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Northeastern University Big Data Trends Post Responses Discussion

Northeastern University Big Data Trends Post Responses Discussion.

Each part is around 100 words, total is 200 words.Part 1:What Big Data trends in the field of personal health are more exciting to you? why?In the field of personal health, I would say there are three (3) trends, which I find the most exciting. First, Patient-Oriented Care, or the concept of treating patients based on their personalized profile, medical history, and needs, will revolutionize the way health care is provided. Also, the Patient Monitoring is going to be improved, with the use of monitoring devices that would analyze the health and well-being of the patient in real-time. Finally, Electronic Health Records will pave the way for future breakthroughs in healthcare, with the big data being efficiently organized and stored in large databases. (Mobifilia 2020) What new Big Data trends in the field of sports do you think will impact the sport and audiences the most? why?There are three (3) ways that big data will impact the sports industry and its audiences. First, recruitment of college athletes can be improved, using profiles of potential athletes from across the nation. Also, big data can be used to provide addition details for concussion patients, as to whether injury reduction strategies are working. Finally, fan experiences can be enhanced, from stocking the merchandise stands at a stadium, to directing traffic after fans are leaving the game. (Matthews 2019) How, do you think, the music industry can benefit from the application of Big Data technology?Big data has benefited the music industry in several ways. Big data can be used by music publishers to analyze the number and types of music being downloaded. As well, the data can provide context for each listener, in regards to which streaming applications they used, and what preferences they have. In addition, AI systems can be integrated, to create playlists that can match the listeners’ mood and taste based on their current situation. (Delgado 2018)Part 2:What Big Data trends in the field of personal health are more exciting to you? why?Big Data can be leveraged in multiple ways to assist health care providers and patients. Electronic Health Records can be leveraged by AI and other data mining algorithms to pro-actively identify risk factors for certain diseases like congestive heart failure (Carol McDonald 2017). Additionally, data from IoT devices such as wearables and activity trackers can be used to deliver precision medicine for patients like tracking vital signs and medicine regimens and insulin activity (Manuel 2017). Big Data analytics can also be used to deliver precision medicine for patients by combining data available in EHR’s with other attributes like financial, operational and genomic data to match treatments with outcomes (Ragupathi 2014).What new Big Data trends in the field of sports do you think will impact the sport and audiences the most? why?Big Data analytics in sports can help improve both the player and the fan experience. Data Analytics applied to videos and IoT devices like the wearables could allow the coaches and the teams to identify and track player movements and positions throughout multiple games. These could allow teams and players to develop effective strategies to tackle opponents (Ricky 2019). Teams could also leverage social media analytics to monitor fan sentiment in real time during games and develop more effective marketing strategies to engage them. Data analytics applied to items like e-tickets and fingerprint scanning etc can allow teams to effectively map and predict fan movements allowing them to decide ticket pricing and staffing for individual games (Ricky 2019). How, do you think, the music industry can benefit from the application of Big Data technology?Music industry has been dealing with falling revenues and unlicensed consumption of music. Big Data analytics can be employed to monitor and verify the consumption of music over online and broadcast channels to recoup lost revenues (Utopia 2019). Analytics could also be employed to develop effective marketing campaigns that targets the right group of consumers for each artist and genre of music (Utopia 2019). Social media analytics can help artists and performers to evolve their music to match current consumer tastes.
Northeastern University Big Data Trends Post Responses Discussion

CSI Robert Mertons Theory of Deviance Paper.

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Please answer 2 of 4 questions in essay format. The answer should be submitted in a typed, double-spaced format, in a MS Word document. Each answer should be 250 to 500 words in length (1 to 2 pages). The answered question is worth up to 25 points. You may do a third question for up to 5 points of extra credit. You may use any source available to you. However, all answers can be done utilizing your textbook and/or the PowerPoints. Please make sure to cite your sources. Good luck. 1. How does the United States structure class today?2. Describe Robert Merton’s theory of deviance.3. Please discuss the realities of gender inequality in the workplace. Why do women earn less than men? 4. What are the basic concepts in the study of race and ethnicity? How do sociologists think about racism? Answer three questions
CSI Robert Mertons Theory of Deviance Paper

