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Northwestern Technical College McDonalds Count vs Nobel Prize Count Questions

Northwestern Technical College McDonalds Count vs Nobel Prize Count Questions.

I’m working on a mathematics spreadsheet and need a sample draft to help me study.

Make a scatterplot of the McDonald’s Nobel Prize data using McDonald’s Count vs. Nobel Prize Count.Display the equation of the trend line of the data along with the R-squared value.Looking at the R-Squared Value, Does this seem to be a good fit according to your R-squared value?Is there an outlier in the data, what happens if you remove the outlier?Do you really think the number of McDonald’s in a country has anything to do with the number of Nobel Prizes that country earns? Is there another factor that is probably causing this instead of Mcdonald’s?
Northwestern Technical College McDonalds Count vs Nobel Prize Count Questions

The Art of Modeling with Spreadsheets & Linear Programing Models Case Study.

I’m working on a data analytics case study and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Case Study Report Required to study and analyze Case 4.1 ========= Page 214 from the text book Practical Management Science (Attached) A well-organized written report is required to be submitted. write up an introduction summary of the case and discuss the type of industries it might be applicable. Additionally, you need to:1-Develop the mathematical model formulation for the case. Then develop the spreadsheet model.2-Provide any suggestions to improve the applicability of this case to a realistic situation.3-Answer and elaborate on the given questions and the requests provided in the case.4- do further sensitivity analysis either by Solver and/or Solver-Table.5-Write general conclusion about the case.
The Art of Modeling with Spreadsheets & Linear Programing Models Case Study

Spinner Pet Sitters Coursework

The current report presents a balanced scorecard for Spinner Pet Sitters. Based on the balanced scorecard and the company’s performance, the report also provides recommendations for Shelly to improve its performance in the coming years. Balanced Scorecard for Spinner Pet Sitters A balanced scorecard is a strategic management tool, which is used to align a business’ performance and activities with its mission, vision, and objectives. Based on the information provided in the case study, the following balanced scorecard is developed for Spinner Pet Sitters: Perspective Objectives Measures Organizational Goal Actual Performance Gap Financial Perspective Increase quarterly profits to $ 5,000 Increase return on capital employed (ROCE) to $ 4,000 Profit results for the quarter Return on capital employed (ROCE) for the quarter Profit for the quarter = $ 5,000 Return on capital employed (ROCE) for the quarter = $ 4,000 Profit for the quarter = $ 6,000 Return on capital employed (ROCE) for the quarter = $ 1,500 $1,000 – $2,500 Customer Perspective Increase customer satisfaction to 95 percent Increase customer recommendation rate to 80 percent Customer satisfaction rate Customer recommendation rate Customer satisfaction rate = 95 percent Customer recommendation rate = 80 percent Customer satisfaction rate = 95 percent Customer recommendation rate = 100 percent 0% 20% Internal Processes To reduce duplication of activities in relation to different functions in the organization To reduce bottlenecks in the processes Percentage of completed activities which are duplicated in other functions Percentage of bottlenecks in an average run cycle Percentage of completed activities which are duplicated in other functions = 25 percent Percentage of bottlenecks in an average run cycle = 15 percent Percentage of completed activities which are duplicated in other functions = 20 percent Percentage of bottlenecks in an average run cycle = 15 percent -5% 0% People / Innovation / Growth Assets To reduce turnover of employees To increase job satisfaction among employees Employees’ turnover rate Employees’ job satisfaction rate Employees’ turnover rate = 25 percent Employees’ job satisfaction rate = 90 percent Employees’ turnover rate = 0 percent Employees’ job satisfaction rate = 50 percent -25% -40% Recommendations for Spinner Pet Sitters Keeping in view the planned and actual performance of Spinner Pet Sitters and the gaps identified in the balanced scorecard presented above, following recommendations have been put forward for Spinner Pet Sitters to improving its performance. The quarterly profits were reported to be above the targeted level, which is a positive sign for the company. However, in order to maintain the continuous growth in profits, the company needs to achieve higher efficiency in its operations. On the other hand, the return on capital employed was considerably lower than expected. In the coming periods, this could be improved by investing additional capital resources for enhancing the operational efficiency of the business. As far as the customer satisfaction rate and customer recommendation rate are concerned, the actual results show that all expectations were met during the quarter. However, it is recommended that the business should keep its focus on delivering high quality and practicing effective customer care to ensure sustainability. The efficiency level in the company’s processes should be improved in order to reduce the duplication of activities. Jobs should be enriched and job designs should be reconsidered to improve the overall job satisfaction level of employees. Reference List Balanced Scorecard Institute. (2013). Balanced Scorecard Basics. Retrieved from Kaplan, R. S.,

Discussion Question

cheap assignment writing service Discussion Question. I’m working on a Nursing question and need guidance to help me study.

