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Northeastern University Discrete and Continuous Probability Distributions Paper

Northeastern University Discrete and Continuous Probability Distributions Paper.

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Select a discrete probability distribution, and provide a real-life example or application of that distribution in an enterprise. Trivial examples such as the number of heads/tails observed when a coin is tossed n times, are not accepted. Explain how your example matches the conditions for the particular distribution that you have selected.Select a continuous probability distribution, and provide a real-life example or application of that distribution in an enterprise. Explain how your example matches the conditions for the particular distribution that you have selectedwrite 250 word for each discussion question
Northeastern University Discrete and Continuous Probability Distributions Paper

Suny Old Westbury Product Brief Data Nanny Product Audience Discussion.

In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:Present and articulate technical concepts to non-technical audiencesScenarioYou are the manager of a software development team working on new applications for your company, Optimum Way Development, Inc. Your director has called for all development teams to submit product briefs detailing their current projects. The director plans to share the most promising product briefs with clients at an upcoming meeting. You have software design documents for two potential projects.DirectionsYou must choose one of the potential products and use the information contained in the technical specification document to create your product brief. The brief is intended to explain the new application to potential clients. (Use the personas created for the 2-1 Milestone as the audience for this project.) You should highlight the features that will appeal to clients and persuade them to purchase the new application. Your brief should include the following:An explanation of the features and functions of the productClear definitions of technical terms and concepts that are relevant to communicating the product capabilitiesAn explanation of the benefits of using the product within an organizationGraphics that support or clarify technical information concerning the productAppropriate language for the intended audience
Suny Old Westbury Product Brief Data Nanny Product Audience Discussion

A research paper minimum 3 pages please include references in APA format.

You are a counselor in a rural area. Your supervisor asks you to visit the home of a child who has become violent. The mother states that the father is a strict disciplinarian. He uses a belt to whip the kids when they do not do what is expected of them, even if it is trivial. She supports the father because she tells you that is what a dutiful wife does. She is afraid to question her husband because of his violent tendencies, and he is the family’s only means of financial support.Given the information for this family’s case, discuss the following in your response:What cultural differences and similarities do you share with this family, and what might you need to learn more about to gain an understanding of the family’s situation so you can appropriately assist its members?Include your cultural vantage point in this explanation. How would you use what you know about human needs to build a bridge in your meetings with this particular family?
A research paper minimum 3 pages please include references in APA format

Proposed Program of George Grenville Analysis Essay

Introduction The Grenville program as it was known was outlined by George Grenville, who at that time was the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasury) in Britain. This oppressive and mistimed document had been put together with no thought of the people who would suffer greatly by its implementation, but merely to swell Britain’s coffers that had been depleted by The Seven Years War. The Stamp Act of 1765 was the fourth Stamp Act passed by the British parliament, but this was the first time that it directly attempted to impose a direct tax on the colonies. Britain maintained an army of significant proportions in North America, as they were conscious about the threat from the Native Americans who were displaced by their acquisition of their vast territories. The British felt justified in imposing this tax because they reasoned that since the colonies were the prime beneficiaries of this military protection, they might as well pay for this privilege. At that time, George Grenville framed the controversial Sugar Act as a means of raising funds towards the British Exchequer to pay for the maintenance of its troops in the colonies. To summarize this Act The Act primarily placed a duty on sugar and molasses and other products, which had to be sourced fro outside the British Empire. Halifax became the site of a Vice –Admiralty court where cases were tried without the benefit of a jury. Tax evaders were normally treated quite sympathetically by local colonial courts. Traders were required to deposit a heavy bond (surety money) so that in the event of being found guilty of tax evasion, the money for the fine was immediately subtracted from this bind. Tax collectors used to previously reside in England and carry out their duties through deputies appointed for this purpose in the colonies, but after this Act, the local deputies were replaced by tax officials fro England. Once the new tax officials arrived in America, suddenly the military presence swelled.Atleast ten thousand more soldiers came to supposedly defend the Colonies against the Native Indians. The colonists realized however that since these troops were mostly stationed in large towns and cities, it was more about protecting the tax collectors rather than the Colonists from the natives. Tax officials were allowed to issue writs of assistance, which translated as blanket search warrants for contraband. Stamps were supposed to be fixed to about fifty items including legal documents, insurance policies, playing cards, newspapers, pamphlets and licences.These stamps were available ranging from half a penny to two pounds. James Otis was the key figure who persuaded the Massachusetts legislature to call a protest meeting. Although opposition to this tax was expected, the British did not expect it to escalate the way that it did. These rumbles of discontent graduated to great resistance in the Colonies. The colonists formed a loose coalition and petitioned Parliament and the King. Although the Act was repealed, the British parliament was clear that it would tax the colonies in all cases whatsoever, by passing the Declaratory Act. The colonists concerns about their position added fuel to the movement that became the American Revolution.

