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(NOTE: You will need to go to your state or national geological survey/natural resources department to get this information

(NOTE: You will need to go to your state or national geological survey/natural resources department to get this information – see my course Webliography under American Association of State Geologists (AASG) for all the state geological websites. 1) Define the geological terms “bedrock” and “outcrop”? What type of surface material may be covering many bedrock areas, and what geological processes created or deposited it above the bedrock? Define and describe “soil” and how it forms. 2) What type of bedrock is in your local area and state? Identify the rock type and its geological age (Period). Are there other types of bedrock in your region (state, foreign nation, or island)? Describe the distribution (you should use a state geologic map to show this). 3) Does the change in bedrock also change the topography (elevation and terrain) of your region? Are there particular, or even spectacular, geologic features related to the different bedrock types (e.g., mountains, volcanoes, river valleys, waterfalls, coastlines, lakes, sand dunes, caves, and caverns)? 4) Define the geological term “fossil”. What is “fossilization” and how does it occur? Give examples of the various types of fossils with geologic location examples. What do fossils indicate to geologists about Earth’s geologic history? Choose an example of one fossil from your area (state or country) and describe it in detail. 5) Are there any fossils in your region (state, district, or island)? If so, what fossils are found there and what type of rock are they found in? What is the geologic period and age range (Ma) that these fossils were formed in? What type of fossilization occurred there? If there are any national or state parks with fossils in your region you may use these locations. If there are no fossil sites near you, choose a location with fossils from below: • Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado/Utah • Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona • Badlands National Park, South Dakota 6) In a couple of paragraphs, explain how fossil evidence supports (a) the “Theory of Evolution” and (b) the “Theory of Plate Tectonics”?
Model Building Response.

200 word response to the below. Within chapter six of the textbook, Lindoff and Berry go into detail about the different statistical techniques one can use. The list goes from similarity models, table lookup models, Naïve Bayesian models, linear regression, multiple regression, and logistic regression. It is known that with linear regression the output will result in a straight line with continuous quantities. What makes logistic regression a favorite with marketing response modeling is the function of estimating probabilities. The logistic regression models “fit the observed data with an S-shaped function instead of a straight line. This produces estimates confined to the range 0 to 1, as is appropriate for a probability” (2011). Just as we did the last session with Dr. Kyle Allison, we learned to recode variables into dummy variables and put them through multiple statistical tests. As well, we were able to create graphs that can give us a visual interpretation. A very popular method of logistic regression is predicting a hotel booking. First seen from, they try to predict users’ intentions and recognize entities. The information that they have is where the user is from and where they want to go. Through logistic regression, they can separate two classes of users then determine if it will change an interface for one class of users (n.d.). Furthermore, a case study of analyzing and predicting booking behavior using email travel receipts demonstrated the insights of consumer behavior. The case study analyzed 25 million travel receipts consisting of flight, hotel, and car rental. From their findings, customers planned for lower-cost companies which often have special deals and promotions. Customers planned for longer and more expensive stays. Lastly, car rentals are planned much less ahead than either flights or hotels. Looking at figure 2 in their report, the independent variable is “Day’s threshold between booking and check-in,” and the dependent variable is “Percentage of bookings made.”While in the report they do not mention specifically how the company used the information, it is mentioned that they were able to predict when a user will book a rental given that they already booked a flight (Duric et al., 2016).References5 real-world examples of logistic Regression Application: Activewizards: Data science and engineering lab. (n.d.). Retrieved from Duric, N., Grbovic, M., Radosavljevic, V., Savla, J., Bhagwan, V., & Sharp, D. (2016, April 01). Travel the world: Analyzing and predicting booking behavior using e-mail travel receipts. Retrieved March 11, 2021, from, G., & Berry, M. (2011). Data mining techniques for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management (3rd ed.). Wiley Pub., Inc.
Model Building Response

Health Promotion Model by Nola Pender Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Purpose of theory Explanation of the theory Concepts of the Theory Practical application Health Promotion Model and research Health Promotion Model and Education Conclusion Reference List Introduction Nola Pender established the Health Promotion Model in 1962. According to Peterson and Bredow (2013), Nola’s model is an example of a middle-range theory. Middle-range theories “fill gaps between grand nursing theories and nursing practices” (Peterson

Password Testing

essay help online free Password Testing.