Directed by Ken Loach, Ladybird Ladybird is a chef-d’oeuvre based on a true story from England. The protagonist in this film is Maggie, an emotionally wretched woman; a mother of four children but living with none. Raised under the watch of an abusive father, Maggie goes on to beget four children with four different men; ironically, she is married to none. The Social Services have taken away Maggie’s four children and placed them in foster families. From flashbacks, the audience learns sees how one night Maggie locks her children up in the house and goes out for a singing expedition. Unfortunately, fire breaks out in the house leaving Shaun, one of her children badly burnt. Afterwards, she shows up late in the night to see Shaun in his foster family and even though she is denied access, she forces her way in. Moreover, she attempts to change his bandages leaving him hurt. This happens before she meets Jorge in a club and they become good friends. In the hands of Jorge, things happen fast and within no time, they get two baby girls only to be taken away by the Social Services for Maggie is “at risk” according to the government agencies (Loach 1994). Maggie stands for a distraught mother and a wife, seeking love in the wrong places. According to Bjorklund and Bee (2008), “…one of the most significant elements in age stratification is…patterns of experiences associated with marriage and family life…the family life cycle” (p. 8). True to this observation, Maggie is lost in the family life cycle as she tries to secure custody for her children and a husband to love and cherish her, together with her many children. Unfortunately, she finds none of these longings because she is seemingly uncontrollable almost bordering insanity. However, there are forces that have pushed Maggie into becoming her own sorriest foe. As a child, her father sexually and physically abuses her. The Social Services have thrown her into emotional breakdown by taking her children away. Tooley (1978) asserts, “To part a woman from her child is violent and traumatic resulting to psychological complications” (p. 21). Maggie fights these psychological forces and this explains why she behaves the way she behaves. Nevertheless, even in her worst situation, Maggie brings out the role of women in society during her time. The outstanding role of women in this movie is childbearing and motherhood. Maggie performs excellently in the role of childbearing. Before she meets Jorge, she already has four children with different fathers of different races. The film is set in England at a time when women’s role were solely bearing and bringing up children. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Unfortunately, Maggie fails terribly as a mother. Mothers are known to be caring, but Maggie cares less as depicted in the scene where she leaves her children in a locked room at night. Moreover, she did not follow the norm of sticking to one man. There is nothing modesty in having five men in one’s life; regrettably, Maggie fails to understand this unwritten norm. If I were Maggie, I would give my children the care they deserve and engage a serious man into long-term relationship leading to marriage. I would amicably solve my psychological problems by engaging the people around me positively instead of discharging my problems to them. My decision is not different from Maggie’s because of time and place. The role of women as mothers will never change with time and place; women have been, they are and will be mothers. References Bjorklund, B.,

AIU ONLINE SAC has asked you to go over certain witness-related situations that will be testified to in an upcoming trial Paper

AIU ONLINE SAC has asked you to go over certain witness-related situations that will be testified to in an upcoming trial Paper.

Assignment DetailsYou are an assistant to the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Organized Crime Task Force. The SAC has asked you to go over certain witness-related situations that will be testified to in an upcoming trial. The SAC has concerns about some of the witness testimony and is trying to avoid embarrassment by turning in records that may not be usable by the Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) who is prosecuting the case.Tommy “Two Toes” D’Natalia has a certified public accountant (CPA). He has been using his accountant to wash ill-gotten gains from his racketeering. The SAC has a subpoena for the CPA. D’Natalia is claiming privileged communication with his CPA, and it prohibits the accountant from testifying.Luigi “the Pipe” Cardone heard through the grapevine that Big Sal Salvatore has been telling everyone how he was told by Frankie “the Lip” Bonnano that Freddie “Fingers” Malone was murdered by his wife Slippery Sally Genovese-Malone. Cardone wants a deal to testify against Slippery Sally.Lawrence ‘Lucky’ Livorno drove the getaway car for a jewelry store heist. Bertram “Bugsy” Bertoli and Little Carmine D’Angelo went in and robbed the store. During the robbery, Bertoli shot and killed the store owner. D’Angelo and Livorno both want to testify to avoid the death penalty.For your assignment, complete the following in 3–4 pages:Identify which testimony is hearsay and likely to be inadmissible.Identify which testimony is privileged communication and which is not.Identify how the Best Evidence Rule functions in relationship to the witness testimony being proffered.
AIU ONLINE SAC has asked you to go over certain witness-related situations that will be testified to in an upcoming trial Paper