1. Describe the organizational characteristics of the facility in which you currently have a clinical assignment. Include the following:
a. Type of organization
b. Overall climate of the facility
c. How the organization is structured
d. Formal and informal goals and processes of the organization
2. Why is the work climate of an organization important to nurse leaders and managers?
3. What are the ways in which a nurse can enhance his or her expertise?
4. Explain “shared governance,” and describe how it can affect the power structure of a health-care organization.
5. Why is it important for staff nurses to understand the culture and real goals of the organization in which they work? 6
6. Describe your ideal organization. Explain each feature and why you think it is important.
7. Interview one of the staff nurses on your unit. Find out what practices within the organization help to empower the nurses. Compare this list of practices with those discussed in the textbook.
8. Recall the last time you walked into a hospital, clinic, or physician’s office for the first time. What was your first impression? Did you feel comfortable and welcome? Why or why not? If you could change the first impression this facility makes, what would you do?
9-What changes could be made at a very low cost? What changes would be expensive?Finally, discuss why it is important for a health-care facility to make a good first impression
Work must be in APA style and less than 20% similarity
Discussion Question

Individual Differences

Individual Differences.

Assignment 2: Discussion—Individual DifferencesAfter addressing the questions in M5: Assignment 1, continue to consider how individual differences, beyond mere ethics, might influence organizational outcomes. No two individuals are alike. In addition to differences such as ethnicity, race, age, and gender, there are a multitude of additional diverse characteristics that set people apart. While there is great opportunity for such differences to negatively affect an organization, there are arguably great opportunities for them to positively affect an organization as well.Consider the aforementioned aspects, and using the module readings and the Argosy University online library resources, research the impact of individual differences on organizations. Then, respond to the following:Explain how individual differences might be synergistic to organizational behavior.Describe how various components of diversity contribute to the synergy.Be sure to include more components of diversity than simply race, ethnicity, and gender. Give reasons and examples, supported with appropriate academic literature, when developing your responses. Be sure to cite to APA writing standards for paraphrases and direct quotes.By the due date assigned, post your response to the appropriate Discussion Area. Through the end of the module, review and comment on at least two peers’ responses.Write your initial response in 300–500 words. Your response should be thorough and address all components of the discussion question in detail, include citations of all sources, where needed, according to the APA Style, and demonstrate accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation Do the following when responding to your peers:Read your peers’ answers.Provide substantive comments bycontributing new, relevant information from course readings, Web sites, or other sources;building on the remarks or questions of others; orsharing practical examples of key concepts from your professional or personal experiencesRespond to feedback on your posting and provide feedback to other students on their ideas.Make sure your writingis clear, concise, and organized;demonstrates ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; anddisplays accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Individual Differences

Week 3 Gender Differences in The Expression of Emotion Discussion

Week 3 Gender Differences in The Expression of Emotion Discussion.

Week 3 Topic:”GENDER DIFFERENCES IN THE EXPRESSION OF EMOTION”Are there gender differences in the expression of emotion?Are there more differences within the same sex or between the sexes?Do men and women express emotions differently?Do you think men or women are more aware of their emotions?Do you react differently when a woman rather than a man expresses certain emotions?After sharing your research please feel free to share from your own personal experience.2. Your initial post (your response to the topic) must contain a citation. It is your ideas supported by research. Please refer to the APA Power Point in the Start Here section of the classroom for information on proper formatting. There will be a deduction of 20 points for failure to cite a source within your initial post and to provide a reference at the end of your initial post.3. Your initial post must be a minimum of 300 words
Week 3 Gender Differences in The Expression of Emotion Discussion

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