Answer the following questions:Why do special characters (e.g., @#$%^&*) make passwords difficult to crack?Why does a change of case help make a stronger password?How did you choose the password you currently have?Could others follow the same logic and choose a similar password?Do you use the same password for multiple accounts? Why would this be a security risk?Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:Be two to four pages in length.Contain an illustrative table or a diagram created from properly cited external references.Include two credible external references in addition to the textbook.Formatted according to University and APA writing guidelines.Textbook:Boyle, R. J., & Panko, R. R. (2015). Corporate computer security (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. ISBN-13: 9780133545197
Password Testing

Skills and Abilities of an Effective Leadership Discussion Questions

Skills and Abilities of an Effective Leadership Discussion Questions.

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The final assignment in this course is a 7 to 9-page paper following the guidelines below, to be double-spaced and using 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman). Use the APA Template attached above. Be sure to cite your sources, which at a minimum should be the textbook. Other sources that we used throughout the course should be included and cited as relevant to the topics you choose. There is no need to provide additional sources beyond these. Don’t forget to include your sources in the References list at the end of your paper.Part 1 of 2: We have studied a broad range of leadership topics over the past seven weeks. For the final Leadership Paper, please select five of the topics we have covered that resonate with you and your professional and personal experiences. For each of the five topics you select:Identify what you learned and apply what you understand about the topic to either yourself or an individual/leader whom you admireDescribe one or more specific examples or situations involving you or the admired individual that demonstrate or relate to the selected topicDiscuss your understanding of and ability to use this knowledge moving forwardAim for one page for each of the five topics.Part 2 of 2: In one to two pages, the conclusion of the paper should apply lessons from this course to your own professional leadership experience, including how you will use this knowledge to enhance your own effectiveness as a leader.Briefly define what you see as your own leadership style(s)Based on your identified leadership style, articulate at least one professional objective related to leadership that you will pursue as a result of your studies in this courseBe sure to include a date by which you hope to achieve the professional goal.Examples of potential topics you may use to select for your five topics include the following. This is not a complete list, as any leadership-related topic that is covered in the textbook is acceptable.Leadership vs. ManagementContingency Approaches to LeadershipAutocratic vs. Democratic BehaviorsPersonality Models (e.g., Big Five)Leader-Member ExchangeEmotional IntelligenceMoral LeadershipServant LeadershipFollowershipCognitive Differences (e.g., Hermann’s Whole Brain Model)Motivation Theories (e.g., Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory)Role of EmpowermentCommunication Models and PracticesLeading TeamsInfluential Leadership Models (e.g., Transformational Leadership)Role of PowerCultural LeadershipLevels of Personal Diversity Awareness
Skills and Abilities of an Effective Leadership Discussion Questions

Juvenille Statistics

Juvenille Statistics.

Navigateto the National Criminal Justice Reference Service website ( tothe Site Search boxEnterthe following: Juvenile Arrests 2008.Readthe “Juvenile Arrests 2008” bulletin by Office of Juvenile Justice andDelinquency PreventionResource:National Criminal Justice Reference Service article “Juvenile Arrests 2008”.·Writea1,050-word paper summarizing the key points of the “Juvenile Arrests2008” article. Address the following in your paper:The overall decrease in juvenile arrests.The increase in drug offenses and simpleassaults.Implications for juvenile females and members ofethnic and racial minorities.The increase in arrests of juvenile females andthe decrease in arrests of male juvenile offenders for violent crimes.An assessment of tracking juvenile arrests as amethod of measuring the amount of and trends in juvenile crime.Formatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines. **ORIGNAL & PLAGARISM free work accepted ONLY!** NO recycled paper.)
Juvenille Statistics

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