may have a current account and a savings account. Lodgement – For the lodgement, a bank customer can specify the amount to lodge and the account to be credited. Transfer – For the transfer, the bank customer can specify the amount to transfer and an account to transfer to. Withdrawal – For withdrawal, the bank customer can specify the amount to withdraw and the account to be debited. Balance – The customer can request a balance on any account at any time.

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Theology of The Church

Theology of The Church.

 Discuss the following: (1) what you consider to be a theology of the Church, (2) its implication for a biblical perspective on Christian ministry, (3) a personal strategy for implementing these truths in your life. As you are conducting research for your paper, listen carefully and thoroughly to Dr. Mills’ assigned teaching lecture below and take thorough notes. Your grade will reflect how well you integrated the principles and teachings in this lecture, with your assigned readings in the course, into your theology of ministry in this paper. “Lecture #022 Accumulating Oil (Part 6) Micah’s Ancient Path Of Humility & Walking With God” -You may find it at the following link: Last updated: 8/8/19 9 | Page -Or, you may go to the overall Teaching Library link: This link has a web player button to listen on your computer or phone, and it has App Store buttons for Apple & Google if you would like to download the app and listen to it on your phone from the app. -It is essential that you are listening to this lecture and studying for your research paper no later than week 6, in order to give yourself enough time to prepare your research for the paper. -As you listen to the lecture and prepare your theology of ministry in the paper, pay special attention to the emphasis on the heart of God communicated in Micah 6 regarding the necessity for humility, and how & why we do ministry. In God’s theology of ministry communicated by Micah in Micah chapter 6, what is important to God? What is not important to Him? How does this compare with the current prominent theology of how we do church in America? Consider how our philosophy of business success has influenced or morphed the biblical theology of ministry. How much of a need is there in the church to re-calibrate our theology of ministry according to the kingdom teachings of Jesus? What culture and value systems of the heart must we be cultivating in ourselves and others in order to enjoy and participate in ministry that is biblical and centered in Jesus’ teachings? How should Micah 6:8 affect and influence our theology and practice of ministry? -The following lecture is also recommended, but not required. “Lecture #021 Accumulating Oil (Part 5) Two Kinds Of Oil, Contrast Study, Prayer Of King Agur.” Regarding content & organization of the paper, a well-written paper will include all of the following: 1. Theology of the Church (based on the course texts): (1,000 words minimum)) ( The class is using “Biblical Theology for life,The mission of God’s People. A Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission by Christopher J. H. Wright & Michael J. Gorman “Cruiformity :Paul’s Narrative of Spirituality of the Cross,2001 a. A discussion of biblical texts, in their contexts, and how they inform your understanding of a biblical theology of the Church. 2. Implications for Christian Ministry: (1,000 words minimum) a. A discussion of your conclusions in Part 1 and how they apply to Christian ministry in today’s world. b. A comparison/contrast between ministry characterized by loving and humble service (based on Cruciformity) on the one hand, and, on the other hand, ministry characterized by “self-actualization,” i.e., “being all that you can be.” The Book being used for this topic is Micheal J. Gorman “Cruciformity” Paul’s arrative Spirituality of the Cross,2001 3. Personal Strategy: (500 words minimum) a. In view of the foregoing, provide a detailed outline of what you will do to implement future ministry. Turabian formatting will be used (Footnotes-Bibliography style

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Common law

Common law.

Description Common law was established over many years,  PAPER WRITING INSTRUCTIONS  not less than 1000 words. Papers are to be submitted in Arial Font 12. Single-spaced. Footnoted and with Bibliography. Referencing is to be MHRA. MHRA is the referencing style employed in the course textbook. Please make sure you fully familiarize yourself with MHRA footnoting and referencing. It is a simple but highly effective way of referencing. MHRA is commonly used in legal and historical works and it is very helpful in making sure that you supply other academics and researchers with complete information.

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