Multicultural Education: Freedom or Oppression Essay (Critical Writing)

i need help writing an essay Table of Contents Introduction Merits of multicultural education Implementation Conclusion References Introduction Multicultural education is an emerging discipline in education that is designed to provide equal opportunities to students from diverse ethnic groups, nationality, social-class, and culture. The concept seeks to develop an education system that enables the students to learn in a pluralistic society that embraces their diversity. Over the past decade, scholars have reviewed the effectiveness of implementing multicultural education in different nations. There are emerging concerns about the effectiveness of the approach. While some scholars believe that multicultural education fosters oppression, others share the sentiment that is influencing the development of freedom. This paper looks into multicultural education with a focus on its effectiveness in fostering freedom or oppression. Merits of multicultural education The main goal of developing the multicultural education system in developed nations like the United States is to provide an environment that accommodates all the members of the society despite their differences. Multicultural education provides a unique opportunity for the minority in a society to access the same opportunities as the majority ethnic groups. With the current state of globalization, people from different nations, ethnic backgrounds, and cultural beliefs settle in the same areas, and they have to access the same social amenities. This has influenced the authorities in the areas to develop rules that accommodate the beliefs of the different people. Education facilities have pioneered the accommodation of cultural diversity through the elimination of discrimination and racism in their facilities. Curriculums are shaped in a manner that provides fairness in learning. The system focuses on curriculums and rules that influence reflection on positive social changes (Jay, 2003). Implementation Despite the many years that multicultural education has been theoretically present in the curriculum, there is yet to be substantial evidence of its implementation. Many institutions still have multicultural education in the planning process; thus, the intended goals of the concept are yet to be achieved (Jay, 2003). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Part of the reason that has led to the slow development of multicultural education in institutions is the complication of transitional process from the traditional mainstream knowledge. It is apparent that the level of school dropouts in the education system is still affecting the minority in the society. This has specifically affected the Latino and Hispanic groups in the American society. Developing multicultural education does not solve the underlying issues in the society. This failure is one of the challenges that must be met to influence higher attendance of school by the minority ethnic groups. Social justice issues still prevail in the American education system. This problem hinders the implementation of the multicultural education ideas. It is apparent that equality in the education system is yet to be attained despite the claims that most of the institutions have already implemented multicultural education (Khan, 2008). Conclusion Multicultural education is a phenomenon developed to promote social equity in the education system. The goals of the concept are to influence equality in the access of education and the development of an environment that accommodates the entire society, regardless of the diversity of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and cultural beliefs. The implementation of the concept is yet to be realized in the American nation because of the social challenges that still haunt the society. The rate of school dropouts in the society still remains high among the minority ethnic groups. The multicultural education concept aims at fostering freedom in the society, but it is yet to eliminate the social oppressions present in the society. The institutions that claim to have implemented the multicultural education still implement the oppressive values of the traditional mainstream education; hence, the multicultural education concept is oppressive. References Jay, M. (2003). Critical Race Theory, Multicultural Education, and the Hidden Curriculum of Hegemony. Multicultural Perspectives, 5(4), 1-9. We will write a custom Critical Writing on Multicultural Education: Freedom or Oppression specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Khan, M. (2008). Multicultural education in the United States: reflections. Intercultural education, 19(6), 527-536.

United Methodist University Religious News Report Report Paper

United Methodist University Religious News Report Report Paper.

Now that you are exploring Africa on your next continental adventure for Religious News, you will come across many religious practices. For this news report, your boss has asked you to examine the religious beliefs you witness in Africa by reporting back on the following components: compare and contrast ceremonies performed by African religions to those of Hinduism and Buddhism; determine if you feel it is wise for the Dogon to incorporate new and modern practices into their historic religion; and summarize the role of clothing within African culture. Your report must be at least two pages in length, not including title and reference pages. Include at least two outsides sources, which can include the textbook and videos from the unit and follow APA guidelines throughout.
United Methodist University Religious News Report Report Paper