AICU How IoT Devices Typically Perform the Communications Presentation

custom essay AICU How IoT Devices Typically Perform the Communications Presentation.

With the introduction to management complete considering the illustration of IoT devices, infrastructure and architecture we can now proceed to their core presentation on how IoT devices typical perform the communications. Prepare a 12-15 slide presentation regarding the following topics:Identify how IoT devices typically connect using the Internet through the IP (Internet Protocol) stack. Discuss the specifics of this communication method. In addition, describe the memory demands on the device to use this communications method.Define how IoT devices can also connect locally through non-IP networks, consuming less power, and connect to the Internet via a smart-gatewaysIdentify how Non-IP communication channels such as Bluetooth, RFID, and NFC are used to support IoT device communicationIdentify how 6LoWPAN, incorporates IPv6 with low power personal area networks, and the types of communications/data transfers it supports.Make sure to expand on each of the topics in the Speaker Notes with 3-5 paragraphs of info for each major topic in the notes.Use APA format on each slide or in the notes to support all technical assertions.
AICU How IoT Devices Typically Perform the Communications Presentation

Walden University Repeated Measures Anova Models With SPSS Analysis

Walden University Repeated Measures Anova Models With SPSS Analysis.

Assignment 1: Repeated Measures ANOVA in SPSSEarlier this week, you practiced using repeated measures ANOVA models with SPSS and, ideally, used the Collaboration Lab to ask, answer, and otherwise address any questions you had. In this Assignment, you apply what you learned to answer a social research question using Repeated Measures ANOVA.To prepareReview the datasets provided.Construct a research question based on one of those datasets.Pay attention to the assumptions of this test, and ask, “Does it make sense to interpret the mean of this dependent variable?”By Day 7The AssignmentUse SPSS to answer the research question you constructed. Write an analysis in APA format, including title page, references, and an appendix, that includes your data output and addresses each of the tasks listed below. The content should be 2–3 pages, including setup of the assignment, results, and interpretation of results. Your SPSS output should be included as an appendix.What is the null hypothesis for your question?What research design(s) would align with this question?What dependent variable was used and how is it measured?What independent variable is used and how is it measured?If you found significance, what is the strength of the effect?What is the answer to your research question?What are the possible implications of social change?Early in your Assignment, when you relate which dataset you analyzed, please include the mean of the following variables. If you are using the Afrobarometer Dataset, report the mean of Q1 (Age). If you are using the General Social Survey Dataset, report the mean of Age. If you are using the HS Long Survey Dataset, report the mean of X1Par1Edu. See page 996 in your Warner textbook for an excellent APA-compliant write-up of a repeated-measures ANOVA.
Walden University Repeated Measures Anova Models With SPSS Analysis

Montana State University Linked List Political RiffRaff Manager Discussion

Montana State University Linked List Political RiffRaff Manager Discussion.