Jill Thompsons Proposal To Decentralise The Rules Commerce Essay

I surely believe that his activity of decentralization can effect on company significantly. His first step was amazing, to analyze what is wrong, what he has to do to solve the problems, why the company research output and manufacturing productivity had steadily declined. After he had found the problems he started decentralization. I think decentralization of rules is a first step for recovering Bosco Plastic. It is because the previous one was made wrong, unplanned and haphazardly. Moreover the rules and procedures of the company was the same for every employees and time table for them was too flexible. For example labor could come whenever they wanted between 8:00 and 10:00 and leave after 9 hours. It is uncommon for company which has 400 employees. Time table has to be strongly made individually or divided into groups. There are must be the time when labor has to arrive and the time when they leave. This touches also breaks. The time table of employees directly connected with productivity. By the way the situation on developing area was also even worse . There were not excellent conditions for engineers and chemist. The punching machine was broken and even if there was opportunity to make something new it was too difficult to put on production. To sum up, to make decentralization better Jill can make a research and analyze the situation more carefully. It is very important to make rules with the help of supervisors, managers and employees. 1.1 Compare and contrast different organizational structures and cultures Organizational structure is a common principles on which the organization’s management structure is built and the process controlled. That means organizational structure illustrates schematic interaction between different labors. There is always a need for a people in the business to know who is in charge, what is their role and who turn to if there is any problem. All of these questions could be answered by organizational structure. It is important to know that different firms have structured differently. A structure of enterprise relies on the organization’s strategy and objectives. Types of organizational structures:C:UsersНаврузDesktopOBob.jpg Line organizational structure (figure 1) is the simplest hierarchical management structure, also known as a bureaucratic. Line structure consists of chief and several subordinate employees, large companies can also have up to 3 to 4 or more levels of hierarchy. Fifure 1 Source ( Functional Structure is described in figure 2. As we see from the name the main idea of the structure is to divide company into several specialized group, ie each controller is specialized in the implementation of specific activities or departments. Each group has own responsibilities, duty and they are not connected directly. For example financial controller is not able to influence to customer service. However customer service manager can influence to planning manager because planning manager is one of the department of customer service.. C:UsersНаврузDesktopOB790550803004.png This structure is best suited for firms which produce standardized goods or services at low cost and large volumes. Product – Based Structure C:UsersНаврузDesktopOBdesign5.gif In this type of structure firms divided by products, projects or geography. This allows a company to have a particular focus on specific items in its business operations. Each group concentrated on own product or serve. This method is now gaining ground in large enterprises, which are expanding the range of products, where the other method would only complicate the structure of the organization. Source( The Divisional structure .This type of structure is more complicated rather than product based or functional. In the structure company is split up into several self – contained business units which are called division, each of which operates as a profit center. Division may engage in production of specific types of products, work in a particular area or on a particular market.C:UsersНаврузDesktopOBDivision.png Source( Matrix structure is a most complicated organizational structure. Matrix one is combination of two different structures usually line and functional structure. In matrix structure, knowledge and skills of the talented employees could be shared between the functional departments and the project management teams, as needed. In this organization structure, usually employees have two managers to whom they may have to report. Which manager is more powerful-it depends on the type of matrix structure.C:UsersНаврузDesktopOBOrganization Structure3.jpgSource( Organizational culture is a coordinate system that helps employees build their behavior both inside the company and outside of it. This is what unites them – values, business philosophy, which includes the mission, vision, general purpose, beliefs and habits. It is an atmosphere which is formed within the group, the rules that a novice should learn to be accepted by the team, norms and traditions that occur over time in the team. Charles Handy’s organizational culture types. Power – a culture that is dominated by the head of the organization has a strong influence over the people. These organizations have a simple structure, few rules and procedures but with well -understood, implicit codes on how to behave and work. They are authoritarian, tightly controlled workers. This type of culture can quickly respond to changing situations, make decisions quickly and organize their implementation. The big disadvantage of power culture is the size of the organization. Therefore, it can be effective only for relatively small firms. The success of the organization with the power culture is entirely determined by abilities and qualifications of head of organization Role – in this case members’ activities are formalized and standardized in details. It is the culture of the bureaucratic type, based on official capacity, a clear system of rules and regulations, the distribution of rights, duties and responsibilities of the members of the organization, which ensures its effective existence for a long time. However, the effectiveness of the role culture firstly depends on the rational division of work and responsibility, and not on individual personalities. Task culture – culture, which focuses on successful execution of tasks or projects. The effectiveness of the organization mostrly connected with a high professionalism of employees and cooperative group. Task culture tries to connect the appropriate resources and appropriate staff at the right level and to enable them to do the job well. This culture is characterized by: a high degree of autonomy, evaluation the job by results, informal working relationships within the group, mutual respect based on personal skills.C:UsersНаврузDesktopOBelle-smart-fig-2 (1).jpg Person – a culture in which the central point is the individual. The culture exist primarily to serve and help their members. Power in such an organization is based on proximity to resources, professionalism and ability to negotiate. It is only a coordinating nature. Examples of person culture can be law firms, small consulting firms, unions, journalists and architects, etc. Source ( 1.2 What kinds of rules and procedures do you think the department managers will come up with? Which departments will be more formalised? Why? Firstly I want to notice that Jill Thomson made an excellent decision to ask department managers to create new rules and procedures to their area. The first great changing I think will touch the entire procedures. Also the rules will be not the same in whole each department will have different rules. Except this time table for employees will be not flexible as it was. For example employees will not able to come wherever they want between 8:00 and 10 am. Managers have to create time table for each member or divide them for several groups as it shown in the table and breaks as well. # Group Day In Break out 1 A Mon,thue,sat 09:00 13:30-14:30 18:00 2 B Thur.Sun.Wen 11:00 14:30-15:30 20:00 3 Developing department Mon-friday 10:00 14:00 – 15:00 19:00 4 Mostly changes need in developing department as the company is an innovation company which is produces toys. The sale depends on new product the more new products the more the sale. So the profit directly connected with this department. Jill has to mansion it and pays attention to this department more. First of all the punching machine has to be changed. Also the going down to the local dime store must be returned. Moreover the implementation new toys should be simpler. Supervisors and Managers should give monthly statement about their stuff and work. 1.2 Explain how the relationship between an organisation’s structure and culture can impact on the performance of the business. Organizational structure can be compared to a foundation of management system, which is built to ensure that all the processes taking place in company implemented in a time and accurately. That’s why there is the enormous attention from leaders of organizations, focusing on the principles and methods of building structures of the organization, the selection of types and species, the study of trends and assessment of relevant tasks of the organization – it shows the urgency and importance of the topic in the current conditions. The structure of the organization includes all of the tools that is carried out: -Distribution of activities between the components of the Organization; -Coordination of the activities of these components. Indeed, without the structures employees would simply be unmanageable crowd, or, at best, a set of independent groups, not an organization. Structure – one of the main characteristics of the organization regardless of whether it is a tennis club or charity, workers’ cooperative or a multinational corporation. The main characteristics of the organizational structure is divided into sections (departments, sectors, etc.), as well as accountability and subordination. But there are other features (for example, information systems and numerous procedures for coordination) , which cannot be shown in this scheme. Organizational culture is something for which people have become members of the organization, how are relations between them, what rules and principles of life they share, what they think is good and what is bad, and a lot more of what relates to the values ​​of and norms. This not only differentiates one organization from another, but also significantly determines the success of the operation and survival of the organization in the long term. As the culture plays a very important role in the life of the organization, it should be the subject of attention from management. Management is not only consistent organizational culture and is highly dependent on it, but may in turn have an impact on the formation and development of organizational culture. To do this, managers must be able to analyze the organizational culture and influence on its formation and the change in the desired direction. Organizational culture creates “internal, spiritual core” of the company, promotes team building, creates a sense of awareness among the staff and responsibility for their work. The organizational culture of the team improves and solves problems as personal development of staff and the development of the organization. It is a prerequisite for the formation of stable and efficient working team, a clear vision of the mission of the organization. 1.3 What risks will the company face if it establishes different procedures for different areas? Explain your reasons by analysing the merits and demerits of ‘organic’ and ‘mechanistic’ structures with regard to changes proposed by Jill Thompson. I think that the company will not face serious problems with it , because in my opinion Thompson does not want hugely changes , he tries to put the company on right way. First of all if we consider this situation by changing organization structure from organic to mechanistic one we have to know what are they. Mechanistic Organic Individual specialization: Employees work separately and specialize in one task Joint Specialization: Employees work together and coordinate tasks Simple integrating mechanisms: Hierarchy of authority well-defined Complex integrating mechanisms: task forces and teams are primary integrating mechanisms Centralization: Decision-making kept as high as possible. Most communication is vertical. Decentralization: Authority to control tasks is delegated. Most communication lateral Standardization: Extensive use made of rules