General OverviewIn case you missed it there is an election in a couple of weeks, and in politics America is very divided. I have decided you will write a program to select our politicians that take office in a fair and just way. Now politicians, and all the political supporters on both sides of the aisle have come out of the woodwork spouting their verbal abuse on each other. All of your favorite TV shows have been taken over by political advertisements. I don’t like all this political nonsense so you are going to write a program to eliminate elections. That way we don’t have to worry about those pesky Russians playing with our toys. You are going to fix it the problem. Every year ACM sponsors programming competitions at the local, regional and world levels. This assignment is adapted from a problem that appeared at one of these competitions………..very loosely adapted. PurposeThe purpose of the assignment is to give you experience implementing a circular, doubly linked list and all the methods and management that is needed for such a list. Problem StatementIn a serious attempt to downsize (reduce) the riffRaff in politics, The New Sloth Party with the motto “we promise to keep none of our promises”, (which is an infinite loop error), has decided on the following strategy. Every day all Sloth applicants will be placed in a large circle, facing inwards. Someone is arbitrarily chosen as number 1, and the rest are numbered up to N (so N is the number of candidates in the circle and N will be standing next to 1 as the end of the potential candidates, think of a clock with 12 and 1 next to each other).Now you will have two officials (very important people, If this was real, I’d be one of these two people) that will be the selectors, selector one holds a stun gun we will call their stun gun “Stun”, official two has a cattle prod we will call cow. Selector stun will start at candidate #1 (first candidate) and will move around the circle of candidates clockwise counting off candidates until it counts k number of candidates where k is a number given to stun from the input file and then stun will shoot that kth candidate with the stun gun bringing great joy to everyone watching. Selector cow will start at candidate N ( which is the last candidate) and will move around the circle of candidates counter-clockwise counting off m candidates until it gets to the mth candidate and then cow will hit that mth candidate with the cattle prod shocking the candidate similar, but different than the stun gun, bringing great joy to everyone watching. Now one of two things will have taken place, the selectors will have shocked two different candidates, or they will have both shocked the same candidate. If the selectors are shocking to two different candidates those candidates will have fallen to the ground which we will remove the candidates from being elected(these candidates will be ELIMINATED), starting with the stun gun candidate first and then the cow candidate. The stun gun selector will need to move clockwise up to the next available candidate and prepare to start counting again. The cow selector will do the same but it will always move counter-clockwise. After removal, the two selectors will need to be ready to start counting again at the next available candidate. See the video to see how this works, you start counting at the candidate you are starting on. If both shockers stop and shock the same candidate we have found ourselves a worthy candidate that will be put into political office, that’s right you take a stun gun and a cattle prod at the same time your brain is ready to be a political representative………keep this candidate off to the side, but remove the candidate from the circle of candidates…….which means stun gun selector will need to be moved clockwise to next available and the cattle prod selector will need to be moved counterclockwise to the next available candidate since our new candidate they were pointing too is being removed from the list. Each selector then starts counting again at the next available person and the process continues until no-one is left in the circle. Note that the two victims (sorry, trainees) get shocked and leave the ring simultaneously, so it is possible for one official to count a person already selected by the other official.Input File FormatWrite a program that asks the user for the name of a valid input file. If the file exists, the program should read in (in that order) the three numbers (N, k and m; k, m > 0, 0 < N < 100) and determine the order in which the applicants are sent off for political retraining. Each set of three numbers will be on a separate line and the end of data will be signaled by three zeroes (0 0 0).Here is a sample input file:10 4 317 6 40 0 0Output RequirementsThe output should be sent to a file named LinkedListProgram.txt. For each input, the output should show the order in which the people are chosen. For each round in which two different people are chosen, list the person chosen by the clockwise official first.Here is the required output for an input file:Program 4———N = 10, k = 4, m = 3Output ——4 89 53 12 610 7End of Program 4Requirements and Grading12 points. You are required to design and implement your own linked list (in the style of what we have done in lecture this past week) as opposed to using a built-in class provided by Java. The class you use should be doubly-linked (6 points), circular (3 point) and if it works of course(3 point).12 points. The program finds the correct answer. 6 points. The program finds the solution in a reasonably efficient manner. For example, if N = 10, k = 1 and m = 450, the m judge should not circle around the candidates needlessly.5 points. The program sends its output to a file named LinkedListProgram.txt5 points. The program’s output matches the required output format described above.10 points. The program uses good style. This includes factors such as appropriate commenting, good object oriented design, readable code that is high quality, etc.
Montana State University Linked List Political RiffRaff Manager Discussion

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